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  1. Gotta have one for each kid there Jaguar! Dang, I take some time off and everyone starts poppin' kids out! Ok, so I took more then a little time off. Congratulations to you and your family Jaguar!
  2. Sweet looking hand gun there! I'm sure I could dig around up here in Alaska and find one, for a rather pretty penny or two! I'm sorry Jaguar...the donation bank has been robbed already. Maybe the SC will cough up a few coins for you.
  3. It must be Lurkers Return month! It's good to see you're still "lurking" around Akuma! Hope things continue to go well for you! You know, I have a rough enough time with English, I don't even want to think about what I would do with the Japanese language!
  4. DRATS, all my loose change is claimed!!
  5. Recover some?!? Gallion, did you haul him off to one of those off-beat, no-license taverns buried in the belly of some far off starstation, again?! Welcome back Rattler - though I still haven't seen you...
  6. Thanks All! Rumor has it that in Alaska one can tag-'n-bag bad 'uns in ones yard after dark!! [rp]Uh, but Officer, it looked like that thing was threating my daughter! How was I supposed to know that was a pen and not a stilleto?? [/rp] Reminder to self: polish shotgun, keep loaded 44 mag semi-auto close to hand.
  7. Thanks SC - On Christmas Eve, what service!! **** ...work-a-holics... they never seem to know when to take vacation.... ****
  8. I just now cought up on the gist of what has been happening in the last, er, several weeks?!? ** shakes head ** a bit dazed... What a read! Had a RANDOM headed up the skirt and didn't even know it. Imagin my surprise if SC hadn't self-destructed that RANDOM and I attempted a post, only...couldn't. I would have been so confused I probably would have formated my hard drive and reloaded everything just positive that Microsoft O/S had FUBARed again. From another thread SC: quote:AGAIN?!?! Where the hell do you find the time? I'm soooooo jealous! I suppose you're not allowed to bring your laptop into the bedroom then? Absolutely NOT! 'Puters stay just outside the bedroom door. While they can be warm they are a bit lumpy to sleep with! I find time 'cause I'm not trying to re-write the universe in 5 days. Take a break SC--more then just a 2 hr. road trip! Sheesh.... You live only once so spend a little time w/ your daughter and missus. I know, I know, work is piling up while your out... Just put an auto-reply on your email that says "Out to Lunch" and let everyone guess as to what you really mean! I take a look at all the differences in personalities, backgrounds, cultural variences, English skills, people skills, writing ability, communication abilities, and more when no 2 people are alike it's a wonder the board runs as smooth as it does!!! SC, I have a lot of respect for you, and for multiple reasons. One of which is your ability and willingness to forgive, forget, and/or appoligize when mistakes are made. Sometimes even publicly when the incident occured privately. Many "leaders" are to insecure and are afraid their fan base will vanish if they show this "weakness". I'm glad things have been reconsidered and are being worked out and the board is still breathing. I don't frequent, even infrequently, any other boards simply because I don't care for the trash on them. I like the standard established on this board and the character of the leaders (SC and the other leading members). If it means knocking a few heads now and then, so be it. If it means shoving someone out a 1-way airlock, so be it. Hamblin, IMO, got what he asked for. quote:...it could be some kind of IT equivalent of post partum as someone pointed out via email Yup, that was my thought as I started reading though this fiasco. I've seen it. LOTS!! 5 Babies and 7 pregnancies.... Seems like the harder one works on some deadline the bigger the drop and bounce when the moment is passed. There, that's my dollar's worth. Inflation...get you every time.
  9. Yep, that's right. Brianna Marie Wold joined our zoo Sept. 19th. And she is VERY vocal! Yes, we now have 5 kids... 1 boy and 4 girls.... 8 yrs (boy), 6 yrs, 4 yrs, 2 yrs, and newbord. Future: 4 teenage girls silmutaneously!! What have I got myself into.......
  10. HI SC! AWOL?!? Of course... The answer is always YES when one doesn't ask. Anyway, it has been a very interesting summer, fall, and early winter. Most of them actually very good, but hectic. One of the "things" was the addition of #5 kid - Brianna Marie - Sept. 19th!! Now off to enjoy the results of your many sleepless nights!
  11. quote:I just wanted to thank you, the testers and staunch fan base, for the support over the years and your dedication to this series. YOUR WELCOME!! Though due to the nature, quality, your dedication, and depth of the game this support base doesn't surprise me a bit. Now if you had made something like Windows and generated this kind of support I would wonder what kind of cult you where running. And thanks for letting me be a beta tester, even though I disappered around May for a bit, it was a GREAT experience... well, there was a time or two there when I screwed up...
  12. Compliance Check... [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Wold ]
  13. I'm still here so don't count me out too fast! Been very busy this summer.... 2 jobs..baby due ..basement remodel.. yada yada yada....
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