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  1. Akuma feeling satisified that she'd made it throughly aquard for him crosses her arms smugly and grins. "Yeah, Blades, where HAVE you been hmmm?" [ooc] Sorry so short I'm setting up my birthday party for tonight. (Don't know why I'm throwing my own b-day party but meh!)[/ooc]
  2. Good to hear er...read from you again Wold! Hope the worlds treating you fine!
  3. [ooc] Brilliant as always Bladesy pooh. Think I'll let the others take a go first. [/ooc]
  4. *gets poked and crumples on the floor in a helpless heap of human being.* Damnit! Don't you know I'm tickleish?! Energizer Bunny, Tac the Killer Goldfish...Heck we all gots nicknames ne? I never got one myself though did I?!
  5. Jeebus man you're one busy bee! I'll do what I can but technically I'm not really in Orion Fleet anymore... Unless you ask nicely.
  6. "So... I guess I'm not the only one who's feeling second thoughts about changing around." Second thoughts? Second thoughts?! Like hell I'm going back to commanding what with... Nova's words cut off her own thoughts. "Haven't seen Blades in a while? I heard some rumors going on that he's been stuck sorting out some bureaucratic political crap at HQ. The guy's slick when it comes to that stuff. Hopefully he really hasn't been doing that crap all this time, but you know... That Golgotha story was kinda suspicious when it happened." Akuma almost laughed...Almost. Guess he deserves to know the truth now that everything is over and done with... She smiled and took a deep breath. "Life hasn't been quite as good as it's supposed to be. You know, with me getting a command, and you getting your diplomatic stint. I dunno. It's not what I really feel like doing, at least. I feel like I've missed something. You know?" "To tell you the truth Nova, I don't miss being in command one bit. I hated commanding a battlecruiser. It was tiresome, tedious...Well...I'm sure you know all about my suicide attempt hmm?" She stands up slowly. "To tell you the truth I'm very happy being here in my 'diplomatic stint' as you would call it. Like hell I'll ever fight again. There's nothing suspisious about the Golgotha mission because it was my fault that the whole damn thing started." She placed a hand on his shoulder. "This may be a downer to you Nova, but I'm very happy...Really..." She turned away only to see Blades hovering outside the doorway arguing with himself. as usual. Deciding that the night was getting older she made for the exact door Blades was ghosting around... [OOC]Annnnnnd take it away Blades! P.S. Love ya Nova baby! [/OOC]
  7. [OOC] Hahahaa! Aw man you guys are great! Good to see your back in the action if only 30% Bladsey pooh! Now if only we could get Rattler out and about ne? Dude! Where's all the insurgents?![/OOC] Akuma listened to him quietly taking a drink of her tea which she had brought with. "I don't think we've introduced ourselves, although I think I remember you. I'm alec Nova, commander of the Supremacy. And this here's Vic, flight officer. Worst in the business." Vic nodded. "And he's damn right about that, too," he chuckled. He turned to drink some more of his beer, pretending not to listen to the conversation. Akuma watched him take a swig of his beer before readverting her eyes to Nova as he spoke again. Nova continued, "And you're Akuma, right? Yeah, I thought I remembered you. That Black Ops. Stint at Golgotha and such. That's right around the time I enlisted. Heard you resigned from command right around then, too. What'cha been up to? I'm damn sure you've had more goin' for you than me." Akuma's eyes shifted and turned to stare into her mug. "Well...After handing in my resignation with Blades...And then well, talking to HQ...We came to an agreement that I would be a sort of an ambassador between Galcom and the Insurgents. It's really complicated." She feigns a smile and takes another sip of her drink. "I haven't seen Foss, Blades or even my Uncle for so long I'm beginning to wonder what I'm doing in this position. No missions yet, it's too quiet." She turned her eyes back to his and offered a feeble smile. "But what's a girl to do huh? Guess all I've got going for me is a nice cozy suite here in Orion."
  8. Ah, So desu! Anyway how ya doin Tac?
  9. Akuma's eyes caught the faintest glimpse of a familiar face and she glanced up to see a gentleman pointing in her direction and one very flustered Nova refusing to even approach her. "Ha, guess I'm not really a secret anymore am I." She looks back down at her notebook and then slowly stands closing it an putting the tiny console in her pocket before sidling over to the bar. Walking up behind Nova she overhears him. "I need to take a long leave, and just do my own thing for a while. Maybe like, just serve in the reserve ranks or something." He paused to drink his shot of tequila and Akuma grinned planning her witty remark..."Well, at least I'm back here instead of stuck on the ship now." "...and apparantly afraid of the purple eared cat mmm?" She takes a seat next to him on the other side of the stranger remarked as Vic. "Seems you've finally got some down time ne?" She says smoothly. "Nothing worthy of intrest 'cides the Gammulans lately huh?"
  10. Gambatte?! (I'm not familiar with this one but I think it's somthing along the lines of welcome back so...) Hai! Arigato gozaimasu Tac-sama! O genki desu ka? As for cels if we can get some scanned we'd love to show you! I'll see what I can do! Hah, and for gaming? I've only played BC once and I CRASHED the damn ship into a space station...A SPACE STATION DAMNIT! So anyway, yeah, I'm an old fart around here and I drop by every now 'n' then. As for you mr. Lurker shame on you! *poke*
  11. ooc: Thought I'd start this up again. All I really see is a bunch of technical babble and some fire fights. That's no way to rp men! Bah! bic: The lights in the Orion Lounge were soft tonight. Everything was unusually quiet what with all the soldiers out fighting their battles for her. Akuma sat in a corner of the lounge drinking a green tea and looking over status reports and the like. She had a hard time now a days what with her changing her status and being accepted as the Ambassador between the Insurgents and Orion HQ. Currently her dress was casual. Jeans, a t-shirt and glasses posed over her nose to read the documents. Her violet streaks shifting in the light of the flickering screen. "I haven't heard from my uncle or from Commander Savage in quiet some time." she mutters half heartedly and then continues to look over her reports. Occasionally glancing up to see if anything new was happening in her surroundings. So far nothing. "What I need is a diplomatic mission. I've been stuck here for days!" She smirked and took a long drink of the tea emptying it's contents and then raises a hand. "Can I get another tea please?" The robot at the bar gives her an acknowledging nod and proceeds to prepare her another tea. She goes back to her work keeping mostly out of sight.
  12. Happy B-day Kid. From the sexiest damn commander to ever walk the Orion station!
  13. The girls back! *poses* Well if only to give you an update on my life and let you know I drop by every now and then! Well ever since Tac stole me away from this little forum by sending me to the Gloves and Holly art agency I've been busy ever since! Foss, Myself and my friend Jaquline have started up Jelly Jar Productions and will be offically registering it soon! Whoot! We'll be focusing on the gaming, movie and animation mostly with a little bit of artwork on the side! I'm also taking Japanese currently and will be focusing on corrispondance courses from Joe Kuberts college of comics and animation. Very exciting. Foss has done some AWSOME 3D artwork and I really should have him post some stills of his work! He's come along nicely! (And yea, obviously we're still together). Anyway I had to come tell you all since I'm so excited and I really do miss ya'll. *hugz* Hope you still remember me. As always kisses and huge hugs to all and I'll hopefully be on more often than I've been. Maybe once a week. Busy busy busy. Oyasumi Nassai (Goodnight!)
  14. it wasn't so much the mass amount of smilies that did me in it was the "Rockin' Robin" song that made me want to spew! As nostalgic as that song was it should never have been degraded to the point of THAT! OMG! Here, try this one. Burger King Sings Carols! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [ 12-17-2002, 08:16 PM: Message edited by: Akuma Minako ]
  15. I am Mario. I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You? Why?! Why would I be Mario! Oh god WHY!!!
  16. I went to it and I must admit it was much better than the first one. I love Fantasy and this satisfied my thurst for it until Lord of the Rings comes out. I have to say though, taking your little ones to this one is an iffy move since even I jumped rather fiercely in some parts. Be prepared to deal with crying kids!
  17. Sorry I'm late with my post! Congrats BABE! *hugz* Hope your life is bright and cheerful with new inspiration gracing your home!
  18. Riight......Sorry I said anything...Hey SC you were so right! Last time I participate in a political debate or even start one! Waaaaay over my head!
  19. I hate political discussions...But Jean Cretchian (I spelt it wrong on purpose. ) isn't a leader and won't ever be no matter how disillusioned he is. So all I have to say is, America...Annex us already. I won't mind.
  20. I got 66% on my first try and then I did it again and got 100%...Why? Because I read out loud the actual color I saw and ignored the word...Blah...My brain hurtz!
  21. *jots down titles and blinks* There's a lot of James Bonds isn't there? Whoo boy and I thought watching Indiana Jones was long! Yea! I watched Indiana Jones just last year! Whoot! Anyway couldn't really join in the conversation anyother way...Meh...btw, did James lose his watch in this one? I was so confused by all the movings and shakings I really never noticed.
  22. Oh my do you gents have way too much time on your hands!
  23. Yup...I don't think anyone here will argue with my result... Hahaa
  24. *shakes her head* This was my first James Bond and I have to say I was dissappointed. The scenery was great, for the men the women were beautiful. Pierce Brosnen was wonderful as ever but the action scenes were incredibly loud, confusing and generally pointless..At least to me. I didn't really like this one. But I'm still giving bond a chance. I'll go check some of the other ones. Maybe they're better.
  25. My god! Sorry it took me so long to reply again! Geez! I'm back from LA though and very happy to be home...Lots of work to be done! I'm very glad that I'm still remembered. I'm sorry I left you guys. I don't really have a lot of time lately.
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