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  1. quote:

    Nova posted on 10-06-2001


    ROFL, but you haven't been into our hut have you? No wonder you missed the twenty level underground offices we have underneath the hut Complete with indoor swimming pool, spa and gym facilities with a handy dandy underground launch facility!!!

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    Jaguar posted on 10-06-2001

    Ok Commander Eu, I see a battlecruiser webpage there, that is NOT a part of the webring, now what is this?

    Please go to the webring Signup page To get joined up and the HTML for your front page for the ring. On your initial request you will recieve an e-mail with the pertinent HTML info, make the appropriate changes and add it to your page.

    Once I get your request and see the HTML for the webring info added to your page I will make you official...

    Now get to it Commander

    I leave that part to Riga as he's the actual owner of the website and since I'm having bloody trouble with doing up the GFH page

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  3. quote:

    Riga posted on 10-06-2001

    Anyway, I like the second logo most (the white one with the blue hands), but I think the quality of it must be improved. The grey colors to the right are (by heart) only two or three shades. That could be a bit more so that the transition from white to grey is more fluent.

    No definit choice yet though

    Jeffery, you made them, can you also try to refine that one (err, which one do you like most anyway?)

    Will try as suggested

    Since I designed both of them, I have no preference, its up to you guys to decide

  4. quote:

    Riga posted on 10-05-2001

    To me it looks like a conflict of interest for any police commander to walk (on base at least) side by side with assassins. Anyway, the universe is a strange one, so anything would be possible.

    Actually I was thinking of setting up a Private Investigators Division, and now that I've thought over it, the police caste might not be right and we don't even need P.I.'s as we have already have the necessary specialized divisions for it as per my post on the Organisation thread. Furthermore, that way we can gouge more credits out of our clients as they would have to hire individual specialized commanders for a single task!!!

    More moola is good for us UCV's and the Intercorp!!!

  5. Ok, I agree with what Riga posted as at the initial stage we can't just gouge the credits out of our customers as that will just make they go insolvent.

    Furthermore, they will rather risk the danger than to hire mercs if the price is too high.


    Charles Lindsey posted on 10-05-2001

    That should be figured into an initial price. That's what the transport is paying you for; protection. A "milkrun" would be very profit intensive but one where you actually have to work you might end up losing money.

    You're right but that's business, no one pays for "milkruns" so all UCV commanders better suck up your guts and be prepared to shed and lose blood.

    And I agree with Charles as whatever pay asked for must include insurance and hazard pay.

    It is the also the duty of the potential employee to find out what the hazards are before taking on the contract.

    That's what Intercorp is there for if you look up on my last few posts on the Organisation thread.

    Don't blame anyone but yourself if you take up a job without considering the risks involved.


    Fendi posted on 10-05-2001

    The fun thing about being a merc is not the getting paid bit. It's the killing and the feeling of comradeship with his crew. Real life mercs don't get paid much. Assassins do, as they often work alone.

    Bite your tongue, Fendi and give yourself a slap on your head. Without credits we won't be able to resupply and to repair damages to our ships, unlike the fleet p*****s that most probably will have their respective governments foot the bills for the resupplying and repairing of their ships and still get a regular paycheck.


    Nova posted on 10-05-2001

    Nice. Everything looks good, Riga. Decide on a logo for IU, yet? I like the ones you've got, but I'd like to see more to decide from.

    I'm working on it, sheesh, gimme a break will ya


    Jigoku San posted on 10-05-2001

    What?! The killing is a plus. But i'd sell a marine if the credits where riht... and if I run out of marines just slap a gun into some of them flight engineers hands.

    Bow to the almighty credit.

    I hear ya brother

  6. Well, Riga and I are discussing on how the BCm and GCO economics will work out for the indies.

    So I'm opening up this thread for discussion.

    I personally feel that since we, the indies will be given a startup capital instead of regualr wages, it makes sense to pool our resources so that we can survive together. That makes Intercorp Unlimited really important as a business tool.

    My 100 post, Yeehaahhhhhhhh!!!!

  7. Well, after my first disastrous foray into RP I'm trying to get any and all indies interested into RPing, this RP will most likely be a flashback type on how Intercorp Unlimited came about. No need to mail me, anyone interested just join in.

    Will be starting it tommorrow.

    All other commander's are welcomed.

    Come indies with BCM coming out soon we need at least a coherent background to tie us in the BC universe

  8. quote:

    Rico posted on 30-09-2001

    Since you know where I was getting at, Jeffery, perhaps you can help me enlighten myself. Because of the considerable length and diverse discussion, I'm totally mistaking the forrest for the trees. Or whatever way that goes. Got lost on where you are heading at and comming from. Are you fleshing out GFH or Intercorp? Just the mercenaries or the whole caste-shjabang?

    In answer to your question both, yes, I know I'm a sucker for punishment


    Rico posted on 09-30-2001

    Also I think you're doing the top-down approach, while i'm expecting a bottom-up one.

    yep, you got that right!!!

  9. Can't really say that I've heard of it...

    But the best games were still from the good old 80's and early 90's like:-

    Microprose's X-Com/UFO Enemy Unknown;

    SSI's Fantasy Empires;

    Koei's Nobunaga's Ambition, Genghis Khan 2, Unchartered Waters 1 & 2;

    Lucasarts's X-wing & Tie Fighter series;

    Bullfrog's Theme Hospital, Populous;

    and many, many more...

  10. ROFLMAO, you guys are really out of this world!!!

    $iLK, do that even more and we might have to send you to the funny farm, way before BCM ships!!!

    Aramike, you must be way too bored!!!! Maybe you do something constructive like what I do every night bonk my woman and then countdown the number of days when BCM ships It always puts me to sleep before I can reach 10

  11. Hi, there!!!

    While awaiting for tacops approval of Intercorp Unlimited, and since BCM is coming out soon and MP not long after that I would like to find out how many UCV Commanders are still active.

    Kindly post/bump this thread just to show that you're still alive and kicking and still an indie. Thank you.

  12. quote:

    SC posted on 09-30-2001

    I see newbies getting even more organized in some quarters. Its as if some of the vets have some just become complacent.

    I hoping that I not putting my old leather shoes in my mouth by assuming that you mean Spuzzum, Riga and my own meager efforts, so on behalf of them, thank you for noticing our efforts


    SC posted on 09-30-2001

    I have said this once, and I'll say it again - when I take the Beta mp fleet only servers live, they will all be password protected. And NOBODY, and I do mean NOBODY is logging on there if you are not in a fleet.

    Uhmmm, aahh SC IÔÇÖm a little confused here, does your statement only mean established military fleets or all fleets, UCV and the organisation Riga and myself are pushing for and SpuzzumÔÇÖs Terran Core Police?


    [sC posted on 09-30-2001

    The fact is that on fleet servers, there is no such thing as free-for-all. Members in a fleet will be expected to follow orders from fleet leaders (if online) and be able to continue on their orders if the FL is not online. Heck, people visit this forum a lot, and since the fleet exclusive servers will be persistent and have an ingame and external chat lobby, I don't see why the same frequency can't be adapted.

    The games I am goin to script are not going to be primarily free-for-all deathmatches (though they will be available). The idea is to create involving story based scripts which people play their role in. And since the server is persistent, you die, you're outta there until the script terminates etc

    All fleet related scripts will encompass space and planetary scenarios with varying goals, rewards and resolution phases

    Yahoo, and I ***applaud*** your decision!!!

    Just some questions:-

    1) Will there be scripts for UCVÔÇÖs?

    2) If there are will our Corporation be included when it is approved?

    3) Are the scripts strictly reserved for authorship by yourself and others you appoint or can anyone of us script our own epics/missions into the server?

    All in all, I foresee no problems with your decision in fact it will impart a new kind of MP game to all of us!!!

  13. No problemo,just appoint me as the shrink and chief morale officer but make sure that you're doing it for yourself not anyone else, as even parents have a tendency to expect more too much from their kids, I know 'coz I faced the same things from my parents.

    In the SC's case it might not be his own fault but what I meant was that he made a decision, and stuck by it no matter what the happened. That's a good role model to follow!!!

    [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

    EDIT Damn typos!!!!!!!!!

    Slaps the keyboard again. Bad boy!!!

    [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  14. quote:

    Spuzzum on 09-29-2001

    Under the circumstance that an officer detects illegal cargo aboard any vessel delegated under one of Cargo Manifest categories, the officer may pursue the following steps, beginning with INTERCEPTION and following the appropriate steps

    You might want to define illegal cargo Maybe what amounts to illegal cargo could differ from each sector of space...or maybe just a generic list to be updated from time to time!!

    Another than that no problems, I no really sure about the part of escorting FOC. You might want to change that if a commander is stoopid enough to go into hostile territory without escorts then they should be charged for services in the line of duty.

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