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  1. I also liked the bitmap cockpits and I know the immersion feeling you had, I felt it too. The only other game I had that feeling in was Aliens vs Predator and that was really just a simple FPS with not much gameplay, but the atmosphere was just wicked cool. Playing the marine, walking outside the complex into the rain and through the corridors, constantly looking over my shoulder, I felt like I was in the movie (Aliens is one of my alltime favorites btw) and gave me nightmares; and playing the Predator stalking the marines was so fun I wet myself. No, thats not a common problem....anymore But it did lose that feeling after a short time because it was just a simple FPS. I always felt immersed in BC2K. I like the bridge chatter too, the only minor qualm I have about that is there is a part that you can clearly make out where a woman says "More power!". Not very loud, but loud enough to register, and its the only indication that its a repeated recording. It kinda takes away from the immersion feeling and I can't help wondering if that insatiable woman will ever have enough power! Man, you'd think she was your wife. "For the love of pete, I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE POWER WOMAN!!" I'd like the chatter back but it would be merciful if you could clip that part out. As for the cockpits, one idea is you could take a 2D pic of a 3D image of the cockpit and have the view without having to render it in game. It's nice just having the view, I don't really need to look around. And then maybe full 3D cockpits could be added later, I don't mind taking small steps. I also wouldn't mind just using the old ones. I think those things really played a major part in that immersion feeling. Well, thats just my $0.02 but I'm definitely for.
  2. Maybe it would have sold better if it had a little yellow Pikachu like critter on the front of the box.
  3. Heh, after looking back over these posts we all sound like we're asking our parents for that Red Rider pellet gun for Christmas. Us: Please!! SC: No!! Us: Pleeeeese!!! SC: I said no, damnit!! You'll shoot your eye out kid. Sorry, SC didn't mean to give you the wrong impression. When I said volunteer I meant for free in my free time. I didn't expect to be hired or paid. There are a lot of fans out there that make mods for their favorite games they release for free over the internet. These are the people I was referring to, the ones who do it for fun without expecting any compensation. They are amateurs but there are a lot of them and they would do it for free, and if you accepted anything done by them you could have them sign a contract before you use it in the game so they couldn't sue you later if they felt they were employed (like the Ultima Online case). I'm just suggesting that may be a resource you could potentially utilize. [ 05-24-2001: Message edited by: Plasmic ]
  4. I understand that having first person levels would be a large undertaking but I think it would really add to the appeal of GCO, considering the competition. Other companies are starting to catch on and are starting to develop similar games such as Earth & Beyond which appears to also let you enter a planets atmosphere but I don't think has first person perspective. Then there's Star Wars Galaxies who has announced an add on pack they will release later that will allow people to own and fly starships and fighters, they have also just released some screen shots and they look very good. I don't know if SWG will allow you to into those ships in fps but I'm sure they're thinking about it. I think levels inside the ship would be very appealing especially if other games don't have it. I have always enjoyed BC3K and I would be willing to volunteer to help design the interior of ships as I'm sure many fans would. I want GCO to be a success but I've seen the competition and looks real good.
  5. Thanks Tac, I have another question though, what is the differance between an OEM CPU and a regular? I know they say OEM motherboards are striped down versions of the actual but is the true for the CPUs as well?
  6. I was just kidding about the snowballs. I think SC is just worried about getting all the described features in the game and working at this point. If theres going to be anything like that I think he might add it latter down the road in GCO or something(if he has time that is).
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I've decided to go with the AMD 1.33. Its sad that it outperforms the P4 1.7 which costs so much and by the time XP is released in October, even if it is optimized for the P4 it will most likely be obsolete.
  8. Awesome shots SC! Will there be an option to roll a snowball so in multiplayer I can smack my buddy upside the head when he's not looking? I'm dying to see those forest terrain shots!
  9. Could you guys give me some advice? I'm going to upgrade(again) and I need to choose between an AMD 1.33 with DDR or a P4 1.4 with Rambus or DDR (both around the same price with MB) . I originally set on the AMD which according to Tomshardware owns the P4 but I've started reading some reviews on Windows XP which say its good meaning its stable meaning it doesn't crash every 5 min. I don't know much about XP yet just that it has a new interface and it combines the best elements of Win2K with Win Mil and I read somewhere that its been optimized for the P4 (Microsoft being in bed with Intel and all) which made me start considering that. I'm excited by the idea of a more stable system, though I won't hold my breath. Also I know nobody knows much about XP right now but do you think BCM will run it? Like to hear your thoughts.
  10. Mine was when I entered Earth's atmosphere, I wasn't expecting much but then I went to Tacops and I saw all the little bases and NPC crafts moving around and I realized the scale and I thought FINALLY! A space game where you can actually fly into a planet that is an actual planet that you can land on and not just scenery in the background, this was what I was looking for and I felt for the first time I was truly playing an actual space-sim.
  11. I know this is the wrong forum but I couldn't post a new topic in the DN&S. I'm assuming everyone here that has played Homeworld loved it. The only thing I didn't like was the same thing that I don't like about other RTSG's, your confined to the space the mission is in. In HW I kept wishing that I could take my newly assembled fleet and invade that planet in the background and explore other regions at my leisure. I only recently discoverd BC3K and realized that this was exactly the game I was looking for. I was just wondering if Fleet C&C is going to be put into BM and if it is then I was wondering if you were going to "borrow" some of the interface control schemes from HW that made the game so easy and fun to play, such as dragging and assigning several ships to a fleet that is hot keyed and be able to give commands that are shared by each ship in the fleet. It would also be cool to be able to construct new ships from a space station or carrier. I can just imagine getting an intel report that a Gamulan fleet is massing for an invasion and you only have 20 minutes to assemble a fleet to counter it. I realize this is a wishlist suggestion and I know your in a hurry to finish but I thought it might be a feature you could add later in a patch. What are your thoughts?
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