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  1. Whisper

    Wraith Roster

    BCMG with a 56k that runs like 28.8, but I am told that cable will be avaliable by the end of the month. However, even then, as you can see, my system is a big, steaming pile of...laptop. No server hosting here. Man, I haven't done a roster in, what, two years? I'm getting warm fuzzies all over...
  2. Ah, 3020...I wish I had that beta Strik Pak still, that was a blast to play, even if it didn't have enemies...or turbolifts...complete decks...doors... Yeah, that was a blast! Seeing that BC pic reminds of when I first took by CC down to a planet in BCMG...I found myself looking for landing gear...*sighs happily*. Sometimes it's not what's there, but you wish was, that makes The Game so much more enjoyable... (edit: Whoo-hoo! 200 posts! I'm a real oldie-timer now! Man, it's great to be back!)
  3. Whisper

    Need help with fighters

    Another handy little trick is something that can only be done in BC... Retro-rockets are your friends. If you fly arsed-backward, the other craft will think you are runing away, and will persue with all vigor. Careful timing and clever flying will result in a nice, fat target that stays still right in "front" of you. This is a lasers-only trick, as missles will just make him scared and run off. 'Course, it's always akward if you're blasting away and run backward right into an asteroid. "Pilot, we usually see damage like that when folks run away. I don't care how many you got, no Medal of Valor."
  4. Whisper

    A Blast From The Past

    I had never heard of it (not into the gaming scene then) when I saw that some crazy dude was handing out a free game! The first time I launched from Galcom I knew this was the game I had always wanted: no fake boundries, no fake distances, and lots of buttons! Learning curve?! Who cares about learning curves when you can evacute your ship, blow it up, and STILL keep playing! Woo-hoo! P.S. Or not evacuate. That's fun too.
  5. Whisper


    Nothing much? Well, then, if it's okay... rp/ "Sir! Reporting for duty, sir!" "What? Who are...oh yes, I remember now. Didn't you go MIA or something?" "Sir, on route from my last mission I...ah...got lost, sir. The Navitron comp was disabled. I...er...mistook it for a microwave oven." "Well, that explains that messege from the chief engineer about cheese and tomato sauce in the circuit boards. You may...do whatever it is that you did, Commander...Whiny? Wipe-it?" "Whisper, sir. Commander Whisper." "Right. Whatever. Dismissed." /rp
  6. Whisper


    Hey! After an extremely long hiatus from all things BC, I purchased BCMG about a week ago. I'll try to be a little more involved now in fleet buissness, if I'm still welcome. Bugging out like that wasn't what I had in mind...but shite happens. Long, dull story. I'm not expecting to stay in charge of Wraith FIghter Command, and it doesn't look like there's been much intrest in fighter pilots anyways. Oh well. I left my sig off to denote my amiguous status. So, am I welcome back, Tac?
  7. Whisper

    Fighter Command website

    Uh, hi! Sorry for the long delay. Hey! Cool! You do the additons yourself, Tac? Anyways, I do appritiate the update. I've been half-meaning to expand that site, but I doubt anything will happen until a) I get my stuff back together with Wraith and I learn HTML or get an editor. Perhaps Christmas break. And I shall be trying to check the boards more regularly now. Sorry about the rather dramatic AWOL, but I think I'm back. And viva BCM! It's out! I can't play it! My computer stinks! BHAWAHWAA! [ 11-24-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  8. Whisper

    Initial Roll Call

    Not...dead...YET! *gasp* *gasp* First trip back after a veerryy extended leace from Wraith. Moving's hell for a fellow's web life. Anywho, I'm back. Tahnks for that standby, Tac, I was begining to wonder when I had to report to probe ops...
  9. Whisper

    New Recruits

    Heya, Ghost. Glad to see we gots us a grunt. Maybe good ol' Paul can be retired as a placeholder.
  10. Whisper

    New BCM weather fx shots

    Oooo...do Marine careers get to select umbrellas and galoshes? How far are the weather effects going? Will the snow pile up ("Damnit, Resnig, I don't care if there's 6 feet drifts! It's an All Terrain Vehical{/b], fer crying out loud!")? Will there be lighting? Heh, that'll make you think twice about flying you multi-billion dollar Battlecruiser in bad weather (if the STO's don't get ya first... )
  11. [rp] GCV-McKendrick Bridge [rp] The turbolift opened and let Liev onto the bridge. He saw Savage and a woman he did not recognize listening to a comm transmission of some sort. Savage was obviously exhausted, and whatever he was hearing did not seem to be improving matters. Stumbling a little with his semi-numbed knee, Liev approached Savage. Turning away from his comlink with an exasperated expression, Savage gace a weary eye to Liev and said, "Yes?" Giving a short bow, Liev replied a little hesitantly, "David Liev, sir. You...summoned?" [/rp] *sigh* Have to do everything...
  12. Whisper

    Ready? Set? ARGUE

    <----Shameless Plug If you don't like Galcom and thier dirty dealings, but your not too wild about the Insurrgents either, Wraith Fleet, comparativly, is less involved in Insurrgent stuff and "underhanded" dealings, and deals more with the rest of the galaxy. And don't you fellas start saying this stuff about "black hand" and "special forces" and such! We'd never do a thing like that...
  13. I killed my last post, so Liev never left the Med Bay. Him being on the bridge would have casued to many conflicts. [rp] GCV-McKendrick Med Bay Liev was tranported from the Vulture Med Bay, and in good time. The klaxons and countdowns were begining to annoy him. He found himself in other Med Bay, but this one was larger, contained better equipment, and had a number of Galcom uniformed medics rushing about, suggesting that he (and probably everyone else) had been rescued by a Galcom vessel. The efficiency and competence of the medical staff was light-years better than the hodge-podge triage of the Vulture, and Liev's leg was mended in quick order. Just as he was heeled, what seemed to be the CMO of the ship approached him and gave Liev a datapad. He unlocked it with his thumbprint. Noting it came from Savage, he read on: quote: Despite all the screw ups and our near fatal exit from the Vulture, we have made our rendevous. The mission is still a go and we still have a lot of work ahead of us. An hour from now this ship will be back on itÔÇÖs regular patrol route. Twelve hours later, that patrol route will take us into near Earth orbit. At that point, two teams will beam down to the surface and rendevous with their respective contacts. The McKendrick will continue on with itÔÇÖs patrol and return to earth exactly six hours later. At that point, providing everything goes to plan, both teams will be extracted with Akira Exact specifics of the mission assignments will be divulged to you by your mission leader before we beam down. Assignments will be posted in the briefing room in eight hours. Until then, get yourself some food and rest. This ship is running on a skeleton crew, and like the Vulture, all external comms have been disabled for security reasons. Two teams will be formed and at the appointed time, will beam down to Earth. During the last few days, two operatives working on the surface have been able to pinpoint the location of a secret Earthcom facility, deep underground. DonÔÇÖt ask me how, because I won't tell you. Team one is charged with infiltrating this facility and taking control of the security center. Once this facility has been taken, they are to place explosive charges at several vital operation locations, including a heavily guarded transport scrambling centre. This facility must be neutralised if team two is to have any chance of success. Team two is the rescue team. They are charged with retrieving Akira. Once the transport scrambling facility has been neutralised, team two will beam into a quiet corner of what we believe is the interrogation centre and locate Akira. This area is heavily patrolled and guarded with automated defense systems. Our operatives on the surface have equipment that may make youÔÇÖre job a little easier. Once Akira has been secured, the teams will return to the beam in point for immediate extraction. As soon as you recieve this and are healed, Liev, come to the bridge. We need to talk. Liev finished the message, and in promptly deleted itself. He thought about the last lines in Savage's message. As he accepted his discharge and left the Med Bay, he thought, "Perhaps now I shall find out what a commando raid needs with a pilot." [/rp] Check you email (orionfleet account), Blades, if you haven't already.