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  1. I think that's the problem, Charles, the question of what price is reasonable and what is not, I'm sure that if someone decides to set a really high price, the potential employer will just look for another interested merc, which will teach the merc to lower his prices, but lower it by how much, negotiation takes time, but if we were to set a maximum or minimum ceiling rate then, all indies will have basis of comparison in setting their prices. But I'm not too sure what to based it on; 1) the danger and complexity of the task and/or mission; 2) the experience of the merc; 3) others.
  2. We better keep this clear from this thread. Baloogan, if your'e still interested, post on the Organisation thread.
  3. I actually emailed them about a change with my credit card and all I got was this quote:The orders are all be held awaiting the release of the program. When we can process the requests we will email you and let you know when and how much you have been billed and also the date the shipment leaves here. Thanks, jen P.S. No i did not get a confimation email [ 10-08-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  4. Forget about it, I found it, forgotten where it was since I placed my order like 2 months ago
  5. Not sure about you, but when I can't find the BMT Micro's link on the sales info page
  6. Let's get cracking quote:Nova posted on 10-06-2001 Well, Riga contacted me by ICQ. I'm not thinking HR of Intercorp, I'm thinking more of a Liaison Officer sorta thing between Orion/Galcom and Intercorp. (Screw my double AE idea.) Well don't give on it yet, Although I think that having multiple AEs does have its pros and cons. The pros 1) A commander can be involved in many different activities from different sides of the BC universe; 2) A commander gets multiple salaries; The cons 1) A commander might have a conflict of interest; 2) A commander will not be able to combine the salaries of the different AE's and furthermore will not use one AE to earn money just to give to the other AE; 3) A commander having multiple AE's might not be able to devote equal attention to the many differing AE's especially when MP & GCO comes out; The way I see it, the cons what not be too difficult to surmount but the commander having the multiple AEs will have a tough time separating the interests of the differing AEs. For Eg., Let's say being a commander's merc AE finds out that the mercs have been hired to attack a Galcom starbase where the commander have a Galcom AE stationed. How would the commander handle it? 1) Suck up his gut and refuse to divulge the knowledge to his Galcom teammate and join in the attack even to the extent of attack his other AE; 2) Decide to tell his Galcom teammates and join in the defense to the detriment of his merc teammates; 3) Decide to withdraw from both the attack (merc AE) or defense (Galcom AE) to save both his AE; So it entirely up to the commander on how he intends to play his different AEs. if you the (1) sort of person, then you're doing alright. But if you're the kind of commander that can not differentiate the separation of entities, don't get multiple AEs. Saying that, Nova, I would most welcome you to be at least a Orion fleet lialison officer to Intercorp or vice versa, think of yourself more as ambassador or commercial. [ 10-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. quote:Riga posted on 10-06-2001 I trade 1000 Vagrants (7.500 BCM Price) Buy: 6.750.000 (at AD station 0% inflation) Sell: 9.000.000 (at HT station, 10% inflation) Profit: 2.250.000 Merc Protection: 2.000.000 Commodity fee (4%): 90.000 Intercorp fee (4%): 90.000 fuel, etc: 18.000 I think you might have gotten the Intercorp Fee wrong, I'll have to check your charter again . If you see the GFH charter, the Intercorp fees of 4% is taken out on the 4% on GFH fees. in other words a merc only pays a one time fee per contract to GFH (being proxy of Intercorp) and Intercorp HQ will get the their 4% fees from GFH [ 10-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  8. The hut actually disguises a Surface to Space Ion Cannon's and missile batteries for defensive purposes
  9. quote:Nova posted on 10-06-2001 little-hut-on-an-island-on-a-planet-no-one's-heard-of?)! ROFL, but you haven't been into our hut have you? No wonder you missed the twenty level underground offices we have underneath the hut Complete with indoor swimming pool, spa and gym facilities with a handy dandy underground launch facility!!! [ 10-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  10. quote:Jaguar posted on 10-06-2001 Ok Commander Eu, I see a battlecruiser webpage there, that is NOT a part of the webring, now what is this? Please go to the webring Signup page To get joined up and the HTML for your front page for the ring. On your initial request you will recieve an e-mail with the pertinent HTML info, make the appropriate changes and add it to your page. Once I get your request and see the HTML for the webring info added to your page I will make you official... Now get to it Commander I leave that part to Riga as he's the actual owner of the website and since I'm having bloody trouble with doing up the GFH page [ 10-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  11. quote:Riga posted on 10-06-2001 Anyway, I like the second logo most (the white one with the blue hands), but I think the quality of it must be improved. The grey colors to the right are (by heart) only two or three shades. That could be a bit more so that the transition from white to grey is more fluent. No definit choice yet though Jeffery, you made them, can you also try to refine that one (err, which one do you like most anyway?) Will try as suggested Since I designed both of them, I have no preference, its up to you guys to decide
  12. quote:Riga posted on 10-05-2001 To me it looks like a conflict of interest for any police commander to walk (on base at least) side by side with assassins. Anyway, the universe is a strange one, so anything would be possible. Actually I was thinking of setting up a Private Investigators Division, and now that I've thought over it, the police caste might not be right and we don't even need P.I.'s as we have already have the necessary specialized divisions for it as per my post on the Organisation thread. Furthermore, that way we can gouge more credits out of our clients as they would have to hire individual specialized commanders for a single task!!! More moola is good for us UCV's and the Intercorp!!!
  13. Ok, I agree with what Riga posted as at the initial stage we can't just gouge the credits out of our customers as that will just make they go insolvent. Furthermore, they will rather risk the danger than to hire mercs if the price is too high. quote:Charles Lindsey posted on 10-05-2001 That should be figured into an initial price. That's what the transport is paying you for; protection. A "milkrun" would be very profit intensive but one where you actually have to work you might end up losing money. You're right but that's business, no one pays for "milkruns" so all UCV commanders better suck up your guts and be prepared to shed and lose blood. And I agree with Charles as whatever pay asked for must include insurance and hazard pay. It is the also the duty of the potential employee to find out what the hazards are before taking on the contract. That's what Intercorp is there for if you look up on my last few posts on the Organisation thread. Don't blame anyone but yourself if you take up a job without considering the risks involved. quote:Fendi posted on 10-05-2001 The fun thing about being a merc is not the getting paid bit. It's the killing and the feeling of comradeship with his crew. Real life mercs don't get paid much. Assassins do, as they often work alone. Bite your tongue, Fendi and give yourself a slap on your head. Without credits we won't be able to resupply and to repair damages to our ships, unlike the fleet p*****s that most probably will have their respective governments foot the bills for the resupplying and repairing of their ships and still get a regular paycheck. quote:Nova posted on 10-05-2001 Nice. Everything looks good, Riga. Decide on a logo for IU, yet? I like the ones you've got, but I'd like to see more to decide from. I'm working on it, sheesh, gimme a break will ya quote:Jigoku San posted on 10-05-2001 What?! The killing is a plus. But i'd sell a marine if the credits where riht... and if I run out of marines just slap a gun into some of them flight engineers hands. Bow to the almighty credit. I hear ya brother
  14. Well, Riga and I are discussing on how the BCm and GCO economics will work out for the indies. So I'm opening up this thread for discussion. I personally feel that since we, the indies will be given a startup capital instead of regualr wages, it makes sense to pool our resources so that we can survive together. That makes Intercorp Unlimited really important as a business tool. My 100 post, Yeehaahhhhhhhh!!!!
  15. quote:Rico posted on 30-09-2001 Since you know where I was getting at, Jeffery, perhaps you can help me enlighten myself. Because of the considerable length and diverse discussion, I'm totally mistaking the forrest for the trees. Or whatever way that goes. Got lost on where you are heading at and comming from. Are you fleshing out GFH or Intercorp? Just the mercenaries or the whole caste-shjabang? In answer to your question both, yes, I know I'm a sucker for punishment quote:Rico posted on 09-30-2001 Also I think you're doing the top-down approach, while i'm expecting a bottom-up one. yep, you got that right!!!
  16. Heya Digitalis, welcome to the indie's world. BTW Riga, i'm thinking of maybe setting up a security and police division as well where we can provide services like the Interpol. Wonder what everyone thinks?
  17. Riga let's not make things too concrete yet ok? As long as there's no answer from tacops we still don't know what. where or how Intercorp will be operating...
  18. Alas, we're not here to impress you Blades Neither do have 30 members YET but for an unsanctioned Organisation we're doing not too badly with 4 - 5 members.
  19. Hi, there!!! While awaiting for tacops approval of Intercorp Unlimited, and since BCM is coming out soon and MP not long after that I would like to find out how many UCV Commanders are still active. Kindly post/bump this thread just to show that you're still alive and kicking and still an indie. Thank you.
  20. quote:Spuzzum on 09-29-2001 Under the circumstance that an officer detects illegal cargo aboard any vessel delegated under one of Cargo Manifest categories, the officer may pursue the following steps, beginning with INTERCEPTION and following the appropriate steps You might want to define illegal cargo Maybe what amounts to illegal cargo could differ from each sector of space...or maybe just a generic list to be updated from time to time!! Another than that no problems, I no really sure about the part of escorting FOC. You might want to change that if a commander is stoopid enough to go into hostile territory without escorts then they should be charged for services in the line of duty.
  21. While waiting for Tacops answer to Rigas mail of the Corporation charter, Ill try to answer some questions that I have ignored during my long stretch of absence. quote:jstuart posted on 08-14-2001 Sounds like quite an interesting undertaking! A Corporation where contracts/jobs/services and or other things FOR A PRICEare provided! Those who are in the corp get a better prices for there services, those who are not, still can find work but for not the best price. A logo, a website and home base of operations, sounds great! A charter for the Corp to follow; don't make it to technical, we are Independents, we answer to know one, that's why we didn't join a fleet. For the whole part, a division of castes or soughts is ok, but too much organization makes us more like a fleet. But the diversity in races will keep us apart. For example: If I have a contract (all hypotheticcl), and I am returning to say home base, and I see a couple of Gammulan ships beating up a Galcom Terran trader vessel, because I am a Terran, by choice, and yet the Galcom is in the Corporation, who is to say, I can't open fire on the Gammulan vessels and save the Terran Galcom vessels in order to make a buck, because I am a Mercenary? And Interesting point? Does that then get me in trouble with the Corp and possibly a bounty on my head? No were not the police, and this is not a regime, where every member has to report all they intend to do, but do remember the Corporation will not guarantee to provide any kind of support for contracts made outside the purview of the Corporation. After all any contracts agreed outside the Corporation means no money for the Corporation and more money to the indie, so why should the Corporation waste valuable time and resources to help the indie (unless a certain fee was being paid like 50% of income earned on the said contract, upon successful pursue of action ) if he or she has been cheated, tricked, bamboozeled, by their employer. quote:Rico posted on 08-28-2001 Hold on, what are you trying to set up here? A business to make money by networking, or a union/association/organization that protects it's members rights in 'legal matters' (like you intended at first I beleive, I mean, what else does a union/organization do). Those two things usually work against eachother. And those three words you use to describe a background don't make sense to me, please clarify. With regards to your first question, I guess the confusion was caused by my first post, which was, well, to say the least, not very well thought out. Right after the first post I decided to change my intention of setting up just a guild as guilds are overrated and too specialized, meaning devoted to just one caste, which in my understanding there wont be really necessary even with BCM MP and GCO up as the franchise seems a niche game, so I dont foresee that there will be large following like for example Starcraft or Diablo clans(I might be wrong, for which I will be very glad). However the answer to your question, no they dont necessarily work against each other. A revamped guild, in this case, being the Division in Intercorp Unlimited would protect the right of its members while still being able to earn enough for the Corporation on the whole which is the reason for the levy of 4% on the income of the Division. Logical, feasible and viable meaning that a background that every member of the Corporation would agree upon that sustainable in both BCM MP & GCO and have enough openings for further expansion in case any other caste are added. Thats is my reasoning for building up such a big conglomerate despite the lack of members. Better to have a established background to start from, then to start the arses end with no idea how the universe works. Like example my foray into RPlook at RPG thread Evolution.No idea where to jump in, no idea what to do..that was my problem!!! quote:Rico posted on 08-28-2001 The italic part; If I read the BCM MP-faq and GCO FAQ correctly (been awhile)... then you don't have the opportunity to buy a station. BCM wil have indies come together in a chatroom (at the very best designated ones) OR have them in their ships coasting along in a convoy in a region OR stand around on a planet like on a cattle market. With their informal businesses on the move. That's as far as I know BCM will let indies go set up shop. GCO, I beleive one could buy a lot on a planet/moon with the ability to build stuff on it. And so make a shop or factory or service building or whatever. And the moving business way ofcourse. But let's please focus on BCM first. GCO is still quite far away. Compared to BCM anyway. And we still don't even know how that will work. Let's not jump the gun ... or the job-market. Please look at my answer on my 2nd last post. quote:Rico posted on 08-28-2001 Which brings me to the question of membership. If I wanted to use your company's services I know why I would want to be a member. Cheap rates. But why does the corporation need members. It would have a better profitmargin on non-members. .... And perhaps this is also what triggered my "keep the freedom" response. Why link people to you when there is no appearant reason. People will come to you when they need a job/service, or have spare time to waste. Or am I missing something obvious? Not necessarily as you can see from previous post that the Corporation will gain something for everything done whether directly or indirectly. Hey, this is a business so no one can expect freebies even members. quote:Rico posted on 08-28-2001 Don't really see how that applies, or even wrong motive for going indie-style. Ship movements?, ok, like the moving businesses above. But battles? You'll be sorry, as the business is likely to be the victim having no firepower. Nor would it seem it would risk becomming a victim. Battlestar Gallactica was about a group of exploring/colonising/ ships that searched for Earth to settle on, while being obstructed by a former member (Balthazar I beleive) of that civilisation with his Scilon(??) robots. (for whatever reason that was). Don't see how that fits either. It's been said before. Better join a fleet. Well, you might think that now, but as time goes our membership will grow and with our diverse caste structure, we are more able to handle different types of scenarios. Yes the Battlestar Galactica example was a wrong one to use, but youre looking at it from a different point of view. The Corporation and its various elements could be hired to do something of that scale. Please see my previous post. My motive of being an indie is simple I might not get time to join in with the fleetsdue to RL demands and that being the only commander currently active and based in an Asian country it would very hard for me to coordinate online time with the established fleets which are mostly US based. quote:Rico posted on 08-28-2001 True, just linked a big organisation with slow and stiff operations. Not true, in fact the Corporation might be a bit unwieldy but the Division elements are more versatile as you can see from Rigas and my proposed charters theres no bureaucracy involve during gameplay. Any member can do what they want with the exception of Office bearers and if they are on Corporation bases. Sorry for the delay in answering. The other questions have been answered far more eloquently than I will ever do so Ill leave it as it is. [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  22. quote:Fendi posted on 09-28-2001 You're dreaming aren't you Jeffery? I don't think Astro has ever screened any Star Trek series before (movies yes). I think the only time I've seen the series in Malaysia was the first season of TNG back in the early 90's (on TV3). I guess there's just not enough of an interest in that show back in that region. When was the last time you were back in Malaysia? Astro is into the Third Season of ST:TNG...That's what I said in 3-4 years time!!!
  23. quote:Nova posted on 09-28-2001 *cough* *mumble* ...other than me... See that police logo? Who made it, sent it to Tacops, re-did it according to Tacops, sent it again, re-did it again, lathered, rinsed, repeated? ROFLMAO, I assumed that you have read my post, more specifically.. quote: I believe that as you and Nova are the original instigators of my current proposal, you should in fact try to get your ideas up and running as soon as possible. quote:Nova posted on 09-28-2001 What still strikes me as odd, though, is that when I was around, trying to organize something in the Indies, it was really quiet and nothing would play though, but just a handful of days after I went Orion, they already started building an organization.........) Well, unfortunately or should I say fortunately, I was having problems with getting hooked up a new ISP which caused me to delay my plans to start the organization. Anyway, whatÔÇÖs your worry youÔÇÖre welcomed back anytime. We are the indies!!! We are the indies!!! We are the indies!!! (To the chorus of We are the Champions)
  24. BTW, in case I forget, thanks for spoiling the treat of waiting for the show to air over here in Malaysia which would most probably be 3 - 4 years from now... But based upon the pixs at the Enterprise web site the Vulcan looks hot... Man, how I wish I was in the US
  25. Cool, you what they say about great minds.... It's great that you resent the charter, as I was just thinking of doing the same thing, I think it would be wiser to let them approve the Corporation's charter first, before we send in Commodities Inc. and Guns For Hire Inc.'s charters, so that they can get the shoock of it in piecemeal.
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