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  1. I have finnaly gotten myself a copy of BCM and I must say that its a really great game. I must say that it has been a pleasent experince getting into the saddle of the BCM game (since I hadn't played BC3k for almost a year). The sheer scope of the game is just staggering compared to what other games offer. I know that this is a great game becuase it also runs on my computer which is all I can say is a sign from God that this is truely a great game. Once again great game SC!
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    October Balor Fleet Roll Call

    Dear Lord, I confused myself sometimes. Anyway yes I am in your fleet. [ 10-27-2002, 09:24 PM: Message edited by: Silence ]
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    Balor Fleet Role Call

    Delurks I am still here, even though I haven't had a chance to do anything. lurks again.
  4. rp When I came back to the world of the living, I tried to open my eyes, and when I did it was a bright light. I winced and close them again, then open one eye then the other. I was now out of the medibay, and I think I was in the cargo bay due to boxes of cargo around me. I decided to look down at my feet again and notice that it looked like I gained a protheis on my damaged foot and the other seemed better. I was also aware that I wasnÔÇÖt on gurney anymore but lying on the cold hard floor. I grabed a nearby box and pulled myself up. Right when I put pressue on my new foot pain came streaming into my synapsis and I fell down again. After I decided to crawl and find something I could use as a crutch till some of the pain goes away. After crawling over several people I found a ambadoned piece of metal that would be perfect for the time being. I tried again and this time success, I limped over to the doorway, opened it and walked out into the halls, on long the way I picked a riffle from a dead merc. I decided to head to the bridge and see if that was still operating.... /rp EDIT: Fixed the formating [This message has been edited by Silence (edited 03-29-2001).]
  5. After getting transfered to the med bay, I had my broken leg sealed, got an larger dose of pain killers and was ready to be operated on the other leg, which got shot. To me it seemed like it was taking an long time, I was slated for surgery then was knocked back as some bigwig came in. Oh well the throbing feeling in my leg wassn't going away, and I decided to acctually look at it instead of looking the other way and see how badly damage my right leg was. I looked down and one the left saw the cast, and on the right saw an mess of blood and bone, luckly for me the gun the Gam was using caurtrize it as I got hit. Then I fainted again painkillers getting the better of me.
  6. Silence

    Request Political Asylum

    Glad to have you on our side!
  7. RP I have always been of the mind that anything you can grab can be used as an weapon. I onced killed a man with a spoon but that is another story... I was just finishing the a chapter in my liberated copy of Atlas Shrugged (which I got from an dead Earthcom officer who was the one I killed with the spoon but as I said its another story... Anyway I looked up and I saw an rather suprise Gammulan. While being an pirate you see alot of stuff and are always prepare for anything but this really took that cake. The said alien pointed its riffle at me and shot but by then I rolled off the small cot the ship's crew claimed was an bed and threw my copy of the 1000+ hardcover book with all my strenght, knock the Gammulan back blood streaming for its head. I then grabed one of my shoes that was laying on the floor and threw it again, hitting it in the eyes. I kept on doing this will trying to not get hit, after 1 minute I ran out of stuff to throw, then I saw it, the waste paper basker with an garbage bag I quickly doved for that took out the and charged the alien while he was taking aim. Right when I made contact wiht him I felt an burning senastion on my foot, focusing on the matter at hand I threw the bag over the aliens head and twisted it, I had once saw this move in an movie, and what happened, I made it very angry at me. It now blined shot me again, I felt another burning senastion, and fell down, as I was falling I tried to kick it, while succeding I found another problem I was missin part of my foot. This attack knock the Gammulan down on the ground, droping his weapon, I imeadtly rushed to grab it before he reocovered and did so. Not paying any attenion to the pain in my feet I got up again and fired 4 rounds into the body on the ground. Once I made sure he was quite dead, I started to try to walk and fell down, I decided to go on with plan B, crawling, I got out the door and started crawling towards sick bay bleeding badly. Missing large parts of both my feet, and quite out of it. As I was starting to black out my final thoughts were Ohh #### I hope they only have the records I gave them of my current name of John Silence, not my old idenity of the wanted pirate Jermery Irons.... Then blackness /RP Sorry got busy, I figured that not all the hero's in this epic are going to have such an easy time, so please have somebody find me and take me to sickbay.....
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    I acctually own Privater and RF, but when I got it my first computer didn't have enough speed for it to run, so an couple years later I got this computer it wsa the first thing I tried and it wouldn't work for me at all, so I was wondering if anybody knows an link that tells you how to run this game with win98....... oh look my first post on this board!
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    Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

    I had just begun John Galt's long speech about the state of the world, and decided to find where I could get something to drink when I step outside my little cabin, and saw several burly mercs in the trail end of some group make an turn down my corridror, I shruged having nothing better to do and decided to follow them quietly.....
  10. Silence

    Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

    After the dismsal I got up from my chair and walk towards the door as I took an step out the door an Merc came up to me and said "Silence" "That would be me" "Come this way towards your room" I followed the merc, taking carefull note were I was and made little indeinty marks to the imangary map I was keeping in my brain. We finnaly got to the end of the line and I walk into my quaters, I swore when the side of my head bang agasint the frame of the door, I looked inside nothing speical, just an standard room, I shruged and sat down on the bed took out one of the cigars I had bought on my short stay on Earth lit it, and began to read an book I bought along with the cigars Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged I put all the focused on the book for the while......
  11. Silence

    Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

    OCC I see then, ok then. [rp] I sat there, I had seen better anaracist meetings, before. No really I attened them till they blew open their airlock that one time.... But I just sat there watching sitting behind my suppeior Chavik. [/rp]
  12. Silence

    Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

    I think I forgot to tell what my Char name is now, John Silence, he changed it after escaping from Earthcom. [rp] While all the melodramatic events were going on, I notice one man that looked at me a little to closly for my liking, call it insticts or whatever, I decided to talk to him, I walk across the room and said "Hello, I am Commander Silence and you are" "Captian Stone" "I see say don't you run a small merc outfit or something?" "Yes, why I do belive you look like a person I know," "Really I havn't meet you before in my life" that was lie of course. I waited for his answer. [/rp] is that OK for this or no?
  13. Hiya, I was playing the latest version as an insurgent this also happens to me on every other type of caste, I will be fighting for a while, or just on a long trip and the FPS goes down, I don't know why, I can see it during a battle, and when it goes down it goes down, I mean we are talking 1 or 2 fps, I am planning on getting a 3d card this christmas and my computer meets the miniam specs, anyway I was just wondering why no matter what I do it doesn't go back, I can turn off the computer, go back into save game still low fps, I can start a new game have high FPS go try that game with nothing is happening no increase at all, I tried every docking, flying around, the only thing havn't done is set the auto-destruck on.
  14. Silence

    Into The Fire : ACT TWO - Choices

    What am I doing here? I thought and memories start flooding back Flashback 2993 Earth Chirstmas "Pass the peas please" said my cousin, Gina. I smiled and passed the bolw across the table. She smiled back. Then my grandfather started in. "So son, what are you going to do now, since you graduated school?" the old smiled, I hated it when he keeps bringing it up, yes I know there was a traditon of joining Earth Force but my mom sides of the faimly were the black sheep and I took after her, "Yes come on, the academey is just waiting to get applicatns and most certanly from a faimly like us!" said my uncle who was in charge of sercuity on one of their bases on Luna. "Leave the poor dear alone, he just graduated, anyway we all know that he is going to ship out on the Oogles and learn more about the galaxy before he and his sister takes over the faimly businese" said my mom. "Well then!" her dad said, disappointent brewing, I and saw my other 8 cousins 6 of them in Earth Force uniforms eating. I groaned. Flash UCV Oogles Canlon Class Ship Proycon 12th of May 2994 "AND IF I EVER CATCH YOU TRYING TO HACK INTO THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS AGAIN I WILL THROUGH YOU OUT THE NEAREST AIRLOCK YOUR MOTHER BE DAMNED, DO YOU HERE ME CADET!" yelled the captain "YES SIR" He smiled and limped back to the bridge, when the first shots hit us, the bulkhead by him blew killing him, the lights went out and the ship was decomprassing, I ran into the cargo bay and got into a EVA, and ran and check the cargo like the regs said, so when the door sealed off and the pod jetison I was a tad bit miffed. Then the ship blew up, causing a massavie shock wave, I blacked out........ and woke up again "Cap'n the boy awaken!" said a very ugly man. I decdied as I look around the room, the medibay hadn't been cleaned in years, and it smelled, pretty bad. then a rather large and I mean large man came into the room, I thought This is a bad docudrama and the captain said more liked grunted "What is your name! boy!" I thought quickly "Jermey Iron" (of course not my real name since I obisuly changed it again. "Huh you seem to have, a little wiegh, well work that off a you, you just joined the good pirate ship Captain's Fancy a nice modfied Sunflash, also as a precution you get a small bomb implanted in you, well take it out after 5 monthss but normaly by then you are wanted by the authorites and are to scare to run." he started laughing and I mean laugh. UCV Captain's Fancy Modifed Sunflash class ship Hyperion 15 of March, 3004 "How is he?" I asked the doctor, who was the same man who awoke me from the cargo pod all those years ago, the doctor shruged and said "He won't make it past the night, and you can bet your bottom dollar no memory transfer to a clone will ever happen to him!" "And when that happens" I sighed. "You become the new Captain" I know people who would be reading my thoughts to be able to see this would be wondering? What the heck is he doing being the first offcier on a pirate ship! well you see I was put on the wanted list, and after a series of very good raids we were in the black, or green or what ever the point was we were rich, so in 3002 we decdied to put down in Pixan and go legit, start up a small colony on of Saturns moons, what succesfull pirates do after they make it, well Earthcom wouldn't have none of that and they attack us on route to our landing coods, we killed 3 EarthCom crussiers, but took heavy damage, by now I had outlived most of the oringal crew, and so was the first officer, but on the planet an marines, which I subsqeunlty burned down, hit the captain in the chest with a rather large shot gun volly. I went into the room and said "Captain, its me Iron" The old man was lying on the bed moving his hand to tell me to come closer, I did and I heared his last words "If I go to heaven I be watching you boy, you did me proud," and he died, I stood up and walk out of the room towards the bridge, my bridge. Interlude the following years I only raided nations that were at war with Terrans and Earthcom, well, lets just say that by the year of 3007, I had donated much of my money and my crews to charites helping, we made a pack and decided to lend our support to help defend Earth in our own way, of course this was bad PR for Earthcom since they keep having their coffers stolen, Jermey Irons was becomign a bit of celeb, so that fatefull christmas of 3006 I decided to take a risk and using some very fancy work landed cloak and all on Luna and took a shuttle along with most of the crew and we decided to vist our faimlies. Earth Christmas 3006 When I got home they were all glad to hear from me, and I gave them some tall tale of being stranded on a Pixan for years, and had to go back and finish off paying my debts, as the party swong around I realized that I was missing 4 cousins, and I inquried and my grandfather became very angry and said "They were killed by that pirate Jeremy Irons, I have it on good word that they found his ship, and right now are homing on it with some OTS hehe" I nodded and turned on the news and it showed the pictures of my ship buring as my crew scuttle her when the first of the missiles starting landing near her, the screen shifted and showed a pic of the battlecrusier and its commander, my cousin Gina. I imedtaly ran towards the door, and got a taxi to the shuttleport, as we were leaving I saw before we turned a bunch of Earthcom skimmers fly by the house, I cursed and went to get the surrviors of my crew. 3007 12th of May Now I sit across from the unamed officer onboard Sygan, and I told him my story and he nods and smiles but they are in need of commanders for their repidly growing fleet, so I was given a new ship a Warmonger by the name of Darkwind and I took the crew that surrvied the masscure of the Captain's Fancy Present I stay hidden of the shawdos of the room, when a very nice looking young lady came, in, I thought, maybe this won't be so bad after all. [/rp] (wew I think that was a quite of a good type of history, next time I post I will write something that pertains to the action.
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    A queston about joining

    how long does it take to get accept into the spectre, ( I signed up before I looked at the last post)