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  1. Thankyou very much SC Email been sent as requested
  2. btw SC my addy was on the back of the envelope or here u go 43 bassleton lane thornaby stockton - on - tees ts17 0lb UK However, I'd forgo the agreement for the chance to be back in part of the multiplayer beta (wish wish) Jetpacking back towards the outer airlock door
  3. It was the jan/feb edition with SC choosing a winning game design from the little section they had on designs for a game, SC was "chillin'" on a sofa from the looks of the piccy
  4. hope you got it ok sc, airmail should have done it. I thunk you're on page 119
  5. I'm sending you out my copy SC, the missus complains aout my hundreds of comp mags all over anyway
  6. Kewl bit about the game ideas in this months PC Gamer, with our beloved SC choosing his favorite submitted idea for a game...(So does this mean you might make "poacher" SC?..way kewl, BCM engine with hunting...hehehe
  7. Quick question parias, what size PSU you running your AMD on?, I get loads of 'em back in all the time..upgraded the PC without bothering to change to an AMD rated PSU (sorry if I sound patrinsing, just a genuine question)
  8. quote:The image is getting darker and darker. I have the brightness and contrast turned up to the max on the monitor and I pushed the 3dfx color brightness up a notch, too. When I first start up, the screen is not exactly bright, but it gets darker as the computer is running. This sounds like a voltage drop on the back of your tube, as the voltage drops, the tube doesn't hold the imgae long enough, and so, your screen gets darker...ergo... new monitor
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