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    Who drives your audio?

    quote:Originally posted by Joel Schultz: I did end up buying an audio-out Y-splitter though and use it to hook up Optimus Pro 40 headphones. Cambridge Soundworks may rock, but that Optimus Pro 40 kicks its butt with one hand tied behind its back on 3D-sound-intensive games like Thief 2 Maybe I need a speaker upgrade? Heh, all good headphones will sound better than most multimedia speaker system's because the headphones are closer to your ears. I'm no expert mind you, but when you keep your speakers a meter away from you like I do, the very subtle sounds can be lost depending on the clutter in the room and the quality of the speakers. You don't miss a damn thing with headphones By the way, that Y-splitter might be causing some degradation of the audio signal. Your speakers may be suffering because of that My vote is to get a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz so you can have the FPS and the headphones plugged in at the same time, without a Y-splitter
  2. Gryphon

    Who drives your audio?

    quote:Originally posted by Steele: Hi! I use a Creative Labs Soundblaster LIVE! 1024 together with the according Cambridge Soundworks 4-Point Surround system (+ Subwoofer). Great sound, better than many 1.000++ US$-Stereo-system I've seen (heard), really! Best regards Hi hombre! Yeah, cambridge makes some amazing sounding stuff - I tried out their FPS2000 at a local hardware store and was floored. However, I like to watch the occaisional DVD video on my computer and the ProMedia's THX capabilities make everything sound that much better. Good to see people are taking their audio seriously though Erik
  3. Anyone else get to try this puppy yet? If you're a lefty, don't bloody bother...there's a learning curve associated with this thing even for right-handed gamers. Lefties will have to face the problem of learning to mouse with their right hand and use this with their left. HOWEVER, as a gaming device...wow. It's nothing terribly new, granted - you could bind macros to a joystick at any time in the past, for god's sake - but the ability to bind 72 commands on there and shift game profiles at will is great. I definetly see a lot of whining and complaining in the future for strategy gamers who are beaten by someone using this.
  4. Gryphon

    Happy B-Day Parias!

    Hey, happy Birthday Parias! Here's to hoping Wizard Works starts sending you their Deer Hunter titles for review Erik
  5. Gryphon

    BCM What are YOU gonna do?

    Hm...how about a "Tour de France" meets a scavenger hunt? For example. All players start at Earth and must travel to some system in the middle of nowhere. From there, they are given supplies and some clues that help them find where to go next. The clues would be unique to each player, so you don't get everyone following the only bright guy in the place. Once they reach their first destination, they find a scavenger hunt item along with a clue for the next point... In the end, everyone ends up back at Earth and whoever is first with all their prescribed items gets a cookie I imagine that would be a scripting nightmare though
  6. Gryphon

    Reason for being away

    Hi Pyros, Sorry to hear about your troubles. I deal weekly with situations like this, as does my fiancee. We essentially make telephone calls *expecting* this to happen, in fact. Whenever it does, we place a follow-up call a week later to see if anything has been done. If nothing is, we take the issue right to the top. We've spoken to CEO's and members of boards of directors and let me tell you, these people deal with your problem within 48 hours or you get a cookie. Some tips: 1) Keep a thorough record of every time you come in contact with said organization. Keep time/date of every phone call you make and what happened. 2) Every time you talk to a real live person get their phone number, extension and name. 3) Whenever you talk to a higher up, get their name and number as well. 4) The best way to get to a higher up? Contact a receptionist. Ask to speak to the CEO (refer to the person by their full name first - "can I speak to john smith please?") or the board of directors. Both are powerful enough to make any middle-managerial type piss his pants. If the receptionist won't budge, have them transfer you to A) Human resources Public/Media relations. They'll take care of it. Hope that was of help man.
  7. Sooooooooooo...anyone tried this yet? The headphones seem to be fairly high quality, ditto the microphone. The control-puck thing is a wonderful idea, and it seems able to broadcast clearly enough that I can make out what people are saying - so long as I choose to broadcast at the highest quality setting. My problem is the sheer amount of bandwidth it sucks up. If you have a 56K and tend to play bandwidth hogs like Everquest or UT, kiss your ping goodbye - even at the lowest quality setting. I'm a little miffed at MS for advertising something to the masses when it should be strictly for high-speed access users. Still, damn good idea.
  8. Gryphon

    Microsoft SideWinder Game Voice

    quote:Originally posted by Gallion: Game Commander w/ a decent headset/mic setup is much better than MS product. Aside from mices I tend to stear clear from MS hardware products. I refuse to add to Billy Goats portfolio value. Heh. Gallion, I believe it is in fact Battlecom that MS purchased and rewrote for use in the game voice The product, to me, is okay. I'm happy MS released the puck, however, and I think its a damn good innovation. I hope developers can start making use of it somehow... I get a real kick out of telling my ships in Homeworld what formation I want them in, for example. Being able to tell my marines in BCM to kick some ass would be damn cool
  9. Gryphon

    Your special pointer

    quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Hidama: force feedback mice??? *eyes glaze over as he pictures a mouse bouncing around on the pad during an air battle*frankly...I'm not frank, but if MY mouse started jumping around in my hand... Hey there Hidama, Yep, check out www.logitech.com, go to their gaming devices section and check out the mice. it's a great device, particularly for showing off to your friends Soon, though, I'll be using MS' Strategic Commander for everything RTS related Erik
  10. Gryphon

    Homeworld: Cataclysm

    quote:Originally posted by Parias: ..The fact that half the companies I annoy (although Interplay was damn quick with Baldur's Gate 2... took 'em only a couple of days!) take at least a week or two to send crap up here.. BAH! Hey, Parias...the only way to get in touch with Sierra's PR is to call them. They've replied to my emails all of once. And, err, Interplay - you're talking pre-release BG2 right? As I understand it, its not gold yet so the press, she gets nuffin. Erik
  11. Gryphon

    Your special pointer

    Heh. I use an MS IntelliMouse Optical for regular stuff, a Cirque Mousepad for first person games (I'm left handed...try WASD and your mouse on the left hand side!) and a Logitech WingMan Force Feedback Mouse for all those other games Erik
  12. Every once in a while I catch a news item that seems like one of those things that should throw society off its rocker...a while back it was the discovery of a 10th planet in our solar system...the news talked about it for all of a minute and suddenly no more is said. Here's something else I think falls into the same vein: http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4...hkpt=zdhpnews01 Amazing, isn't it? Unfortunetly, we'll probably never hear about this again until 18 years from now, when IBM announces plans to build servers with Quantum technology. Aw well. C'est la vie Erik (AFTER POST EDIT: Err, want to clear something up here: I have no idea whether or not there's a 10th planet in SOL...since I'm not seeing it in Encarta 2001, I'm going to blindly believe it doesn't exist ) [This message has been edited by Gryphon (edited 08-17-2000).]
  13. quote:Originally posted by Vorpal: Gryphon: Cool! In case my wording is bad in my previous post I wasn't trying to diss the game btw, I have a personal preference (bandwidth issue) against arcade types (yet I do still play a kick ass Vega on one of the local Golf Land Street Fighter's =) This would have to be the first MP arcade game I've heard of though (not counting Dreamcast or other consoles). I knew you weren't dissing it, and you're not alone in the bandwidth category. Sigh. What keeps me coming back to Bang is the speed...I have a Crappy Computer, but the game runs smoothly. I think the developers achieved this by seriously cutting corners in some places and REALLY simplfying mechanics...I mean, you can rain unholy fire upon an enemy fighter, but unless you actually have him targetted, you can't really hit him...jeez I dunno. I'm going to be reviewing this puppy and I have no idea what to say about it. Guess I'll just tell the truth Erik
  14. Hi all, Just got my hands on Red Storm's new space sim, "Bang! Gunship Elite" and I've got some quick commentary. If you've seen screenshots, you'll know this is a pretty title. It is, and it runs smoothly on my P-233 RivaTNT at 800x600 with the details turned up. Shocking. Whats interesting about this particular sim is its simplification. You've got targetting controls, a rocket booster, a shield option and your fire button. That's it. You can switch between weapons by hitting buttons 1-9, like an FPS. It's so hideously easy to learn it makes me twitch. After mastering all of Freespace's various targetting options and energy management controls, not to mention learning to run a Battlecruiser efficiently, Bang! seemed to almost mock everything in the genre that has come before it. Basically, if you like an arcade space shooter where little to no thought is required, pick up the demo. The eye candy is nice and multiplayer should be a romp. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks of this title. Erik
  15. quote:Originally posted by Vorpal: Every time I've heard mention of the game it was refered to as an "Arcade Space Shooter" so I wouldn't have expected it to have any complexity. However that also means I have little to no interest in it... : Heh, that's a great description of it, actually. Still, its a hoot in multiplayer.
  16. Gryphon

    Is this proof of alien life?

    Dude, I think you're referring to "Dark Skies" a short lived TV series that included everyone's favorite busty borg babe, Jeri Ryan. The group that was trying to cover up this alien stuff was called "Majestic". The document above is probably fanfic or something Erik quote:Originally posted by Canuck: I believe Majestic was the name of the Organization in the Sci/fi show about alien invaders (can't remember the name of it).
  17. Gryphon

    All quiet once again ....

    Hey folks, I'm a freelance journalist, much like Parias. I cover the technology industry from top to bottom, but of course focus on games - I've been playing them since my father purchased a used Vic 20 for me when I was barely old enough to add. I basically choose a publication (online or offline...online is better, they need more material since they publisher frequently) and come up with ideas I think the editor can't possibly say no to and, hopefully, earn enough to meet the next mortgage payment. Erik
  18. Gryphon

    Star Trek: Elite Force Demo

    quote:Originally posted by Parias: Best thing since the toilet. 'Nuff said. Dust off that dimpy little slowdem, or polish your fat pr0n pipes, because this baby's here at 100+ meg and well worth it! Good lord Parias, where did you score that? Raven's site isn't helping me at all
  19. quote:Originally posted by Parias: So, uh, conclusion to this quick and possibly slightly pointless first look: Klingon Academy kicks ass, while Terminus just gets stomped all over, literally. Hm, I don't think it starts at the postal level Parias...I actually think PR people, in their eternal frustration at having to deal with journalists, like to throw in a few dents to remind us how much we love them. Erik [This message has been edited by Gryphon (edited 06-30-2000).]
  20. Gryphon

    Diablo 2 patch?

    quote:Originally posted by GREG MILLER: The game is out already, it was at my local, neighborhood Electroics Boutique store, a whole bunch of them. Heh, Greg, sometimes EBX puts up dummy boxes that are completely empty and have a big "Coming soon" sticker on 'em. Do you think that maybe you saw those? Erik
  21. I just came across a sort of blueprint of the Battlecruiser and, on deck 4, there's a room named "The last outpost." Just what is the purpose of this room? Same with the PSI-DECK, actually Thanks for the info, Erik
  22. Gryphon

    single (dis)/like about bc3k

    What I dislike about BC3K is the fact that it's so large, with soooooooo much to do. What I like about it is that it's so large, with so much to do. Erik [This message has been edited by Gryphon (edited 06-20-2000).]