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  1. quote:

    Soback posted on 10-09-2001

    Basically what I am trying to say that it's kinda like the bully mentality. Unless he gets smacked hard enough he will persist in his ways and always try to threaten you or beat you, but once he gets slammed back hard he will understand that if he tries something again he will get slammed again only harder. We right now are babying around with them, (and I count the country/government/population as one, I meant look at all the taliban supporters in Afghanistan, without the people the government or country is nothing so people and their opinions even if they are oppressed play a huge role in countrys dealings because if people say enough is enough the government will be no more) so by babying around we are getting almoust zilch progress and might and probably will loose many American soldiers, but by slamming them hard they will immidiatly get the message and make a choice on if they want to live or basically die, then all we need to do is grant them the wish they would choose.

    Isn't that a rather simplistic view of the complex relationship between governments, the people and country?

    In an ideal world, yes, I would agree with you, but alas life here on earth is not ideal. From your two posts above, I gather that you follow the motto of, an eye for an eye, fair enough considering that terrorists struck the blow first but a nuke is tad different story, my boy.

    Don't even attempt to tell me about being proactive because no matters what happens, after a nuke, there'll be no turning back. My question is this are you really prepared for a neverending war?

    Look a Vietnam for example, at first the people of US were all out for stopping Commies, as the years go by what do you have instead?

    I won't even mention about the huge economical and human drain on the US economy. Are the people of the US really prepared to suck up your guts and pay everything you have earned for a war that most probably won't end. Are you prepared to go to war personally and to see your children and your grandchildren fight this war.

    I for one, am not prepared to see our world go down the dung heap. So, even though I agree with the retaliation, with the war against terrorism. I don't think shooting a nuke is a good idea.

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  2. quote:

    Soback posted on 10-09-2001

    I personally don't care, wipe out Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, all that middle east terrorist spawning crap countries. Why loose American or any other supporting nations soldiers. Just do one big bang and then the life is better less things to worry about and very little American life lost, and that's what we ultimately should be concerned about, not the population of a country that supports terrorists.

    Are you really that garrulous with lives, lives of people that may or may not be innocent? True, why should the US loose more people in this mess, then by doing as what you suggested US's credibility and image as a free democratic nation that upholds that right of being innocent until proven guilty will be flushed down the drain forever.

    Think about it.

    How's the US gonna hold up their political heads after bombing and grinding everything into dust. Not to mention the human rights infringement.

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  3. quote:

    SC posted on 10-08-2001

    *cough* erm, what happens if I hire someone from Goons For Hire Inc, to take out someone and they fail? Do I get my money back?

    What? I'm just wondering!

    Well as per the GUNS FOR HIRE INC. charter, we donÔÇÖt do refunds but we will find the culprit and serve him up to the victim all tied up ready for atomization. If we canÔÇÖt catch him, weÔÇÖll tell you where to catch him.


    SC posted on 10-08-2001

    Oh btw, on the fleet mp servers, I'm going to enable the Station Commander career (disabled in sp) so that the fleet leader of a trader corp, can have access to that station as if it were as ship. It works the same as if you were on a carrier, except that you have access to the pricing and other info of your station's items. In fact, because the interface is similar, the only difference between a ship and station HUD, is the modes available for NID/TAC/CVD...of course, you can't fly the station, so your AE would have to do that from one of the fighters or shuttles.

    The point is that a trading corp can then have full control of their station's items and pricing (which they can change at will and override the game's values). So e.g. if an NPC docks and restocks the station, you can go in and mess with the prices. If a player docks, you can do the same thing etc. This will be MINIMAL functionality, so don't get your hopes up - it will be full blown in GCO.

    Cool, that will be just what Commodities Inc. needs. Thanks in advance SC.


    Fendi posted on 10-08-2001

    I suggest a 30% downpayment for expenses and the rest to be paid after the completion of the mission. Thats how it works in movies right?

    If the remainder is not paid, may I suggest the right course of action to be along the lines of my sig?

    Well, Intercorp does provide a service where its member may pursue legal actions against any fleet member that refuses to pay up upon successful completion of contract. PROVIDED THAT the initial contract was taken in the ambit of Intercorp, any contracts outside the purview of Intercorp is none of our business.

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  4. quote:

    Baloogan posted on 10-08-2001

    Sorry about posting in the economics page,,, but are applications still accepted?

    I could help with the site, i've got a server, slow one though, no banners, to see the speed of my server goto My server

    I also have experiance in asp...

    Welcome to our humble movement, actually no applications are required as weÔÇÖre not the fleets, membership is voluntary and free, but we do take our pint of blood out from any contracts we recommend. Please read this entire thread for more details.


    SC posted on 10-08-2001

    SIX pages?!? You guys must be pretty darn serious.

    You betcha weÔÇÖre serious. Glad, that you have the time to spend on reading posts from us commanders over this side of the BC universe. What do you think of our plans?


    Nova posted on 10-08-2001

    Hmm... Blades can get some hosting space off of the server he operates (he's sys-admin). He's given some Orion Fleet folks subdomains (like my RP site), and the server's fast. See
    , or my site
    to see how fast! It's in the UK, but it's a great/fast server, anywhere! (at least it seems fast where I live.) I'm not sure if ASP is working. (Although Blades said it should, I don't know how, don't have enough time to learn right now.)

    Thanks for the heads up, Nova. WeÔÇÖll still mulling over it.

  5. They're doing that as they are most likely to run a risk of popular uprising, surely you know that a large majority of the population is pro-taliban, read the latest Time issue, there's an article on it

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  6. I sincerely recommend burning yourself a bootable backup cd and formatting your HD every so often as my Win98SE tends give me the big blue screen of death after every 5 -6 install and uninstallation of games. Not too sure why it happens, but when it happens, brainwash the sucker!!!

  7. [/RP]

    Stardate: November 2, 3020

    Spacial Coordinates: Where else but somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

    Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

    Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

    "Ahmed, what have you got for me?" I asked the increasingly frustrated radar officer.

    "Sir, you won't believe this, I'm getting more than one sensor ghost now," replies Ahmed in an incredulous tone.

    "What!! Where the **** did they come from?Are they from the same locus point?," I barked as I ran towards the tacops screen.

    "No sir, I have confirmation of multiple electronic emmissions from the same locus," replied Ahmed.

    "Renaeb, bring the interceptor..." my orders trailed off, as I saw the my interceptor IFF just vanish from the tacops screen. Vanished, as in kaboom, blown up to bits kind of vanished.

    "What the hell is happening?" I asked, without even realising that I said it out loud as I looked up to the bulkheads for an answer. "Sir!!!, I'm getting multiple communications on all frequencies, something about the UCV Balmung," Chung pipes up.

    UCV Balmung!!! That's Riga's ship, my god, it is exactly like the first time we met.

    "Sir!! Appeal's IFF seems to be flickering, odd, it looks like their changing their IFF," said Takagewa. "Sir!! I've discovered a encrypted communications laser from the Appeal towards Ahmed's sensor ghosts," Chung continues.

    TRAP, it was bloody god damned mouse trap

    "XO, go to Red Alert bring the shields and PTA to 100% pull us away from the Appeal, Renaeb, pull back your interceptors and get them into defensive formation around us, Chung, raise Velari starbase, tell them that we have a suspected commerce raid, tell them that the Appeal is a prime suspect, repeat prime suspect," I said calmly.

    "But Sir!!!" my officers protested simultaneously.

    "Just do it," I barked.

    God, I hope I'm in time. And may the Lord protect us


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  8. quote:

    Nova posted on 10-03-2001

    How 'bout going UCV? They're cooking up an organization, which has never happened before. Their numbers are limited, so you might want to look into it.

    Thanks for promoting us, Nova, shouldn't you be doing that for Orion


    Aramike posted on 10-07-2001

    Let me put it this way, you've posted over 300 times and you're still posting. What do YOU think?

    Hhhmmm, are the number of posts, the criteria that you and the SC are basing upon, in order to find out who's an established member?

    If that's so what's the minimum number of posts required? Gotta start posting more!!!

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  9. I think that's the problem, Charles, the question of what price is reasonable and what is not, I'm sure that if someone decides to set a really high price, the potential employer will just look for another interested merc, which will teach the merc to lower his prices, but lower it by how much, negotiation takes time, but if we were to set a maximum or minimum ceiling rate then, all indies will have basis of comparison in setting their prices.

    But I'm not too sure what to based it on;

    1) the danger and complexity of the task and/or mission;

    2) the experience of the merc;

    3) others.

  10. I actually emailed them about a change with my credit card and all I got was this


    The orders are all be held awaiting the release of the program. When we can process the requests we will email you

    and let you know when and how much you have been billed and also the date the shipment leaves here.



    P.S. No i did not get a confimation email

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  11. Thank god you guys brought it up!!

    I was just thinking of ordering XP online. My Win 98SE keeps giving me the big blue screen of death even with this specs

    256k SDRAM

    Intel Pentium III 500 processor

    NVidia Riva TNT Ultra 8MB RAM

    Creative Live!

    Creative CDROM 50x with remote controller

    Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro

    Dang I really, really prefer DOS.

  12. Let's get cracking


    Nova posted on 10-06-2001

    Well, Riga contacted me by ICQ. I'm not thinking HR of Intercorp, I'm thinking more of a Liaison Officer sorta thing between Orion/Galcom and Intercorp. (Screw my double AE idea.)

    Well don't give on it yet, Although I think that having multiple AEs does have its pros and cons.

    The pros

    1) A commander can be involved in many different activities from different sides of the BC universe;

    2) A commander gets multiple salaries;

    The cons

    1) A commander might have a conflict of interest;

    2) A commander will not be able to combine the salaries of the different AE's and furthermore will not use one AE to earn money just to give to the other AE;

    3) A commander having multiple AE's might not be able to devote equal attention to the many differing AE's especially when MP & GCO comes out;

    The way I see it, the cons what not be too difficult to surmount but the commander having the multiple AEs will have a tough time separating the interests of the differing AEs. For Eg.,

    Let's say being a commander's merc AE finds out that the mercs have been hired to attack a Galcom starbase where the commander have a Galcom AE stationed. How would the commander handle it?

    1) Suck up his gut and refuse to divulge the knowledge to his Galcom teammate and join in the attack even to the extent of attack his other AE;

    2) Decide to tell his Galcom teammates and join in the defense to the detriment of his merc teammates;

    3) Decide to withdraw from both the attack (merc AE) or defense (Galcom AE) to save both his AE;

    So it entirely up to the commander on how he intends to play his different AEs. if you the (1) sort of person, then you're doing alright. But if you're the kind of commander that can not differentiate the separation of entities, don't get multiple AEs.

    Saying that, Nova, I would most welcome you to be at least a Orion fleet lialison officer to Intercorp or vice versa, think of yourself more as ambassador or commercial.

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  13. [/RP]

    Stardate: November 2, 3020

    Spacial Coordinates: Still somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

    Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

    Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

    "Sir!!!Scans are picking up a sensor ghost somewhere port bow of us. Approximately 15ks on a direct approach vector to us" reports Ahmed, "Could be space debris, as we're not getting any electronic emissions."

    What the ****!!! I broke off my stare from the main view port.

    "Communications?" I asked.

    "I've got zilch Captain," replies Lt. Chung my comms officer.

    "Takagewa, bring us closer to the Appeal, Renaeb detail a fighter as a forward scout, Ahmed tell me more about that sensor ghost!!!"

    "Aye, Sir!!!" acknowledges my XO, CAG and radar officer even as I turn around to see Ahmed's evident frustration in localising the "threat". "I've lost the sensor ghost, Boss." growls Ahmed.

    "Well, find it, and do it fast!!!," I snapped, and turned towards Takagewa, "Any known hostiles around here?"

    "Not according to the last recon from the Explorer Division, sir," replied Takagewa.

    Shit, I hate being in the dark. Looks like we're gonna have some interesting times

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  14. quote:

    Riga posted on 10-06-2001

    I trade 1000 Vagrants (7.500 BCM Price)

    Buy: 6.750.000 (at AD station 0% inflation)

    Sell: 9.000.000 (at HT station, 10% inflation)

    Profit: 2.250.000

    Merc Protection: 2.000.000

    Commodity fee (4%): 90.000

    Intercorp fee (4%): 90.000

    fuel, etc: 18.000

    I think you might have gotten the Intercorp Fee wrong, I'll have to check your charter again . If you see the GFH charter, the Intercorp fees of 4% is taken out on the 4% on GFH fees. in other words a merc only pays a one time fee per contract to GFH (being proxy of Intercorp) and Intercorp HQ will get the their 4% fees from GFH

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  15. quote:

    SHoHashi posted on 10-06-2001

    Wow...may have to pick that one up. Did they fix multiplayer? In the first one, multiplayer was a nightmare...even with the patches.

    Sorry can't help you there as I don't really have the time or the inclination to play any other game other BCM online

  16. Well, here goes nothing, anyone interested just jump in where you see fit


    Stardate: November 2, 3020

    Spacial Coordinates: Somewhere near the Polaris 2 to Polaris 1 wormhole

    Location: UCV Rising Sun bridge

    Mission: Escorting the UCV Appeal

    There I was sitting on my chair on the bridge, staring out the main view port, when I wasn't really needed on the bridge as the mission was so far going as per s.o.p. My XO, Lt Takagewa Sinclair is a very good and competent officer, an officer that has been with me since the very start of my career as a mercenary.

    In fact, I could just retire to my quarters and Takagewa could complete the mission without a hitch. But appearances must be kept, and as my mentor used to say "You might be supercargo on the ship for all I care but the Captain must the bridge on any manuevers even if it is mundane and boring, not just for morale but so that your crew knows that the Old Man is there to handle things if and when the shit hits the fan. And trust me shit will hit the fan, just when you relax your guard."

    Well, after 25 years of captaining my on ship and being through numerous missions both good and bad, I agree with the feisty old cout.

    I turn to the XO.

    "XO, maintain current speed and bring the ship 20 degrees starboard and tuck her in formation with the Appeal. We have to show our employers that we're on the job"

    "Aye, Aye, Sir," acknowledges Takagewa and barks at the helmswoman, "Helm!!20 degrees starboard at current speed and keep her in formation"

    "Aye, Aye Sir!!!," acknowledges the helmswoman, "Coming to 20 degrees starboard, maintaining current speed, Sir"

    "Sir, approaching wormhole in 10 minutes!!" reports Lt. Ahmed, my radar officer, another officer that has been with me throughout the years.

    "Right, XO, bring us to yellow alert and power up the jump drives. Renaeb, launch all interceptors, standard escort formation. "

    "Aye, Aye Sir!! says the XO and barks into a microphone as he pushes the yellow alert button, "Battlestations!!, Battlestations!! This is not a drill!! Engine Room, commence powering up sequence of jump drives."

    Even as, Renaeb Lowerstein, my CAG, orders the launching of his standby interceptors, I see my crew stir into motion as the flashing of the yellow alert commences. I guess after a while, any mission will tend to get boring. But at least my boys and girls are on the bounce.

    On my chair display I can see all four of my interceptors peel from ship and settling into a forward vanguard formation in front of the Appeal, as we approach the jump node.

    I smile as I remember all the times that the other mercs ask me why I insist on wasting valuable supplies and resources by launching all my interceptors into a vanguard formation especially on a standard escort contract like that. Ahh, if only they knew my history, before Riga and I decided to get together and form Intercorp, before civilisation came to the barbarian mercs in a manner of speaking.

    I can still remember it so clearly, that god forsaken bloody disastrous convoy duty.

    Hmm, I wonder where Riga is now? Most probably somewhere earning the big credits or maybe he's having a "fun" time pulling rank over his member merchants. God save me from penny pinching, miserly merchants.


    To be continued....

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