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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Commander Jamont:

    I got the game today

    and i must say i am impressed nice graphics overall , so bad there is no story in it like the other games

    They finally came to grips with the fact that most people don't read the manual, care about the story and, with no Kari Wuhrer, no one was going to give a damn about the cutscenes.

  2. Fabulous stuff. Don't wanna spoil anything, but I *knew* them traitorous peoples were up to no good from the start. One was just tooooo helpful, the other was just so irritating I figured she/he had to be in deep

    Anyway, can't wait to see *important gov't figure* being put to the question next episode - some nice developments ought to come from that.

  3. Dragon Lady, please keep in mind a few factors. First, a study a few months ago showed that most people in the "poor" category (ie. needing food stamps for food) are depressed. And I don't just mean, "My girlfriend left me, boy am I bummed". I mean "I have no money, no education, no matter what I do I'll never own my own home or make more than $16,000 a year - I should die." Depression is a HUGE problem that can affect you physically, making it next to impossible, for example, to get out of bed in the morning.

    People suffering from depression need real help and you would do wonders for the world if you baked a depressed person a cake and told them how much you care about them. You mention self-discipline? See how much self-discipline you can muster when you're too depressed to get out of bed to feed yourself. Can you imagine what that must be like? Can you imagine what it must feel like to people who believe they'll never make enough money to get out of a slum? That they'll never get to live in a "nice" neighbourhood, without having to share a house with anyone?

    Number two, the poor can be *ANY* of us at *ANY* time. What terrible timing: Your doctor discovers some vital organ is functioning improperly. It will cost $600,000 to treat and you will have to spend $800 every month for the rest of your life on medication. And hey - your insurance won't cover it. Congratulations! You are now poor.

    Let's not segregate the poor - they can be any one of us. Have a little empathy for god's sake: I'm a freelancer - I don't have a steady check. I can enter that tax bracket at any moment!


    Fat, lazy, ugly, and probably smelly, it's no wonder I despise the poor.

    That is *SO* offensive. What kind of person are you? How can you stand to look at yourself every morning, if you believe that? I know BANKERS who are fat, lazy, ugly and most assuredly smelly. I live in Charlotte, the second biggest banking center in America - my neighbours on both sides are bankers and you should SEE their homes.

    I urge you to take a long hard look at your life and realise that, no matter how much money and schooling you cushion yourself with, you could still end up waiting for your food stamps every month - needing a bath and having to decide whether you need to eat or pay the rent, wishing you could just DIE so your children won't have the added burden of supporting you, AFRAID to die because your children will have to assume all your DEBT!

    And Remo Williams, I'm not excluding you from this little rant, you just happen to offend me less than Dragon Lady.

  4. I've investigated this area of space myself and was similarly foiled (as everyone else) by the planet and the probe. I did notice the cloak interference but I assumed one of my thousands of enemies had followed me. Anyway, some questions for you guys:

    1) Has anyone tried to RANDOM Obsidia and see if it can be made tolerable to ships/organics?

    2) Has anyone tried to figure out where this station is - based on where these ships are coming out of - and, perhaps, hailling, or just shooting blindly? Anyone with the front mounted laser weapon should have a field day with this.

  5. Holy crap! Okay, new space sims folks - none of these are retail, BTW, but look bloody good:

    Vega Strike

    I tried Vega Strike a few months ago and got lost in an asteroid field. They've since made some additions to the game - merely check the screenshots page to see some capital ship, beam weapon goodness

    Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy

    This is a bloody hard game, but you can't beat the price - FREE. Just go find and download WC: Secret Ops and install UE. Origin isn't making WC games anymore - let's hope these guys keep it up. I'd frankly like to find out what happens after the WC:Prophecy era.

    Wing Commander: Standoff

    No download available for this yet, but it's similar to Unknown Enemy - it requires WC: Secret Ops to work. And from the looks of it, whoever is doing their textures is far more practiced


    EDIT: Cleaning up my spellink

    [ 01-01-2003, 01:46 PM: Message edited by: Gryphon ]

  6. This game HERE has shipped, or will soon. Unfortunately, beyond what you see on the page above, I can't find any other decent information or screenshots. Has anyone played this, or have any decent information about gameplay?

    This game just seemed to have gone right under my radar, and I'm always on the search for space sims. I'm getting rusty in my old age

  7. Hey hey,

    I own an IBM Thinkpad, bought from a friend - it's a Celeron 500, 64MB RAM, 5GB HD and has a 4MB video card - NOT, unfortunately, a 3D accelerator. Running Windows 98.

    I play games on it every night - it runs quite nicely. I have a TON of older games on there (classics like Star Control II, some Ultimas, etc) but I currently play Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, Stronghold, Heroes of Might & Magic 4 and Starships Unlimited on it without a hitch. Counterstrike runs quite nicely in software mode too, for that matter.

    I play with a mouse and the keyboard and find them to be just fine - I've never found the keyboard to be at all cramped, though the layout takes some getting used to. If it is a problem, you can always plug in a standard keyboard using USB. The screen is also a perfectly accetable size, despite being what, 12 inches wide? It only runs at a maximum of 800x600 resolutio, but considering the weak CPU that's all it can handle anyway. Also, you can plug the laptop in to your regular monitor - not recommended for bedtime though.

    For the record, my desktop is a P3-800, 256MB RAM with a Radeon 8500 128MB card. I have no trouble whatsoever running today's games and frequently do - I just find playing strategy games in bed a hoot, and find classic games more to my taste lately. I reserve my desktop for first person shooters and modern racers. And BCM

    My advice to you regarding laptops: Definetly get something with a 3D accelerator (even if it's a cheap one like ATI's old Rage Mobility), definetly get something that can support 1024x768 and do yourself a favour - get a floppy drive. If you intend to install alternative operating systems like Linux, OR you want to play an older game and need to use a boot disk, they will make your life SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier. Be sure to get a network card built in - they pretty much all do. Don't worry about the quality of the speakers - they will sound like utter crap no matter what you do, and you don't want to disturb anyone who might be in bed with you so you'll use headphones anyway

    Cheers man, hope this was helpful.

  8. Been playing it off and on. It sure is a homeworld clone - with plenty of its own merits, of course. I have yet to try the co-op mode, but that should be the game's highlight for me. As it stands, it should keep people busy while they wait for IG3/Moo3/BC Multiplayer to come out.

  9. quote:

    The problem is that we do have it, in a certain way of looking at it. That's why health care is so damn expensive. If we could get the government out of it, then it would actually become affordable again.

    Yeah, MediCare or whatever its called. Regardless, the service I pay out the nose for here in the states is of godlike quality compared to the...the almost third world quality of health care in Ontario. Just signed up with an insurance company last week actually - sleeping better as a result. Heh.


    Anyway, I know what game you are talking about, used to play it on my old C64, LOVED it. But cannot for the life of me remember the name of it either. Sorry.

    Dammit Jaguar, why tease me like this? Do you have the disk sitting around anywhere? I'll come to your place and search your basement myself if you want to. This is driving me nuts. I've downloaded maybe thirty star trek games in the past week and NONE of them even come close to matching C64's trek. Sigh.

    I still remember activating self-destruct that first time - the game asks for the self destruct code. I instantly remembered Kirk using the code in TOS - 11a, 11a2b, 1b2b3. Damn! I just forgot the final sequence. Was it AAA? God I'm such a geek. LOL


  10. Hey all! Before I ask my question, I'd like to say that I have happily moved to Charlotte, NC from Toronto, Canada and am loving it. Also, may I say that I find your lack of government funded health coverage frightening - but welcome, because I didn't relish the thought of waiting in line at some hospital in Toronto

    I'm writing because I'm trying to remember this old EGA TREK/Visual Trek-like game that appeared on the C64. It was on a floppy disk, the label was a shiny, silver-chrome affair with black lettering. The game worked just like EGA trek but had by far the best graphics/gameplay of any of the TREK-likes on any OS. The enemy in the game was named the "Klyrons" and when your ship, the Enterprise, blew up, the USS Excalibur would warp in as your replacement. Also, I believe the game MAY have been named "Trek 64" and it MAY have been created by "Load'N GO" software. They did the "Questprobe" games featuring the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and the Hulk, I found those, but can't find reference to any of their other works. Does anyone have a lead for me? I've scoured literally every page at Lemon64, BTW.

    EDIT: BTW, I bought the game at a Kmart in Canada between 1988-1995. Heh

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


    [ 10-31-2002, 11:49 AM: Message edited by: Gryphon ]

  11. Heh, I actually downloaded some old NASCAR racing demo a few weeks ago. Never did see the allure of it - I had more fun overtaking the pace cars, hitting the handbrake and stopping sideways and watching all the dumbass AI drivers crash into me

    Well, I sure can't wait to start my new life there. I also can't wait to go visit all those tacky tourist traps - I'd love to go see mount rushmore and the grand canyon. Heheh.

    As for your beer people - can you get Molson in the states or what?

  12. Along the lines of $ilk's post, I'm just letting everyone know that this Canadian is about to move south with his fiancee and become an American. We're headed to Charlotte, NC in just under two weeks. It's been a nightmare getting here, but I'm hoping against hope that our new life will be a happy one. And I daresay, I'm already filled with a feeling of patriotism that I never experienced here in Canada.

    So, anyone got any pointers on being American?



  13. quote:

    Originally posted by Eclipse:


    Originally posted by Dredd:

    Anything that's that long isn't worth reading and is obviously wrong. I got to about page 15 before realizing i had about 70 more to go.

    I take it you have never read War and Peace or the complete works of Shakespere, or any textbook because those are all well over 70 pages long

    Heh, I think what they are trying to say is that they object to reading 70 pages of crap
  14. quote:

    Originally posted by Fox__Trot:


    Originally posted by Gryphon:

    *(Confucious say; 'Man trapped in pantry have ass in jam')

    Mind if I add that to my sig? btw I thought the movie was ... ok to good

    Heh, the quote isn't mine - read it from someone's tagline back in BBS days.
  15. ********** SPOILER ALERT! **********


    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    ******* SPOILER ALERT *******

    Are you kidding me? Real people? How many people do you know, will go to their next door neighbor, find an alien there, chop his fingers off and go home like it never happened?

    Plenty of people! No seriously - just how tramatized would you be to discover that, not only does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe, not only does it want to harm us, but that in a first for intergalactic race relations you also cut off its bloody fingers with a kitchen knfe?

    Keep in mind also that Mel was playing an ex-priest - the man could barely swear without wincing. He didn't mean the thing any harm - when those fingers came off it must have traumatised poor Mel quite a bit.

    Besides - when he got home everybody already knew the aliens were for real - they were on TV by then. (errr, I think)


    Oh, this part I like : how about the guy in the truck driving off to the Lake and telling Mel, in a matter-of-fact tone, "...oh, don't go in the pantry, I locked one of them in there"

    How utterly ludicrous!

    The guy in the truck was the director BTW. As for that part - again, put yourself in his shoes. Go to your next door neighbour and tell him you had a struggle with an alien and you locked him in the pantry*. You're traumatised - something just attacked you! - and you want to get the hell out of dodge. Heheheh.

    *(Confucious say; 'Man trapped in pantry have ass in jam')

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