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  1. Hey Aramike! How have you been?
  2. It's good to talk to you again, indeed life has been busy for me as it is for all of us! Hope you all had a great holiday season but now I guess it's off to another year of the daily grind. Work and home projects have consumed most of my time but for the most part things have been going well. I see you are as busy as usual from some of the posts I have read.
  3. It has been a while, just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish all in the community a Healthy and Happy New Year! I especially want to reach out to Derek and the rest of the old crew, many of which I have lost touch with over the years. With both of my kids in college you could say life has been very busy for me (not to mention costly). Again, have a great New Year! Gordon
  4. Congratulations Gummy! That was a nice Christmas present, glad to hear mom and daughter are doing fine! Now what ever you do don't blink for the next 18 years, time goes by so fast that you'll want to cherish every minute of it. Again, Congratulations to you and your family! Gordon
  5. I'm here and I would hope you know my UC status.
  6. As of 2:30 EST Thursday 8/12/2004 the following members of Prime Fleet have not reported in and will be removed as per SC's instructions on 8/15/2004 unless they check in before this date. Trainee Warhero Trainee Jstuart Trainee Riker Trainee Underlord Trainee Krys Cadet Mahzel Cadet Cavelle Rogers Cadet Azariah Cadet Machitis
  7. I think I know why; His profile states the he is using DirectX 9.0b when the VCF clearly states that you must run the newest version 9.0c
  8. Don't know what to tell you I tried SP right after reading your message above and had no problems running the game.
  9. From what I can see the servers have not been revised as of yet, this is most likely the cause.
  10. I'm still here ready for some MP action!
  11. 1. First 1700hrs GMT 2. Gordon 3. Night Hawk 4. MK3
  12. Glad we got to meet on TeamSpeak tonight, we got quite a bit accomplished. I'll PM you when I finish writing the scenario and send it to you both. Once you review it and we are in agreement we can then start some sessions and see how it works and tweak it as necessary.
  13. Gordon


    Remo, Quite a while back I had some files that were deleted and used the following program since files are not actually deleted from a hard drive unless it's full I was able to successfully restore all the files that I thought was lost for good. You might want to give it a try.
  14. Gordon

    July Roll Call

    Welcome to Prime Krys, I have sent you an email with your temporary password for the Prime Fleet boards. In the mean time make sure you read and follow this to the letter. These documents will give you all the information that you need to get up to speed. Any further questions should be posted at the Prime Fleet boards. Once you report into Prime you will be given the proper format for your signature.
  15. Gordon

    July Roll Call

    Still here, busy right now but still here.
  16. Congrat Guys, job well done! Now it's time for you to change your sigs, you are now commanders.
  17. Since you don't list the drivers that you are using I would suggest that you update all drivers, this is a known fact. Especially for your Vid card which should be Cat 4.5 .
  18. Please report in, it's time to find out who is still active and who is not. Anyone that does not check in will be purged from the Prime Fleet Boards once it is back online. Stand up and be counted.
  19. I knew you were a giving person but you didn't have to be so generous.
  20. Alright, alright I'll cancel the APB. Glad to see you back, from what I heard on my local news you should be up and running shortly. I'll fill you in when you get back online fulltime.
  21. Same here, I even tried to find a phone number for him but it must be unlisted. I'll keep trying, I hope he is OK.
  22. Sho, I'll have TeamSpeak set up later for tonights session, as you know you are more than welcome to join. I even set up a private room for you Insurgent scum. Send me a PM if you forgot the password. Hopefully Chavik will be able to join also, I owe him a round of lasers and missles.
  23. quote: Sounds like fun. I missed you guys last night cuz I was busy working on the next update and trying to squeeze in fixes for a bug I introduced in the latest hyperjump code etc. No rest for the weary huh boss. We set up an ambush for the Insurgents at the Tapestran gate at one point, but unfortunately Zane jumped back to the station and Marvin got too close to the gate and wound up going through it. This left me alone at the gate with Chavik cloaked and lets just say I almost had my arse handed to me. I jumped out of there just before I was about to be destroyed, Marvin had to give me a tow to the station, like you did for him the night before. The server was rock solid, it never crashed the whole time we were on. Marvin and I came across some issues which we will test again after you release the fix you are working on. I'll post these observations in Area 51, but they were not show stoppers and did not interfere with the fun we were all having last night.
  24. Yeah, had a blast tonight, there were quite a few battles going on all over the place. At one point there were 8 people online with fighters and lasers everywhere.
  25. SC, I can confirm I used Ter/Mil MK3 with default loadout. First time you send your AE down to the planet via the Transporter there are no problems. If you then send him down again via the Transporter you will CTD. I ran the test twice with the same results.
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