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    Night at the movies - Signs

    I liked it! I found it to be the first truly terrifying movie I have seen since Aliens - and at the time, I was like, eight. At Signs I gripped my fiancee's hand so hard she yelped However, while I acknowledge the plot had its moments of mediocrity, I don't think the movie was about the aliens. It was more about the people and how they are changed. I think the writer did an excellent job there. These are all very real people, convincingly potrayed (heck, the kids were great too), and they are changed as a result of what's happened - good stuff overall. Finally, I think the director did a great job of building suspense. He took his time, added onto it slowly and carefully throughout the film - the scene at the brazilian birthday party almost had me wanting to leave, I couldn't take it - and then, at the end, when *spoiler* does that thing with the *spoiler* to the *spoiler*, I wanted to cheer. Really loud. Erik
  2. Gryphon

    The end is coming....

    quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: I'm gonna get sim city 4. I just wish the sims could take place in my city so when I make the nuke plant blow up I can watch my little sims mutate.... Er.not that I played the sims..uhand had any fun at all...that is.....Actually, you *can* import some of your sims to live in your SimCity. They can be the victims of crimes and die just like other simcitizens
  3. Gryphon

    Night at the movies - The Bourne Identity

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Trust me, once you see Matt Damon in action, you'll forgot all his other movie characters in a heartbeat. He is definitely believable as a CIA agent. Quite Bond-like if you ask me. Saw it, loved it. Caused me to run out and get the two other Bourne books (are there more?) The lightning fast action sequences were great, I'm so glad they didn't get all Matrix-like.
  4. All I've been exposed to is the odd gameplay movie and previews, but I've been disappointed in it for a while. It's turning into yet another cookie cutter RTS type game with action elements, an odd innovation here or there and a 3D engine. Blech. I hope, I SO HOPE that Blizzard knocks my socks off, I really want them to, but I'm afraid Warcraft 3 will turn out to be derivative rubbish.
  5. Gryphon


    quote: Reminds me of a book I read too.. can't remmeber the name, but the computer would become so evoluated, that he would start to find his work boring, and then would "cry" because he didn't wanted to die (to be disconnected Are you perhaps referring to "Lingo"? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/088...8897355-7580042
  6. Gryphon

    Night at the Movies-Sum of All Fears

    Sorry hombre, my wallet is still recovering from the $46 I spent on Star wars and spiderman
  7. Gryphon

    Magic the Gathering

    Heh, Tac, just like you I made an infantry deck - it was an all white deck with Icathian infantry/phalanx and Kjeldoran infantry/phalanx's plus various other banding units - it was shocking how many "infantry" cards there were. Couple that with a few choice enchantments like Kjeldoran outpost, swords to plowshares and Serra Angels for air support and I had a sickening deck. My most favorite game was playing against my best friend, who had an all white, all "knights" deck. His deck was disgusting - almost all his units had first strike capabilities. At first, it looked like he was going to win - but then the Kjeldoran outpost came out and began to stem the tide, then more phalanx's came out (2/5 banding!) and eventually I had this 12 card strong collection of troops able to withstand god knows how much damage standing between me and him. I eventually finished him off with some strategic swords to plowshares and infantry charges. It was beautiful
  8. Gryphon

    Dead ship

    Hm...will we see that BIG RED BUTTON on the bridge in BCTC? That would be just too hillarious for words.
  9. Gryphon

    Dagger Fall

    If the underdogs don't have it, it isn't free. It should be easy enough to buy it online. (BTW, it doesn't run under Windows XP)
  10. Gryphon

    (Mid)Night at the Movies - Star Wars: Episode II

    Malcolm McDowell. If you see a movie at your video store called "Gangster No.1" RENT IT...it's a british organised crime movie and McDowell is only in at the beginning and end, but his acting is incredible. (The whole movie on its own is damn good too)
  11. Gryphon

    (Mid)Night at the Movies - Star Wars: Episode II

    Hamill has a gift for voice acting and puts it to good use in cartoons, but also makes regular appearances on "The Outer Limits" which is a twilight zone type show with more of a science fiction bent. He also recently did voice acting for Soldier of Fortune II as I understand it. Why he didn't voice his own character in Jedi Knight II is anyone's guess
  12. Gryphon

    (Mid)Night at the Movies - Star Wars: Episode II

    Well, saw it yesterday with my fiancee - she hated it and sat through it only because it was so important to me and I was loving it. Boy did I have to make up for that later Anyway, there were a ton of kids in the audience and as soon as the limbs started flying off I noticed some parents taking their kids and leaving. Bravo to them - I hadn't seen an amputation* on a movie screen until Starship troopers at age 17, and that had me horrified for the rest of the week. Anyway, good show all around, can't wait to see Episode 3. *Excluding Luke losing his hand in Empire Strikes Back - though horrible, it was made less so because Luke was a fleshed out character you could relate to. So rather than be shocked, I was only somewhat shocked and very sad Luke lost his hand.
  13. Gryphon

    Grand Theft Auto 3

    Bad news for ya guys - sorta - but Freedom Force is linear too. That doesn't mean the game doesn't totally own - because its the best strategy game I've played all year. If you want non-linear, get BCM if you haven't already or, if you want a fantasy fix or a more of an RPG fan, you can't go wrong with Morrowind. Morrowind does feature a linear plot, but also features hundreds upon hundreds of sidequests - some quite involved, some pretty short, but generally cool all around. Cheers!
  14. Gryphon

    Way too much time

    Being in Canada and not having any greenbacks to play with, I would love to hear from someone who tried this. Otherwise, I smell photoshop - and I won't even go into the amateur hour bullshit from that "Face in the towers" crap
  15. Gryphon

    Well Here i Go m8's

    Heh, kiss it goodbye I used to game for, oh, minimum 4-5 hours a day before I got engaged - I'm happy to get 1.5-2 hours every other day now. What I found helps is if you can do your gaming and be in the same room with her - ie. laptop, or in my case, extra long monitor cable + wireless keyboard & mouse Cheers!
  16. Gryphon


    I have no idea what FPS I'm pushing, but the game runs just fine for me - obviously more sluggish outdoors, but not at all unplayable. Based on previous experience I'd say I was getting between 15-25 FPS outdooors with a half viewing distance at 1024x768. Here's my specs: P3-800MHz, 128MB SDRAM WinXP (recommended for XP is 256MB) GF4 Ti4400 128MB DDR A friend of mine with 256MB of RAM under Windows 98SE and a GF2MX 32MB DDR reports that it runs fine as well on his P3-600MHz.
  17. Gryphon

    Earth & Beyond Beta

    Got a copy of the beta in the mail today, quite unexpectedly. As I have always been weak when it comes to resisting the allure of the MMOG, I may pass on it completely. ::shudders, thinking of his days in EQ::
  18. Gryphon


    Well, FINALLY got my hands on Morrowind. I'm impressed, but I have two gripes: 1) I have a mission to kill rats. The first rat, one on one, almost kills me. After healing, I proceed to take on two rats at the same time in another room. Since the game stops to load new areas, when I open the door the screen fades out, then fades in, and even before I have control of my character the rats have taken half my health. Attempts to jump onto a nearby chest or baskets results in their laughing. It's irritating that they get free shots on me while my computer is still crunching numbers. 2) Combat *is* tough - you're never one hundred percent sure you're doing anything until you hear a grunt or see blood spraying. Anyone got any tips to this effect? I took on a, what was it, a cliff racer? Those big lizard birds, and fought it for about two minutes and hit it twice that I know of - but out of dozens and dozens of swings. Am I doing anything wrong? Should I be standing a certain distance relative to it? Does looking up at it matter? Does looking down to hit a rat matter? Cheers! Erik [ 05-15-2002, 10:24: Message edited by: Gryphon ]
  19. Gryphon

    Matrox Parhelia 512 video card

    Guys, let's all keep in mind that nVIDIA will be releasing their next chipset in, oh, about five minuts.
  20. Gryphon

    Matrox Parhelia 512 video card

    Yeah, this announcement, coupled with Creative Labs' announced "P10" card signals a new era, I think, and one that will hopefully last for a while. This should hopefully drive prices down and quality up Question is, is there room for four chipset companies?
  21. Gryphon

    Just how DO you lube a...

    Hey all, I found out what all the noise coming from my computer was: my GeForce 3 Ti200. BOY is it loud!!! Now, ordinarily I would pry away the sticker on the fan and spray a drop of WD40 - but after speaking to my father, who said the WD40 can actually bog the fan down and hurt nearby plastic parts, I've decided to hold for a sec and get a popular consensus. So, how do you deal with fan noise?
  22. I would get a slower CPU and get a GF3 Ti200 - mostly because the GF5 will be out eventually and nVidia promised a radical new archietcture, or something to that effect. The Ti200 is nice and cheap these days and will keep you going till you're ready to shell out $600 for the GF5
  23. Gryphon

    Just how DO you lube a...

    Thanks for the suggestion Greg. Do you have any idea how this oil reacts to heat? the card gets awfully hot, I'm guessing, and I wouldn't want the oil to start making things worse
  24. Gryphon

    Just how DO you lube a...

    Heh, I'd do it in a heartbeat if ASUS would let me keep their Ti4400 LOL
  25. Gryphon

    Changing my Browser Text size

    Heh, this is a bother. Sometimes, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel and you hold down the scroll button while scrolling, some mouse software will interpret this as a "zoom" command. Just do what Kartoffel said - Go up to View and pay a visit to the font size section. Default font is medium.