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  1. There are a lot of "old" folks still around! As soon as the house closes, I'm going to d/l AWA. At least my current system supports it! I really want to build a new one from scratch and give this one to the wife. Trying to catch up on all the hardware changes. Looking at a mobo from Abit (AT8, if they release it) or Asus, dual SATA II WD caviar 250 HDs, OCz 2GB EL matched DDR 4000, and the AMD 64 X2 4400+. I have no idea on a good power supply mfg and tend to be partial to the ATI vid cards. $$$ is adding up fast though! I'm open if any one has suggestions.
  2. AWA, >.< nope, don't have it yet. :-) Guess I need to look into that one.
  3. Thanks guys! Soback, I love Alaska! Been here since '77, when parents moved up here. (They have since moved to Oregon) I Was in 6th grade at the time. Flying is pretty popular up here, not to mention necessary for a lot of places. Come on up and say Hi. AWA, AWA, AWA...uh,idk... I might..LOL, what does AWA stand for?!?
  4. ~~WOW~~ Congratutlations Ben!!! Great age span IMO. All our kids are 2-2.5 yrs apart. Hope everything goes well for you!
  5. Nothing much, just me. Probably been close to 3 years since I last logged in. Yep, I finally remembered my user name and password. It's been so long I was surprised it still worked! In browsing through the forums, I actually recognized a few names, Eclipse, Echo, Jaguar, Tac, Cruis.In, and of course the SC: Derek Smart. There's others still around I'm sure. For the curious, demented, bored, or what ever, here's a 3 yr nutshell/snapshot of my past 3 years. 1: Still haven't finished the 5600 sq ft house (4800 sq ft living). 2: Should close (sell is as-is) on said unfinished house next week for a decent profit. Will pay off all debts. Totally DEBT FREE :woot: I won't have any left over, but won't owe anyone! 3: Still married...18 years next June. 4: Not sure how many kids we had when I was last on. But, we are having number 7 due May 28th! 1 boy, 5 girls, and an IDK yet. 5: 2nd job is over, building the house is over so now have time for computer again!! :woot: 6: Found my BCM Gold again during the moving process!! Now, gotta figure out whats going on.
  6. Gotta have one for each kid there Jaguar! Dang, I take some time off and everyone starts poppin' kids out! Ok, so I took more then a little time off. Congratulations to you and your family Jaguar!
  7. A late congratulations, but congratulations none the less! Hope wife and Joshua are doing well. Heh, he sleeping through the night yet?
  8. Sweet looking hand gun there! I'm sure I could dig around up here in Alaska and find one, for a rather pretty penny or two! I'm sorry Jaguar...the donation bank has been robbed already. Maybe the SC will cough up a few coins for you.
  9. Wold


    Thanks all! But who said I was going under the knife? Since I seem to procrastinate, she said she would take care of it herself. Uh, I hope she doesn't mean some sort of midnight raid.....
  10. Wold


    Yep, that's right. Kid #6. Due sometime January 2004. Lets see....that makes 1 boy (oldest @ 10), 4 girls, and a, a, a, too early to know. Oh, BTW, wife says this is the last one.
  11. Wold

    Hello All!

    Thanks ShoHasi! After living in apartments, a single wide 1960's trailer house (9.5 years) and a 1500 sq ft house, and eventhough I'm building it, reality still hasn't sunk in. The view is awsome! The picture sets 3 & 4 have some scenic views from the house. Set 4, pic 15 has a panoramic view. I'll have to top a few trees to the right and then we'll be able to have a clear view of Mt Denali/Mt McKinley. The mountain in the sunsets is Mt Susitna (locally known as Sleeping Lady). quote:4!?!? Kids!?Nope, 5 kids. (we haven't decided on #6 yet) My sister & brother-in-law have 4. Which means from time to time, we are watching 9 of them! Oh, & BTW, the oldest in the bunch is 11. Oh, and I'ld recommend staying a kid. It's generally cheaper and a whole lot more fun!! Thanks, Echo, for the compliment. Time will tell though. As far as not being able to come up, too bad....I think it would be fun to have you and your kids pop up here for a visit. Hummmmm.... maybe SC would sponsor a lottery - all funds go to airfare tickets for the lucky winner.... All he would need to do is just add a lotto machine to every starstation and starbase. Bet your ship and 5 bucks... pick those numbers and...... How 'bout it SC???
  12. Great movies! (IMO) I own ALL 3 of them and watch them on a regular basis!! 'Course my wife thinks they're dumb. Uh, a TV series?? I missed that....guess I've had my head buried in the house too long.... PS: I appologize SC for leaving that last task hanging back in Oct? Nov? Anyway, house construction and municipality red tape type things started rolling and I haven't had much time to turn on the PC let alone play any games. I know, excuses...everyone has them and they stink.
  13. Wold

    Hello All!

    quote: Oh you'll be sorry you said that! Me and the kids will be on a plane in no time.I doubt it.... Besides, that's probably just an idle threat. quote:Especially if you guys say you will babysit so I can go exploring! hahahaahaNO sweat! I think....Uh, how many kids do you have? We watch my sister's kids (4 of them), over night, on a regular basis. Plus we "daycare" another kid, and we watched a single mom's 2 kids for 4 days while she took a trip to CA. So come on up! Exploring: Lets see... there's fishing, hang gliding, ultralites, driving (lots and lots of driving), North Pole (just outside Fairbanks), hotsprings, ocean fishing, glaciers, Mountain climbing, animal watching (2 and 4 legged types), camping, and backpacking. PS: If you go backpacking make sure you wear bells so the bears know where to find you!
  14. Wold

    Hello All!

    Yes, things are going well, VERY well.... It's gotta be 'cause of that wife of mine.... It is a huge house! My current abode is 1500 sq ft, and this newbee is 4800 sq ft. In a few years I'm gonna have 4 teenage daughters so I hope it's big enought.... boyfriends and hormones.... hehe, LOTS of power tools, and all "compliments" of the construction loan! I must say, that I've enjoyed the work. Probably 'cause it's mine, not my main job, and lots of "new" things for me to learn/do. I also found out what kind of shape I'm in! The sunset pics were taken from the garage deck on our new house. We ended up w/ an AWSOME view. Anytime, Echo, you want to see Alaska, just hop on that plane and we'll pick you up. Goes for anyone else too, just let me know when.
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