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  1. Will I need a broad-band connection to (multi-)play, or can I just get away with my modem?
  2. If you feel that's relevant, just change your handle to something like "Fendi (Male, straight)" or whatever Isn't this thread supposed to be about the new forum registration rules?
  3. Derek made a very good point here. We have to be supportive with all the newbies that will be joining us very soon. If you don't like babysitting newbies, just don't reply and leave that work to the folks who enjoy it (like myself ) quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...and I forgot to mention, and am serious about this: Flaming of newbies, no matter how stupid the question, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone violating this, will be IMMEDIATELY banned. I swear it, no questions asked. Heck, if I do it, I'll even ban myself! No seriously, I mean it. If you want to have a text file ready someplace or a clipboard program, have a stock message ready and just post that instead. We CANNOT afford to alienate newbies this time around, now that BCM has a lot more non-hardcore features in place.
  4. Does anyone have experience with the video capture capabilities of the asus v7700 (deluxe)? I just want to know if it allows for real-time mpeg compression. Thanks
  5. quote:Originally posted by emphy: I was hoping for a 64 Mb version, too bad. Trust me. Get yourself a GF2 if you can't afford the GF3. The Radeon will give you nothing but headaches and graphic glitches.
  6. quote:Originally posted by emphy: Hector Socas Navarro Heh, which version, what cost, and do you ship to Europe? Radeon DDR 32Mb, they seem to be selling at e-bay for about $50, so I'd be happy with $40. Yes, I'd ship to Europe. Heck, if you wait until Xmas I can probably deliver it to your door myself
  7. I have a Radeon and I've been regreting it since the day I bought it. I'd rather play at 25 FPS if everything's running smoothly than 300 FPS with constant graphical glitches and all sorts of visual issues. PS: I have a wonderful ATI Radeon for sale, almost new, in case someone is interested PPS: I'm not kidding
  8. quote:Originally posted by pkzip: That, too, would fit the thread topic "An Interesting Perspective." LOL! You guys are insane
  9. pkzip, very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. As a sociological experiment, it's interesting to note how a little nice speech with the appropriate wording is all it takes to change people's mind from a clearly beligerant position into a more compassionate one (and probably viceversa). This is what makes government propaganda so effective. Aramike, I disagree with your view that governments are people's responsibility. A government can be sustained in the power by means of opression, if they can overpower the civil population with their military, and also by propaganda, misinforming and distorting the reality. Sadly, history is full of such examples. However, I'm glad that you can still keep this opinion, because that means you live in a country that has rarely had to deal with these issues along its history. If only we could all share that blessing the world would be a better place. And finally, I'm not sure what's the best way to get to Osama Bin Laden (or whoever did this), but I trust that the world leaders and their teams of experts will have all the necessary information and good judgement to make the right decision.
  10. Why don't we set up a thread in this forum to trade our used games (at least those that we don't want to keep any more)?
  11. I loved the show but I hated some characters, specially Apollo. Now I think about it I only liked two characters in the whole series: Adama & Starbuch (sp?). I don't think it's a good idea to bring the original crew back. I'd rather see a sequel with a new cast taking place some time after the original series. I hope they don't screw it up.
  12. Remo. I'd love to play a telnet TW game, but I've never played TW. How can I get started? Is there any good documentation I can read? Also is there a UNIX version of the client (it'd be nice to be able of playing at work )? Thanks! [ 04-12-2001: Message edited by: Hector Socas Navarro ]
  13. The review in PC Gamer was pretty good. I don't like this kind of games very much, but if you do I suggest you give it a shot. You can always return it if you don't like it. Or, you can save your money for BCM, 'cause it will be sooooo much better. ------------------ See you out there, among the stars Cmdr Nava, GCV Nemesis (Official BC3k tester)
  14. Sorry to hear about your friend. I mean, sorry to hear that your best friend is your PC, that's so sad (just kidding). What I'd do is the following. Make a DOS boot disk and include the INTERLNK.EXE and INTERSVR.EXE files in it. Go grab a parallel cable and connect your PC to your old P233. Boot both machines with the DOS disk and start the InterLink. Copy everything you need over to your P233. Install Windows all over again. And as long as you're reinstalling stuff you might consider installing LINUX too, so that you have at least one real OS in your computer ------------------ See you out there, among the stars Cmdr Nava, GCV Nemesis (Official BC3k tester)
  15. I hate politics and politicians, but I have my own ideas. Like nobody should be allowed to have guns. Education and health should be free for everyone (or at least, the government should provide the necessary support for those who can't afford it). I believe that killing people to show people that killing people is wrong is wrong (in case you didn't get it I'm against the death penalty). There should be more government control on the food that we eat. I'm against affirmative action as the solution to the racial/sexual discrimination (the problem is deeper than that, in my opinion, and its the roots of the problem that should be addressed). I believe people should be allowed to sunbath naked on the beach. I think the bread is too expensive and the coke too cheap. I don't give a damn about the price of the gas (or maybe I'd say the more expensive the better, for ecologic reasons). I guess that this kind of ideas make me more of a "lefty", correct? I don't feel like debating about it, but since you asked there you have it. As for the Bush/Gore discussion, I can't vote here in the U.S. so I won't even bother thinking about that but I'd say that you guys have a tough choice . If you want to know who I would vote in my country ... well, that seems to be another Dumb vs Dumber choice. Fortunately, it's not a 2-party system so I can always vote to one of the little guys who don't stand a single chance to win. Some will say that's wasting a vote but I can't honestly vote for any of the 3 big parties without having the feeling that I'm doing something wrong. ------------------ See you out there, among the stars Cmdr Nava, GCV Nemesis (Official BC3k tester)
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