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  1. quote:Originally posted by Carl Burning: I thought we had the new Morrowind and Civilization 4 to look foward to? I hope so anyway- I dont want to wait until 2006 for those two games. The article linked above was by no means thorough. I don't think they were aiming for that. I think they were just mentioning all the "big stuff" that was going to happen. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion won't be mainstream big, and Civ 4...I sincerely doubt it'll be a mainstream success. Heck, it just sounds like yet another incremental refinement in the series.
  2. Hm. So, basically, besides Quake IV, the only things PC gamers can look forward to in 2005 look to be UT2004 and Half-Life 2 mods To clarify: 2004 may have been a fairly "fun" year for gaming (Rome:TW, Dawn of War, HL2, etc. etc.) but I think next year will be either the attack of the clones (games using existing engines, which will probably end up being forgettable) or imaginative, free, mods, based on existing engines.
  3. Hey, this has turned out to be a damn good thread. Good quality posts. Remember to post 'em when you find 'em, folks!
  4. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Nah, this game is waaaayyyyy too linear. Once you go through the campaign you have a $50 coaster. No replayability at all.Soback, there is mod support in the back --- IIRC, the tools are included with the game. Provided the game does well enough and gets the right sort of audience, some nice mods might be in our future. Anyway, an entertaining diversion, regardless. The Colossus' shield is quite cool, though I must say the Gorg's Siege Laser/Formation is equally neat. Bleh.
  5. The game is quite fun. My one sticking point has to be the fact that you can't actually manually navigate your ships...I mean, you can't tell them to go to a point in empty space (not that I'd found), they have to have a target to approach/attack/whatever. Actually a fairly minor sticking point.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Gol_Stoan: We wants it, we needs it, the precioussss. I will probably get mine in a day or two, anybody have any thoughts on this one? Gamespot gave it an 8.4 I've only read reviews so far, but I'm disheartened to hear about the lack of unit diversity (two types of foot soldiers, two types of archers, and two types of cavalry for both sides --- and thats it?! (ignoring special characters of course) and the fact that units, once grouped, stay grouped. HUH?!? Who the hell thought that up?! Graphically it looks gorgeous. But I do believe I will find that, once I play it, it will pale in comparison to Rome: Total War. Which I'm still playing, months after release. I've conquered all of europe up to Spain, I'm on my way to england, and ASia is next.
  7. WOW. I did the Ocean Hotel level last night. JEEBUS! I haven't been that on edge since Undying! And it's funny because...YOU'RE A VAMPIRE! You're not supposed to be scared of some dumbass ghosts. But jeez, the first time a vase flew out and hit me, I jumped. After that, they got annoying...but then, in the kitchen, pots flying everywhere...incredible. The atmosphere is perfect. When you're in that suite and the lights go out and suddenly, "GET OUT" is written on the wall, and something just PUSHES you out of the room...masterfully done. I hope the rest of this game shows this level of sophistication.
  8. I have played it. It is goot. Actually, I daresay, it is 75% exactly like the original. Same options, same limitations (combat is 1v1 only, regardless of how many ships are involved) and so on. However, it has a nice graphical flare and is amusing. Sid Meier has created yet another entertaining game with lasting value. Just don't buy it expecting an engrossing experience. I give it two flagons.
  9. Scriv has a point here, folks. I started playing it last night, and its the first time in about a year I've been able to devote a whole four hours to a game, in one sitting. It's MARVELLOUS. Gore? Depends what you mean. If you mean a bitmap blood splatter when you hit someone, or bloodstains on walls and such, then ya, there's gore. But if you're talking about intestines hanging around, tearing off arms, etc. etc., then no, I haven't seen any of that. Well, there IS a beheading at the start of the game, but it is clean and you don't get any nasty crap. For role playing however --- I'm impressed. The quests are great. I did a few fetch quests and didn't mind one bit, specifically because of the context. Instead of getting a magical tome for some mage (aka Baldur's Gate) I was retrieving explosives that had been stolen from my contact after he was mugged. Context is everything! Graphics are great overall, immersion is fabulous, runs relatively well, and I love the realism. Best RPG since Baldur's Gate II, IMHO.
  10. A professor at the University of Maryland is building this. Looks quite good, something to keep an eye on. http://www.b5sc.com/
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: No, I never heard of it before today either http://www.spaceinterceptor.com/ New space sims are all over the place, they are just hard to find. This is a nice screen... BOOM
  12. Here's a new one. It's a home brew effort by a gentleman named "Ed Benowitz" --- Flight Commander, heavily inspired by Wing Commander. Freeware Flight Commander And of course, there's the game the SC just reported --- Space Interceptor. I think they qualify as a small developer. Space Interceptor
  13. Okay, I hope we can make this into a sticky. There's been talk lately that the space sim genre is toast. Kaput. Gone the way of the...I was about to say the Adventure genre, but there's been plenty of action there. Honestly, the genres that has come close to death --- RPGs and Adventure, most notably --- have always been brought back from the brink by some fabulous, last minute titles. Well, let's see if we can't stir the waters for Space Sims. I've found quite a few sims created by small developers in my travels, and I'd like to list them here. I hope everyone else will post what they are watching/know of, also. The ideal is to compile the list into something we can use as a reference, from time to time. So, without further ado... --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 3000AD (Of Course!) This one goes without saying. Derek Smart's games have been ground breaking in ways we can all appreciate. Cyberspace's Star Wraith series I've been watching this small developer for some time. His graphics can be likened to Wing Commander 3 & 4 era graphics --- blocky. However, the demos are good fun --- he even has a "Privateer" style game called "RiftSpace." Try downloading his demos --- he also released an older version of Star Wraith as freeware! Rampant Games' Void war Looks pretty slick. Haven't tried it yet myself. Galactic Federation Also one I haven't tried, but looks quite yummy. Purports to allow battles involving hundreds of ships! Starshatter Bloody fine game. Great graphics, fly a starfighter or a capital ship, control squadrons, planetary or space fighting --- overall thumbs up. Microsoft's Allegiance Okay, its Microsoft...but it's now freeware --- heck, they even released the source code for it. It is a multiplayer online game that has some deep strategy elements. Graphics are still quite yummy. Rack up enough cash in game and you can even pilot capital ships! --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- That's all I've got for now. Please list any small developer, open source, or freeware titles you can.
  14. Gryphon


    Okay okay. Theory two! They have crashed on the secret island stronghold of a bald, cape-wearing megalomaniac that has invented a machine to make what you think come true --- BUT THOSE THINGS TRY TO KILL YOU! I am so right.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: Cinescape magazine has announced that USA has ordered 13 episodes of the 4400 which begins shooting this month in Vancouver. With the 4400, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Atlantis genre tv seems to be in good shape. This is very good news. I really liked the 4400 --- very good premise, somewhat interesting characters. Can't go wrong with those. Four episodes though, not nearly enough!
  16. Heh, the Kerry thing makes me laugh. Anyway, played my first full-fledged game the other night as...the red guys. The ones that focus on the north. Had two armies and had them attack a Gaul town from the east and west. The Gauls sallied forth to attack. This is when I discovered the imbecilic reinforcement AI. I do hope someone makes a mod enabling us to control the reinforcements. My reinforcements, out of 450 men, lost 180. My personal army of 400 men lost 46. 'Nuff said. So yeah, 3/4 of the Gauls in town attack my group, made up of 250 Hestati, 100 Javelin dudes, and my general's cavalry. They start streaming out of their gates and milling around. I get my general and his cavalry in position to flank the bastards so that, when they are embroiled in combat with my troops, I can ram 'em where the sun don't shine. That's when I noticed they would all try to chase my general! LOL! they were ignoring my troops completely! So I had my cavarly run off a ways just so and, when the Gauls gave pursuit, charged my entire army into their flank. A quarter of them were cut down in the first ten seconds, I think. Then I charged my cavalry back into them and they completely broke! It was fabulous. They were running towards the city gates, but I would be damned if I let them close. I charged my cavalry right in after them. They somehow held the gates open, allowing my infantry to charge through. All the remaining stragglers --- from my combat and that of my reinforcements --- ran into the town plaza to defend it. They just crowded around, all exhausted and tired. I just slowly marched my javelin guys, defended by infantry, and rained daeth down on 'em. It was a fine day to be Roman. Now the senate has asked me to attack a town on Corsica (the island north of Sicily). But I only have one boat and have never used it --- no idea how many of my men it can carry, and it has to be done in 10 turns!
  17. Gryphon


    Ok ok ok, I got it now. The island is a living creature that can read minds. When the kid read through the comic and saw the polar bear, the island created the polar bear! Yes. And it must devour or attempt to devour at least one character every episode!
  18. So, Games have come a loooooooooooooong way since the Pocket PC's 2000 launch. There's a growing flood of 3D games (GeoPod, a racing game), RTS games (Age of Empires, Argentum), Adventure (originals, as well as SCUMM emulation), and so on. Palms are slowly catching up, too. I own one of each but Palm OS games just don't cut the mustard graphically enough for me. Anyway, do any of you own a PDA, and do you use it for gaming? What are you playing? What do you hope to see? The first person that wants a 3000AD game gets a cookie.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Reno: I think most of their creative processes were expended with KOTOR. Either that, or George is slippin with keeping the quality of his licenses in check. Whoa there Reno, credit for KOTOR goes to Bioware
  20. Gryphon


    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: They killed, uhm, a Polar bear. On a tropical island.Yes. This put an interesting spin on things, and smacks of Dr. Moreau. Next we'll be seeing five-assed monkeys. quote: How can a transciever (obviously from the previous French folks that crashed there I presume) be transmitting for 16+ yrs, when the one they got from their crash aircraft, was already almost out of batteries? It (the french transmission) attached to a power source of some sort. Presumably there is a secret abandoned military laboratory on the island with a nuclear generator where evil scientists modified animals to make them Eeeeeeevvvviiillllll and that transmitter is using said power source. quote:And how - in God's name - could that ex-Republican Guard military guy, figure out - from transmitting intervals - that the signal had been transmitting for 16+ years. Just by listening to the same repeating signal. Heh, this is the part that I found hillarious, actually. See, after the french voice said its bit, the english voice counted out the numbers. Those numbers actually represented the amount of times the distress call had been transmitted. Syeed (sp?) took that number and the length of the recording, did some math in his head, and translated the result to be 16 years. What I found hillarious is that most of my older relatives in Italy know how to do this sort of math in their head, sans calculator. I assume the man is either very intelligent, or got a decent education of the non-north american variety.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Tac: Funniest of all was that most peeps that called in pretty much said they had their sim going around doing crazy stuff & impregnating all females in the neighborhood.[QB]Hey, why didn't I think of that?!?!?! LOL quote:[QB] Talk of mods to allow more criminal type stuff and x-rated mods were to be expected soon.Yes, I have heard of a nude patch already. Gawds. Anyway, I got a chance to play it last night with the wife. Just like many of the games this year, 'tis evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. It's nice to have a proper 3D camera, I love the attention to detail that has of course become expected of this franchise. It is, however, the exact same game as the first. It has a few new innovations that expand on the formula --- such as hopes & fears, Sims remembering past events, etc. --- but not enough to keep me interested. In a week I'll be back to Rome: TW or finally get started on Call of Duty's Russian campaign.
  22. Thanks for the offer of help Mordax, but I got it going. I was actually on my way out the door returning it when I thought of how disappointed my wife is. So I just turned around and put my mad skillz to work and boof, it installed. Still a PITA.
  23. Right. So I got a copy because my wife is a HUGE fan. And what happens? I can't get through the install process on TWO DIFFERENT COMPUTERS. *WTF*? This smacks of some crappy copy protection scheme. I can't seem to get past CD3, 49%. Just...freezes. And there's only so much of that bloody installation game a person can handle. Sigh! I really wanted this to work. But I am SICK AND TIRED of having to jump hoops to play my bloody video games. I lost a precious hour last night trying to get this to work. Now I'll have to either try to make a disc image of the damn game and hope it doesn't do CD checks (highly unlikely) or I'll have to return it (highly likely). This was all well and good when I was getting paid to play these things, but now it is just sad. Makes me wanna...
  24. I believe they have implemented war dogs, with which to frighten the elephants. Or flaming arrows. I cannot recall which.
  25. GrayFox, what's this Zama & Cannae that you are talking about? Historical battles? No doubt there will be a campaign editor along eventually. I understand the "Risk style" map is where the game truly shines, BTW, more so than the 3D battles. I for one have tried the demo and find it to be the very definition of...wonderful. It is so good it is pants.
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