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  1. Hector Socas Navarro

    BCM v1.0.08 patch status

    Will I need a broad-band connection to (multi-)play, or can I just get away with my modem?
  2. Hector Socas Navarro

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    Dragon Lady, I just wanted to let you know that the other "realism issues" you mention in your post were in fact discussed (and disregarded ) long time ago. Sometimes I feel I have a duty, as the resident physicist in this gang, to give advice here and there on what's "realistic" in a SciFi title like this and what's not. Then, of course, it always gets thrown away for the sake of "playability" . And to be honest I'm totally fine with that, after all if we got into gaming it's to be able to scape from reality every now and then. Man, I'm such a nerd
  3. Hector Socas Navarro

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    Oh right, it's just a game. Thanks for reminding me
  4. Hector Socas Navarro

    BCG Sneak Peak (was BCM XP1)

    Ok, I can't help it. I'm a nerd but ... in space you wouldn't see the beam of a spotlight. On earth you can see it because the particles in the air scatter the light away from the main beam and into your line of sight. I'm such a nerd...
  5. Hector Socas Navarro

    dealing with cloaked ships

    If they are going to shoot or launch fighters, they'll decloak at least momentarily. That's your chance to know where they are. Of course, then it may be too late
  6. Removing your ability to stop the time will be necessary in multiplayer for obvious reasons.
  7. Hector Socas Navarro

    Thruster question.

    quote:Originally posted by Thermidor: (Hector..you've never taken a physics class have you?) [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Thermidor ] Thermidor, you don't know who you are talking to so why don't you try to be a little more respectful? It might save you some embarrasment in the future Heh, have I ever taken a Physics class, this guy is funny [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Hector Socas Navarro ]
  8. Hector Socas Navarro

    Thruster question.

    quote:Originally posted by Game_Ender: Here are some neat scenarios using a newtonian flight model: -With the newtonian flight model you could just hold down the thrust key and eventually you will reach 99.999999999999% light speed. Nope. With Newtonian Physics you could go as fast as 500% of the light speed and even more if you wish
  9. Hector Socas Navarro

    Capturing Stations

    Once you get its integrity low enough, exit your ship in first person and shoot with your riffle until you capture it LOL!
  10. Hector Socas Navarro

    New Products Announcement

    Let's start a new countdown !! LOL
  11. Hector Socas Navarro

    Camping the VCF

    My vote is to fix it first, then release the demo.
  12. Hector Socas Navarro

    Ram quest

    No, you're gonna have plenty of texture problems with the Radeon. I just traded mine for a GeForce2. I'm sick tired of graphic glitches.
  13. Hector Socas Navarro

    No Enemy In Ep#2 Mission #1?

    quote:Originally posted by actrade: Did no one know the answer, or was it just easier to post unhelpful answers? Actrade, let me assure you there's a lot of support for newbies in this forum from the vet commanders. We all were once newbies and like to help out if we can. Don't be afraid to ask your questions. Someone will try to help. Also, keep in mind that the SC doesn't have the time to babysit everyone around here. He already spends a lot of time reading and posting on this forum, I don't think any other developer in the industry comes even close to this level of involvement with the fan base. Pretty much every vet here has had their share of the "RTFM" from time to time, specially the beta testers Just keep asking your questions, don't worry if they may be silly. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get an RTFM. Just don't take it personal and you'll be fine. Enjoy this great game [ 10-14-2001: Message edited by: Hector Socas Navarro ]
  14. Hector Socas Navarro

    system requirments

    Why don't you try the demo and see it for yourself?
  15. Hector Socas Navarro

    Sprint Long Distance...

    Something similar happened to me once with AT&T charging me for my international calls. I have always used MCI and never switched to AT&T. Yet they refused to negotiate any amicable settlement (like charging the calls at my usual MCI rate) so I had to go ahead and dispute the bill. I'm not sure what happened but shortly after that they withdrew the charges.