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  1. [RP]

    Stardate: November 2, 2030

    Spacial Coordinates: 30,000 kilometers from Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

    Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

    Mission: Evading engagement with unknown raiders

    IÔÇÖm really beginning to hate the Chinese saying, "May you have interesting times." My crew and I were hired to escort the trader UCV Appeal to Polaris 1 on a simple trading mission. Just as we were approaching the wormhole to Polaris 1, all hell broke loose and now my crew and I are evading pursuit from at least 10 ÔÇô 15 unknown ships which I assume to be raiders. Worse yet, the UCV Appeal is somehow involved in this and I have no idea what. All my crew and I have is a destroyed interceptor, some snippets of a encrypted communication about the UCV Balmung, jammed communications and a lot of hostile ships looking for us.

    "Sir, we have transporter signatures throughout the ship!!" cried my XO.

    "Seal all doors and standby to repel boarders," I barked to Takagewa as I turned on the ship wide communications net. "All crew be advised that an unknown number of boarders have been transported aboard the Rising Sun, prepare to repel boarders. Master-at-arms Alex break out the weapons."

    "Sir!! Unable to seal doors, the engineering section have been breached!! WeÔÇÖre losing power fast." Said the XO grimly.

    "What!! How did that happen......" I was cut off by the opening of the bridge door and the firing of weapons. I whirled around to see Ahmed being gunned downed by 5 heavily armed.

    "I suggest that you stand down your crew, captain," barked one of the boarders, "We do not want to hurt anybody, but we will do what we must."

    I saw red and rushed the boarders, and from the corner of my eyes I saw Takegawa, Chung and the rest of the bridge crew at my side, just ten seconds, thatÔÇÖs all I need to get to them. Ten, nine, I noticed that Chung was gunned down, eight, seven, one of the boarders pointed his weapon at me ....... Darkness descended on me


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  2. I understand what you mean. Anyway, try lurking around for awhile to see where you're more suited to.

    Word of advise though, even in BCM:MP the indies will be getting the raw end of the deal as the SC has stated clearly that he will be scripting multiplayer epics for the fleets with a general exception of one or two indies. So if you're thinking of getting involved in large battles, multiplayer and roleplaying, you might want to consider joining the fleets instead.

    The above reason, is why Riga and myself are organising Intercorp instead and gearing it more towards GCO as we both have RL constraints that does not allow us to abide by the rules of the fleets

  3. Another merc, good

    Well, there's nothing that you MUST do. To be fair, all you have to do is to stick around and try to read up on threads that interest you. If you find out or require more information, try posting or emailing someone for more information, that's if you are interested in going solo.

    If you want to be in a group then look around, there's so many fleets with different styles of gameplay and different purposes around here, or if you want to stick as an independent, you could join us Intercorp Unlimited, all benefits of being in a fleet less the restrictions.

    It's all up to you. Do consider carefully before you decide on anything.


  4. quote:

    Kenada posted on 10-14-2001

    To my amazement, a few people have already begun preparing for GCO, and for MP. Intercorp is one example. Since I am a trader, and probably a non-respectable, when come down to GCO, I wont be seen much in places that have security in many ways... MY REPUTATION would hinder that. Therefore, there would be a problem. But I see it as a opportunity not to unite, but come together in a different sense, as a "family." The scum of society (including me), needs a haven to call our own. I place where we gather to conduct our business and don't have to worry about laws inforcers breathing down our back. Mainly, a place were the hunted can take a brake. Wether is a isolated moon, or a Space Port, it would work, but some would have to be a little more dedicated than other. It would have to be defended. It would be a challenge...

    Interesting, considering that you haven't even on MP or GCO, you have decided that you'll have a bad reputation. So you're gonna play it like the mafias, I assume.

    Assuming, that you have no interest in joining any organisations or starting up your own, then you don't have to do anything, during MP and GCO you just park your self on orbit around any convienient planet without any problems.

    As for defences, you will have to purchase your own. No freebies for anybody, if I'm not wrong.

    BTW unless as stated above, you plan to ram military ships, what can you do to get a bad reputation?

  5. quote:

    Jaguar posted on 10-13-2001

    Yeah, when Max Payne gets a 90, you know something is wrong with the scoring, I would have given a 60 max, and BCM would have gotten a much higher score!! around 90-95, but then again, I been playing for years!! LOL

    Yeah gotta agree with you there, in fact they are biased towards FPS like the last issue that I got, rated Half-Life as the No. 1 in the Top 50 games of all time. Man, Half-Life, there's nothing innovative about it, as far as I'm concerned, even if it's the only game being played online at the moment together with it's various mods.

    Gimme X-Com anyday

  6. quote:

    TRD posted on 10-13-2001

    How would a diplomat work within Intercorp? Would they work?

    Would the diplomats be involved in internal issues, such as negotiations with the individual branches and divisions?

    Also would they be diplomats for Intercorp as an organisation or for whoever wants to hire them? Maybe both?

    The answer is they're for hire no matter if they're just members or if they are officers of the Division or the Director of the Division. Remember, you're working for money as a UCV and as Intercorp is most definitely not a fleet whereby their members do a service for wages, we UCV's only get a startup capital, so we're definitely in for the cash.

    As it was suggested earlier on this thread, of which I totally agree, if Intercorp needs your services as a diplomat in any issues whether internally or externally, Intercorp has to pay you.


    Rico posted on 10-13-2001

    Sure, just so long you know there's plenty of room on the stations we hold. And most of them well behind friendly lines.

    We know Friendly lines, not too sure, depends on the contract and also who you're inviting to set up office the entire Intercorp Divisions or just the Commodities Division.

    A trader may be hired to do a blockade run for your enemies you know


    TRD posted on 10-13-2001

    Since Diplomacy falls under the Liason branch, does that mean a diplomat is also a person who is sent out to begin negotiations of all kinds involving what Intercorp has to offer or would it be restricted to solving disputes.

    For example if the board of directors wanted to open negotiations for the use of space on a Galcom owned station, would a diplomat be sent first or some other division?

    In other words would a diplomat be a simple peacekeeper or a part time pimp

    I would of thought that the diplomats would be involved in at least the early stages of most deals that were proposed by InterCorp or an external contractor.

    Sorry about so many questions, im just trying to get a better idea of how others envisage this group.

    At the moment, we're not too sure about the role of a Diplomat, and the Liaison Branch is just my idea to group general professions together to keep the Divisions on a manageable level. It doesn't really mean anything, unless you want it to So it would really be up to you to define your role in the BC universe.

    To pimp or not to pimp, that's the question

    But I would think that a Diplomat's role is definitely not a peacekeeper, as you will be hired by a different fleet or government at any one time. Furthermore, a peacekeeper in the BC universe must rely not only on words but how big a stick you have, which if I'm not wrong, you don't have one as a Diplomat's asset doesn't include a military starship.

    I foresee that you might be hired by Intercorp to approach governments to enable Intercorp to set up office and bases of operations, negotiations for rights, and so forth. Fleets and governments might hire you to negotiate terms of surrender, to convey a declaration of war, negotiate a peace treaty, alliance and so forth. But really, as there's not limit to what you can do, it's all really up to you and your imagination.

    But don't worry you're on the right track. does this mean that you're joining Intercorp?

    Have Riga sent you anything on Intercorp yet?

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  7. quote:

    Riga posted on 10-13-2001

    2. Intercorp would be willing to invest in the guy by paying a merc to escort him. That would cost a bit, but later on in the game the player would more than compensate for that (he's paying 4% for each business deal)

    Interesting idea, in fact a very good idea which is incentive for people to join up with Intercorp, but where will Intercorp get there initial funds? as we're all newbies in BCM: MP and GCO. IOU's anyone


    Riga posted on 10-13-2001

    3. More experienced members are required to help new guys (teach them the basics). The new guy could 'hitch' a ride by joining a more experienced trader that has paid for an escort. The new guy could pay a small proportion for the protection (like 10 Kcreds or so).


    Charles Lindsey posted on 10-13-2001

    #3 Require? Doubt that would work. Combine 2 & 3 and make an apprentice program? Theres a thought.

    I agredd with Charles, not so much required but more on a voluntary basis hence the reason for the HR Division of Intercorp, any commander that's newbie friendly can give a helping hand, anyone that can't be bothered can just go on with their lives.

    P.S. I'll be drawing up the Charter of the HR Division soon.

    Organising convoys is a very good idea, the commanders getting together a convoy will have to decide on the ratios. Maybe based upon merchandise owned but definitely not based upon experienced.

    Question, let's say Trader A purchases goods that have a high demand but expensive, which means less goods for more moola while Trader B purchases a general selection of goods to sell. But in this case Trader B is more experienced that Trader A knowing that selling more of just one good will drive the demand down. Who has to pay more for their shares for the convoy?

  8. quote:

    TRD posted on 10-13-2001

    If I was to be a director, would I then still be a diplomat for hire or would I be the diplomat for Intercorp?

    You are still a diplomat for hire even if you're a Director for your division at Intercorp. Just more responsibilities and more commitments but then again, more privileges, which is for you to work out of course, if you're the Director

    Remember, even if you're a member or officer or Director of Intercorp, Intercorp still has to pay for your services, no freebies for anybody


    Jigoku San posted on 10-13-2001

    gah! better just post here and now...

    I didn't mean you of course, I meant the other listed UCV commanders that haven't posted for some time. I might have missed their posts somewhere around

  9. quote:

    Charles Lindsey posted on 10-12-2001

    Should the Merc be helpful in explaining what to buy and what to sell off so that the run could be profitable for both

    Well, it really depends on the player, right? If the player is experienced and wants to be a jackass then there's nothing we can do about it. Unless they are professed members of Intercorp no one can control an indie even then as members there are no strict guideline hence the thread was brought up.

    But for those members that want to follow a pricing guideline, we'll need to at least establish a pricing formula.

    Before we can do that, some questions need to be answered.

    The first question that comes to my mind is how are indies gonna survive if there are no contracts, can a merc purchase some mining bots and start mining some resources to sell, or is it strictly by profession only, meaning only miners can mine.

    The second question that comes to mind how's the initial pricing of each starbase gonna be set up? Will there be a standard prices at the initial stage and after that the prices will depend on demand and supply?

    Maybe the SC can set a system like a weekly or daily CPI or the stock market report that allows trader to analyse the previous days trading prices? I don't know, it could be really tough especially with so many bases available.

    That begs the next question, in MP & GCO will the prices be maintained as it was the previous night? Meaning if I come online today and the price of Radine is X amount at Velari Starbase, assuming no one trades at Velari for the night, will the price be the same tommorrow?

    That's just some of my questions

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  10. Well, we don't really know what you want, if you do become a diplomat and join us, you'll be the first and will be appointed Director of that Subdivision (for more details readup on the Organisation thread). And you'll have do the following, if you want to:-

    1) Create a name for your sub-division;

    2) Create a charter according to how you want the sub-division to work in MP & GCO;

    3) Get more members;

    and so forth, he he, we don't really know what else we should or should not do, but I'm gathering up all information so that we can submit all to Tacops for approval at the same time. (I'm doing it in PDF format)


    In addition to Galcom's Wraith and Orion Fleet's invitation to Intercorp to establish offices in their respective bases, a spokesman from Intercorp has confirmed that they have received an invitation from Galcom's Prime Fleet as well. "It seems like we're really in demand. But we have to work out some mutually beneficial proposal before we decide," said the spokesman.

    This just in there has been rumours that the Board of Directors are attending top secret discussions with a top notch diplomat about the creation of Intercorp's four division. Nothing has been confirmed at this time.

    On the another topic, the spokesman for Intercorp has confirmed that further details for the third division will be available at least by Sunday or Monday.


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  12. Welcome to our neck of the woods, TRD, as Riga and I are the founders of Intercorp Unlimited we would of course do our best to corrupt you to join the indies

    Just think unlimited freedom of play without any anyone giving you orders. Think about the unlimited opportunities to direct your own division if you join castes that have not Director's at the moment and finally the opportunity to build and create and earn moola like you've never in before

  13. [/RP]

    Stardate: November 2, 3020

    Spacial Coordinates: Still somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

    Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

    Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

    "Sir!! Velari starbase has responded a Cmdr. Demolition from Glacom's Prime Fleet has asked for an update of the situation. He is deploying his wing now," Chung said.

    "Good!!! I hope they get here in time, prepare to transcribe message,"I said.

    "Ready , Sir," said Chung.

    "Cmdr Demolition, I am Cmdr Jeffery Eu of the UCV Rising Sun we were escorting a "trader" the UCV "Appeal" when my radar picked up some sensor ghost, one of my interceptors sent forward as a scout has been destroyed. I suspect that the sensor ghosts are starships under cloak, furthermore I suspect that the Appeal is not actually a trader but a ploy so that "sensor ghosts" can travel to Polaris 2 without being detected by following the Appeal. My communications officer have detected a communications laser beamed into the general locus of the sensor ghost and furthermore, the Velari is switching IFF. I am attempting to pull away from the Appeal without any engagement. We have also caught some encrypted communication which we are still attempting to decrypt. All in all, we need help fast. Jeffery Eu out" I said into the recorder. "Chung, send out in all frequencies."

    Just as Chung turns around to obey my orders as loud burst of static emmits from the communications panel. I wince as I realised that I was too late, our communications were jammed.

    "Sir!! Ships decloaking to starboard, I counting 10 - 15 ships and on increasing velocity towards us!!!" said Ahmed. "Attempting to indentify!!"

    Great, just great, that's all I need right now. The shit has hit the fan



    The Intercorp spokesperson has confirmed that the Board of Directors of Intercorp have approved the budget allocation for acquiring offices at various starbases and star station throughout the galaxy.

    "We are still considering the feasiblitiy and viability of each starbase and/or star station's location. Nothing has been decided yet." he said.

    This just in, it has also been confirmed that Intercorp has been approached by Galcom's Wraith and Orion Fleet liaison officers with regards to opening up offices on their respective bases. A senior director was questioned and he's answer was ***mumble**mumble*We're still mulling over it***mumble***"


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  15. quote:

    Soback posted on 10-09-2001

    We extend our terms to Afghanistan. Something along these lines. "You will surrender Osam and all his terrorist network, destroy/disclose all the terrorist camps in your territory or there will be serious replications"

    2. If they do not comply we nuke them. By doing this we have done 2 things. We got rid of the terrorists organizations operating out of Afghanistan and showed other terrorist harboring countries that this is not a debate.

    Somehow I don't think that it will happen anytime soon even with a nuke threat hanging over them. Instead I would think that they (as in Taliban) would welcome the US nuking them as they can use the deaths as a red flag, and any dead Taliban personnel, whether proven dead or not dead would be a martyr for the cause. Surely you can see that by nuking them, instead of just getting rid of Taliban and Osama, the US most probably incur global censure and there would be a major uprising.

    Furthermore, the last I heard nuking Afghanistan would not even bring about the same number of casualties, then if they were to retaliate by nuking Manhattan for example.

    Face the facts, nuking is like using a sledge hammer instead of a pin (special forces raids and attacks. And cost would be unjustifiable.

    So in other words if the Red Army terrorist or the IRA would do the same thing as what the Taliban "supposedly" did to the US would nuke Ireland and Japan? I think not.

    The reason why I'm saying supposedly is simple enough, no one can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they (the Taliban) and Osama, was involved in the US attacks for precisely the same reason why it is so hard to flush them out and to kill them, they work in cell groups and they unencumbered by emotions, family or anyother thing that a reasonably sane person would have or feel in the first place.

    I respectfully submit that nuking Afghanistan would not bring the war to a quick end. Instead it will prolong the war as these cowardly terrorist will disperse and form up somewhere else to raise arms again. Maybe even in the USA!!

  16. Names from David Weber books that I can remember off hand

    Honor Harrington,

    Alistair McKeown

    Scotty Tremaine

    Rafael Cardones

    Warner Caslet

    Alfredo Yu

    Hamish Alexander

    James Webster

    Will add more soon got to go check my books

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