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  1. quote:

    Outlaw posted on 11-10-2001

    Hey forget Intercorp man. This proposal of yours is BS. I'm an indie and being member of Intercorp doesn't exactly make me a indie. Count me out. My brothers in the Gammulan fleet will back me up always and no politics involved like in Intercorp will get in my way. Out.

    Sorry to see you go Outlaw...maybe next time


    Shigen posted on 11-12-2001

    Ok I've been gone for awhile, but you guys aren't STILL hashing over that old "indie alliance" crap are you?

    The whole POINT of being an INDIE in to REMAIN INDEPENDENT! If I wanted to join an organization, I'd apply to one of the fleets...

    Seems rather rudundant to be a 'indie' in an 'organization' don't it?

    Well, thank you very much of your opinion. Kindly close the door on your way out. Look I respect your decision but pouring water over our efforts in not what I expected at all, next time instead of that, could you give some constructive comments instead.

    Please read up on the discussion first before you put out a unilateral statement like that.

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry for the long disappearance RL intruded in my pc life.

    Yes, Baloogan, the two logos aren't that good, forgive me but I'was my first try at gfx drawing. If you have better one, please feel free to put it up of comments. Unfortunately I do not have the time to rectify the two logos that I have put up or finish up the other four work in progress, maybe later.

  3. This was back in the early 90s when I playing X-Com or UFO Enemy Unknown for you Brits

    Afer cramming my studies, I needed a break so I loaded my savegame and decided that it was time to beat some alien butt....there I was playing the game, when a couple of Etherals jumped my squad and beat the holy hell out of it ....which was when I finally I looked up from the screen, guess what ......it was the next night...I played 28 hours through without going to the loo or eating or sleeping or even taking a bath. Fortunately this was in college and I was living away from home...unfortunately I had exam had a exam in 6 hours time...hows that for engrossing gameplay...Needless to say I flunked the paper and had to do a resit.

    Man, oh man, I missed those good ole days.

  4. quote:

    Remo Williams posted on 11-02-2001

    Hehe I'm well aware of the dangers in having and indie group located on our stations. The others in Prime had to talk long and hard to get me to consider it for logistical reasons. Now that this thread has implied that Intercorp is considering working with the Insurgents or at least parts of Intercorp. I'm not so sure our offer still stands at this point.

    Time will tell I suppose. I would think about who I want to deal with. Because dealings with the Insurgents would almost certainly make the Terran quadrant off limits for Intercorp members as far as GALCOM is concerned. Also keep in mind Prime Fleet will be almost every where in the terran Quadrant and beyond.

    I think you are getting the wrong impression from my questions and explanation guys. What I mean is this Intercorp being a indie organisation has no hold and control over our members doings on its members as per our charter.

    I just wanted to find out what your reaction is towards the situations that might arise. But the idea of holding Intercorp responsibility over the actions of the members is paradoxical as we're are NOT allowed to tell our members what to do with the exception of office bearers unlike the fleets. So treating Intercorp like you would a fleet would be unfair to the organisation.

    I would propose that each Intercorp member whether invited to set up bases on the respective fleet bases or not, are to be judged on their own merits instead of judging the whole of Intercorp based upon the actions of certain members.

  5. Like Riga said, especially for the pacific castes, it is very hard to find out what an indie is doing for business.

    Thus question 6 above, although you might screen all sensitive information, an indie would still be able to see some important things like fleet deployment especially if the indie's office in on the said fleet's base.

    Even, if there is no indication of what the deployment is intended for, a indie may sell the information to the highest bidder for e.g. the fleet has left the base unguarded, ripe of invasion

    So my questions stands how are you gonna prevent 6 from happening?

    The way I see it, you can prevent 6 from happening by doing the following

    1) signing of contract for non-disclosure

    2) spying on said indie

    3) rely on the honour of the indie (i.e. none)

    4) whatever you might think of

    I know I'm going out on a limb here, but to be fair have to remind you fleeters about the risks of having indies on your base.

  6. Thanks for the answers guys. That's what I like to see, more participation from the indies.

    What the other indies out there? What are your Q & As?


    Epsilon posted on 11-01-2001

    I have something to ask the traders and other non-combat money-makers here... if everything works and you make profit... what do you do with the cash?? Wander around saying you are the first billionaire?

    Need you ask?

    1. Upgrading ship

    2. Purchasing hired thugs i.e. bodyguards

    3. Purchasing my very own base

    4. Purchasing my very own planet

    5. Purchasing Galcom

  7. Make that 8. It's not really what I expected especially the starfighters, damn, ugly as far as I'm concerned, Jar Jar Who?

    Hey, its Star Wars take or leave it, it will still be there. It's take time for it to sink into your mind and soul. So I'm going for Episode 2.

    Do you know by my calculation, George Lucas would most probably be dead by the time Episode 8 or 9 comes out. If it does, that is.

  8. Right back on topic.

    The next question that comes into mind, affects the traders

    What are pricing guidelines a trader is expected to adhere to if he or she or it is selling commodities directly to a fleet member?

    Will the fleet allow the trader to gouge the hell out of the the fleeter or will the fleet purchase (based upon a certain guideline) on behalf of the fleeter and appropriate deductions be taken from the fleeter's salary?

    In other words do traders deal with the fleet or the individual commander directly?

  9. Right, now that Intercorp is gaining members, and due to the offers for opening offices at various fleet HQs and bases, I would to get some comment from you fleeters

    1) What kind of services are you expecting from Intercorp?

    2) What kind of service do you think your fleet needs the most?

    3) How would your fleet treat members of Intercorp? Whether they're being employed by your fleet or a hostile fleet?

    4) What is your fleet's policy towards independents? Are they neutral, hostile or friendly?

    5) Are you allowed to pursue vengeance or revenge in the event that a member of Intercorp DED you in the course of their contract?

    6) Will your fleet require strict confidentiality on the parts of Intercorp members with regards to fleet deployement and various stuff?

    That's the questions that I have coming out of my head now. Will post more later

  10. Other than the lack of multiplyer for Civ 3 (of which I don't really care) is it any good?

    What are major improvements that are discernable?

    What has been added or taken away from the game?

    Does the AI cheat or does it play by the rules of the game?

    Do you like it? Please elaborate.

    I'm looking forward to purchasing it, but would like you to hear your comments first before I put my money down.


    Intercorp is proud to release the following details to the galactic public

    1. Charter and hierarchy to El Dorado Inc, the new Commercial Sub-Division and

    2. Charter and hierarchy of Consignee Inc, the new Diplomat Sub-Division

    All details can be read here.

    Intercorp is as usual open for suggestions and comments from the public with regards to the above in line with their policy of providing services to the public.


  12. The membership of Intercorp is todate is as


    Forum Handle - CmdrÔÇÖs Name - Caste - Title - Division

    Cmdr Jeffery Eu - Jeffery Eu - Mercenary - Legatus - Guns For Hire Inc.

    Riga - Riga Gerdis - Trader - Director - Commodity Inc.

    Undisclosed - Undisclosed - Undisclosed - Director - Undisclosed

    TRD - TRD - Diplomat - Director - Consignee Inc.

    Malleus Malefictorum - Malleus Malefictorum - Mercenary - Member - Guns For Hire Inc.

    Jigoku San - Jigoku San - Mercenary - Member - Guns For Hire Inc.

    Outlaw - Valdemar - Mercenary - Member - Guns For Hire Inc.

    Kenada - Kenada Virgo - Trader - Member - Commodity Inc.

    Guybert - Guybert - Commercial - Director - El Dorado Inc.

    Yes, Intercorp is building up fast

    All interested indies, please post here or alternatively mail me or Riga

  13. And this is the proposed hierarchy of Consignee Inc.


    Director Holds a seat on the Corporation Board of Directors;

    Responsibilities are the running of the divisions operations, rules, regulations, and inter division relationships. Has final say on all division affairs;

    Is exempt from service fee;

    20% discount on all products and services from the Corporation;

    30% discount on all products and services purchased on behalf of Consignee Inc from the Corporation.

    Ambassador Chosen by the Director from the Envoy level diplomats;

    Holds seat on DivisionÔÇÖs advisory board;

    Responsibilities include assisting in the running of division operations, rules and regulations;

    50% discount on service fee;

    Envoy Experienced diplomat of charge d'affaires level who has successfully completed 4 missions of at least level 3 difficulty;

    Responsibilities include assisting junior members.

    Charge d'affaires Diplomat of Consul level that has completed 10 missions of at least level 2 difficulty;

    Responsibilities include assisting new members.

    Consul Attach├® who has completed 10 missions of level 1 difficulty;

    Attach├® Entry level to the division. Non-members will automatically be assigned this level if seeking work through Consignee Inc.

    Members may only receive promotion in experience rank with the agreement of an Ambassador or the Director. An Ambassador can recommend to the advisory board, the promotion of an individual even if the normal criteria has not been met, however this is rare and only occurs as a result of agreement from the other AmbassadorÔÇÖs and Director.


    Again we welcome all comments.

  14. This is the charter for Consignee Inc. the Diplomat Division of Intercorp Unlimited which is the copyright of TRD

    Consignee Inc.

    Diplomat Sub-Division,

    Liaisons Division,

    Intercorp Unlimited


    Consignee Inc. provides a service to all members of the Corporation who are of the diplomatic caste.

    Consignee Inc. acts as a point of contact for all of its members. Any diplomat will be able to use Consignee as a place to easily seek employment and for potential clients to seek qualified diplomats as employees on a contract basis.

    Consignee Inc. holds no responsibility for any contracts agreed between diplomat and employer, any failure to complete the contract on the end of the diplomat is solely their responsibility. Consignee will however provide assistance in legal proceedings that a member wishes to take as a result of the employer failing to uphold their side of the agreement.

    Facilities of Consignee are available for use by all members of the Division as a safe environment in which they can conduct their business. Due to the neutral nature of Consignee, it is ideal for the staging of negotiations without fear of potential harmful involvement from outside sources.

    Members of the Division are bound by all rules and regulations of Corporation and Consignee while they remain on any facility under the control of the Corporation or Division. Failure to abide by these rules will result in an appropriate penalty.

    Though members are bound by the rules of the Corporation and the Division while stationed at one of its bases, the Director of Consignee is bound by rules of the Division and the Corporation at all times and must uphold them. Failure to do so will result in being called before the Board of Directors for appropriate punishment.

    Consignee Inc requires that a charge of 4% commission will be paid to the division as a result of all transactions made by its members and their employees. This payment only applies to contracts that are arranged through the assistance of Consignee, and not any independent contracts made outside the division.

    Members are required to make payments to the division within two weeks of the conclusion of each contract. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the immediate expulsion from Consignee Inc.

    Any earnings made by the division (after commission to the Corporation) are to be invested into improvements to Consignee Inc.


  15. And this is the proposed hierarchy



    Responsibilities Has a seat in the Corporation's Board of Directors;

    Running of daily operations at the DivisionÔÇÖs base of operations;

    Approval of business and revenue targets;

    Approval of new proposals for offered services;

    Inter-division contacts/activities;

    Approving a member to the next level (e.g. an Associate to VP level).

    Benefits 20% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions;

    Total waiver of service fee levied on individual transactions;

    20% discount on all goods and services purchased from all Divisions and sub-Divisions of the Corporation.

    Chief Operating Officer

    Responsibilities Assistant to the Director. Aids in daily operations and inter-division relations and activities;

    Replaces the Director when not present for longer periods of time;

    Approval of business and revenue targets;

    Approval of new proposals for offered services;

    Inter-division contacts/activities;

    Approving a member to the next level.

    Benefits 15% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions;

    50% waiver of service fee levied on individual transactions;

    15% discount on all goods and services purchased from all Divisions and sub-Divisions of the Corporation.

    Senior Vice President A member that has earned the division at least 6,400,000.00 credits as well as having designed and created 2 new services, which can be offered by ED.

    Responsibilities Setting and implementing new business and revenue targets;

    Oversee VPÔÇÖs to ensure new business and revenue targets. are being met.

    Benefits 12% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions;

    25% waiver of service fee levied on individual transactions;

    10% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and sub-divisions of the Corporation.

    Vice President A member that successfully earned the division at least 1,600,000.00 credits.

    Responsibilities Work with and oversee Associates to actively seek and bring in new business for the services offered by ED.

    Benefits 10% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions.

    5% waiver of service fee levied on individual transactions;

    5% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and sub-divisions of the Corporation

    Associate A member that successfully completes several trading runs and earned the division at least 400,000.00 credits.

    Responsibilities Act as mentors to Junior Associates and encourage full use of the CorporationÔÇÖs resources/support.

    Benefits 8% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions;

    Bonus equivalent to 8% of net revenue for significant contribution towards creation and implementation of new service;

    5% discount on all goods and services purchased from all Divisions and sub-Divisions of the Corporation.

    Junior Associate A member that just applied for membership and has recently been reassigned from the HR division to the Commercial division.

    Responsibilities Work with assigned team members.

    Benefits 5% of revenue (after expenditure) for involvement in any group transactions;

    Bonus equivalent to 5% of net revenue for significant contribution towards creation and implementation of new service;

    1% discount on all goods and services purchased from all divisions and sub-divisions of the Corporation

    Any revenue left over after payment of group level portions as outlined above will be divided equally between all participating members of that group.

    If there is insufficient revenue to meet the above payment schedule, all hierarchal level percentage portions will be multiplied by a factor of 0.8 until reduced sufficiently to meet payment to all participating group members. Any amount left over after payment of the modified group level portions will be divided equally between all participating members of that group.

    While ED acknowledges the absolute right of all members to remain independent, this structure is designed to encourage all members to work together, with the aim of maximizing the potential for earning revenue as resources (intellectual and financial) can be pooled and utilized in the most efficient manner.


    Any comments or suggestions or criticism are welcomed.

  16. This is the charter for the Commercial Sub-Division of Intercorp which is the copyright of Guybert.

    El Dorado Inc. (herein referred to as "ED")

    Commercial Sub-Division,

    Service Division,

    Intercorp Unlimited


    ED assists members in the exchange of goods and services for financial gain, provides support for negotiations concerning price and fulfillment on behalf of its members.

    Due to the independent nature of the parties involved ED does not resolve disputes and does not pass judgment over events outside of its base. Once a settlement is reached, ED and all parties leave the base, then the division is no longer responsible for any actions performed by either party. Disputes are to be settled by the parties involved themselves or by other, higher, authorities if these can be found.

    ED's base provides a safe haven for those that are present, thus enabling parties engaged in commerce to conduct business in a safe environment. Any misconducting person will be expelled by force. The sphere of influence of ED only encompasses the base itself.

    All members of ED, are only bound by the divisions rules and rulings as long as they are at one of the corporation bases. The Director is always bound to the rules of the division and the rulings of the corporation. Unlike members, the Director can be judged by the Board of Directors for his actions off base.

    ED is an equal opportunity organization. Promotion within and assistance from the organization will not be hindered by reason of caste, physical attributes, whether they prefer green corduroy over faded LeviÔÇÖs or any other preference. Provided said member conforms to the DivisionÔÇÖs rules.

    ED requires a commission of 4% of the involved the transaction, with a minimum of 50.000, for every deal that is closed within the support of the division. The penalty for noncompliance is to be expelled from ED. The fee is to be paid within 2 weeks. Members are acquitted from this free if a party that is introduced by ED does not keep its end of the bargain (of which the member must provide proof).

    Any earnings made by the Division are to be invested in the DivisionÔÇÖs infrastructure and/or operations. At least 75% of the earnings must be spent in direct support of its members.


  17. quote:

    Salisbury posted on 10-27-2001

    I was wondering if there are any command posts still open in any of the fleets. If there are, please contact me as I would really like to command a capital ship. Thanks

    That's funny, I would have thought the most of the ships available to the military are capital ships. As far as I know, we have super carriers, carriers, super cruisers and heavy cruisers in BCM, so our contemporary definition of capital ships doesn't really apply in BCM.

  18. quote:

    SC posted on 10-27-2001

    Yep, the game is shipping before any new demo. Besides, I'm taking it easy and the effort going into another demo can go toward doing the mp code.

    Ahem!!!Then in that case the demo is not really important.on my knees beggingPlease, please finish the mp code first.

    You guys b*****r off!!! Stop bugging the Sc from coding the mp.

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