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  1. Got an odd problem that is hard to reproduce due to time constraints. Here it is:

    After mining on Mars and selling the minerals at Starpath, I purchased the Tacyon Anagram shield.

    After logging out of the station, I set my engineers to work on upgrading my shields. However, I was shortly thereafter attacked and, for some reason, took all the engineers off the upgrade project.

    Anyway, the problem is that I'm unable to continue the upgrade project - I don't get the option to reassign engineers to the project. As it stands, the TA-shield is currently at 51% and is coloured pink in the Craft systems list. I can't replace/repair it.

    I purchased another TA shield but when I select the upgrade option, I'm unable to select it. Also, when I do activate shields, they rise up to 5000. I'm not sure if this is the normal rate for this device.

    It'll be tough for me to reproduce due to the amount of time it takes to earn that much cash Anyone have any idea whats up?

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    Originally posted by schoch1:

    Anyone else having difficulty deploying ATV's and troops with the shuttles in Tacops? Am I the only one who can not figure this out?

    I had/have this problem sometimes too. Make sure the ground you are deploying the ATV's on (from the shuttles) is nice and flat - the shuttles have to land first to deploy the vehicle.

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    Originally posted by Conscript:

    Now this is odd. I may be new, but this just seemed like a really weird occurance. During a trip to the planet Pluto, I ran into something. During the hyperspace travel I was magically boarded and had most of my fighter complement taken. My question is how did this happen and how do I stop them from taking my fighters, from boarding my ship in hyperspace, and how do i get my fighters back?

    To prevent your fighters/shuttles from being stolen, go to the "Logistix" section and set the power to launch control to "0"

    From then on, when you want to launch something, raise the power back up to max. I don't know the answers to your other questions, sorry

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    Originally posted by Soback:

    I have ASUS V8200 T2 GeForce 3 card. When I go on
    website there are 2 types of drivers available. 1 is for V8200 T2/T5 series and another is for V8200 GeForce 3 series. I am uncertain on which one to use. Can someone help me out with that? Thanks.

    Soback, if your video card is a V8200 T2 card and there is a driver listed that says it is for V8200 T2 cards, odds are it's the one you want. Cheers!

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    ...uhm, the problem is what? The game works just fine on WinXP.

    I was curious to see if the sidewinder profile idea worked for him - as I'm using the default WinXP drivers for my joystick, I don't have the software installed, and getting other people to do your work for you is a highly efficient use of ones time.

  6. I have never had any luck setting game controller IDs to different numbers...in my experience, controller 2 has ALWAYS been ignored and I've had nothing but trouble.

    Disconnect your game pad and try using the joystick alone - make sure it is the lowest ID/default controller and try the game again. If it works, upgrade your stuff to USB - plug'n'play baby

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    Originally posted by Melanie650:

    I put all the graphic settings which were possible to 32 bit. When I do however, it says that my system is low on RAM. I have over 512 megs of ram. Also the game will occasionally jam up.

    Hi Melanie,

    First, try posting this in the "video issues" section in the support section. People around here get pissed when you post in the wrong area. However, be sure you have closed/shut down all other programs that are running when you load up BCM, to ensure you have as much RAM as possible.

    If that still doesn't work, it is possible your video card doesn't have enough RAM. On the BCM box it states you need a minimum of 16MB of video RAM to run BCM - if you have less than that, you may be SOL

  8. Hi Gomez,

    I have the same joystick and the same "problem" (I didn't consider it a problem until you brought it up, just thought it was designed that way )

    I haven't tried this myself, but have you tried to build a Sidewinder configuration profile for BCM? You should be able to remap the twist function to the left/right axis.

    Lemme know how it goes - I'm using WinXP so I don't have the software loaded

  9. Just keep in mind price point, $ilk. DVD-ROM drives are fairly affordable, particularly if you buy a combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and you don't already have a burner. TV DVD players start at $400 and, trust me, you don't want anything that costs less than that. All DVD players are NOT created equal

    However, wait until the start of 2002 - I know for a fact companies are making a big move to DVD-R/RW drives. If you hang on till mid-end 2002 they'll be affordable, faster, still be able to burn CD-RW's and be able to of course watch DVD-Videos. Heck, maybe they'll be able to decode DVD-Audio

  10. Hi $ilk,

    I haven't had one for too long, but maybe I can give you a good idea how they work.

    Basically you pop a DVD movie in there and load up your DVD viewing software - the most common, and one that ships with almost all DVD drives, is Cyberlink's PowerDVD. It's great software, let's you choose a ton of output options (for Dolby Digital surround and all that crap) and also has all the options you'd have on a traditional DVD remote control - Zoom, angle, pause, play etc. Also, do you have a fast computer? Cyberlink PowerDVD is software based so you need a good processor to ensure your movie doesn't pause awkwardly, ruining disbelief

    There are no pros or cons for gaming yet - PC games just don't come on DVDs yet, but I know special editions of MS Encarta do - five CDs on one disc means you don't have any disc swapping to do.

    Regarding movies on your computer - it depends entirely on two things. Is your monitor 17" or larger? If so, the movie quality should be great, but I wouldn't bother watching a DVD on anything less - its just a waste of time.

    Second, what sort of sound system is hooked up to your computer? I ask because if you are using $20 radio shack speakers with a $10 KOSS subwoofer, you're going to get turned off pretty fast, so you might as well buy a TV DVD player. If, however, you have a respectable sound system (respectable starts at 4.1 with Klipsch ProMedia's folks!) you WILL enjoy the movies

    Hope I've answered your questions!

  11. Hey all,

    The demo to the action/adventure version of Frank Herbert's DUNE is out. Check the two URLs below to grab it. What are everyone's thoughts? Does it live up to your expectations?



    EDIT: Urm, forgot to say what I thought After playing for just a few minutes, I'd say the controls are awkward...controlling the camera with the mouse was a good idea - too bad this isn't an FPS, As a result, moving Paul around is awkward. The guards are pretty dumb, also. Graphically the game looks pretty good, though from what I've seen of the video earlier this month it looks fantastic. The effects and animation of the crysknife look cool - firing Paul's sidearm is awkward.

    That's my two cents

    [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Gryphon ]

  12. Well, I dunno about anyone else here, but...

    I'm a hardcore PC gamer. I love the PC. You don't get games on consoles like you do on PCs.

    But boy oh boy, I would sure like to live without the:

    Crashing OS

    Compatability problems

    Buggy gameplay

    Slowdowns due to older hardware

    Load times

    I am looking forward to buying a PS2 or Xbox. The GameCube is out of it for me because I need a DVD player and it doesn't do that. I'm waiting to see what the Xbox will cost upon its launch. If it is fairly close to the PS2 I'll buy it - mostly for HALO and Morrowind, at the moment. But if is is more expensive I'll go with a PS2.

  13. quote:

    Originally posted by Soback:

    Ok, lets say we can build mechs and they are cheaper then planes. What would be easier to aim and destroy, a plane that is at 25,000ft and looks like a small dot or a huge hunk of metal walking down the street?

    You're forgetting the, erm, 14" of ferro fibrous steel all over it. Though, if you're like me, you didn't bother to shield the arms

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    Originally posted by Kenada:

    The thing I like about the FF joysticks is when you dont use the FF feature, you can control who loose or stiff the joystick is... The tighter stick, the happier I am... I feel I have more accurate control on a tighter stick. I am using the FF 1 by MS (Evil Corporation)...

    The FF1 was REALLY good. I feel its FF strength is s stronger than that of the FF2. However, it isn't capable of the sort of subtle movements the FF2 is, so its a tradeoff. Also, the FF2's buttons are numbered which makes customizing it SOOOOOO much easier.

    Logitech's WingMan Strike Force 3D is the competing stick...its not bad, has a nice look to it, but Logitech added a scroll wheel to it - like you find on mice. This is neat, in that it lets you scroll through your weapons list, for example. But its awkward to use, so you sometimes skip past what you wanted to use.

  15. quote:

    Hehe Gryphon you think it's "Cerys"(my daughter) proof too?

    Aw man, I posted a big long post and screwed it up somehow. Sigh. Yes, like I said (and has been indicated) the only way to screw it up is to drop it or spill a liquid on it. You can be seriously rough with them and they'll be fine.

    HAving tried Logitech and MS' latest offerings, I'd suggest the MS Force Feedback 2. It's plenty powerful and its transformer is built in - so there's no massive plug taking up outlet space and it gives the stick a very nice weight.

  16. Hi Fendi,

    It's pretty difficult to break the force feedback function of a FF stick. It's actually rare that the stick actually rips your hand to and fro (and you find yourself fighting the stick). Mostly you get subtle bumps, scrapes, rumbles...they are so subtle you can't really fight them, as you can't predict how/where they move you.

    I've been using FF sticks since their inception and have yet to break one. The only way I can see it happening is if you drop it somewhere

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