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  1. Just more Microshaft bloatware in my book. Same advertising buzz words, wtc etc ad nauseum. Evidenced by Darkling' post, it's garbage and I just don't feel compelled to waste $260.00 on more of the same old Microshaft erawtaolb.
  2. Have you folks started to get that "Beating your head against a wall" feeling yet?
  3. /hums a tune while waxing the deck plates in front of a certain ship's compartment. Should we start calling these things "Woosh lists?"
  4. It has always been Strategic Commander for Fleet C&C.
  5. Command School 101,,, Never enter a combat situation with bridge crew off duty.
  6. He summed it all up with one paragraph heading... "Reviewers are pussies"
  7. Nope they aren't dead yet but they are on life support. People have been getting x-rayed by these things since they were invented. It's no wonder we see such high rates of cancer these days. I have yet to see a CRT match the picture quality of a good LCD. The best thing about LCDs is "No refresh rate Flicker" My current display of choice for television is a Samsung 27" LCD HD. My PC monitor is a 19" widescreen LCD. No flicker at all.
  8. Da Wolf is in da house. Guard the chickens.
  9. Odd. I always enjoyed mining too. At least until a bunch of wannabe bounty hunters plastered my top of the line mining vessel in 5.0 space.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Serondal: Ah ah , but I'm not a noob! I've been around since 2002 Still, noobie than thou I supose. If you haven't experienced zero G training, you're still a noob. There's nothing like that sudden rush of air being vented rapidly into the vacuum of the black void. Ok, all kidding aside. Back on topic..... What was the topic? Oh yeah. "Loose nut behind the keyboard" Get a knoodlin' wrench and tighten up yer belly button.
  11. Hey, if we can't haze the noobs...... Besides, he's from my hometown. [ 03-06-2007, 10:40 AM: Message edited by: Wolferz ]
  12. Now we know why Nomad travels to different countries so much.... He's an arms dealer.
  13. LOL My daddy always told me to take everything with a grain of salt because many many people have brains smaller than said grain of salt.
  14. Nomad, To answer your last question.... Simple, they located a single strand of hair from the buried ruins of a manger in Bethlhem. Shroud of Turin??? We all know that that thing was a hoax invented by DaVinci to aid the ruling family of Turin with thier political dealings.
  15. Everytime I see thier commercials I laugh. They should change thier name to Gank Squad.
  16. Well, we here are not prone to reprinting the documentation that is included with your purchase. Due mainly to the fact that there are pirates out there that will obtain an illegally copied version, then come here to find out how to play it.So, count yourself lucky that you got three words, Seraphiel.
  17. A great many people have thought that they were the penultimate civilization. A delusion as history has taught... "Once you reach mighty status, there's no place to go but down." me
  18. That's why we are laughing and cracking jokes, Echo Igniginot was placed in similar locations in nine other cities and none of them freaked out like Boston did. Hide your litebrite kids, Boston authorities will blow them up.
  19. Read my specs Cruis. They say it all....
  20. LOL Looks like the Mooninites started the invasion in Beantown. "I will so give you the finger because I can"
  21. There's the answer right in front of us. Invade Saudi Arabia. Good to see you again Nomad.
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