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  1. Thanks for the support guys.
  2. You might have noticed my absence from the forums for a while now. Part of it was just my yearly summer overload but recently it's been a bit more than that. My wife's maternal grandmother is 92 now and is fast approaching the point where she won't be able to stay alone any longer. The plan is to have her move in with us once the weather cools a bit and we can shut-off our swamp cooler, early September or even later this month if the current weather trends hold. She's not an invalid so it won't be like having another young child in the family but this will dramatically change the family dynamics in my home for some time. As such, I've requested an extended leave of absence. I don't even know if I'll be able to pop in from time to time as I just really don't know what to expect. Until later!
  3. quote:Originally posted by Tac: "SC maybe you should take a NEW hobby like cultivating an ant farm, eh?" Dear lord no! You KNOW he will end up making a PERSCAN in his laptop to keep track of them. ID:Worker Ant# 23245 Loc: Kitchen (2443N,4353W) Oh good heavens, I need a good belly laugh like that at least once a day!
  4. quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: Now I know why Resnig is such an idiot. Look at how small the library is! LOL...my first forum posts began with questions on how I could get my crew to spend more time in the Library to boost their AI levels. What ensued was not the most graceful entry into this group.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: In the HTML/Appendix Upgrades, the Stormcarrier was referred to as G-Super Carrier. However, under carriers, Stormcarrier is listed simply as "Super Carrier". So... what is a "G-Super Carrier"? Gammulan, although it's rumored that it will lose that distinction in the future.
  6. SC1 is an abbreviation indication Shuttle Craft 1 and Detention Hold and Brig are NOT equivalent terms. I throw prisoners in the Brig (indicating that they are jailed) whereas I assign marines to the Detention Hold and they are NOT in the the Brig. The current nomenclature exists for a reason and has worked very well for quite some time now. IOW, any unification is not needed. As to a comprehensive compendium of the nomeclature, I belive that one was started some time ago by a couple of players but not sure what happened to it.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Uh... I guess it's a LITTLE ambiguous, but I think I found the passage. The answer to my question is YES, since the manual stated that "the higher the protection level, the more plutonium required". However, at the time I thought it was referring to shield generator upgrades. Lower protection levels (25% vs 100%) uses less plutonium...correct. Upgraded shield generators will use LESS plutonium than the downgrade version because they are more efficient. They will, therefore, use even less plutonium to maintain lower protection levels.
  8. quote:Originally posted by TopSpeed: I have been using the Logistix screen. Logistix-Crafts-CC-Deck 3. Weapons Pod #2 is red, with 0% integrity. When I click on it, the menu for repair, replace, and upgrade is present, but none of the options can be selected (they aren't greyed out, are light but not highlighted). Then, as Pugwash suggests above, it's likely that the parts are still in an asset cargo bay (shuttle, OC) or you're docked at a station. Repairs at stations usually work whereas replacements at station usually DO NOT work (that is by design).
  9. You have to go into Logistix and tell your engineers to repair or replace it.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: Registered all my numbers last night. now I just hope it works. It'll work as long as the First Ammendment challenges are defeated (I'm interested in how they'll claim that this impedes their free speech, just because you can say it doesn't mean I have to listen) and as long as those of us who register are vigilant in reporting offenders.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Sir John Falstaff: No matter how many mercs I waste they keep comming back. They are pesky vermin. Is there a way to eliminate or hamper their spawning? Fighters, if you have them. Launch and order to attack the mercs. When the mercs attack the fighter either let them duke it out or have the fighters high tail it back to escort the CC and you take out the offensive merc.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Bandus: I have a question actually. Has anyone ever seen Resnig do something INTELLIGENT? As in, has anyone ever seen him do the right thing in a given situation? Yes, however his AI is now at 100.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: This question is about the piloting AI. As related in a different topic, I lost my SC2 due to an intruder (and a botched recovery attempt). Now I have only 1. I wanted to deploy another mining drone on one of the various moons (Lyrius/Sirius to be specific) and grab cargo. One marine was like slightly wounded (76% life), so I sent him to SC1 as I armed the rest of the marines and keep searching the ship. I launched SC1, and told him to recover a cargo pod. Then I target the shuttle... The guy won't go! He keeps circling the pod at about 40 km, but won't get any closer. I tried halt and resume, I tried cargosweep or collect item, no effect. I finally told him to RTB. When SC1 redocked, I told a flight engineer and a different marine to report to SC1. Neither of them were wounded. I launched SC1. They recovered the pod and deployed the drone with no problem at all. So my question is... Did I solve the problem the right way? Or is there another way that would have worked... arguably better?Yup, sometimes your crew is just too dumb to do much of anything and being wounded only makes matters worse. Usually, if an idiot is the pilot, they won't see objects that are not within about a 45degree cone in front of their craft. One good example was a shuttle that was towing a damaged fighter to the local station. My shuttle was inches from the station but the idiot couldn't find it because the station was BEHIND him. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: On a similar note, I've ran into cases where the shuttle simply circles and won't do its job, either to land back onboard, or to collect pods, tow targets, etc. I tried ordering HALT, then resume, no effect. When RTB didn't even have effect, I just ordered HALT, then I went to tractor it and pull it back onboard. Related question: Can a shuttle tow another shuttle/fighter? (My guess is yes)As related above, yes...that's why the tow menu is there. Your CC can also tow other craft, just remember to raise shields when you're finished. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: REALLY related question: can a shuttle, towing a fighter/shuttle, dock with the mothership? Or can it only deliver the tractored craft to a friendly base?Mothership = CC or command craft. No but your shuttle can retrieve your own support craft and bring it within tractor range of your CC allowing you to retrieve your own disable craft. All other craft can only be towed to (delivered to) friendly/neutral stations. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Reason for asking: I was wondering if I had another shuttle, I could order it to tow the other shuttle back, since the onboard pilot can't even land the darn thing. I suspect I just have to recover it with tractor myself... As noted above, you could send out a shuttle and have it tow the disabled craft (due to dumb crew or damage) back to your CC's tractor range. Note: To have your shuttle stop towing a craft (so you can grab it with the CC tractor) issue a Tow NONE order to your shuttle. BTW, most of these have been answered elsewhere on the forums. My reasoning for answering them here is it's a good way to consolidate information on shuttle manuevers.
  14. Should have left the shuttle alone as long as there were still live marines aboard, if they overcome the intruder you get your shuttle back (at least it worked that way once for me many many many moons ago). Tractoring a stolen shuttle is a good way to watch your own shuttle used as a bomb against you. As to the slow down. If memory serves, on a rare occasion, a ship or missile will explode outside normal game space (not sure if it was in Null space or what exactly....I don't remember). This used to crash the game but now the explosion is handled but the processing required to deal with it is huge and will bring any single processor machine to its knees until the explosion sequence is complete. I tried searching the forum and VCF files for a reference but can't find one so maybe I dreamed this was the cause but I do recall this being the reason for the slow down you're describing.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: There are a bunch of other exploits that you may not be aware of. Hence the reason that I completedly disabled the ordering of prisoners, rather than troll through the code and doing special case (as in what you suggested) conditions and end up breaking something - especially since prisoners are not worth the risk of compromising that particular piece of code.No problem, ordering prisoners is something I like not something I need.
  16. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ack! I need to probably plug that I think. You shouldn't be able to send prisoners to any location other than detention hold. What I'll do is plug that hole, then allow the stations to search support crafts for prisoners when you dock. I'm just going to throw in my 2 cents: I liked be able to send prisoners to the medibay to be patched up before putting them in the brig for eventual transfer to station security. I understand the reasoning behind removing some of the orders that could be issued to prisoners (piloting a shuttle with a prisoner is a very good example of a clear exploit) but beaming a prisoner down for marine target practice is actually something I would expect a Raider to do. What's my point? I'd like to see a limited amount of prisoner ordering. I know that's borderline whish list, so I'll quietly walk away now and pretend that I wasn't even here.
  17. quote:Originally posted by Pugwash: only in my case I have them up on another PC html and JavaScript (still not converted the javascript for other browsers yet. IE only) WOW....You win. Yup, you win. PS...works as is under Moz 1.3.1
  18. In the same vein as Chavik: You know that a Y as in Procon vs Procyon makes a galaxy worth of difference. You have maps showing both locations visible from your computer. You reference those maps during game play rather than the Navitron because your maps have notes attached that the Navitron doesn't.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Actually, I *think* I resolved it. There is this separate screen where you can see your crew and their locations (NOT Crew under Tactical) and not Perscan, and somehow you can order the prisoners around from THAT screen, but not the Crew screen. After a bit of fiddling there, the prisoners are moving themselves (huh?) from SHUTTLE 1 to Detention Hold. How, exactly, do you get to this mystery screen?
  20. There are now five (unless I've missed someone?) Wraiths among the beta testers: Emmett, Whisper and myself (there was one other, but he gave in to the dark side ) from days of yore and now Bandus and Dreada. Congratulations gentlemen, congratulations. PS, Yes, I know that this is somewhat old news but it came out as I was preparing to leave so I didn't have a chance to really do this justice (IOW, I was having a hard time tying my own shoes) at the time.
  21. Although a bit scraggly I am home and life is good and well again.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: I think the music in BCMG is great, but I prefer to play in silence. I do the same for most games I play. I'll listen to the soundtrack for a few sessions then turn it off. In BCMG I want to hear the background noise and other game sounds to help with the immersive experience, in other games (mostly FPS) I want to hear each footstep and other sounds to know where my enemy is. You know what else I think BCMG music would be good for... hang gliding...though I never have done it myself, it seems like it would be a great fit. I treat the music just like I do at home, when I'm busy with commander type stuff, it's off. When I'm playing on a planet surface or making a quick run in a shuttle, I go into config and turn it back on.
  23. quote:Originally posted by DREADA: But when you've stopped counting your number of posts and **WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME** have successfully used the search function to resurrect a thread at least two years old and still posted, you're on your way!! LOL n00bism ends the moment you read someone's post and think to yourself: Silly n00b Be kind, he's a n00b What a n00b! I remember doing that when I was a n00b!
  24. Welcome ThinkAtomic to the fleet. He's assigned to the Wraith Wing.
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