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  1. The independent vulture sees prey, swoops down on the unsuspecting newbie, grabs him by the collar,

    Fights off the other vultures for possession.

    DARN it I saw him first, he's mine!!!!!

    Yep, being practicing my vulturing.....ahem....recruiting technics.....

    Veni, vidi, vici

  2. It's 10-28-2001 9.00 pm here in Malaysia and yehah it out of production already!!!! I hope BMT sends it by the 11-2-2001.

    clicks on my email


    still no email from BMT

    reads some posts

    clicks on my email again


    WTF still no email

    reads more posts and reply to some posts

    click YET again on my email

    *****GOD DARN IT*****

  3. quote:

    Spuzzum posted on 10-27-2001

    Well, I think the point of being indie is to have many companies and organisations competing with one another.

    If someone makes a galactic agency, then essentially I think there's no real point in joining anything else...

    It's a thought, though.

    (I'd be happier to see many police companies... the Gammulan Quadrant Criminal Hunters, the Lennen Raider Patrol, etc. We could cooperate as necessary, or even try to steal each others' thunder. )

    I understand that but I'm sure that you have noticed that we independents are NOT really bulging with manpower at the moment.

    I'm just suggesting that if you were to make your organisation available to a wider selection of races so instead of limiting yourself to once race, i.e. setting up a galactic agency, not only will you have a bigger group of members to start with but if you make it interesting and intriguing enough more people would be interested to join. Once you have succesfully established that, and if there are enough members you can decide to start organising an agency for a specific race.

    Just IMHO in light of the situation we are facing with.

    Another point is that once you have set down the ground rules of a galactic wide agency and have it approved by the SC, then it's easier to set out a race specific agency


    Intercorp is growing bigger by the day as the major galactic Corporation is now setting up its SIXTH Division catering to all independents of the Commercial caste.

    An Intercorp spokesman confirms that the new Division has been approved and even now its charter is being drafted.

    He said that Intercorp hopes to put up the Charters for the three respective new Divisions proposed, Diplomat, Commercial and a very secretive one to the galactic public as soon as it is has been tabled to Board of Directors.


  5. Well, it seems that the discussion has died down, so I'm bringing it up again.

    Come on people, what are your views on the economics for the UCVs?

    There are couple of other points I would likw to thrash out:-

    1) In the case of passive castes like explorers, diplomats, scientists and so forth how would you expect the pricing to be like?

    I would to suggest that the contract price should be based upon

    a) experience of the employee

    B) difficulty of the mission

    c) objectives

    For example, if a very experienced Diplomat is hired to gain an alliance between Sol and LV-103, how are going to put a price on that mission?

    In the reverse, if a brand new Diplomat is hired to do the same how are you gonna price it?

    Or If the medium experiences Diplomat is hired to just go into Credian Sector just to negotitate a exchange of prisoner of war, how are you gonna price it?

    2) Should long term customers be eligible for discounts? What's the maximum allowable discount to stop price undercutting? The next question would be do we even care?

    3) This question has nothing to do with economics, if a peaceful trader suddenly gets caught in a battle, who can he or she get compensation from, if he or she suffers damages. Will there be even a system in place for pursuit of compensation, or we don't care?

    4) If a Galcom member breaks the rules (if there are rules, and if we know what the rules are) who should we complain to? Can we even complain or should us indies just suck up our gut and go on?

    Thats it for now. I hope these questions make sense. Please remember that I'm gearing myself to GCO and not necessarily BCM

    [ 10-26-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]


    Intercorp Unlimited is proud to announce that the fifth Intercorp Division has just been approved by the Board of Directors.

    "We are very proud to say that we have come to an agreement with a major galactic diplomat to head our Diplomat Division. Plans are being tabled, all further details will provided once its up and running." said Cmdr Jeffery Eu, the Legatus (read Director) of Guns For Hire Inc.

    "We look forward to providing more quality services to the galaxy."


  7. quote:

    Spuzzum posted on 10-26-2001

    I'm more or less lurking until BCM comes out. I probably visit once a week or maybe even less frequently. When I get my paws on a copy of BCM, though, you can bet I'll be working pretty darned hard on fleshing out my Terran Core Systems Police organisation. Once I get a reasonable amount of stuff I'll see if I can run it through Tacops.

    So yes, I'm here... just not completely alive and kicking yet.

    Welcome back spuzzum!! You went MIA for quite a while. Thought maybe that you gave on your idea of Terran Core Systems Police due to the lack of response

    Anyway, been thinking about it a lot, instead of restricting yourself and you members circle, maybe you should expand the Police to an galactic one, something like the Interpol but with more substance and power. Hmm treaties between the races for extradition and punishment, which means a more comprehensive legal system.

    [ 10-26-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  8. quote:

    Gamaliel posted on 10-24-2001


    I am alive, kicking, and most definitely an Indie.

    In any case I am checking in.

    Gam out.

    hmm, our local newbie wagons haven't turned up yet. Anyway welcome to our neck of the woods.

    It's great that you have chosen a non-military caste like us. That's what we indies really need, more interests in castes other than military.

    Anyways feel free to browse around, I'm sure you know by now that we, Intercorp Unlimited are recruiting and would love it if you could join our cause as we don't have any one to organise the Scientists Division of Intercorp. If you're interested mail me.

    [ 10-26-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  9. quote:

    Kenada posted on 10-24-2001

    Dear Intercorp:

    I have read over the charter and so forth. So far, what I have seen is something fresh that will go very far... Therefore, I would like to join as a Trader and learn the many ways of the commerce. I look forward to helping out any way possible... May the stars bring prosperity and wealth...

    Heya Kenada, sorry for the lack of response as I'm pretty bogged down with work in RL.

    Anyway welcome to Intercorp Unlimited. I know that Riga is estactic that there's another Trader member(that will make it 2 of you) as most of the interested commanders have been mercs or of other castes.

    If you're interested in helping out. kindly contact Riga via email. If not, don't worry about it and stick around for latest developments.


    Rico posted on 10-25-2001

    Huh? The smell of rotting fish versus the smell of a thermometer (in either Fahrenheit or Centrigrade scale). You got me at a loss here, Fendi.

    ROFL, Fendi meant the cologne or aftershaves Rico, not the thermometer. Where in the boonies are you staying any way?


    $iLk posted on 10-25-2001

    Overall guys I think Intercorps is shaping up to be something BIG... Wish I could build up the courage to read through all 7 pages of this...

    huh, why not jump to our web site instead?

    Hey Outlaw are you still interested in joining Intercorp?

  10. quote:

    Guybert posted on 10-23-2001

    I hope you will accept my humble application to your organization and look forward to working with y'all.

    Heya Guy, welcome to our neck of our woods. I see that our newbie welcome wagon has beat me to welcoming you.

    Thanks for your interest in Intercorp. Yes, we are seriously in need of members. As you are the first commercial commander, I guess you get the duty of organising your division, which is the Commercial Sub-Division, Services Division, Intercorp Unlimited.

    If you need additional information, private message or email Riga and myself, and we'll try to fill you in.

    Thanks again for your interest, and any help from you will be greatly appreciated

  11. I'm not sure if you guys realised this, but when I tried to delete some the private messages that I have, to clear some space, all I get is this message



    Invalid input! One or more items submitted in the form are not in the proper format.

    ┬╗ Please use your browser's back button to return.

    Any one else have this problem?

    [ 10-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

    [ 10-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  12. Don't really know much about the topic of gun control what I do know is this. Over here in Malaysia, gun control is absolute, no one owns a weapon without permits and then only licensed security guards, police officers, field military personnel as opposed to administrative military personnel and bank managers.

    Even with that kind of control we still have weapons falling into the hands of criminals, in fact just recently a group of cultist forged their way into a military base and appropriated military weapons which ended with a couple of police officers being killed before they were taken down.

    So gun control or not, if some whacko wants to get a weapon, he or she will get it by hook or by crook, unless the world decides to destroy all weapons, nothing you or i agree or disagree upon will work. Even then, a person could get a machete or a "parang" as a substitute.

    It's not the weapons that are dangerous, it is the people holding on the weapons.

    [ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]


    In an unprecendented event, the Board of Directors of Intercorp Unlimited have decided to set up a non-profit division for its members.

    The Division known as Neophyte Inc. has the distinction of playing a pioneering role of serving all its members by providing introduction and refresher courses for all its members.

    Little else is known but Neophyte Inc.'s charter has apparently been brought up for discussion here

    It remains to be seen if Intercorp's ambitious plans will succeed.


    [ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  14. As promised here's H.R. Divisions charter

    Neophyte Inc.

    The H.R. Division for Intercorp Unlimited

    1. That Neophyte Inc. is set up to merely to provide introduction and refresher courses for all Intercorp members;

    2. That Neophyte Inc. is a non-profit division as all its members are involved on a voluntary basis;

    3. That Neophyte Inc. is excluded from the 4% levy from Intercorp Unlimited and will not set any levy on any participants due to its non-profit role;

    4. That all members in Neophyte Inc. must already been registered with Intercorp Unlimited vide the their respective Divisions and/or Sub-Divisions;

    5. That all rules and regulations set up by Neophyte Inc., Intercorp Unlimited, its Divisions and Sub-Divisions will strictly adhered to, by all members as long as the said member are on or in any bases, assets or facilities belonging to Neophyte Inc., Intercorp Unlimited, its Divisions and Sub-Divisions respectively;

    6. That the members of Neophyte Inc. will be separated into two designations, Master and Scholar;

    7. That the designations have no significance outside of Neophyte Inc. and are only indicative of the roles of each member;

    8. That as Neophyte Inc.ÔÇÖs membership is on a voluntary basis, all designations are temporary and will not supersede the memberÔÇÖs respective ranks in their respective Divisions;

    9. That Neophyte Inc.ÔÇÖs Master members will nominate a Master as the representative of the Neophyte Inc. on the Board of Directors of Intercorp Unlimited;

    10. That Neophyte Inc.ÔÇÖs Master members may propose any programs or courses that they think fit, with the provision that the program will cater to all members and has a educational benefit;

    11. That all programs set up by Neophyte Inc. will be funded directly from the Intercorp Unlimited treasury and therefore will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Intercorp.

    [ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  15. Riga, I liked it a lot, have added my part in.

    Sorry for the delay, my wife thinks that I having a mistress with all the time I'm spending in the office.

    Demolition, not too sure where this is happening in Polaris 2, as I'm pretty rusty with the navigation. Could you suggest how far this should happen from Velari?

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