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  1. Morning Boys, you know the drill. Sound off, sound lively.
  2. Wow, Chavik.... how have you been keeping? Remember me?
  3. Getting kinda late for the 4th Quarter Muster, no?
  4. Thank you, thank you. Running a tight ship here?
  5. Guess who is coming to dinner portside.... ;)
  6. ... from some backwater system, the name of which i have forgotten... I hope all you guys are doing ok ? Oliver
  7. You're welcome Admiral. Got to earny my credits somehow
  8. Good evening Gentlemen, the topic says it all. As all seem to be rather busy, I've taken initiative and will be holding this months roll call. I'll make this short and sweet, you all know what it is about. All Insurgents, please do check in below. Anyone that doesn't respond by the end of the month will be listed as MIA. If they haven't answered by the end of the next Roll Call, they will be removed from the Insurgent Fleet. MIA Personnel are listed in brackets. Active Roster Andergum - PRESENT Chavik - PRESENT Cruis.In - PRESENT Dreadx - PRESENT Echo - PRESENT Eclipse - PRESENT El Che - Finder1 - PRESENT Hasenau - PRESENT (Kartoffel) - Mordax Blyrr - PRESENT Pugwash - ShoHashi - PRESENT Stickman - PRESENT (The Corinthian) - (WeeGee) - MIA Roster therefore reads as follows: Kartoffel WeeGee The Corinthian BTW, reading the list above... [ 12-07-2004, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  9. quote:Hmm, hey honey, come here, I want to exercise a muscle and make it bigger...... LOLeventually, the... erm... thing you are thinking of is no muscle
  10. On the other hand, it has become a sport here to try and aim at those (non-waterproof ) devices while at it... works hilariously well... hehe "Stehpinkeln" Guerilla Front!
  11. quote:I'd say we should setup a private forum to get the 'secure communications like'-part done, Very good thinking, Mordax! However, we already tried to establish this kind of Forum. It wasn't exactly the kind of success we expected, as people apparently had a hard time being aware of the forum whatsoever... quote:however based on the current fleet activity I think we might have a problem anyway.Good point, that was the problem last time as well. quote:What I mean is that some people are in Europe, some are in US or Asia bringing huge time differences. This is not beneficial for multiplayer battles.Again, you are 100 per cent right. Myself, I am in Europe, having a *very* inaccurate schedule each week and quite frankly not always the time (family and all hehe) to go and play MP (being aware that due to mentioned time differences very few players will be available, this being a a gmae mostly played in the US ) quote:Almost every time I login on the MP serves there is not a single soul on any of the servers...Hoah! quote:I guess a good way to start is make a roster in which every member lists the evenings that he is available. We could then form some sort of mini-ladder with 1 vs 1 or even 'more vs more' battles to get the actual combat training under way.Mordax, on this I can only agree 50-75 %. The roster itself is a good idea, but then again: You pointed out yourself that we have European and Asian players that simply cant muster the time for MP right now quote:This will also result in people being forced to be more active in the fleet.Setting up a roster and perhaps making rank decisions upon it might be considered unfair by some Netherland, Swedish, Finnish, German, Russian or even Chinses Players. However the idea is good. How about making up a roster for Euro/Asian Players as well ? Let's face it: Since '98 I learned one thing: only dedication and interest makes people become active and stay in the communitly... quote:There are ideas to expand the whole case, but they will be revealed in time when I have clearance, besides I think its important to get the actual in-game practise rolling now that the Expansion Pack has been announced!Well, Captain... My salutations. You did excellent thinking and have very good ideas that you share with us! I wish we had more officers like you! Salutations,
  12. hey, nice to see another combat engineer here hehe greetings... from the german "heer" tho "Anker, Wirf!"
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