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  1. Seeing how no one seems to be posting in the ITF thread I might find some time to finish up my part of the story...
  2. Well, I've been away for far too long. Now that I have finally caught up with the reading part it is time to catch up with the writing part. It's been so long I have forgotten certain details from my own part of the story . No matter I am acquainting myself with that as well and I have noticed that now that I think about it that I am a different person than I was then. Whether this will improve my writing or not has yet to be seen. Glad to be back, and as always enjoy... [RP] Operation Golgotha T + 2 hours 10 minutes GCV-Mckendrick Detention hold Jet's internal repair systems had completed their work and he was back to his passive, sane self. He looked up at the mercenary that was guarding him, examined the man, looking for a weakness. He had learned in his long life that everyone had a weakness but only the noblest of men didn't have a price. Jet stood and began to pace about the room, there were some habits that still stayed with him. The Merc looked up from the datapad he was looking at. "Finally up and about are you?" the merc asked retorically. "I suppose you feel superior because you are on the other side of this force field. Well remember this, we are both in cages, yours is just bigger than mine," Jet replied, still pacing about. "You may be right about that android, but remember this, I can kill you much easier than you me." "I died long ago, you just don't understand what death really is." Operation Golgotha T + 2 hours 10 minutes GCV-McKendrick Galley Zeke had worked out the final parts of his plan in his head as he sat in the corner of the room, in the shadow between two lights. He knew that a couple marines had taken notice of him and had been silently watching him for the past hour. One of them was pretending to be trying to fix his DIE unit and every one in a while would pretend to test it to actually see what Zeke was up to. Zeke was both fortunate and unfortunate, his bionic eye was better than any DIE unit he knew of but he only had one. Plus his opaque eye tended to draw more attention than he wanted sometimes. Finally the marines stood and approached him, hands on their Scat1 Pistols, Zeke casually aimed his wrist laser at one of their heads and with his other hand reached down for one of his own Scat1's. "Stand and identify yourself," one of the marines piped up. "I prefer to sit. And the name is Frank LeBlanc, I'm one of the mercenaries your Fleet Commander hired." The marines looked at each other and then back at Zeke, "Why are you still on the ship and not on the surface?" "I was injured fighting Gammulans," it was the half truth...and at that point Zeke wondered what ever came of his nemesis from the engine room. The marines took their hands away from their weapons and in turn Zeke diverted the aim of his wrist laser but still kept his other on his pistol. "Seems valid enough, but we'll be watching you," the marines warned and walked out of the galley. A few minutes later Zeke also left the galley in order to initiate part one of his plan to retrieve Mr. Thompson. UCV-Susceptor Bridge "Keep searching, they have to be out there somewhere," Jesse Black order the crew. After receiving their orders to report they had been searching around the area where they suspected the transmission came from. They knew the shuttle was cloaked and figured the ship they were pursuing must have been cloaked, although were unsure how a transport could cloak. Because of their close vicinity to Galcom Patrolled space they were also under cloak. "One of our probes has detected increased energy emissions around Earth, almost like a transport." the TacOps Officer announced. "Can you localize it?" "Trying . . . they just destroyed the probe." "Set a course for Earth," Jesse ordered. "The ship is beginning to show signs of radiation," and officer announced. Jesse sighed, "Bring down the cloak, as soon we can recloak and head for Earth, I'll be in Engineering." With that she stood and exited the bridge. [/RP] Well I hope I can stay with it this time....Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. Hmm, I been away for a while, but I catching up , slow but speeding.... Anyway, can I get approved?
  4. My Media Studies teacher is taking us to see a special screening of it on the morning of Dec. 19th. I can't wait, I haven't read the books but I know someone who has and he said it's great. So I suspect the movie will be as well. At least it better be, since they allready made the other two. $300,000,000 for all three.
  5. Well it's been a while since I posted on here...but now I'm right into BCM, execelent game. Anyway, I was wondering, is Quick save supposed to work? Because I tried using ctrl+S and I also tried clicking the ship Icon, going to systems, and clicking quick save, but everytime I restore it always brings me back to where I last did a Full Save....not that full saving and restoring takes too long, but hey I figured if I can do it even quicker than all the better
  6. I'll try to be a part but I've been busy lately. For now I need to catch up on Into the Fire, I haven't even started reading Act 5. Anyway, like I said I'll try...
  7. [RP] 20th May, 3008 GCV-McKendrick Engineering Zeke stepped into engineering and looked around, unsure of what exactly he was looking for. One of the engineers in their took notice of him and began an approach. "Can I help you?" the engineer asked. "Don't mind me, I'm just patrolling the ship." "Why would they send a merc to search if there are plenty of marines?" the man pressed. "I'm better than their marines, besides they needed more patrolling with all the extra people and the chance of more intruders," Zeke responded as he looked around for anything unusual. He spotted it, at one terminal there was a screen up on that was hardly ever used. Jet must have been in a hurry and brought up a couple of cover screens without really paying attention to what it was. "Allright, but don't touc..." the man started to saying before he was interrupted by a small explosion behind him. An engineer came out from under the terminal that had exlpoding coughing, he had some small electrical burns. "What did you do!?" the engineer that had been talking to Zeke yelled. Zeke used this opportunity to quickly check for Jet's program. Going past a few other cover programs Zeke found the one he was looking for, it was definately Jet's work but it was encrypted. Recovering the program with some more suitable ones Zeke decided it was time to retrieve Mr. Thompson. 20th May, 3008 Shuttle from UCV-Susceptor Jake was getting nervous, he had been under cloak for a while without any warning from the computer. He didn't even know if this computer was configured to the new cloaking device. He hadn't heard from either Zeke or Jet in a while and noticed a couple slight disruptions in the transporter lock in had on Jet. This could have been due to weapons fire or other high concentrations of energy. Without a Jet being in the transporter room he would have to decloak to transport him, which was out of the question. He needed backup and he needed it soon. Jake sent a very brief transmission to the UCV-Susceptor, it simply said, "Report!" He didn't want to make it too long as the McKendrick would most likely detect it, even though he was keeping his distance. At least if it was brief they may think it was a glitch in their system. [/RP]
  8. [RP] 00:10 hrs, 17th May, 3008 UCV-DeathStrike Bridge Ah-ha there you are. I had indeed seen a flicker out of the corner of my eye, and after repeatitive scanning I had finally managed to come up with some evidence to support this. There was a large energy reading emanating near to the Arenis Wormhole. Large enough for an Attack Carrier and judging by the readout it was most likely a Nightstar or a Violon Either they had managed to track me here somehow, this ship was not who I thought it was or pure coincidence. Whatever the case was, I was hoping they did not know I was onboard the Deathstrike. If they found me, I knew exactly what they would do to me and the Deathstrike and that was to make us disappear. "Khur-an, I need to go down to my ship for a momment, it's urgent." "Okay, but make it fast." I hurried down to the Shuttle bay where I found my now fully repaired Defender. There was a lone engineer in there with me, he seemed to be running a scan on the shuttle in there. I approached him, he seemed nervous in my presence. "Could I borrow that for a momment?" I asked, indicating the tool he was scanning with. "For what?" "I need to make sure we are not being followed." "Huh?" he offered before I snatched the tool from him and headed for my ship. I ran a scan of the outter hull, remembering being hit by one missile that didn't seem to explode. At the time I had thought it was a dud, but now I had something else in mind. When I got to the landing skis I detected a small object hidden within the trap door. The scanner could not identify exactly what it was, but I had a pretty good idea. I tossed the tool back over to the awaiting engineer, who continue with whatever he had been doing. After five minutes of searching I finally asked the engineers back if he knew where a drill was and he told me to check the storage compartment over there and pointed towards a wall. Crawling underneath my ship with the newly discovered drill I spotted a small hole in the hull, something easily overlooked unless you were looking for it. That was where I started drilling and I commanded the drill to stop after 3 inches, which was how deep the scanner indicated the object was. After another minute or so the object fell out and I immediately recognized it as a standard Insurgent bug. Luckily, I knew how to disable it, and that was dropping it on the floor and stomping on it. I would have to fill that hole later, for now back to the bridge. "Khur'an," I said as I got off the turbolift, "We may have company." [/RP] Don't worry Shingen, everything's under control....for now ------------------- Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary) UCV-Thyella (Defender) "The impossible is often the untried." [ 07-04-2001: Message edited by: Commander Zeke Stone ]
  9. Say Blades, could you please check your private messages. Thanks.
  10. Just to make things perfectly clear, Jet Thompson is quite mad at the momment, and I don't mean angry [RP] 20th May, 3008 GCV-McKendrick Detention Hold The merc watching Jet had long ago fallen asleep and Jet had refrained from looking from side to side long enough to attempt to remove the man's chair out from under him. The hardest part was that he was trying to do it with his mind and would have given up long ago but he could have swore he saw it wiggle a little. The rat that had been admiring the merc's boots was now moving in for a closer look. Jet spotted the rat and was terribly surprised to find the rat somewhat resembled a potatoe. Sniffing the air he thought there was also a faint scent of baked potatoe. This required further examination, Jet decided he would have to taste the rat to find out if it was indeed a rat and not a baked potatoe. Falling onto his stomach, Jet began to crawl toward the rat. The twitches in his left arm made crawling more difficult but he thought he had sufficient speed to outrun a baked potatoe. CLUNG! "Ow," Jet said quietly after running into some metal bars he could have sworn were not there before. They would have to go. Thompson grabbed the top of the closest bar and pulled as hard as he could. With a loud screeching noise the top of the bar came loose. He then did the same to the bottom and repeated this until he could crawl through. Surprisingly the merc was still asleep. Crawling through the gap he could suddenly hear a buzzing noise, like that of electricity. Scanning the area he found something in which he could not recall the name too, so he decided to call it a scourge. This scourge would also have to go. "Son of a!" the merc suddenly yelled as the rat bit his leg. Jet wondered how a baked potatoe could bite someone, but decided not to think about that. The merc just noticed Jet and said, "What are you trying to do? You may have broken through the bars, but if you touch that containment field it's gonna fry you." The bars! Of course! Jet grabbed one of the bars and chucked it at the scourge. The was a large buzzing sound but it was still there. Grabbing the bar again he chucked it back at the scourge, still nothing. He would have continued this but forgot why he was doing it and suddenly heard something new. He couldn't quite make out what the noise was so he ran a scan and discovered that it was the voice of Alec Nova. He also discovered that Alec was human and he couldn't quite remember what they looked like but was pretty sure they resembled giant dragonflies. "Alec!" he yelled out, unsure of why. He figured he must have been yelling for a good reason so he continued to do it. [/RP]
  11. I've been gone for a while, but hopefully I will have more time to write now. [RP] 23:22 hrs, 16th May, 3008 UCV-Deathstrike Bridge Did I think he was still alive? I had been pondering this question for a few minutes, although I was uncertain to why. Maybe I was beginning to consider these people friends or at least trustable colleages, or maybe it was because I currently had nothing better to do. Although I was now coming to the conclusion that he was still alive, because in the short time I had known Commander Shingen I have found him to be an intelligent, endurant person who could at least last this long. Whether or not he could accomplish his mission and make it out alive all depended on circumstance and being in the right place at the right time. Two days ago we had gotten in another scrap with some ships and with the help of Galcom and my crewmates we had managed to escape with minimal damage. I was even more impressed that I had not injured myself again. Although with all the damage from the previous fight it had put back the repairing schedule on my ship. She was still sitting in the docking bay and I was starting to think she was rusting. It had been a while since I had gone this long without flying her, but she still needed fixing and I still needed to pay off my dept to Shingen. We were currently in no danger of being shot at, according to the TacOps screen anyway. A few ships drifted about lazily, and one made a brief appearance before continuing on through a jumpgate. "So, why did you all decide to go Indie?" I asked boredly, looking around the bridge. Khur'an presented a quizzical look before replying, "I had no where else to turn." An odd responce. Mariko simply smiled and went back to her work. An engineer who had been fixing a computer console looked up from his work and said, "If I want to be attacked by someone, I'd prefer it'd be because of somethin I did and not cause I am in a fleet they don't like. How about you, why are you an Indie?" This question surprised me for some reason, I should have realized that if I asked a question like that someone would want my reason. Why had I left the Mandorian military and become an Indie, why was I now trying to figure out a way to lift a certain piece of equipment from a military stronghold. "I guess I jus' got sick an' tired of watchin my friends die," I said finally. The engineer seemed to nod absently and go back to work, but I was still considering this question of his. If I left for this reason, what was I doing on this ship making friends and trusting people again. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I spotted a flicker on TacOps, like that of a ship signature, only when I looked it was gone. Might have been my imagination, but I decided I'd better double check that. [/RP] There, I'm caught up now ------------------------- Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary) UCV-Thyella (Defender) "There is perhaps nothing so bad and so dangerous in life as fear." [ 07-04-2001: Message edited by: Commander Zeke Stone ]
  12. Aye, an execelent ending to an outstanding story. Everyone is doing a great job with this. I had also been away because of computer problems, but I am back now and eager to begin Part 2
  13. [rp] 20th May, 3008 GCV-McKendrick Detention Hold Jet sat on the floor in the small room, there wasn't much else he could do until he could properly repair his motor circuitry. His neck, arms and eyes were constantly twitching and his mind was warped, seeking something to grab ahold of, something familar. He looked at the merc who was guarding him, the weapon he was carrying looked just like an old weapon he used to use until he lost it in a battle. Trying to remember this battle brought up nothing so he tried to remember what was so great about this gun. "I hope your having as much fun as I am," Jet said suddenly and then cracked up laughing. A grin arose on the merc's face, evn though he didn't even know what was so funny. Apparently neither did Jet but whatever it was, it was hilarious, he couldn't stop laughing. After about 5 minutes of this the merc began to become annoyed and was about to lose his temper when Jet stopped entirely and was serious again. "Your stance makes you look like you have back problems or something," Jet spoke up again. The merc seemed confused and slowly straightened his stance more, but Jet wasn't even talking to him. Jet was infact talking to someone that was not even there. "Excuses, excuses, you really should see someone about that back." Jet went on to this imaginary person. He infact had a very good conversation with this person for a good 15 minutes before the man realized he was late for supper and had to leave. Silence again. The only movement was the merc going and sitting down and a rat who was secretly admiring the mercs boots, wondering what secrets it may hide inside. [/rp] [ 05-31-2001: Message edited by: Commander Zeke Stone ]
  14. [rp] 10:02 hrs, 12th May, 3008 UCV-Deathstrike medibay Mariko and myself had walked down to the medibay together but neither of us seemed to be the talkitive type as a conversion never arose. The only thing that was said was, "Thanks for keeping the ship in one piece." from Mariko and from me, "Thanks for keeping the scum off the bridge." In the medibay we were ignored at first by the people who seemed to be working on a cloning module. Mariko went over to one of them and offered her assistance. The woman she was speaking to took one look at her and said, "Not while your bleeding, that's the last thing I need is you bleeding on the equipment." The woman then directed one of the other people to treat her. I took it from this that she was the ships CMO and the rest were medics. I waited patiently, in no real danger of death and in no hurry to leave. That Gammulan may be onboard, and I did not trust myself to be near to him, even just passing in the halls. I was still straining my brain to try and discover when and where I had encountered the Outlaw Star before. I could feel the answer just barely beyond my reach yet right under my nose the whole time. I would have to check my ships database, after my wounds had been treated that is. After a few minutes of listening to them and the occasional passer-byer with my acute hearing I became bored and decided it was about time I treated myself. I searched for what I always called an organic regenerating simply because I did not know the actual name. There was one on my ship but it was an older model and was probably broken right now. I spotted something similar and was about to grab it when I was suddenly noticed by the CMO. "Don't touch that! Who are you?" she said this almost as if it were one word and then she approached me, looking at me oddly. "My name is Falx. I am this vessels Acting Tactical Officer, that is until I can pay off my dept to Commander Shingen." "Mariko, is this Valkerie telling the truth?" she demanded without removing her gaze from me. Mariko confirmed my statements and the woman eased up a little before ordering one of the medics to treat me. She walked away, mumbling something about not being informed about anything. [/rp] Hope I played your characters out allright Shingen --------------------- Commander Falx (Valkerie/Mercenary) UCV-Thyella (Defender) "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time."
  15. [RP] 20th May, 3008 GCV-McKendrick Galley Zeke shook the hand of the friendly Merc and watched as walked out the door. He sat there, sipping his drink for a couple minutes. Military types were coming in and out of there steady, which wasn't a surprise considering this ship had a few extra personnel besides the regular crew. One group of marines were drinking and yelling happily about some stupid thing one of the other marines did a while back. Two medics seemed to be discussing something quietly over a half decent dinner. An engineer sat by himself with his drink, looking as if he had just received some really bad news. A large man walked in, he had the stride of a proud commander. The man sat at the bar, ordering a drink and then scanned the room, pausing temporarily on Zeke, as if he were trying to place the face. Taking out a small computer Zeke quickly acessed Galcom official records using a security code he had stolen from someone not long ago. He replaced the picture of the merc he had IDed, Frank LeBlanc, with his own picture and then changed a couple of the stats to match his description. Next he modified his bionic eye so it would fool any sensors into thinking he was Frank LeBlanc. He knew some old hacking experience would come in handy sooner or later. Warning klaxxons sounded suddenly causing the marines to stumble out of the room, heading for the weapons locker. The two medics stood and headed for the medibay in case there were casualties. Zeke and the Commander left about the same time and both headed for the turbolift. The only one who didn't leave was the lonely engineer who didn't seem to notice the klaxxons at all. "Deck three," Zeke said and waited for the Commander to say where he was going, but he didn't. "Got somewhere to be?" the Commander asked Zeke. "I'm hoping the action is on deck three. It seems like a good spot for some action to take place." The man nodded passively and they both exited the turbolift as the doors opened. Zeke was starting to get annoyed with this man and began to wonder if he was going to follow him all the way to engineering. Eventually they reached a sealed security door with a large hole in it. "Looks like you were right." "I hope you have something to fight with," Zeke replied pulling out the dual sidearms he had managed to snatch off of an injured merc before they had been transported here. He scanned the area for infrared signatures, four faint signals up ahead. As they approached the signatures there was a loud thud on the wall beside them. Zeke could now make out three bodies on the ground, probably unconscious and one standing, pointing at the wall with something in his hands, probably a rifle. Another loud thud in the same spot and Zeke knew that Jet had been taken. "Are you coming or not?" the Commander yelled to him, following a group of marines into the battle area. Zeke ignored him and went straight to engineering to see if he could find Jet's program. [/RP]
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