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  1. Derek, Is there any way I could buy the game and put the extra $20 directly into your pocket?
  2. Hey Derek, It's been a long time since I've posted. Had a lot of life stuff get in the way, but I've been keeping my eye on things, eagerly waiting for the release of UC (formerly BG) and I feel now that I have to chime in with my .02. I feel for you. Really do. I was placed in a very similar situation just recently and without going into the details I have a lawyer going after a large company trying to get them to do what they promised they would do in the contract. The thing that gets me is the hurt. My guess is that the money isn't the biggest issue, it's the complete lack of communication and the hurt. The whole BC series is like your baby, not as precious as your real life child, but pretty damn close and if you're anything like me, it breaks your heart to see your child get beaten up and abused by those who claim that they have your best interests at heart but don't. A bit of your soul just fizzles. I know you're strong, I know you can take it, but I just want to tell you, I have an idea of the amount of pain you must be experiencing and my heart goes out to you brother. If I were you, I'd get your lawyer to get as much money out of them as you can as quickly as you can, make sure the contract is finished and move on real quick to the Xbox project. Make a bushel load of cash and then laugh your way to the bank. PS, If Dream@#$er is as underhanded at the company I'm dealing with, be careful that they don't draw out the process. Every email and call to that lawyer eats away at your funds. I'm learning this the hard way. Kush
  3. I'm a playwright, actor and producer here in Toronto. Theatre's a tough life. How do you make ends meet?
  4. quote:Originally posted by Steve Schacher: Kush, et.al.; What happened to c) the poor bastard earns a little more by: c1) taking a second job, c2) taking a night class and getting a job, or c3) does without? The whole point is, in a Keynsian (sp?) capitalist society you don't have to. In Sweden, you don't HAVE to struggle to live. You don't have to hold down two jobs to have a little more. If you want to earn more money, you get a job that pays more money. If you like to work hard, go for it, have two jobs. No one's stopping you. Working hard is a good thing and is rewarded. But you don't HAVE TO. Not to live. Not to survive. The idea that you would actually have to have a firearm in your possession to simply walk down the street of a city... sadens me. It's... it makes me very sad for the people who live there. You may not feel the paranoia that someone living in Cuba may feel, but what's the difference really? You're not afraid of the government, but you're still afraid of losing your life. In my books, that's the same. I grew up living in a city where you can walk down any street. Say hello to anyone. You may need to know French for them to respond, but no where in the city, do you have to worry about getting shot at, or mugged. There are poor people in Ottawa. They're just not desperatly poor. That's not luck. That's not breeding, or the result of genetic experimentation. It's social policy. I think really we are all debating what flavour of Capitalism do we like the best. I think sometimes some people label anything that smacks of compassion as being socialist, and therefor communist, and therefor evil. I think you can have a Capitalist society and also have a compassionate society. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Menchise: Keynesians suggest that this can be achieved through government taxation and expenditure to fund a welfare state: by providing the means of subsistence to the unemployed, businesses have more people to whom they can sell their products, thus stimulating the economy while providing much-needed assistance.Good point. If my memory serves me correctly, it was Bismark in merry old Germany who implimented the first modern social welfare programs. One of the reasons why the civil war in England was not as brutal and destructive as the civil war in France was because England had begun some rudimentary social welfare programs. Even the most die hard capitalist has to admit they help. quote:Originally posted by Lotharr: So how do you get away from those who make welfare a lifestyle? I don't know about you but a person should have to do something worth while for society. Not just drink wine and make crappy art heh heh.....Heeeeey... I drink lots of wine, and I make tons of crappy art! So what! A sad and awkward truth is that there are people out there who don't have much direction in life. Some people just aren't that smart. Some people are, but don't believe in themselves. Some are emotionally and mentally scared for one reason or another. Some people suffer a great misfortune. And some people are just plain lazy. Lets say said person wants a television set. You could a) Re-distribute wealth a little, give these people a monthly allowance. They go out and lease a television set. (The ones that aren't too bright lease the TV set.) The money gets put back into the economy through i) retailer for sale of television set ii) interest to leasing firm iii) manufacturer of television set etc. so on. You could Give the poor bastard nothing. They go out, break into someone's house. Beat up the owner, and steal the television set. Now we're paying all over the place. In insurance goes up. We pay for the hospital bills, the police report. That's an over simplification of a very complex process that happens every day in a capitalist society. Certain countries use a, certain countries use b. All I'll say is, I'm going to feel much safer walking the streets of Brussels than I ever felt walking through South Central LA. There's a reason why there are low crime rates in certain countries and high crime rates in others. Is it socialists that are responsible, or Keynesians? You be the judge. PS : I just can't keep away. I need help. [ 05-13-2002, 13:43: Message edited by: Kush ]
  6. Lotharr! Do you realize what you are doing?!!! Do you realize the unholy forces of nature you are setting free? Sure. Let's debate Capitalism and Socialism. Seems simple enough. Heh. Right. I wish I could stay and participate, but I'm leaving for Europe soon and I'll be there for a month and a half. I'll be too busy to post. So I'm going to get everything I want to say out now. FIRST OFF, Let's keep it clean. No personal attacks, no low blows, pot shots. No questioning intelligence. I think we're all pretty seasoned debaters here, but things could get out of hand. SECOND OFF, When you guys do finally come up with the answer, could one of you tell the World Bank. Win or lose, the IMF aught to find out. Every now and then this debate comes up, and like Menchise pointed out, when you pit Capitalism VS Socialism you really do need to pick your flavours. And I would add, culture as well. There are many cultural differences to both Capitalism and Socialism. And those flavours also have slight variations over the history of the nation. Being Canadian, we like to bandy about the word Socialism alot, but heck, we're about as Socialist as Disney is an independant film company. We've experimented with different social programs that have originated from the socialists in parliament, but federally, we've never had socialists form the govt. Not like England. And as left leaning as I am, that is a GOOD THING Sure I vote for them on occasion, but the NDP has to realize that there is more to running a country than a bunch of antiquated economic theories preached by intellectuals. You have to have a cultural policy, you have to have a law and order policy, trade policy, etc, so on. Holding hands and talking about the Boss Man, and how the World Trade Organization is going to kill us all, does not tell me how you're going to deal with National Unity. A BIG issue here. Now for the big picture. The cynical side of me would say 'How can you debate Socialism VS Capitalism' Socialism and Capitalism are two sides of the same coin. At their extremes they don't work. In their purest forms, they are both cruel and inhuman. Personally I think that what you want is something that takes the positive, functioning aspects of both. The ends of the spectrum are pretty dire. Take Cuba and Jamaica. One very socialist, one very capitalist. Very high literacy rate in Cuba. Very low in Jamaica. Many Cubans are trained lawyers doctors and engineers, but do not work in their field of study due to a glut in the work force. Many Jamaicans cannot afford any form of education and the ones who do often take their education and leave. If you get sick in Cuba, you don't pay a cent. You have many highly trained professinals, there are shortages of medicine, but you can still get a pace maker, or brain surgery. If you get sick in Jamaica, and you are not rich, you die. Period. Cuba has a very low crime rate. Jamaica has a very very very high crime rate. Certain areas of Kingston, you are taking your life in your hands walking down the street on a sunny day. Cuba, you have no worries. You can go anywhere, and you don't have to worry about getting robbed, or attacked. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO FREEDOM. You have no freedom of speech. You live with a certain level of constant paranoia. At any point in time, a soldier can pull you off the street, and you disapear. Without a trace. Gone. Human rights? Nice try buddy. Which is better. Living in a violent chaotic freedom, or a peaceful, orderly oppression. Personally the jury is still out, but I have to admit, the honeymoon in Cuba my wife and I had was pretty sweet. The Cuban people really are amazing. I have a relative who lives in Jamaica, and he has kind of scared me out of visiting him any time soon. That's it. I'm done for now. Sorry bout the long ass post. I'll be watching. This should be REAL entertaining. PS : Go Menchise Go! PPS : Don't mean to sound like I'm slagging the Jamaican people. They are super cool too. But even a Jamaican will tell you, the crime level is getting out of control. PPPS : I say this thread goes 5 pages. Any takers? [ 05-12-2002, 18:07: Message edited by: Kush ]
  7. All I can really say is... drool.
  8. Console games can crash? Really? I honestly thought that they were pretty crash proof. What happens, do you get a blue screen of death or something. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I never play console games and I really want to know.
  9. It's so sad. I'm visiting the Netherlands next month. I never in a million years would have thought something like this would happen in such an advanced peaceful nation. It makes no sense at all.
  10. I thought he took the photo. If he didn't take the photo, I really don't see the problem. And if they they're not going to charge him with something, they should let him get back to work. Yeah he should get the bronze star. He should get one here too. No wonder the moral is so low in the forces.
  11. The reason why he was punished is because of an incident in Somalia where memebers of the Airborne tortured and killed an innocent Somali boy and then took pictures of themselves with the dead body. Those pictures sickened every Canadian who saw them. The memory of it is sickening. There are now strict rules. A soldier cannot take pictures of himself with a defaced dead body. No matter who the enemy is. That's the rule. He knew the rules. If he doesn't want to follow them, he doesn't have to be in the Airborne.
  12. It's sooooo stuuuupid!!!!! [ 05-06-2002, 14:23: Message edited by: Kush ]
  13. Sorry Paddy, how about a slightly worn Alanis Morriset?
  14. Canada isn't going to implode anytime soon. We're doing just fine. And we already tussle over soft wood lumber all the time. Let us keep our lumber and we'll give you Celine Dion. That's a fair trade I think.
  15. First off I NEVER said the UN was perfect. I know it's got problems. But there are also things that the UN does very well. Don't get me started on what I think is wrong with the UN, we'll be here all night. And Jaguar... I know you've got a gift for hyperbole, but watch the way you slag my country alright. You're a proud American, I'm a proud Canadian. I don't go on a tear talking about how America is morally bankrupt, and f*ed up, and I'd appreciate keeping the rhetoric civil. Canada has it's problems, I know. But I love this country and would defend it with my life. I know you don't mean any serious harm, but keep an eye on the rhetoric okay.
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