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  1. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams:
  2. Hello everyone and thanks for the "heads up" email ! RL gets in the way BIG time for me now and I rarely take the Accentia a crew out for a turn around the quadrant at all these days... I would like to participate in some form or another, but my recent past performance doesn't say very much for that at all ! Yes, I do own orionfleet.com (and orionfleet.org) and am happy to carry on paying for the web space, as BC has meant a lot to me over the past ten years. I will happily post up any content you folks need - or what ever is required. A more positive idea, might be for me to issue p/w access for the site to a designated person but I say, I am happy to pay for the upkeep and not just becuase it owes me bigtime from the last shark I rescued it from. (Heh, not Blades! LOL !! He / we lost the site to a registration company who wanted, nay, demanded serious paper to get it back. I am concerned therefore that we should not loose it again. As for my fleet participation... In MP - not at all likely, as I only have a 56k at home and little spare time anyhoo. On forums - (looks heavenwards)... I'd love to be active, but again, I am pressed by RL issues so I cannot see me being anything more than a passing entity... In general - well, if the above two call for resignation by default, then it'd be a shame but I would understand. Never the less, I will still happily contribute web server / space / time in what ever capacity the Fleet would like me too... Best wishes and fond regards to you all!
  3. Badger


    Hi Guys ! Just thought IÔÇÖd better pop my head in again... Hmmm, IÔÇÖve been thinking a lot about what Nova said about Flash Vs CSS and I have to say that as pretty as that test page is, Flash is really giving me trouble now in getting those links to work! Remember, as you have had to open the graphic to view the links, we donÔÇÖt want the graphics to reset when the new page loads - otherwise that is going to be more of a pain in the airlock than the repetitive banner is !!! Hey Nova, you mentioned a couple of good books about CSS there and so I recently bought these... "Eric Meyer on CSS" by Eric Meyer "More Eric Meyer on CSS" "Designing with Web Standards" by Jeffrey Zeldman Thanks for pointing me in this direction and I think you are right in that CSS should be able to deliver the sort of site I am aiming for and with a whole lot less hassle! Mind you, I am keen to stay away from what I would call the "Portal Look". You know the sort of thing... three columns full of links and animated gifÔÇÖs, news articles etc, etc... Sorry, but IÔÇÖm getting too old for that! LOL. Your point about the page having the old Orion Starstation on it is well-valid my friend, but I had to put something on there, otherwise and as IÔÇÖve said before, weÔÇÖd end up with always having nothing there at all... Grayfox - Sorry buddy, been out of the loop lately, as FatherÔÇÖs health has deteriorated somewhat. I will check out and incorporate your stuff ASAP. Would you mind however, if I held off on this at the moment? As IÔÇÖd quite like to get to grips with these CSS books I just bought - and so revamp the site - again. We should then have something descent to put your contribution onto - if that's okay? If not and you want it put on some where now, np, just post or pm and IÔÇÖll sort it my friend! Alex - Hello again old shipmate! LOL, I see you havenÔÇÖt changed from the "old days". [rp] Ahhh yes, I well remember us at the bar on deck 10, singing songs in honour of glorious battles in the Gamma Quadrant... *cough* Badger shakes his head and mutters "Off-Topic" to himself and gets back to the point...[/rp] I will go take a look at your site Alex (yours too Greg)and any others I can find so we can at least link to them. May be, as you suggested, we might even incorporate some of the stuff ? Okay, so IÔÇÖd better fly off and do some more reading up on web design stuff again. Be in touch again soon. Badger
  4. Badger


    quote:Originally posted by Marvin: I like it. But will us old geezers still be alive by the time it's done? ROTFL ! Good one Marvin ! Well, I am 40 *cough* myself, so perhaps the question is... will I live that long to see my work completed !!! LOL There is of course a serious side to what you said and you have a darn good point there. Well, the answer is simple... If the members and more importantly, the hierachy of Orion don't supply some stuff to go in all these links I got to set up, ( or others if they want them set up ), then it won't get done or at least, it wont be anywhere near fine as it could have been... Grayfox - the Marines section has your name written all over it my friend. You have a military background and interest that can / could make that section alive with stuff... so how about it? Text will do for now. Send me .jpg's too or the link to where you have them and I'll add them to the pages. They can be hosted on my server, np. Want more link buttons? You got it. Anything you don't see / like on the pages I create, mail me and I'll change it. It's as simple as that. Greg - Fleet stuff... Come on "you da Gman" ! Same goes as I said for Grayfox above really. I may run the server / site, but this is certainly our Fleet's site, so please help get it swingin' ! $ilk - All sorts... Heheh, you get the picture! Got ideas ? Great, let's do it ! Alex - You got anything for me old friend? Got any tales from the bars and clubs on Centris that's fit to go in the Cadet/Commander/Marine Life pages? Heh, how about that time we found those four cases of Vodka, just lying there in that insurgent HAV ! No, no, on second thoughts, better leave that one out. All Orion Fleet Members - Got anything you would like to see included on the site ? Is there anything missing ? Cool screen-shots ? Mission stories ? Mission sucesses / failures, comical or otherwise - - - it'll all help to breath life and history into the site. There's an email in my box right now that asks: "How do I join Orion? What's in there to keep me busy / interested when I get in? What will be my orders?" Good points, so may be there's something to get us thinking for starters... Look, guys, I may have been playing BC since V1.0 and 'da silver box, but my game play was and still is, just that... "mine". When I read stuff on the forums that some of you chaps have been doing with BC/UC, I realise that I ain't been playing with a full deck here. This is why I feel this should be a Fleet effort, because Orion needs input from the likes of you guys too, not just from some crabby old University Administrator! So, what do you say ? Let's get this thing rolling. Send me a whole sites worth and I'll have it up and working inside two weeks... There, that should stir 'em up ! Heh, they'll be crawling out of the woodwork now, just to see if I was spinning them a line... Well, try me I say. Try me ! [ 08-02-2004, 09:35 AM: Message edited by: Badger ]
  5. Badger


    Hold the front page guys !! I'm working on this stuff - Remember ?? Here is the text that I prepared for a new topic on this very subject two weeks ago but family matters prevented me from putting the thing together until now. So here it is... _________________________________________________ Fleet Website Issues & Update... Hello Everyone ! I have been busy with RL for a while and that has seriously impacted on how far I would like to have been by now. I have managed to some things however and hereÔÇÖs what IÔÇÖve been up to these past weeks, with links to test pages as applicable... IÔÇÖve been playing with FlashÔäó to create some effects and headers for the site. Here is an example of our possible new opening page: [Edit] ÔÇô Last minute technical difficulties forced me to remove this link. Heh, I messed the Flash file up in point of fact and will have to fix it. Read on, there is more to see ( that I haven't messed up, that is ) ! ( The page had ActiveX controls imbedded to make the link work but I found that if a visitor had say Norton Firewall running and blocked the controls, they couldnÔÇÖt then navigate into the rest of the site !!! LOL.) The Navigation Menus have been bugging me for months but at least I can now say that the basic structure is there. That is to say, they do flow in the way I originally envisaged, but they donÔÇÖt necessarily have up to date button titles. In addition, there arenÔÇÖt any pages to view yet. HereÔÇÖs the link to view that project: http://www.orionfleet.com/OrionFleet.htm HAVE FUN CLICKING THOSE BUTTONS ON THE LEFT ! Watch out for the sub directory in "Academy" as the "The Academy" link takes you to a test page, to get back and have more fun with those buttons, just use "back" on your browser. As many of you have a far better understanding of the military side of BCM / UC than I do, our site could be so much better if we all contributed to the content. Besides, given that I have a 56k modem and a tight budget for telephone bills, I cannot write fleet mp procedures and practices for example, as I confess to not knowing anything about it. I am more than happy to continue the central administrative role as far as the web site goes. If anyone would like to send me text to put on the site, you can either PM me or mail me at [email protected] , which is a new email account I just created. Yeah, I know what youÔÇÖre thinking... but this does not ( erm... I hope, ) contravene the SCÔÇÖs orders concerning email addys, because it is not the one I am registered with at GALCOM HQ. ( I am registered at GCHQ with my work email, but I am not allowed to publicly post it - so I have to use another one, which I hope is okay with everyone ). I also created an effect banner of the Orion name for use at the top of the page. Although I was pleased with this initially, the fact that it repeats periodically is darn annoying after a time and so I intend to ÔÇ£fixÔÇØ that at some point. I had originally planned to have that banner change according to the area you were in on the site. In other words, there would be a different one for Academy, Fleet, Station Communications but I have shelved this project for the moment as I need to get the mainstream stuff working first. My trouble is that I get an idea and nothing short of that grand plan will do. Problem is, while all the writes re-writes are going on, nothing ended up on the live site, when at least something could have been there in the interim... So come on guys - wadda you think ? Am I getting it together or barking up the wrong tree ?? Discuss... [ 08-01-2004, 07:48 PM: Message edited by: Badger ]
  6. Badger

    Roll Call

    *Salute* Reporting in as ordered ! Sorry I late ( again ), got a bit tied up with RL there for a while ! ( Again ! )
  7. Badger

    New Fleet Command Structure and Deployments

    Many thanks Greg ! ...and thanks to $ilk and Greg for your kind words. I've had a few nasty RL issues in the last few months and these nearly got the better of me. I am glad to say that they didn't though and so it sure is good to be back ! Cheers 'n Beers !
  8. Badger

    New Fleet Command Structure and Deployments

    Once again, my congratulations to all on their new appointments. I agree, the Orion Fleet can once again be a force to be reckoned with and to this end, please check out the link on my sig - I've purchased the dot com address back for us and have been working on a site for some time now. Fear not guys, Orion will be great once more !
  9. Badger

    Important Fleet Announcement: New Fleet Leader

    Many Congratulations to all concerned !!! quote: New Fleet Website... I have this covered Sir ! Check out the link to... www.orionfleet.com on my sig. Yup, that's right. I aquired the name back for our fleet ! Forgive me if I leave the link in my Sig then
  10. Badger

    Orion Fleet Roll Call (As of 02/20/04)

    Greetings everyone !!!! Hi, look who's fresh back from a long mission in the Gammulan Quadrant then !! [ ] Contrary to rumours, I am not dead and neither is the crew of the Accentia...
  11. Badger

    My IMAGE!

    Hey now that's encouraging to see Dreada. Yeah I run a 56k modem here at home and I got the speaker turned off too! £20 a month is still a lot to pay out though imo. Espech if we still have to pay for the calls as well. You could be looking at around £50 - £60 a month including the call costs... That's way too high expence for me to justify to the high command (*ahem* aka the missus) Now, may be someone will tell me that it includes call costs and is unlimited access to the net for the £20 a month... Yup, I could perhaps get approval for that!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Gallion: Nope, you ladies are getting what you asked for You ave opened Pandora's box, peeked inside, and closed the lid. Take a gander at what that means If anything, I'd whip up a GBS-II thingy that'll look like a Death-Dungeon (D&D flashback) no Monty Hall's from me Tx fer the update Badger Fixed Heheh, good one Gallion! And thanks for the "tx" btw - your welcome, glad to be of help. These new updates for the stations etc are going to be a definite improvement IMO I must say. I cloaked and sneaked under a station last night and with only a few seconds on the 80% IOD and one or two feathery blasts, the station SOS'd and 'twas mine! [rp] Oh, and where was I? Spectre, Antis, heheh. It does my old "Orion Heart" good to see "TER/MIL/SPECTRE" on screen! [/rp] Seriously though, it did feel like a hollow victory, as there was no planning or strategy needed - [ just sneak up 'n under and blast for 3 seconds ], so it certainly could do with being a much bigger fight. Even the Cloaking System radiation level from the start at the Jump Gate, though HJ and on to capturing the station only got as high as 78, so I was never in any kind of danger... I guess I'll just have to be amongst those added to whatever "deathlists" are flying about at the moment because "Mr Chairman, this proposal has my fullest support"!
  13. quote: It never ceases to amaze me that our gamers minds just can't wrap itself around that piece of good advice LOL!! Yeah know what you mean, it happens alot here! Ahhh yes, AD&D... remember it well. quote: The thing I love about this game is the ever changing nature of it and how it makes you actually think while playing. Static worlds only numb your brain and bore you to death in a day or so... not so with this one. Not a truer word will you ever read on the forums!! Well said Flak, I concur! quote: Also something I fondly call a pap smear Improved defences, new offensive weapons and now the SC says PAP. Geez, all this new stuff is gonna make me PArP! Way too cool for words SC! Good one, you're Da Bomb! [rp] Btw, D'ya think Gallion can write me a GBS-II mod to move decimal points in the game, so that my little old Firestorm can get *ahem* 31,250 shields please?? [/rp] [ 02-16-2002, 06:18: Message edited by: Badger ]
  14. Badger

    Funny thing about Kendrick (CE)

    LMAO !! Heheh, this thread is great! I sympathise with all the comments, 'cuz it seems we all suffered the same sort a thing in one form or another - 'tis what makes BCM Great! quote: he's the one who forgets to tell me that I've got intruders on board in the first place LOL ! Hey, he didn't forget to tell you that you had intruders on board, no, he forgot to tell you he was feeling a bit tired and was naffing off for a sit down and a sandwich!! Mind you, they all do that, but they make sure they tell you when they're back, LOL!! Disclaimer First person that shouts "wish list" at me, can have my size nine's in return!
  15. Badger

    Sig Updates

    Heheh, well I guess old Badger had better put his face in here too. Don't wanna fell left out you know...