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  1. Riga, I think it's time to ramp up the organisation by starting the RP. I assume that you have seen Emmett.hendrik's post on the RP thread, that would be a good starting point and then maybe later a flashback RP on the Organisation itself. What do you think?
  2. "Coron Wolfe" is good as long as it's not Corran Horn, which is copyright of Michael Stackpole & Star Wars . Yep, me Star Wars freak. [ 09-28-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  3. 7 of 9, 7 of 9, 7 of 9, 7 of 9, 7 of 9, 7 of 9, Come chant with me!!! Need I say more?
  4. Thundercats, Transformers, Visionaries (which was cut quite early), and most especially Robotech, man I wish they could finish the Second Generation or something like that which was cut two or three episodes in the series)
  5. LOL, You're joking right??? What a major big coincidence....I guess you would have to change your name to Commander X (formerly known as Jason-Aaron Colson)....
  6. $iLk's right, you should be named the Head of your Police Force. I believe that as you and Nova are the original instigators of my current proposal, you should in fact try to get your ideas up and running as soon as possible. Your members will be coming as soon as BCM is on the shelves and the MP portion is released. Power to the indies!!!! [ 09-28-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. First off, thanks for the condolences. quote:Rico posted on 09-25-2001 You make it sound like you're setting up a business that has it's core business in starting and winning wars by itself. Brilliant idea. I don't think anybody ever came up with that. But who will be your customers? Fleets are capable of doing it themselves. Now I see what youre getting at. Well, Rico this is BCM after all, Guns For Hire Inc is a mercenary outfit, which means we have the assets and the personnel to start wars. However, we might not start wars by ourselves but some independent planet, corporation or fleet might. Now, yes the fleets will be able to handle most things themselves, but theyre mostly for straight fights, and it would be pretty hard to go clandestine for as far as I know we still cant fudge or change our IFF codes in the BC universe and most of the fleets commanders and assets are listed and known to each side, of course I might be wrong. If the above holds true then, the mercs will come in handy as a initial thrust into a contested sector as we are by nature non-aligned to any one fleet whereby its pretty hard to know whose side were on unless of course the fleets decide to blast all mercs to smithereens just as a cautionary procedure. Then in that case, we as in the Corporation would just be redirect our corporate attentions to governments that do not own fleets to provide our source of income or independent non-violent caste like for example 1) Traders that are not members of the Corporation as bodyguards; 2) Escort for the scientist or explorer caste into unknown territory or hostile territory; Again, the possibilities are endless, provided that there are enough players, of course. quote:Rico posted on 09-25-2001 On second thought (regarding my previous post), I would wait with setting discounts on goods and services for higherups. Just mention that people can expect them some time in the future. I would wait until the company has a solid cashflow based on MP. From what I know, people that start a business of themselves (reallife) need to give in during the first months/years to make sure their company keeps running. Don't make yourself a heavy load for it. Well, its a fact that all RL starting businesses expected not to see profit in the first two to three years upon startup of the business, due to heavy capital investment into the business, and overheads. So why should we be any different? Saying that, I dont feel that there is any need to delay the proposed discounts as the members of the Corporation are the actual bread-winners of the Corporation, as we get taxed for every contract we take on vide the Corporation. Secondly, in RL all overheads especially wages have to be paid even if the business is taking losses, and in Intercorp Unlimiteds case, the discounts are in fact, the wages of the members and officers. I think you can see where Im going. quote:Rico posted on 09-25-2001 Do I read here that Directors and 'vice-directors' get 30% discount on the stuff that has to be acquired for the company's sake? Doesn't make sense. Unless if Guns For Hire Inc. gets a 30% discount when dealing with other parts of Intercorp. But that shouldn't be listed under the director or vice-director part. It should be in Intercorp's rules and regulations for it and it's subsidaries. Yes, you read it right, that as you can see very clearly is part of the responsibility of the Legatus. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple, to prevent office bearers to misuse their powers and the Divisions funds for his or her own gains or benefits. As you can see that part of the perks of the Legatus is the ability to purchase assets and holdings on behalf of the Division. Now, whos to say that any Legatus wont just purchase a super carrier to replace his heavy cruiser. I saw the loophole and decided the cover it first before any persons can take advantage of it to the detriment of the other members. Point of fact, when first suggesting the incorporation of Intercorp Unlimited, I envisioned that the Corporation owns many assets that may be loaned to its members for a fee for a specific contract after which the asset must be returned to the Corporation. Whether this will be allowed and implemented is still up in the air quote:Rico posted on 09-25-2001 This persons character wil have to make the long journey. His character can't magically disappear from Jupiter station (where he was stationed last time he played) and magically appear out of thin air on Commodities Inc. base and launch from there. Unless there is that new cross-universe transporterpad thingy the SC came up with. But I believe that was firstperson planetbased only. So I don't think it can. I read somewhere that Guns For Hire Inc. or any other of Intercorps subsidairies would charge a launch fee if a person were to launch from say Jupiter station. Do they really have any right to make that charge? Isn't that up to the station commander? For example with Wraith, that's up to Tac (or whoever is in charge of the station) if there is any money to be charged. If the station commander decides it's neccessary, then ofcourse any company is allowed to pass on that fee to the individual person. But that is just my impression of jurisdiction. Also, wouldn't you be hiring office space on Wraith instead of buying it? Assuredly, thats true, notice I did not mention that it will happen all in a day of by the games reckoning. Of course if the said commander decide to launch from another base he or she would have to dock on his divisions base and ask for permission to be freighted to an allied base where he or she wants to launch. So a service fee would be charged for the freighting and transfer to the allied base and of course after a appropriate amount of time, wahla, launch from the allied base. This need not apply just to members, any fleet or independent commander may use the same mode of transportation, of course for a higher fee. Secondly, yes, upon initial startup Intercorp Unlimited might just be renting or hiring office space on a fleet base. But as the Corporation gains more moola, whos to say that we can't built our own base around the same orbit, or establishing land bases on the planet being orbited. So you can see that my vision for the Corporation in limitless hence the corporation name Intercorp Unlimited. quote:Rico posted on 09-25-2001 I think one should focus on BCM economics for the time being. GCO is still quite far away. And since we do not even know how BCM is going to play like (atleast not for the comming month/weeks), I see absolutely no reason to go another step into the unkown. Whenever GCO comes out of beta it's not going to be seriously difficult to changes one's company policy or financial situation. Keep it 'down to earth'. Well, I say why limit ourselves, there is no reason that we can not plan for the future, as I know for certain that the BC universe will be a long and great one. So were here for the long haul, and I want Intercorp Unlimited to be there every step of the way from the moment of its incorporation. [ 09-28-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  8. Riga, my grandfather just passed away this morning, so I'll be away for one or two days, so please hold the fort, ok
  9. quote:Cmdr Nova posted on 09-24-2001 Oohhhh!!!! BCM is GOLD as of TODAY!!!! Tomorrow is the official Press Release from EB, but SC has said that it's gold as of TODAY! You all know what that means..... No...what But seriously I'm really, Really, REally, REAlly, REALly, REALLy, REALLY, REALLY estatic that the game has gone gold, waiting for BMT to email about me, about my pre order. Please BMT make it fast!!!!!!! quote:Riga posted on 09-24-2001 Let's see what our newest members want first, but recruitment would be a nice job. They might also help out in the HR division. Slaps himself on the foreheadI dang near forgot about the HR Division....NOT quote:Riga posted on 09-24-2001 Don't let certain posts in another forum keep you out of your sleep Huh? What? Where? Which forum are you talking about? I'm on a couple of others you know BTW in another weeks time I'll start putting up the Guns For Hire Inc. charter, table of organisation and what not, so I would really appreciate any other feedback...
  10. quote:Riga posted on 09-23-2001 Different ISP's. office has direct T1 to the university backbone, at home I've got a modem connection. Well, there's your answer!!! quote:Riga posted in 09-23-2001 Hail Ceasar! They have a nice sound to it. Just that I think the former 'Admiral' rank should be called ... Ceasar Nah!! I think I want to keep the ranks to somewhat military lines as the mercs are of a somewhat militarislistic nature. quote:Tac posted on 09-23-2001 Ever thought of using the MEDICI or the HANSA ranks? Its more bussiness-related Haven't had the time to look it up yet So we'll see. quote:Riga posted on 09-23-2001 I think it is great. Dunno about Malleus, but if he joins as well, then there are 5 of us, not bad for a month's work... I hope that they want to contribute in structuring the corporation, but if they just want to be members than that's ok with me as well. I hope Malleus joins up as well, and I hoping that they will contribute as well. Not necessarily to the structuring, as there are many things to do as well, like for example RECRUITING quote:Riga posted on 09-23-2001 BTW: You're on icq? Nope, why? [ 09-24-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  11. At home do you use the same ISP as what they use in your office? Anyway don't worry about it, we all understand that the Net is not all that it's touted to be, in fact I get the same problem as you do. Anyway what do you think about the new rank names I have proposed? Well as you can see from the posts Jigoku and Outlaw are willing to join up, hooray Here's to hoping that they can help us make this Corporation a reality.
  12. Yes, I got your email three times. Hey, in fact I wasn't planning to send anything to tacops until the game is delivered to me as I'm understandably eagerly awaiting for BCM. Can't wait to get my grubby hands on it
  13. update of ranks Admiral----> Legatus Vice Admiral-----> Praefactus Commodore----> Tribunus Senior Commander----> Centurio Commander----> Centuriae Junior Commander----> Discens [ 09-22-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  14. okay, now that someone is happy with the ranks of Guns For Hire Inc., I would appreciate any other comments on the Charter before I put it up on the Intercorp Website and submitting it to Tacops.
  15. Takes a bow and says "Thank you, thank you" [ 09-22-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  16. Alright, since there has been a call for the change in the names of the ranks to a more civilian one, I came up with this Admiral -----> Zeus Vice Admiral -----> Ares Commodore -----> Boreas Senior Commander ----> Zephir Commander -----> Notus Junior Commander -----> Eurus There should be no more complains from now on [ 09-22-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  17. Epsilon, pack of stars removed quote:2 - A raider division doesn't sound right at all. You seem to forget that raiders are enemies to EVERYONE but other raiders. Raiders are the scum of the galaxy, attacking armed and unarmed castes for no reason but personal gain and destruction. Your raiders will have a good time shooting your trading vessels and decimating merc task-forces It depends on your definition of raiders, initially I thought the same as you did but after thinking it over carefully, especially reflecting on the European history of forming privateering companies during the 1800's - 1900's, I saw that incorporating raiders into the Corporation will be beneficial to the Corporation in terms of profit, manpower and new services available. Anyway, it really depends on the player himself, he could of course play a solo game, or he could organise his own guild or he could join us with all the benefits and privileges available not to mention the connections and resources available. [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  18. I feel that it is necessary to clarify some matters before we move any further. Intercorp Unlimited is the holding company where a Board of Directors will meet to discuss and brain storm new ways of expanding the group (call it a strategy meeting and partial brain storming group) These Directors will comprise of the Heads of each SubDivision. The Corporation will levy a 4% fees on each SubDivision quarterly or bi-annually (this is still not settled yet and the 4% seems a bit too little) Any holding, asset or infrastructure bought in the name of the Corporation can be used as a staging area by any member of the Corporation for a nominal service fee (To be decided later) Divisions are as listed in my earlier post. Subdivisions are basically the nuts and bolts of the Corporation. This where we generate income for the Corporation. Each subdivision would have it's own hierarchy of organisation. Only castes of a specific subdivision can stage and launch from any holdings, assets and infrastucture belonging to a specific subdivision. Of course any other member caste can choose to launch from another division's bases but they must pay a service fee. (To be decided later) Now there is a reason for charging service fee for launching from different subdivision or Corporation bases. For example Guns For Hire Inc. has a orbital base around Jupiter but a mercenary member needs to fulfill a contract on a planet in Epsilon Eridani, so he could 1) take the time to fly through all the space between Jupiter and Epsilon Eridani running through a gauntlet of hostiles and risking death, damage and losses and thereby being unable to fulfill a contract especially if the contract is to meet a specific dateline, or 2) he could decide to launch from a Commodities Inc. base which is just one jump away from Epsilon Eridani. However it is unfair to Commodities Inc. for him just to launch from their base without any fees as they have committed time and resources in setting up a base near Epsilon Eridani, while the mercenaries decide to set up on Jupiter, Sol. So anyone should be able to see where I'm heading with this. [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  19. Welcome, and thank you for joining us, it will be a privilege to work with you. As I've stated in my post to Outlaw, you're welcomed to help out in organising, structuring and establishing this Corporation, and any and all efforts on anyone's part will be sincerely appreciated
  20. Final post for the night, I'm thinking to amend the perks of each ranking officer of Guns For Hire Inc as follows:- Admiral-Total waiver of service fee levied; 20% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Power to reject and appoint officers of the Division with the recommendation of the Board of Vice Admirals; Power to purchase, obtain and built infrastructure and facilities on behalf of the Division with the Division monies; Purchases of goods and services from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation on behalf of Guns For Hire Inc. will be given a discount of 30%. Vice Admiral-50% waiver of service fee levied; 15% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Power to recommend the rejection and appointment of all officers of the Division excluding Vice Admirals; Power to veto AdmiralÔÇÖs decision to purchasing decisions; Voting power to appoint Admiral; Power to purchase, obtain and built infrastructure and facilities on behalf of the Division with the Division monies; Purchases of goods and services from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation on behalf of Guns For Hire Inc. will be given a discount of 30%. Commodore-25% waiver of service fees levied; 10% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Specific perks allotted by the Admiral and the Board of Vice Admirals. Senior Commander-Voting power to appoint Vice-Admirals; 5% waiver of service fee levied; 5% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Not bound by the rules and regulations of the Corporations and the Division when outside the holdings and facilities of the Corporation, its Divisions and/or Subdivisions. Commander-Voting power to appoint Vice Admirals; 5% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Not bound by the rules and regulations of the Corporations and the Division when outside the holdings and facilities of the Corporation, its Divisions and/or Subdivisions. Junior Commander-1% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and subdivisions of the Corporation; Not bound by the rules and regulations of the Corporations and the Division when outside the holdings and facilities of the Corporation, its Divisions and/or Subdivisions. Right I'm going off to bed now, thanks Epsilon for the ideas. [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  21. Well at the moment we have one Trader and Two mercenaries in the Corporation, I would really like any indies of other castes to join in so that we start organising the separate divisions. I feel that it would not be fair for us to draw up the charters' of the other Divisions as we are understandably more interested to set up our own area of interest. Rico, I forgot to add one more thing, think of the Divisions and SubDivisions as subsidiaries of Intercorp Unlimited and you will understand the direction I'm heading. Of course the heads of each Division and SubDivisions would be called Directors in the holding Corporation.
  22. quote:Being a merc job office, I don't really see what kind of services the chiefs should be able to make use of. Well, yes I do see. The admiral (I'll adress that later) can hire a group of its members and task it with any personal military efforts he desires. While I don't really see anything illegal about that (your choice, but consider the implications of those actions/orders), what's the point of it? Being the chief of a corporation you should not have any enemies (to fear personally). And market competition shouldn't get out of hand like that, then again, what's legal. Ofcourse, the admiral or board of v-admirals can decide that the properties of Guns For Hire, Inc. need to be protected by a squad/group of it's own members. But then it would be totally charged to the company's account, not to the admiral's or other employee/members Rico, the Corporation wide discounts need not only apply to hiring people to fight. I was thinking that the Director could employ like for example 1) hiring the Explorers to explore a potential enemy's space as recon, 2) hiring the Scientists to analyse data, artifacts, ships and tech in order to incorporate into the Division for a price of course , 3)purchasing weapons in bulk from the Traders as supplies for a contract (of course we can just commit suicide and allow the game to reload us afresh but I'm thinking of making that option a very expensive one i.e. loss of rank due to the number of deaths, reduction in prestige in the Corporation and so forth) 4) hiring Raiders to raid behind enemy lines to lower the defenses of an intended target or get more supplies and so forth. So you see the possibilities are endless, if you have the moola and the imagination (I'm actually gearing the Corporation towards CGO and not necessarily BCM multiplayer, which is why I'm having a hard time to cover all the bases as the economy, politics, infrastructure and universe of CGO is still murky) quote: Admirals: While i believe an indie that wants to start a business is quite free (or perhaps totally free) in setting up his hierarchy, the title "Admiral" or "vice-Admiral" denotes some measure of power over others below him in the hierarchy. While the (vice-)admiral(s) have total jurisdiction when it comes to how to do business, they have no command power whatsoever over the members. I believe the title is ill-chosen. It does have a nice ring to it, but only if you like to have power over others. Which you don't. If they don't like what is demanded from them then that's it. They don't even have to salute. You're just offering a means to get a job for a certain price. The company offers people with a military occupation, but it is not the military. I recognise Jeffery said Admiral-ity was a placeholder for director-ship, it's just that I would think "director" would be in the first line of thought, instead of admiral. Now, yes, the ranks are at the moment a place holder, but with the approval of Tacops we might make it permanent even though we're NOT per se a fleet. Now I was initially thinking of using the terms Director but after much thinking I feel that it will make it a bit cumbersome, as I foresee that each division would have it's own Director of Personnel, I can just imagine the titles that will be coming up Director of Personnel, Guns For Hire Inc, Operations Division, Intercorp Unlimited followed by the starship name and where they are based. So if each Division or subdivision could come up with a different set of naming for their directors than we can cut it short like Personnel Commodore, Intercorp Unlimited as we'll instinctively know that rank Commodore are the only ranks used in the Guns For Hire Inc, Operations Division. Now about insurance policies, well if the Corporation is wealthy enough we could even set up a personnel insurance policy and a public insurance policy under a separate Division whereby relevant pricing would be established. As you can see the possibilities of the Corporation is limitless and we won't run risk of legal action and accusations that we're a monopoly unlike Microsoft [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  23. DREADA and Tac this is a belated thanks for offering us a place to set up shop, but I think we should not just limit ourselves to one sector of space, ideally we should look for a neutral space to set up our HQ (if and when we're approved) and set up branches in each naval, civilian sector just like the operations of multinational companies. The main reason I would like to set up the HQ in neutral space so that all indies will not feel that the Corporation is partial or biased towards a certain Government or Race. We're a Corporation and we go where the money is [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
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