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  1. quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: what do you expect? that video card is old... and slow now for what Doom 3 wants to do... And it is slowing down your system, a 3.7ghz with a radeon 9000 mobility?? I have a radeon 9000 in my p 1.7 inspiron 8200 from 2002. In my view the 9000 was the first best mobile card to play games on because it could run almost anything for its time and after. For doom 3 it's smooth if you use 640 * low detail.Hard to believe isn't it? But the power of the 3.7GHz P4 has nothing to do with the slowness of Doom 3. It is entirely the video cards fault. One, it uses shared memory. Two, it is a DirectX 8 compliant card. I have no qualms about running the game at 640x480, because I think the environments look good, regardless. My qualms are about the character models. Unless you are at the high detail setting, the models look like total crap and aren't frightening in the least. Which takes away from the experience, in my book. Does that make sense? quote:Im curious as to why you have such an obviously new laptop with such an old video card, what happened to the x800... or 9800 or 9600...A laptop with a REAL video card in it (like what Alienware does) is totally out of my price range. In order to buy something this tough, in fact, I've been saving up for months and sold my old desktop machine (Athlon 2700 XP, 512MB RAM, 120GB HD, Radeon 9600 XT All-in-Wonder). Anyway, I don't play games as much as I used to anymore and when I do it is generally something from two years ago, like Mideval: Total War, so a top of the line gaming rig isn't high on the totem pole. I need something I can bring with me to work so I can keep running my own life and not use the employer's machines... quote:SNIP THOUGHTS ON GAMETotally in agreement.
  2. I'm loving Atlantis, and I especially like the fact that...SPOILER ALERT! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Humans are playing the part of serious villains. I'm talking about the folks from the "summer finale", episode 10, specifically. They are great villains --- doing bad things with a good reason. I love the humor inherent in the show --- Dr. Mckay is just the best. I would like to see more of the city itself, however.
  3. Gryphon


    Also caught it, and I agree with the SC --- if this turns out to be some cliched Dinosaur pap I will spit pea soup. I do however agree that I don't think it is. I assume however that I will be dreadfully disappointed when they finally do reveal what the thing is. Imagination is so much better at filling in the blanks, when it comes to that sort of thing Anyway, I think the first fifteen minutes were pretty damn good. They handled the whole plane crash scene convincingly. That engine/turbine/whatever that kept spinning up and down was a damn fine touch. And seeing that guy get sucked into it reminded me of Firefly, which is always a good thing. heheheh.
  4. Managed to finally load this up on a 3.7GHz laptop with a Radeon 9000. 512MB of RAM in the laptop, gave the video card frame buffer 128MB of that system RAM to work with. The game, she runneth like crap. At 800x600, low detail, the going is pretty rough. The environments look great, but the character models and shading are shite. The video card is to blame of course. I know. Anyway, played up until that first imp shows up (shortly after getting the shotgun) and am impressed nonetheless. Good ambiance, nicely scripted events. Zombies don't terrify me half as much as they should, but I'd say that is because it takes them about a minute to walk towards me as I try to shoot them at 12 frames per second
  5. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: A 40K FPS came out early this year. Ah yes, the mediocre "Fire Warrior." An average FPS at best. Dawn of War is sexxxaaayyyyy. I've loved 40K based licenses since Space Crusade, and this one just takes the cake. In fact, if any of you in here have not yet tried Epic Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation (released in the late 90's) you should do yourselves a favor and buy it online. Excellent tactical wargame based on the 40K license.
  6. I think it is a fabulous idea, as distribution for an indie goes. I just spent ten minutes writing something that turned out to be meaningless drivel, so I erased it all and will leave it at this: online distro = good, but keep an eye on price. I would expect games distributed online only to cost less than a retail game due to savings in national distribution, box & manual printing, national print marketing, etc.
  7. I think this may end up being one of those long threads. First, let me say that reading the books will shed a lot of light on what I'm about to say and I highly recommend doing so - the Dune series is literature, not sci-fi. Anyway, those big Rama-like ships are Heighliners. They are piloted by "Navigators", humans who have - voluntarily - submitted to being bathed, immersed and fed with the spice. The spice eventually makes them look like whatever they end up looking like. It also gives them the ability to travel to any point in space they wish. They could theoretically do that with any ship they please, but the Heighliner is what the Navigator's guild uses. They can transport ships and cargo and people inside them. Been a while since I read the books, but that's the gist of 'em.
  8. The only things I'd like to see: 1) Tougher capital ships, to allow for longer, perhaps even more strategic fights. This would make assaulting one of those invincible starstations easier. 2) "Auto-generated missions available from stations" - Quantum. If they can be generated in difficulty according to rank, that would own. It would also give mercs/assassins something to do, and might even give explorers something to do. "ie. go explore planet mars, zone xx, leave probe behind, gain 30,000 credits"
  9. quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: I got the game today and i must say i am impressed nice graphics overall , so bad there is no story in it like the other games They finally came to grips with the fact that most people don't read the manual, care about the story and, with no Kari Wuhrer, no one was going to give a damn about the cutscenes.
  10. So, um, when do we get a nice 1024x768 size copy of that cover so we can make it our wallpaper, hm?
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: An interesting articleMaybe you should start marketing your games in Korea Erik
  12. quote:Originally posted by Fox__Trot: quote:Originally posted by Gryphon: *(Confucious say; 'Man trapped in pantry have ass in jam')Mind if I add that to my sig? btw I thought the movie was ... ok to good Heh, the quote isn't mine - read it from someone's tagline back in BBS days.
  13. ********** SPOILER ALERT! ********** quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ******* SPOILER ALERT ******* Are you kidding me? Real people? How many people do you know, will go to their next door neighbor, find an alien there, chop his fingers off and go home like it never happened? Plenty of people! No seriously - just how tramatized would you be to discover that, not only does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe, not only does it want to harm us, but that in a first for intergalactic race relations you also cut off its bloody fingers with a kitchen knfe? Keep in mind also that Mel was playing an ex-priest - the man could barely swear without wincing. He didn't mean the thing any harm - when those fingers came off it must have traumatised poor Mel quite a bit. Besides - when he got home everybody already knew the aliens were for real - they were on TV by then. (errr, I think) quote: Oh, this part I like : how about the guy in the truck driving off to the Lake and telling Mel, in a matter-of-fact tone, "...oh, don't go in the pantry, I locked one of them in there" How utterly ludicrous!The guy in the truck was the director BTW. As for that part - again, put yourself in his shoes. Go to your next door neighbour and tell him you had a struggle with an alien and you locked him in the pantry*. You're traumatised - something just attacked you! - and you want to get the hell out of dodge. Heheheh. *(Confucious say; 'Man trapped in pantry have ass in jam')
  14. I liked it! I found it to be the first truly terrifying movie I have seen since Aliens - and at the time, I was like, eight. At Signs I gripped my fiancee's hand so hard she yelped However, while I acknowledge the plot had its moments of mediocrity, I don't think the movie was about the aliens. It was more about the people and how they are changed. I think the writer did an excellent job there. These are all very real people, convincingly potrayed (heck, the kids were great too), and they are changed as a result of what's happened - good stuff overall. Finally, I think the director did a great job of building suspense. He took his time, added onto it slowly and carefully throughout the film - the scene at the brazilian birthday party almost had me wanting to leave, I couldn't take it - and then, at the end, when *spoiler* does that thing with the *spoiler* to the *spoiler*, I wanted to cheer. Really loud. Erik
  15. quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: I'm gonna get sim city 4. I just wish the sims could take place in my city so when I make the nuke plant blow up I can watch my little sims mutate.... Er.not that I played the sims..uhand had any fun at all...that is.....Actually, you *can* import some of your sims to live in your SimCity. They can be the victims of crimes and die just like other simcitizens
  16. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Trust me, once you see Matt Damon in action, you'll forgot all his other movie characters in a heartbeat. He is definitely believable as a CIA agent. Quite Bond-like if you ask me. Saw it, loved it. Caused me to run out and get the two other Bourne books (are there more?) The lightning fast action sequences were great, I'm so glad they didn't get all Matrix-like.
  17. Sorry hombre, my wallet is still recovering from the $46 I spent on Star wars and spiderman
  18. Malcolm McDowell. If you see a movie at your video store called "Gangster No.1" RENT IT...it's a british organised crime movie and McDowell is only in at the beginning and end, but his acting is incredible. (The whole movie on its own is damn good too)
  19. Hamill has a gift for voice acting and puts it to good use in cartoons, but also makes regular appearances on "The Outer Limits" which is a twilight zone type show with more of a science fiction bent. He also recently did voice acting for Soldier of Fortune II as I understand it. Why he didn't voice his own character in Jedi Knight II is anyone's guess
  20. Well, saw it yesterday with my fiancee - she hated it and sat through it only because it was so important to me and I was loving it. Boy did I have to make up for that later Anyway, there were a ton of kids in the audience and as soon as the limbs started flying off I noticed some parents taking their kids and leaving. Bravo to them - I hadn't seen an amputation* on a movie screen until Starship troopers at age 17, and that had me horrified for the rest of the week. Anyway, good show all around, can't wait to see Episode 3. *Excluding Luke losing his hand in Empire Strikes Back - though horrible, it was made less so because Luke was a fleshed out character you could relate to. So rather than be shocked, I was only somewhat shocked and very sad Luke lost his hand.
  21. Got a copy of the beta in the mail today, quite unexpectedly. As I have always been weak when it comes to resisting the allure of the MMOG, I may pass on it completely. ::shudders, thinking of his days in EQ::
  22. Guys, let's all keep in mind that nVIDIA will be releasing their next chipset in, oh, about five minuts.
  23. Yeah, this announcement, coupled with Creative Labs' announced "P10" card signals a new era, I think, and one that will hopefully last for a while. This should hopefully drive prices down and quality up Question is, is there room for four chipset companies?
  24. POODLES: http://members.tripod.com/~PoodleWeb/ EDIT: GOOD GOD what a pansy assed dog. No offence, poodle owners [ 05-02-2002, 16:18: Message edited by: Gryphon ]
  25. It's only fun till it has babies and weeks later about 10,000 little spiders hatch and you're like, "Oh s***, Mom's gonna kick my ASS."
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