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  1. LordDavid

    Where The Heck You All At?

    Hi everyone, Its been a long time since I've posted. I periodically check this board every so often. Been busy with family life (mainly a wonderful and cute 2 year old daughter). That and I'm stuck with an old computer that can't really run the newer games. -lorddavid
  2. LordDavid

    Roll Call

  3. LordDavid

    WAKE UP!!

    (RP) Grr. On the SC's Role Call, only three Gammulans posted including my self! On the Gammulan Webpage there are listed many more of us kin! Have the rest of you fallen to the weak Terrans while pretending to be a petty excuse for a warrior? Or have the rest of you grown old and weak? PAH!!! We do not fall to anyone! Even the oldest and weakest of Gammulans still is superior to the Terrans! So Rise up and lets continue our glorious war efforts else I will be sure you go through a fate even more humilitating than a Falkarie child killing you! (/RP) I know, I've been lurking for a long long time, and I'll try to spend more time posting here again. Anyway, as referenced here, anyone does not make themselves heard somewhere in this Gammulan Fleets section will be removed from the webpage members section and regarded as MIA. If anyone wants to join us Gammulans, be bold; stand up and post here! Have fun and keep gaming!
  4. LordDavid

    Roll Call

    Lurking at the moment.
  5. LordDavid

    Interplay Out of Business?

    Can't forget the classic Descent then: Descent 2 Star Fleet Academy Klingon Academy
  6. LordDavid

    Night at the movies - HellBoy

    Is it me or does the attitude of Hellboy based off the movie remind you a lot of Duke Nukem's personality (though maybe just slightly more tame)?
  7. Heh, I just finished reading Foundation, Prelude to Foundation, and Foreward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov (which IMO are great books) and your last post, Jaguar, reminded me a lot of those!
  8. LordDavid

    Gammulan Website

    quote:Originally posted by Outlaw: because we simply are the best race in the game! Well Said!
  9. LordDavid

    Music - What I'm listening to

    Joy Electric, 100% analogue synthasizers!
  10. LordDavid

    UC Demo

    Ar HAR HAR HAR! Nukes are FUN! In mission 1, wait till GALCOM restores power to their launching systems. Dock, sell all of your cargo to buy an OTS. Target earth and watch the fireworks (and listen to the birds chirp! )! Brings back the good ol' memories of playing BC3k and BCM. I can't wait until I get my copy of UC!
  11. LordDavid

    UC Demo

    Dloaded, installed, and played over 2 hours straight before coming back here. Very good. I like the wasd key config, the graphics are great, etc..etc..etc...
  12. LordDavid

    My new gaming laptop

    One catch, whats the price?
  13. LordDavid

    Bush grabs new powers for FBI

    Hey Jaguar, ever thought of running for president? You'll have my vote! (though chances of you being elected..... probably not exactly the greatest )
  14. LordDavid

    Big O

    I'm sorry, but I have to rant on this. I've seen the 1st 13 episodes of Big O on the cartoon network, and then saw the first 13 episodes in origional Japanese language subtitled. In my opinion, Big O is pretty much the WORST anime series I have seen! The plot... horrible, the action scenes horribly boring (one battle scene I remember... all this suspenseful music building up a huge fight... and all it was was ONE PUNCH.. thats it.... and it was over... (yawn)). Its also horribly cheesy. Thats my opinion, if you like it... fair enough I prefer anime such as Cowboy Bebop (non cartoonnetwork version origional Japanese and unedited of course), Escaflowne, Trigun, Last Exile, Hellsing, etc..etc..etc.. the list goes on. I prefer practically anything to Big O Have Fun watching it yourself though!