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  1. What no reply since Wednesday? Gentlemen were are you?
  2. PRESS RELEASE Intercorp has released a new statement after a severe drought in activities. The apparent unconfirmed disappearance of at least 4 out of 6 of the existing Directors have resulted in a major restructuring of the Corporation. "We cannot confirm what have happened to the Board of Directors. We can only say that we will performing a severe restructuring of the Corporation. Some divisions might be dropped or merged. All plans will be revealed as and when confirmed" said an Intercorp official."All we can say now is that Intercorp is recruiting." Intercorp urges any interested parties to contact them via their recruitment board. END PRESS RELEASE
  3. [rp]Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to..... It's alive!!!!!![/rp] Hey all, Just wanted to revive this topic instead of creating a new one. Anyway, Intercorp is still in recruiting mode as we have lost close to about 3/4 of our original Directors of which only Riga and I are the remaining ones. (The original musketeers ) So for those interested please read the following:- 1. How it all started; 2. An Economic discussion; 3. The current Corporate Profile. We are recruiting plenty of bad people (in direct opposition to the saying "a few good men" ). Post if you have questions.
  4. Well, That was certainly embarrasing. We really need to get our act together. We need something where more than 2 people can converse. That means IRC or the BC Chat! or something else. Please recommend one. About the time, let's set a tentative time for the meeting, let's say Sunday, March 21, 2004, at 09:00:00 GMT/UTC. Riga, Comet please post to see if this time is situable for you.
  5. Happy Birthday $iLK. 22!!! Damn I feel old.
  6. You called??? Takvah, if you're interested kindly look over here Just post if you have questions.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Riga: Err, today? Okay where?
  8. quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: well i wouldn't mind anytime or place expect please take my time zone into consideration as in 2 am i wouldn't be much help . LOL, what's your timezone? We'll figure out the best time to meet up and chat.
  9. Gentlemen, Let's get together for a chat this Saturday or Sunday. Name your time and the place!!!
  10. Heya Ep 5, Sorry to hear your announcement. quote:Orginally posted by Epsilon 5: When the time comes, I may ask to be re-instated in the fleet. But as of right now... I shall remain independent - and wait.But at least you'll still be around right? Stay in touch.
  11. quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: it's in the troubleshooting FAQ RACE : Terran, Empirian, Vesperon, Gammulan CASTE : Military, Insurgent, Trader, Raider CAREER : Commander, Planetary Support Pilot, Elite Force Pilot, Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine ASSET : Many are supported and are based on the chosen career ALLIANCES : Terran, Empirian are friendly to each other (The Good Guys) Gammulan, Vesperon are friendly to each other (The Bad Guys) The good guys are hostile toward the bad guys, and vice versa oh and i'm in a gmt +2 zone. My bad!!! quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: a moderator bumping topics... now ive seen everything LOL!!!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Riga: Mine is GMT+1, so if I calculated correctly, somewhere sunday morning (my time) would be good for us both (say 10:00 or so would be 17:00 your time)Sure but not this weekend. What about you Comet? Care to join us? quote:Originally posted by Riga: Yep, got hitched big time, and liking it Good for you man. Where are the pics?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Crush: Here you are doing a little recruiting, as a trader I could use a little backup. Problem is, I was doing a little research on the company and came up short. Intercorp website not running right now? Hi there Crush at the moment the website is down But you can get more information here. If you require further information PM me or Riga.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Riga: I agree, but given the different timezones, that probably would not happen before the weekend. Any suggestions timewise? I kinda forgotten what's your timezone is again, hey it's been a long while. Mine is +8 if I remember correctly so could you suggest a time to meet. BTW RedComet what about your timezone? quote:Originally posted by Riga: PS: my dragon lady does not like me pondering the keyboard while she's asleep, so that rules out late-hour sessions for me LOL, did you get hitched? Me dragon lady divorced me about 3 months ago. So I'm free.
  15. quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: aye aye sir! i'll fiddle around seeing who's up for it. only problem though multiplayer regions aren't the same as SP ones i think a little revision of castes and regions would be needed ( like mercenaries aren't playable in MP closest thing to that is the raider caste ,etc). Really? I don't have my UC yet so I wouldn't know. And because I've been away for so long I haven't had the chance to follow the development of both BCMG & UC. So could you please indicate the other differences between SP & MP so that we can modify Intercorp's structure to suit MP.
  16. quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: turning intercorp into a multiplayer affilate perhaps? i can host the server. Sounds good. Just one problem we don't have enough personnel Unless you really enjoy playing MP with just the 4 of us we had better start recruiting!!!
  17. Glad to see your posts gentlemen, Comet any new suggestions? Riga, we really must get on IRC one of these days.
  18. Hi there, My 2 cents from another country. Frankly Malaysian students have been using the same uniforms since the inception of Malaysia way back when. Primary school : White shirt and Blue shorts/trousers/skirts High School: White shirt and Green shorts/trousers/skirts (all cotton) I don't see how wearing uniforms will stifle individualism. I would think that the curriculum being taught would be the main factor that affects a child's individualism. I agree with Cruis.In that, even with the strict uniform codes our schools are still facing disciplinary problems. Now that I have reached my 30's, I find a couple of good things about uniforms:- 1) It's as deterrent against truancy as these uniforms are easily identifiable; 2) It helps cut down costs for each family with kids as these uniforms can be bought at a very reasonable cost at our local supermarkets; 3) It promotes a espirit d' corps. [ 02-29-2004, 07:57 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  19. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Intercorp is invited to use the Orion Starstation Communications in order to hold discussions amongst your members... especially in relation to handling your role in regards to a standing fleet such as Orion Fleet. http://s4.invisionfree.com/Orion_Fleet/index.php?act=idx Hope to see you there. Thanks $iLk, we'll definitely take up your offer as soon as the rest of the guys turn up anyway. /RP Me: This Jeff is calling all Intercorp members. Please respond. Others: Zzzzzzzzzz!! Me: I repeat this is Jeff calling all Intercorp members. Please respond. Anybody out there? Others: Zzzzzzzzzz!! Zzzzzzzzzz!! Me: What the f###!! Communications Officer is our communication going through?? CO: I'll check the systems, sir!! Me: Do re me me re do..... CO: Sir!! The communications grid has been damaged!! Me: What!!! How did that happen? CO: According to the logs it happened while Mr. Resnig was taking the new recruits through that area during an introductory course. Me: RESNIG!!!!!!! /RP
  20. Alright, it's been a week, So the agenda will be as follows:- Proposed reorganization of Intercorp. A. The dropping of the following sub-divisions due to lack of response of the founding director(s):- 1. El Dorado Inc.; 2. Exploration Directive Inc.; 3. Shadow Inc.; and 4. Consignee Inc. B. To merge all sub-divisions into their divisions until there is a larger demand (to have at least ten (10) members for each caste) for separate sub-divisions to with as follows: 1. The Services Division will now be known as Commodities Inc and will cater for Trader, Commercial and Paramedics castes; 2. The Information Division will be retired until enlistment of the necessary number of members and will cater for Explorers and Scientist castes; 3. The Liaisons Division will be retired until enlistment of the necessary number of members and will cater for Diplomat castes; 4. The Operations Division will be known as either Guns For Hire Inc.and will cater for Mercenary, Assassin and Raider castes. 5. The Human Resources Division will be known as Neophyte Inc. and will be retained as is. C. 1. To discuss on the resiting of the www.intercorp-unlimited.com website to a new web host (if necessary); 2. To organize volunteers to redesign and maintain the website; 3. To discuss on the appropriate and necessary information to be uploaded onto the website. D. 1. Restructuring of the timeline of Intercorp to facilitate RP; 2. To facilitate restructuring of the timeline, all existing and current members are to submit a biography of their OC to be incorporated into the timeline; 3. To appoint a member to maintain the timeline. E. 1. To set out general guidelines for recruitment and enlistment.
  21. quote:Originally posted by TheRedComet: sounds interesting where do i sign up? Hi there, Comet, I see you have signed up to Intercorp, Guns for Hire no less, welcome. At the moment we are in the midst of reorganising Intercorp due to the loss of members to RL. So hopefully you could bring your ideas along and help us make a better Intercorp. Again, welcome and hopefully we can blaze the stars together in MP.
  22. Great to see your posts again guys. Well, as I said it's really been awhile. About Intercorp, lets wait a week as I PM'ed the rest to post before we get on with the reorganisation. Don't worry Laracuente, we'll always be around even if we don't post. I've placed my order with Gamestop and I'm still waiting for it.
  23. Hi I'm back!!! Thought I would introduce myself to the newbies. I'm working as a general manager in a housing development company. I'm 30 this year. I just turned single recently (long story). No kids. Always wanted to join the military unfortunately they said I could not joint as I was toooooo fat and wears spectacles. I purchase too many Sci-Fi books (David Weber), Fantasy books (Raymond E. Feist) and PC Games. That's all folk!!
  24. Gentlemen, It's been awhile. Well exactly 6 months 15 days since my last post. I noticed the vast changes and not to mention having BCMG & UC(BCG) out since then my last post. Anyway, RL have been the pits and it certainly does not help went my dialup service went kaput on me. I have finally gotten an ISDN service instead. So to sum it all up, I'm BACK!!!! Did a couple of random checks yesterday and it seems like the last time any one of us Intercorpers (with the exception Cmdr_Laraceunte) posted were quite a while ago. So without further ado, kindly post here again to show that you're still reading this board. And I will carry out the previous intention of reorganising Intercorp.
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