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  1. quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: whats the difference between this? 320GB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 160GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM HDDs) (320R0) 320GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache (320S) what is the difference between those two. the above one is $30.00 bucks more. Not to mention with the first option if you loose EITHER drive you loose all your data.
  2. Congrats $ilk and all the best to your new wife. She is a very attractive woman. How'd she end up with you. Just kidding. Congrats to you both.
  3. Actually currently I am running a 64 bit version of Linux (Kubuntu) and a 64 bit version of windows on my box. I play quite a few games and have had no problems running any of the titles I've tested on either OS
  4. Powersupply is a Jantech silent. Not sure which core the cpu has but its probably the older of the two considering the price I got it for. Meh I have a work around that seems to work for the moment. I think it's graphics card related and luckily that was bought from a company so I'm in discussions with them re replacing/swapping it for another.
  5. Sounds like your upgrade is going better than mine. I put a DFI NF4-DAGF motherboard AMD 64 3800 Nvidia 6800 into my machine about the same time you did your upgrade. Problem is now that my system performance is unstable. I can run 3Dmark on it and get a FPS in one of the graphics tests of somewhere in the mid 200's and then I can run the same test again at another time and I get about 5-7 FPS. I've tried drivers, chipsset drivers, direct x and about 3 different OS's and all the same. Friend on another forum has suggested that my 6800 is not getting enough power and to ensure the power connector is correctly connected and my PSU is ok. Problem is my Graphics card doesn't have a connection for its own power (is that strange for a PCIe x 16 card) and my PSU is a brand new 450W monster so I'm stumped.
  6. Call me an old romantic but I always hoped O'Neill and Carter would get it together. I know they were both pretty career orientated but I really liked the episode were Jack was caught in a time loop. He handed his notice in and then gave Karter a big wet one.
  7. Utilities I use: Avast Anti virus - pretty good free anti virus. Microsoft Anti spyware - works well. Other than that I have a hardware firewall and I rarely/if ever get problems with my PC.
  8. Yea I use avast too (windows and linux) it's a nice anti virus. The fact that it is free is an added bonus.
  9. Congrats Cruise, a little late I know but congrats anyway.
  10. Yea probably true. Wouldn't be surprised if you see him running for office in the future. He's most likely just trying to get his name/face recognised by people so that when he is on a voting balot people will recognise it then too.
  11. Had a look down your running apps list and did a comparison for any I didn't recognise. nothing is flagged as spyware/virus so you should be ok.
  12. Cool SC I use Suse too. I recently upgraded to 10 (64 bit version) myself. I use cedega to play some of my games on Linux but I keep a Win xp (64 bit) dual boot for UC and to keep the wife happy (she doesn't like linux)
  13. quote:Originally posted by Klaitu: Yeah, I've tried the flight engineer thing, and I think I discovered the problem. The fighter was perfectly equipped and loaded and repaired, it was just at 0% charge.. and since the game time travels reeeeeeely slooooooooowly, it took forever to charge up. (It was at 90% before it turned green again) I still haven't been able to get the shuttle to deploy mining drones.. it just lands and then RTB's wiithout deploying anything at all. I also can't figure out how to get my OC's out of my shuttles while they are landed. And while I'm here, how the heck do I target and fire an Orbit to Surface missile? It's been a while but let me give this a go.. mining drones Put a pilot/marine/someone in shuttle and make sure drone is on board. Zoom to planet and set a "deploy mining drone" waypoint. I used to find that if you drop a "contine to next waypoint" one first it helped but that may no longer be the case... Make sure you have selected the correct shuttle number when creating your wp. Launch your shuttle. That should do that one. OC's launch Same as the mining drone above, however select deploy OC x (where x is the number of the loaded OC) OTS missile Make sure OTS is on board. Go to tacops and zoom to your target area. Click the OTS button and you will get a reticle. Place it over the target and left click. note CC needs to be in close planet proxitity for this to work. Sit back and watch the fireworks. It's been two years since I've played a BC/UC game and about the same since I've been here so E&OE ok?
  14. OK I stand (well sit) corrected. Guess GB hardware has come down a bit since I've been out of the loop.
  15. LOL. Nice to see though. I use Linux at home these days (although I keep a Windows dual boot for my wife and games that don't run under Linux) much prefere to boot to Linux though.
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