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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Melcar:

    Because EB just wants to sell more expensive stuff.

    Besides that, force feedback sticks actually don't sell as well as standard controllers - the higher price point, and lack of good flight sims - scares people away.

  2. Hm... new problem with WinXP.

    Independence War 2 BSODs on me. As soon as I get the actual flight portion of the game started I get a BSOD - movies are fine, the main menu is fine.

    I've tried upgrading it, and I've tried the WinXP compatibility thingy, switching it to Win98/ME and "Disable visual themes" or whatever it is.

    As soon as the flight gets going, the game exits to desktop and I get a BSOD from which there is no escape. I'm posting this here not cause I want support for IW2 BTW - I don't give a damn if it works or not - I just get concerned when my OS isnt' working properly.

  3. I've been using a Radeon 7500 for just over a week now. It replaced my GF2MX, 32MBDDR.

    I have noticed a great improvement in speed and display quality in all the games I play with the exception of counterstrike - TFC, DOD, etc. don't seem to suffer. The game gets pretty choppy just looking around an area with your mouse. The game itself is fairly smooth if you're just running around, but start looking around and textures don't seem to refresh themselves properly/smoothly/evenly. No amount of driver tweaking seems to help, either.

    And yes, my GF2MX ran the game very smoothly.

    My overall impression of the card is that it is a good one overall, Q3 specific code or not, particularly because of the dual monitor/TV-out support. However, the thing to do, IMHO, is to stick with nVIDIA. Everyone is programming their games with them in mind, so you just can't go wrong.

  4. quote:

    Anyway it only took 2 days to get here and so far no problems... no BSoD yet...[/QB]

    I've been running it for about two weeks now and I'm very impressed with its stability - crashing only three times in that two weeks. All three were BSODs. The first was while playing Countrstrike.

    I was firing my AK at someone in the distance and WHAM, BSOD. HAven't reproduced it since.

    Second time I was writing in WORD and it just went BSOD on me.

    Third time was this past monday. I recently had a cable modem set up and it suddenly synched with the network and WHAM, BSOD.

    Despite these odd BSODs, the fact that I haven't been able to reproduce them tells me XP is a superior product. I'm running XP Pro on a P3-800 w/128MB RAM, 40gig drive, Radeon 7500 (was GF2MX, worked fine too.)

    Boots up in about 23-30 seconds, though I started using the login screen 'cuz its cool, everything runs nicely and whenever a game crashes due to its own buginess I can end the process successfully every time.

    The only issue I encounter frequently is that the half-life executable HL.EXE stays in memory even after exiting the game normally. it causes instability until I end the process.

    Ah well

  5. Lately I've become weary of million dollar duds and really, what I'm looking for is a simple, good old fashioned strategy/war game. I don't care if its fleet based or individual ships or what era it is set in...

    Can anyone recommend anything? I've played Stars! and VGA Planets and variants thereof and those are just too big and complex for me. I'm talking a game where you manage your ships and not your damn empire


  6. Aw man. A timout caused my reply to die. Okay, here's a quick rehash:

    You are right. If you, say, photocopy an article with the intent to sell it to someone, you are violating the rights of the owners, be they the paper or the writer.

    However, if you photocopy an article with the intent to use it in a school essay, it is STILL violating the rights of the owner.

    Ideally, the owner would be PAID for the use of their work, and nobody in their right mind works for free, right? So by photocopying the article and using it, you are reaching into their pocket and taking a crisp cool twenty.

    Please visit the following website for further information - I'm sure they can explain it better than I can. When you go there, visit the "What is copyright" section, amongst others. This is a canadian agency, but it has american counterparts with similar goals.


    The bottom line as I see it: Abandonware causes developers/publishers to lose out on potential revenue and is thus harmful, regardless of whether it is still supported, regardless of whether the owner cares or not. If jimmy bob decides to go out and buy BC3K, but see's it on Underdogs.org instead and uses that copy, Derek has just lost out on a certain sum of money. You take out your trash once per week and leave it at the side of the road. You don't disavow yourself of it: you still own it and are still responsible for it, whether you care about it or not. Keep in mind that for most writers and programmers their work is their only source of income. There's journalists out there slaving away at .50/word in order to pay the rent and all they see is their final payment, when they should also be seeing revenue from people who photocopy the work. I'd bet you would feel pretty bad if someone walked into your home and said, "Boy, this furniture is covered in dust and hasn't been touched in years. Obviously you don't give a damn, so I'm gonna take it." It's NOT YOUR PROPERTY!

    Sorry about the rambling tone. I feel strongly about this.

    [ 07-10-2001: Message edited by: Gryphon ]

  7. Well, whichever movie you preferred, I heard the director of the mini-series has been granted permission (and has already begun working on) a movie that will encapsulate the next two Dune books into another mini-series. So, two books into a 6 hour (sorta) sitting. Considering the second book was somewhat thin, I don't see this being a problem...but they'll never be able to squeeze Leto Atreides life and symbiosis(sp?) with the sandtrout in that time frame.

    Aw well.

  8. quote:

    Originally posted by Tekrebel:

    Woah, that armor was cool And the Klingons didn't seem to have it on their ships so maybe in the future the Federation has an advantage on the other races?

    In Deep Space Nine, towards the end of the series, relations between the Federation and the Klingons became very strained. Also, if you'll recall from the ST:TNG finale, the feds and the klingons were not on speaking terms anymore. Since the uniforms from the TNG future and the voyager finale future are the same, we can deduce they take place at the same time and, thus, the feds and the klingons ain't sharing tech anymore


    But there's something weird with this episode, what about the Borg Queen dying? Isn't she supposed to be in the Star Trek : First Contact movie?

    First Contact takes place (chronologically) before the Voyager Finale. This means that, although the Queen died, she most likely made a copy of herself and left it at their home base.


    And if so, why haven't the Federation put the armor technology on all their warships (since the future janeway brought it back from the future)?

    They probably did, but Kim is such a wimp he didn't use it. Two Klingon battlecruisers firing on a little wee shuttle and all he used were his phasers? Let loose the quantum phasic torpedoes, ensign, and damn those klingons!


    Anyways, a good last episode though I wished the ending wasn't so rushed.

    I'm with you on that count bro. I wish they'd made it a 2.5 hour movie, quite frankly...at least let's see some reception at Starfleet HQ. I know we saw it at the beginnning but it didn't satiate me. And I was hoping for a more in-depth Wolf 359ish battle when the Sphere came out of the wormhole thingy. Aw well.

    [ 05-24-2001: Message edited by: Gryphon ]

  9. Hi Starshadow,

    The idea appeals to me immensely smile.gif Since my Privateer days I've preferred hauling cargo to shooting fighters out of the sky as well...though I love the old fleet action or two.

    I think the idea of a merchants guild sounds darn good. Merchants could work together (In massively multiplayer battlecruiser of course) to report areas of piracy. Maybe share some wealth for the benefit of all. Heheheh.

  10. Hi Starshadow,

    The idea appeals to me immensely smile.gif Since my Privateer days I've preferred hauling cargo to shooting fighters out of the sky as well...though I love the old fleet action or two.

    I think the idea of a merchants guild sounds darn good. Merchants could work together (In massively multiplayer battlecruiser of course) to report areas of piracy. Maybe share some wealth for the benefit of all. Heheheh.

  11. quote:

    Originally posted by Steve Schacher:

    is that legal?

    I thought about that, but I figured it was so old and no longer accessible, and even though fair use laws allow for copying parts of a story for reviews and commentary, I didn't put the whole magazine on-line, just this article.

    Besides, wouldn't you be allowed to show it since it is about you?

    Sorry I quoted so much. smile.gif The fact that it is about Derek doesn't let him or anyone else distribute it at will - the copyright belongs to the magazine or author. To the best of my knowledge, excerpting a whole article is infringement.

    I'm not getting on your case or anything - god knows I do it to my own articles - just giving you the facts. wink.gif

  12. I, like many of you, am very attached to my computer. My mental state revolves around it. If it is purring along nicely, I am too. If it is old and out of date, I feel that way.

    I used to get major, earth shattering problems all the time. I used to format my hard drive less than a dozen times a year, I'm sure. However, since I now use my computer for work, I've never had a major problem I couldn't solve in ten minutes by following two simple rules:

    1) Buy ONLY quality, name brand hardware. Get the best possible. Make sure its been out a while and check to see what its patches fix before you buy it. Make sure the company hired a professional writer to create the manual and make sure there aren't spelling errors. You can get the manuals for most hardware on manufacturer's websites in PDF.

    2) Don't load unncessary crap onto your computer. At the moment I only have WinMe, MS Office 2K, various drivers and a few games. No shareware, freeware or betaware. No leaked nVIDIA drivers. Neither my CPU nor my video card (GeForce 2MX) are overclocked because everything runs at over 30fps anyway. Most of you may not accept such a low FPS, but on my P-233 I was happy to get over 10fps whenever I played CS or TFC.

    So that's my recipe for reducing stress. Hope everyone's computer is running nicely!

  13. While I support the concept of Abandonware, it is illegal. There is no "debate" about this. If there is it is between gamers, not gamers and the industry. The companies who develop/release games own copyright for the next 70+ years. Until then, they are free to do as they please with the software, but putting it up on websites and giving it to whoever comes along is piracy, plain and simple.

    When BC3K becomes five years old, how will you feel when you see it on an Abandonware site? I'm not sure how Derek would feel - flattered or threatened - but I personally would be revolted. As a copyright holder myself, seeing someone stealing your intellectual property is just as good as someone telling you your work is great and taking it from you without giving you a single penny.

    Just had to vent a little. I'm not directing this at anyone and am just posting it for the benefit of those who might not realise that Abandonware is illegal. I also recognise some developers have allowed their games to enter the public domain. Just hoping to clarify things. wink.gif

  14. Heya Pyros,

    I tend to take a different stance on that. If you pay $1000 to buy a city in game, that just means me and my clan of h4rdc0re suX03's are going to work that much harder to orbitally bombard it smile.gif When someone spends that much money on a game, well, I can't help but feel an urge to really ruin their day smile.gif

    So don't get sad. Get a crew of like minded individuals with Battlecruisers and bloodlust and even out the playing field smile.gif

    [This message has been edited by Gryphon (edited 12-10-2000).]

  15. quote:

    Originally posted by Hector Socas Navarro:

    Errrr... that's what the shuttles and the transporter are for. What seems to be the problem?

    Simple. Escape pods are just plain cool smile.gif Who wouldn't be thrilled at seeing twenty small pieces of the ship suddenly break off and fly away, all veering off to rendezvous at one spot?

    I know the shuttles and stuff work just fine...escape pods just sound more dramatic, that's all smile.gif

  16. Hi all,

    [Rant Mode: ON]

    I sort of cringe when I see people refer to this Mortin dude as a journalist. As Aramike so nicely pointed out in his post on Apushardware.com, journalists have a certain level of integrity that must be maintained.

    They don't take press releases and re-write, in one paragraph or less, the contents of said release. I recognize that there are now hundreds of sites out there doing this - hell, I love voodooextreme, personally - but the people running them should not be confused with journalists. They are merely people who managed to squeeze their names onto some PR person's media list, plain and simple.

    Real journalists use press releases to stay up to date on what's happening. If a release seems interesting, a journalist will pitch their editor a story. They'll usually do an interview to get more details. They won't just repeat, verbatim, what the release says. Journalist's aren't in business to provide companies with free advertising - which is essentially what repeating releases does - they're in the business to provide information so the public can make informed decisions.

    That's my two cents, I guess. Happy Holidays folks. wink.gif

    [Rant Mode: OFF]

  17. quote:

    Originally posted by Steele:

    If you r searching for a really cheap MIDI-

    card with great performances, try the MPU-401. As a standalone-card, it's crap,

    but as to the MIDI-performance, it's one of

    the best cards I've ever had :]

    I've never cared for MIDI really - I don't see the appeal - but the Santa Cruz is pretty damn good at it, particularly since it has that 8 MB thingy for it. And I think it has an MPU-401 built onto it or something. Too early in the morning for me smile.gif


    And: It sounds best if you don't use it as a

    surround system (bullshit anyway, who needs that ??), but as a 4-way stereo! (2 speakers

    for left channel, 2 for right channel)...

    Well, I can see the allure of that. I mean, during a DVD-video most of the speakers aren't really belting out much more than background noise...but playing half-life or something, I like to know where the bad guys are coming from, you know? smile.gif

  18. quote:

    Originally posted by Joel Schultz:

    I did end up buying an audio-out Y-splitter though and use it to hook up Optimus Pro 40 headphones. Cambridge Soundworks may rock, but that Optimus Pro 40 kicks its butt with one hand tied behind its back on 3D-sound-intensive games like Thief 2
    Maybe I need a speaker upgrade?

    Heh, all good headphones will sound better than most multimedia speaker system's because the headphones are closer to your ears. I'm no expert mind you, but when you keep your speakers a meter away from you like I do, the very subtle sounds can be lost depending on the clutter in the room and the quality of the speakers. You don't miss a damn thing with headphones smile.gif

    By the way, that Y-splitter might be causing some degradation of the audio signal. Your speakers may be suffering because of that wink.gif My vote is to get a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz so you can have the FPS and the headphones plugged in at the same time, without a Y-splitter smile.gif

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