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  1. Mr. Nemesis

    New terrain shots

  2. Mr. Nemesis

    Questions about review

    Thanks I really had no idea
  3. Mr. Nemesis

    Whats the best movie you have ever seen ?

    I still stick with tar Trek First Contact or The World is not Enough
  4. Mr. Nemesis

    Questions about review

    Quote:Updated AI engine. Even more sophisticated than BC3K v2.0x New Advanced character animation system, with support for location based hit detection. (Shoot weapons out of playerÔÇÖs hands, shoot their legs and hamper their mobility, inflict fatal head-shots, etc.) New advanced specialFX graphics engine with full DirectX support New model database of over 250 space and planetary units New 2D interface, frontend screens, crew, aliens, key bindings, etc. New features including: Component Target Acquisition System (CTAS), AI controlled ship-to-ship boarding, Dimension Jumps, player to NPC (and vice versa) comms, radar Fog of War, planetary orbit capability, surface to orbit target acquisition, NPC formation flying, etc. Dual-Head, Transform & Lighting, etc. for supported cards 3D positional soundFX for all DirectSound compliant sound cards What do they mean with Player to NPC comms.... And what is Fog of war?????
  5. Mr. Nemesis

    Whats the best movie you have ever seen ?

    Mine is and will be First Contact
  6. Mr. Nemesis


    Damn, if there was a mod ability you could try and finish the BCTE part of the game so you could use it.
  7. Mr. Nemesis

    Whats The First Game you Ever Played?

    My first game was a simple golf sim on a 286 But the first game I really bought was Fast Attack a submarine sim. Quite nice
  8. Mr. Nemesis

    What games are everyone playing?

    The only games I play are 1) Klingon Academy 2) StarFleetCommand 3) Imperium Gal II 4) Red Alert 2
  9. Mr. Nemesis


    Will there be an ability to mod the game to your wishes?
  10. Mr. Nemesis

    ....and so it begins

    I know this is just stupid sucking up but erveryone knows this will be the best game this plaetn has seen in decades. Cenrtainly with these pictures
  11. Mr. Nemesis

    Battle Cruiser ship control questions.....

    I really want that kind of control. It makes me use my imagination. Think that I'm in Star Trek Voyager ( they can open the bay doors and lower the landing wheels )
  12. I'm fond of detailed control, I'd like to think that I've got a ship with which I can do anything I want'. Now my question is can open the shuttle bay doors by pushing a button, and can you do the sme with the landing wheels or whatever they are.
  13. Mr. Nemesis

    New Cmdr asks....

    Another question wihcih I'm sure you guys know, is it possible to board another ship in 3d if so, if you have mp and you are boarded by another human and you have TE ( when BC: millenium and Tactical Engagement go gold I'll buy them ASAP )can you shoot them in 3d
  14. Mr. Nemesis

    New Cmdr asks....

    Just wanted to say HELLO to everybody that sees this message. And I also have a question to all of you, it's currently a poll on the BC3000ad site but I wanted to ask you so you could answer it by yourself: Why do we anticipate BC:M so much???