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  1. Really? It just seems strange the way the game installs and looks for sound, etc. Anyway, thanks for all the help! Actually, it's my wife who's very interested in the game and has been posting under my name elsewhere in these great forums. I'm just trying to get the game to work for her. I'm a computer techie and she's a Lawyer: guess who won that argument! :lol Thanks again, Kain p.s. seems like there's a great community here!
  2. Ack, sorry. I patched it up to v2.09 Thanks, Kain
  3. What's all the discussion about the various Fleets? is it an RPG thing? Just wondering if there were big plans in place already for BCMillenium multi-play... Kain
  4. Ok, I've been impressed by *everything* I've read about BC3K. So, after getting a copy in a bargain bin, I went to install it. Obviously, it was never meant for Win9x. Here's my specs: 400celeron, win98_se, 128mb ram, 12mb vodoo 2 When I installed the game, it lists ALL files in the BC dir on the start menu. Also, I get no sound, and it black-screens on exit every time. Now, I am very new to this, but am willing to try whatever it takes to get the game running. I noticed on another thread that there's vodoo fixes on the d/l page: will visit. What about sound? I noticed there was a DOS sound-detector program... that locked me up too. I have a SB Live! Value. Any help would be appreciated. While I am content to wait for BCMillenium, I think I'd like to master BC3K first after all. Thanks, Kain
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if BCMillenium will have a open-ended play style (kinda like BC3k's open play mode) - where you could just wander the galaxy if that was your desire. Too many of todays games are linear. Remember Privateer? That was the first space sim that made you feel like you were actually IN the game, as opposed to *playing* a series of missions. Also, are there going to be different BattleCruisers to choose from? One doesn't have to be better than another, but they could be configured to your tastes: Like a Carrier vs. a Destroyer. Just would be cool in multi-play to see *different* BC's cruising around... thanks, Kain [This message has been edited by Kain (edited 07-07-2000).]
  6. Has there been an official release date announced yet for BC Millenium? Thanks, Kain
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