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  1. Heya SC i might be speaking too soon but since ive reinstalled for the 3rd time and made sure i dont hit ALT-Q instead of ALT-G everything seems to be working fine now,i may have hit ALT-Q by mistake the last time. So far the game is being a good boy. Now this is out of the way i was wondering,is it possable to make/build a base? I wouldnt mind haveing my own base.
  2. "EDIT: I just noticed that several key components of the game are missing from that saved game. This leads me to believe that the game was patched improperly. You are advised to read the FAQ in the section about starting from scratch with a patch and do just that - with BOTH patches." i used the 2.0 first and used it while in directory. then i used 2.10 and ran it in directory. I will be trying to reproduce it. [ 06-11-2004, 01:43 AM: Message edited by: SoulTaker ]
  3. ok i resent it. are you useing Winzip 9.0 (6028)? I can open it fine on my side. im using the Maximum(enhanced deflate) option in winzip.
  4. ok commander its sent to ya. hope i zipped it right. the reason i asked about if it should be zipped or not is ive had to send a file to another place one time and they didnt want it zipped,they were afraid that it had a virus in it or something,but most company's have some sort of email virus detection software that can scan in zips correct?
  5. Nope i didnt use any quick save i used the normal Exit and save, I did put both patches in the directory like i was suppose to,i reinstalled the game 2 times got rid of what ever was left over etc. Nope my hard drive isnt corrupt either. i did a full system scan for virus's, i did a scan disk i did a defrag etc. if need be where would ya like me to send the corrupt file? and would you like it ziped or not? btw this is in roam that this is happening. Oh btw i should mention when i tried to join a MP game i got kicked out of the server browser,no error messages no nothing,just a cruel CTD.
  6. i just brought UC on 06/08/04. I installed and patched the game to the latest version. For some reason when i try to load the save game it would give me a error; "Save File Corrupt,Missing object marker" i did reinstall and patched the game before this happened,the reason i did that is when its loading i would hear a ding then it would stop loading and i have to hit escape and it goes to windows. Please help i reinstalled this game 2 times now and i cant load a save game,i only have 1 save game cause i just started this game. this is what the error log said: Game terminated due to FATAL error: Save file Corrupt, missing object marker [ 06-09-2004, 04:56 AM: Message edited by: SoulTaker ]
  7. he already knows them i think,here they are again. AMD Athalon 1.2gigahertz 512mb ram Voodoo 4 w/32mb ram Soundblaster Live! Plantium 5.1 Windows 98 1st edition DirectX 8.1 All drivers updated [ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ]
  8. First thing i have to say is i hope i have the subject of this fourm correct and second i hope this is the correct place for this. On with my problem; I would like to know why when i use the transporter to bring my 4 marines and me back to my command ship it crashes after i get back to the bridge? It just freezes.I can use the transporter to beam me and my crew to the planet but when i use the transporter to beam back to the command ship it freezes once i get back to the bridge? I hope i made sence. Signed; James Barrek P.S.Thank you for any help possable. [ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  9. I didnt know you can use DirectX 8.1 in win98 i thought it was for WinXP,my mistake sorry bout that. I did press ESC but nothing happened. I will download DirectX 8.1. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ]
  10. this is what i did; i went to the main title screen where there is new game,resume,etc. then i went to configure then i went to KEYS then i pressed FP. when i press the 2nd selection called MOVE FORWARD W the word MOVE FORWARD turns white i press a key that i want replaced instead of W like for example the up arrow,nothing happens,i wait like 2min try another key nothing happens.the game is frozen as soon as i press the MOVE FORWARD.This is the truth.the game just freezes after that. I hope this all made sence,im not good at writing letters. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ]
  11. hehe im no newbie to this board i used to have a username called Endeavour i think,its been a long time,since the first 3000ad.To be honest i didnt know there was another topic with this topic's name. Im sorry sir when i first posted i had to repost. for some reason the post didnt show i am sorry,here they are boss; AMD Athalon 1.2gigahertz 512mb sdram Voodoo4 w/32mb ram Soundblaster Live! Platnium 5.1 Saitek Flight Control System (stick/throttle combo) Win98 1st edition DirectX 8.0a Everything is updated. P.S. Look at my very first post in this topic,my system specs are there. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ]
  12. Derek i wasnt trying to be mean and i am telling the truth about not being able to move when i am on planet out of a vehicle.If i was able to show a little movie clip of it i would show you.I wasnt trying to start a fight or a flame war.I have always loved your games.Plus i am not trying to abuse this board for goodness sake or any other board.Please apologize. I apologize if i seemed rude in my last post,i wasnt trying to be.If this post seemed rude i didnt mean it.Also i am not like those other gamers i dont start flame wars or fights i dont believe in them. [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ]
  13. System Specs; Win98 1st edition AMD Athalon 1.2gigahertz 512mb ram Voodoo4 w/32mb ram Soundblaster Live! Platnium 5.1 All drivers are updated windows is updated DirectX is current version 1) when i try to change a setting in the keys menu the game freeze's. 2)When i go to the tacops screen the game crashes to windows.(sometimes) 3)when i am on planet i run in place i dont move. 4)joystick control is odd i cant configure it in the keys menu cause like i said when i try to change somthing in the keys menu it freezes the game. 5) when i am in flight in a fighter or the main ship and i change to a menu the game crashes.(sometimes) 6) did you beta test this game before release? Doesnt seem like it. 7)i can play the game for about 10 to 15 min then the game crashes to windows. Im sorry to say this but this game is pretty much unplayable out of box,i hope there is a patch on the way.The game is cool but i wish i could play it alot longer than 10min.I did try to play in Windows Me with no luck. signed; James Barrek P.S. I hope this is the right place for this. [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: jbarrek27 ] [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ] [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  14. Thanks guys for the quick responce.I found a copy at the CDRom Shop thanks to Wold.
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