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  1. I guess it will be hard to find the right way and time to meet. I do not have ICQ nor MSN. Sigh! Moreover, Gryphon, when it is evening in Canada, it is late at night over here! So it could be done during the weekend. The place? Hummmm, there is one place that could almost be considered official (a couple of BCM meeting were already hosted there) and it is a webpage with a Java applet that would let us connect to IRC, but right now I do not remeber the right url. Let me find it and I will post it here. But this means that we have to settle a day and a time for the meeting. So, what do you think? I know it sound quite difficult. Anyway, as soon as we have the multiplayer patch, we will surely meet in space! C U in Space! (Vanethian, I am very happy to see you are using my greeting at the end of your post! I am launching a new fashion! )
  2. Gryphon: good enough! Now that we are three we are a team! eh eh eh Vanethian: sorry for the delay! Now you have mail! C U in Space!
  3. it may depend on where you put the action script... but I guess Tac will help you out better by recieving the file. Have fun with Flash! C U in Space
  4. quote:Originally posted by Vanethian: Ciao Stefano!!!! Hey, awesome translation of my review you did!!! I tried to translate it as well, but i've done incredible grammar errors LOL Thanks! Well, actually I had my translation checked by SC before putting it online... (eh eh) I knew that who wrote it was a BCM fan and a player, but until now I did not meet any Italian posting in this forum, so I could not understand who the author could be. Now I found you! Do you know any other italian player?
  5. WOW!!!! Another Italian!! Cool, now we are two... Ciao!
  6. quote:Originally posted by demolition: BTW, i ordered BCM a day or so ago it should show up on monday YIPPIE!!!!!!! Today is the BIG day! Have fun!
  7. Yessssssssssssssssss! Thanks SC!
  8. No demo yet for the stand alone version. SIgh! But there is a plugin for 3D studio max (which I do not have, double sigh!). Anyway, I just found another software that looks like it could do the job as well: 3D Flash Animator, which is cheap and the demo is downloadable. You can find it here http://www.insanetools.com This evening I will give it a try!
  9. Ehi, SC what's up? All those movies in just one night? Eh eh eh eh. Are you thinking to change job?
  10. Well, what to say... It amazes me how all those things can be put in a game running on our PC and not on some NASA mainframes!!! But again, is it for real or am I still dreaming?? Wow, thanks SC, even if I'd better call my laywer, as I belive my wife will be a "little" upset when XP1 will be out!
  11. Oh, so it was the animation. Well, as I said it is just an idea taken from the movie "Contact", right at the very beginning of that movie, only it was reverse: from earth to space. I did not use any 3d software, this is why it look kind of a cartoon. Sorry for that. Unfortunately I am still thinking if I should spend $200 for a software that would allow me to do some 3D animation in Flash, and since web design is just a hobby for me, it is quite a lot of money. All you see is just an easy 2d flash movie, it took me about one weekend to finish, and most of the time was spent searching the web for the right graphics (Nasa website helped me a lot!). I absolutely agree with you that it does not look like real, but for the moment that is what I can do with a simple 2d engine. Should I decide to buy that software, which is Swift 3D (does anybody knows it? is it easy to use?) it could take me a while to learn, since I have no knowledge of 3D graphic or animation at all. But I promise that I will work hard to rebuild this animation. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciated. I wish more Prime Fleet members were this cooperative. See you in space!
  12. Maybe I found some good music... let me try. Demolition, when you say 'comical' and 'out of place' are you referring to the text or to the animation? The text is just random words and sentences I put to show what it could come out of it. I agree it does not make sens. But if you mean that the animation is comical, please, tell me where? I can try to fix it.
  13. On my opinion there are two ways this problem can be addressed. If the game is very complex (like BCM), meaning that you can do everything almost like in real life, then I don't care if the graphic is not the latest 3D evolution and my ship does not look like the one rendered in Babylon 5 or my character in First Person is not like those in the Final Fantasy movie. On the other hand, if the game is not complex (I was thinking to the old Elite, one man, one ship, few options, but still a great game) I would like it with the last graphic engine. I would really like to see those good old games, with the same plot, but with the newest 3D graphic available. But that is just my opinion. See you in space
  14. Thanks cmdrs. Yes, I am aware of my mistake on Galaxy that should be plural (my English sucks, and I work in a large US firm!!!! Shame on me!!! ) Also, it should not end that way (abruptly with nothing but stars in background), and the text was just a quick idea of what it could be. I would like to ask for your help on what it should say. Maybe this weekend I will fix some of the errors. Stay tuned!
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