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  1. i know that he working hard, but here - with minimal job he can release a new game via steam and can pick up a few money for other work to do. but it's only just my point of view 'cause i don't know "all picture" of his job. this idea only my try to help him a little for his great job - as i can. sorry again for disturbing.
  2. i've post it here 'cause i have no idea where to post it else... Derek, maybe you remember out discussion about 'resurect' BC story for ONE player as a PREquel to BC3000ad storyline? We chatting via skype, but you say that you too busy (you've try to start LOD at that time) to dispers yourself. but i'll try to remember our chat again - sorry i've tell you that you can create a new game using drive of old bc3000ad game. all you must - reassemble content of space objects like a space station - just remove it. and jump gate - remove it too. decrease nombers of space ships in galaxy to minimum. about of a game idea: in 28XX year humans find a flux object in our solar system, many years of test and analyses show that its a subspace tonnel with only one direction. they send a probes which has no return. after a few test earthcom make a decision to build a self-sufficient spaceship, which can "live" in solo mission at endless time. On this ship present on-land platforms with a processing complex (which can produse materials from different ore), building facility (which can assemble various items and devices from this materials) all of them must be placed on terran of planet. ONLY one thing can't be reproduced - the crew. "you" start a game like a captain of this vessel. most important goal of this mission - to keep your crew alive. you jump through the flux to unknown star system. for survive you must explore this star-system. you must to scout it sector by sector 'cause sensor range - too weak. another flux you can find only by visual contact - so you must manage fighter pilots to scout roster 'cause your mothership hasn't hyperdrive to fast travel via subspace - people just have not this tech yet. to refit ship' resources - you must scout for it the planets, moons, asteroids... build dig complex on 'em, manage shuttle pilots to supply runs for build it (transport tools, personnel), transport digged ore after all, manage engineers to produce from ore on weak on-board complex some material or important chemical elements which can reproduced to fuel, water, oxigen by another engineer's team on other dept... all this task can be choosen via task menu by player - as before in bc3000ad game in crew roster, but list must be more wide. For serious repairs player must to find a planet or moon where he(she) can build a processing complex. On this planet may be present agressive lifeforms or a hazrdous weather - spacemarines or scientist can help to keep a complex in safety. After repairs, refiting and refueling these complexes can be packed and return to the mothership. After all fighter patrols can find an another flux which lead to anoter star system where player can find anoter races, which can be peacefull or angry. or he(she) find a sector with an ancient signs of space battles. there player can find an alien artifacts in alien' ships wrecks, study it in lab (scientists corp. tasks) and upgrade own ship's modules. after long jorney player can find a flux which can lead to earth or can find a technology which can allow player to build jumpgate. i don't see a game like this before, but i think it was interesting for many players... unique of this situation - you can use for this game your old game drive and storyline materials, just sweep a little nomber oblects from universe. what you say, SC? and what to think about this idea our members?
  3. yeah... RSI have to 'kcuf' many people - including me. I'll pay for start complect long time ago and do not waiting playable product anymore, cause i know - miracle there was NOt happen. all what they do - video-'tihs' like a "meet davis" - and there only blah-blah chatting. all what i see there - those guys very love themself and to want that them love by others... but for what? where is this 'gnikcuf' game? where is as minimum - squadron42? if Cris will be an a wise producer he can built one star system for playing and release it for players. while he prepared second or/and third one - the players can play... but what we can see? only slogans, endless talk-show "meet davis" and another 'tihsllub'. as i see - there only money pumping - nothing more. Derek you COMLETELY right. P.S. all words in ' ' must reading backward
  4. RP ... Orion spacestation surviving in madness, called its habitants "the celebration" or just "Happy New Year & Marry Christmas"... All Gammulan Raiders and Pirate ships step aside and running away from this space sector, they don't want to remind Orion's crew about their existance, cause everybody in Universe know - "one drunking Orion's pilot - can be more dangerous then thousand R.A.N.D.O.M. devices... For now - my task is to find some 'surviving' from Orion crew, who can stand on foot without holding by wall... So... " ANYBODY HOME???!!!" RP
  5. Greetings my friends! Sho, As I think about all of THIS - It's better then "Caprica"... I think its equal the "Razor" BUT a Web episode... i dont think that its nessesarry fomat for this serial...... too Short. I remember BattleStar original - Last season was a little boring - politics and other crap not interesting for watchers - as i think. More action - will be better. In B&C we can see a logical continue of story-line from "Caprica" to "BSG"... If authors will think a little and dont loose this "action" genre i'll be happy...
  6. SIR! YES, SIR!! Weapon's system activated!! Shield's strenght at 100%.. PTA system activated! Course plotted to NAV coordinates! LOL
  7. Derek, you can lough, but i think i've got that CD (First version of BC3000AD) and i love that intro... but when i lookin it at first time - in 1999 - i completely don't understand it : who firing? for what? who was a bad guys? whats going on actualy? but anyway - i like this game for all life - those background in menu, animated images of spacestations different for docking GCV, shuttles, fighters, wiev from cockpit from a both seats... ehhhh ... wonderful... nostalgy... Now I remember and your foto - guy with a loooong hair.. great time!!!
  8. Greetings my friends! Nice to meet here all of you! Long time no see! Now I'm in line!
  9. Greetings my friends! I'm back! Thanks for Derek - now i can turn my GCV and take formation wing by wing fith our fleets! too long time will passed, but i'm still with you! and i want to be a usefull (as i can) So, SC, READY FOR DUTY, SIR!
  10. Hello to all new members! Glad to see a new commanders here ahem... Welcome aboard, pals! Hey, Ben it's Nice!!!!
  11. Geez! Masefield! Glad to see that us much more then two Anyway - where all Orion's CMDRs? Do you know?
  12. Yeah, i know.. I'm in simple situation too, pal!
  13. Glad to see you too $iLk! where are ours all around?
  14. GREETINGS!!!!! ahem... it's just me.. Glad to see you all! Wolfe!
  15. Nova, $iLk! glad to see you friends! When i come here last time and try to make some "wakeup" for ours - no one reply me. it's looks like as a RL too press all of us. But I still hope that all that good time come back. Actually its depends only on us. If we want to do it - we must! As for me - i am ready twice (as a minimum) at the week come here and bring some life here. If you with me - let me know
  16. That link not working... whats wrong? Guys, let me a new one adwise please!
  17. oops.. Sorry Guys. I hope all our's mates ok? In Russia - terrorists, in USA - hurricane...
  18. ... ahem, what i missing? WHO is that Ivan, guys? What are talking about?
  19. hey, what you mean, Greg? you talking about ON-LINE chat or what? Anyway I agree it. As I saw by my RL - too many things to do, but if I'll remember that my fellas waiting me at meeting - I'll be there! This is a good idea to pull everyone in one piece, in one place again. I can meet at Saturday at 23-00 or Sunday 21-00 by Moscow time (+3GMT) We can join some sort of RP meeting, like a ... Docking on station after duty-week and talking! (at bar for example! ) ... I remember that old good time!!! Hey guys, common!
  20. Yaba daba duuuuuuuuu! YESTERDAY I CAN BUY BCM GOLD IN MOSCOW!!! DEREK, my good friend, did YOU make it??? http://www.akella.com/pub-battlecruiser-en.shtml ...to say true - they (Akella) make a good protection against piracy or copying game's CD! But again screwing copy! GCV not upgradeable (but they quickly make the patch to fix it, thanks em!). They make full text's russification - including main screen of bridge... SAS, CAS indicators, ect. - EVERYTHING!!!! And I can't understand - what it means in russian translate! Heh... yeah.. too many years I saw another screen! Anyway I was happy when I saw my lovely game in Moscow! Hey Fleet Commanders! fresh recruits arriving!
  21. BAAAAADGEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ee-haaaaa!! I like it pal!!! look at my old own web page - If you find there good ideas - its yours! about tales - I'm in! (or something like this) I need this weekend to think about it cause my RL too tense (I've got a new job so I'm too busy - Greyfox know it! ) anyway at this weekend i'm here or in ICQ . Badger, you've got my ICQ' number so - you welcome (write to offline as u wish!) or mail me through the private message. HEY BOYS! WE ARE LIVE! (ahem... remember my morales? ) WE ARE BEST! see ya soon! Glad to see you all!
  22. *ungrave from dust* Here and alive... still
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