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  1. My 0.02 cents Starting out with tabletop gaming was one heck of a joyride, the days that you spend planning a campaign or scenario, getting frustrated that your players refused to follow your script and finding new and utterly fantastic ways of countering your scripted events and having to use impromptu data that is not in the script. Sounds just like what Derek does, doesn't it? Anyway, those were the games were the discipline of reading everything in the manual was ingrained and necessary. I still remember all those nights pouring over the AD&D Player's Handbook and Monsters File trying to create the perfect scenario and trying to find any information to outwit my players. I believe that these current trend of playing computer games lacks the discipline learned from tabletop games, its way too easy by far. I say bring back the tabletop games like Battletech, Robotech and many others that have fallen aside throughout the years. BTW Magic: The Gathering does not count as a tabletop game as far as I'm concerned.
  2. BTW, Baloogan could you pm your email address to me, I have some information that I want to send to you. The same goes for Jigoku, Malleus, Kenada and all other commanders interested in Intercorp except the Directors.
  3. Baloogan, how are things coming along in the Corporation Logo department? Or are you too busy playing BCM, which I'm not surprised.
  4. NEWS FLASH We will not be hearing from any Intercorp members for a while as they are all too engrossed in the new tactical simulation released by BC3000AD Inc. The current fad has struck not only the independents but almost all the fleets members of all the galactic fleets. Any questions, taunts and challenges will be answered if and when the current fad dies down. END NEWS FLASH
  5. Hmm, getting a bit wound up aren't you? We have to be forgiving as not many gamers understand that the manual & appendixes that comes with the game, the VCF and the FAQ not to mention the UBB search function have a purpose, as they are so used to cloned titles that operate all in the same way and too used to being spoon fed information. Tells you a lot about the mindset of these gamers, doesn't it?
  6. Just reread the manual yesterday, it is stated that the police caste will be paid a salary, don't have the manual with me right now, so I can't give you the page no. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. quote:Urza posted on 12-10-2001 challege: who knows all six of them?) D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 AD&D 2nd Ed rules!!!! What do I get for giving the correct answer [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  8. quote:Gamaliel posted on 12-08-2001 My apologies, Jeff but that sounds like official corruption to me. IMHO the police are paid by their goverments to keep the space lanes free of raiders, criminals and other such riff raff. Just my $0.02 Have gone through the online docs and the manual, and there is no indication that the police caste are being paid at all by their respective governments, with the single exception of this quote:3. POLICE Every alien nation has it's own police force operating within their regions. This caste attacks raiders and criminals only. Attacking this caste causes you to be attacked by them each time you enter a region controlled by police castes of the alien nation you attacked. In this manner, even if the Terrans are friends of the Empirians, attacking an Empirian police caste will result in your ship being attacked each time you enter the region. To relax the rules a little and address gameplay issues, as long as the player does not destroy the caste, on exit from the region, all will be forgotten and the incident treated as an accident. Police are part of the auto-generate class of castes and are created at random in most all space regions There is no mention of salary in the ranks & medal appendix, so I will go on assuming that being an independent, police like other independents would have a one off paycheck, if what I'm assuming is true then what I said above is relevant. Even if it is not, helping some one in trouble is one thing, helping out a suicidal commander would be detrimental to the police, just like in RL if you cause an inconvienence to the police you get a fine. Corruption or not, you do what you have to survive. [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  9. Captain's log stardate 12-06-2001. After a collecting my mine drones and selling of the minerals, I have acquired enough credits to purchase a Linear S/IV shield upgrade from Pixan. I had directed my Sunflash starship to park near Lennen's moon orbit and gave the orders to my 5 inexperienced flight engineers to start upgrading my starship's shield. Thinking to save cost I had switch off my starship's engines and ordered my entire crew to take a break with the exception of the Chief Engineer and the flight engineers. 2 minutes into the upgrading, I felt a shockwave impacting my starship. Immediately, I had systems damages throguhout my entire starship all my flight engineers were lost. I rushed to switch my engines on and raise my shields. As my engines powered up I saw a Warmonger on my tacops screen together with 2 FC attacking me. Before I could do anything else. The bloody sobs blew me out of space. The morale of this story never ever park your self in orbit with your engines down. Will try to land on planet instead next time. God darn all those credits wasted!!!!
  10. FURTHER NOTE flying unescorted into hostile space is commonly known as suicide and any police officer that has to provide support will charge you a large amount of credits as well.
  11. quote:Joel Schultz posted on 12-07-2001 Good point, good point. If you can afford it. If you can't... Ahem, Guns For Hire Inc. is where you want to look for the most cost effective escorts..we have all kinds of mercenaries ready to do your bidding, cheap ones, middle ranged ones and expensive ones... NOTE pricing is dependent on the experience of the merc you are hiring and you intended trade route. So, if you want to fly into a war zone, we have people that will do it, just be ready to fork out a lage sum of credits. [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  12. Funny, I'm a Malaysian = Commonwealth citizen = ex-british colony and the answer is quote:I am 70% British, just like Michael Caine Though you know your way around London you are most likely to retire to the West Coast of the USA.
  13. [RP] Cmdr Jeffery Eu tries to pull all posters back to the topic[/RP] Here's my 2cents 1. Being a Malaysian, I'm glad that no mandatory enlistment is implemented as I think I won't survive the horror of boot camp, but then I'll never know; 2. Without mandatory enlistment, we'll only get recruits that are interested and willing to do their duty to their country; 3. However we might get misfits of all kinds, this is a true story, back in college, during a literary criticism session discussing about Shakespeare, my lecturer asked this "Would anyone what to be in that century where war was prevalent not to mention the plague" Nearly the entire class said no except for this one idiot who was detached from the Malaysian special forces for further studies, who said yes. When asked why he wanted a war, his answer was that so he could test out to see if all the military skills he learned could help him survive. Guess, what my instant response was? "With these kind of soldiers around, I would shoot them first in the event of a war as all their gungho attitude would have started the war in the first place" The morale of the story, even though I don't face it, I would prefer a mandatory enlistment so that a larger population would have a chance to serve in the military instead of getting misfits like the above example. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  14. Well, that article proves that the SC was right all along, so the detractors are gonna feel down right miserable especially with their foot in their mouths
  15. quote:Tyrn posted on 12-06-2001 Oh and quit complaining I download each of the RCs using a 56K modem. I hear you brother, am downloading the patch now, and let me tell you even a downloading from a 56K modem is not bad enough, try downloading a 56K modem from a town in the boonies in a country where the isp is shit [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  16. quote:Fendi posted on 12-06-2001 Oh he'll be back. Especially to pester SC for carriers for Indy commanders. You are so right And being mercenaries, I would like the opportunity to invade and board and take over a better ship type. But with a measly 5 marines, I had to blow them out of space. 5 hours into the ROAM game playing a mercenary on a Sunflash I still haven't struck a problem yet except for a little framerate degradation and my system profile is on the low end of the spectrum. I didn't even install the beta patches yet. I really love this game. Can't wait for MP. Will answer all posts later, now its back to the game. Gotta conserve time to allow me more time to play the game now that RL is really clashing with my game time. Cheers [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  17. hiya, just back to register BCM, will read up on the posts and reply later. Cya [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  18. Got mine just now, have registered.....hooray, hooray, its a holi, holiday!!!! Might be the first one to receive a copy in the Asia Pacific region....
  19. This is just came in..... quote:Your boxed version was sent by airmail on 11/21/01. Allow 7-21 days for delivery. Thanks, Jen BMT 7-12 days!!!!! I just can't wait.
  20. quote:Your order was approved and shipped for you yesterday. Thanks, Jen BMT Well, it seems I'm finally getting mine Some screw ups with the credit card service...but then better late than never Anyone else in the Asia Pacific region that have gotten theirs?
  21. quote:Cmdr Jamont posted on 11-20-2001 yup you should have joined the iss then you still can though Thanks for the offer but I'm really tied down with RL and might not be online for long periods of time, its better that I stick with the UCVs for now. Maybe next time...
  22. quote:SC posted on 11-20-2001 Send them email. But they're shipping too I believe Will do sir!!!, God, Santa, anyone up there, let this be true, I've been a good boy this last few hours!!!
  23. You will have for the email from the delightful Jen. And no, I haven't got anything from them yet!!!
  24. Well, this was 2 years back when I was in Melbourne, Australia doing my undergraduate. I managed to pick up Syndicate & Syndicate Wars, Sim City 2000, Civilisation 2 and lots of good stuff from the local EB for AUD5.00 or less from the bargain bin. Don't know if it's still available.
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