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  1. 4 weeks, WTF are you still around here?

    Anyway, have read the history, I guess it's alright for now. I think we might need to change the history later.

    Not really sure BUT I do know that we would have to at least give them some sort of sompany profile, which is why I need at least one Director for each division. Basically, the company profile would include:-

    1) Organisation's Mission Statement & Charter;

    2) Divisions' Mission Statement & Charter;

    3) How we intend to use this organisation to fit in the BC universe both MP and RP wise;

    4) How we intend to use this orgnisation and the basic rules we will implement like your Charter but subject to their approval;

    5) Organisation logo;

    That's all I can think for now.

    Yes, could you clear me for the web site so that I can upload the logos that I have designed, so that we can choose an appropriate one.

  2. What!!!No more posts? What happened to you guys?

    Anyway, I'm just back, I just finished one of my proposed logos, will try to finish a couple more so that we can pick and choose which will be the official Intercorp Unlimited's organisation logo.

    That's all for now.


    BTW, Nova, how did you insert your image? I haven't really done any website programming so, I'm not really sure.

  3. Wow that's what I call response & interest.

    Anyway, I'm just back for the moment and haven't had time to read up on all the posts. I'm just been out of town for 2 days on a emergency job. So once I catch up with the posts. I'll post something meaningful

    BTW, I think we have put our ideas to tacops first, so that we can go ahead with our plans with their blessings.

    Must come up a clear and concise summary just like a business plan to impress them

    Riga, Malleus, Paddy and others try to get as many indies to join in as possible. Let's try to make it a large group effort. Ok

    It's 11.25 pm over here, gotta get out of the office and go home and catch some winks.


  4. Look, Paddy no one is forcing you to do anything. If you want to join, then by all means, you're sincerely welcomed for any or all contributions you do make. If you want to play it solo, then make it so. I think Nova and Aramike has made it clear that there's no governing body and that's not what this organisation is about. Think of us as your average run-of-the-mill company out to make a living with plenty of subsidiaries.

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  5. Riga, my man, I could kiss you.

    You're welcome to be the first Director of Services . Just tell me how you want to organise your division, okay? We'll try to add in more directors if it is required. Yes, I intend to start a RP thread so that we carve the organisation's history into part of the BC lore. I also intend to set up a web site for the organisation however, that's still up in the air as I have not have any other responses other than yourself. I think we should try to fill up all the Director positions first before we start going into RP and a website. But that doesn't mean that you can't start working out how you want things done

    I forgot to mention one other thing all members can be volunteer trainers in the HR Division if they want to. This will enable constant players to help any newbie if they so desire.

    That's my say for now. Gotta run, my boss is coming around to my table

    BTW Nova Thanks for the rating

  6. Let’s get down to the fundamentals, as I have stated in my earlier post, I’m planning to name the new organization “Intercorp Unlimited” unless anyone would like to offer a better name.

    Also stated are the main goals of the organization, which is to provide a one-stop service for all potential clients. Even though there are many races that comprises the indies, I feel that at the moment there is no necessity (due to the severe lack of numbers) to just commit the organization to a single caste. There will be however, separate divisions based upon the different jobs that are available. The divisions are as follows:-

    Commercial Division

    Traders Division

    Paramedics Division

    Explorers Division

    Scientists Division

    Diplomats Division

    Assassins Division

    Mercenaries Division

    HR Division

    As Nova suggested there should be a board of directors, whereby a director or a couple of directors are to be elected to be the chief liaison officer of each division. The names for the directors would be as follows:-

    Director(s) of Services for the Commercial, Traders and Paramedics Divisions - 3

    Director(s) of Information for the Explorers and Scientists Divisions - 2

    Director(s) of Liaisons for the Diplomats Division - 1

    Director(s) of Operations for the Mercenaries and Raiders Divisions - 2

    Director(s) of Assassins - 1

    Director(s) of Human Resource for the HR Division - 2

    Please remember that these names are just placeholders until someone can come up with a better name. Also the number of directors may depend on the number of members that are in each division (the numbers to the right of each director is my recommended number of directors at startup). Of course the recruits division is an artificial one J it is just a temporary division for all newcomers or vets that require a quick refresher course on the game world, its history and etc. I think all members of the HR division would be already registered as member in their appropriate caste divisions to but are just temporarily on inactive status.

    This part of my organizational plans. More to be posted later. As always I’m open for better suggestions and all opinions or criticisms

  7. Alright!!


    I'm gonna try and start up a new corporation/guild called the Intercorp Unlimited

    Basically what this is corporation/guild will be is an all-in-one corporation/guild whereby potential clients can shop for all kinds of services just like a supermarket. Mail me and post on this thread if your interested and also if you can offer your assistance and services in setting this guild up. Will be putting some more information as soon as I figure out what to do and how to squeeze in the time.

    Main things currently being figured out:-




    I sincerely hope that you guys will turn up and join in the fun of organising one of the first corporations/guilds in the BC universe.

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  8. Okay seems like the only UCV Mercs interested in having their say are Malleus & Jigoku even though I have taken the initiative to email all the other registered mercs so that they can put in their two cents worth.

    So let’s continue with this forming of guilds.

    First of, it’s seems like the general public consensus is that we should set up an informal GUILD/CORPORATION and even though Nova and various others have tried their very best, there has been a severe lack of interest.

    Therefore, I’m calling out to all traders, assassins, mercenaries to team up in setting up a pioneering CORPORATION. Well many thanks to Nova for his suggestionsso these are some of the things we need to do:-

    1) Come up with a name for the CORPORATION;

    2) Appoint a chairman so that all volunteers and interested parties can contact easily. Malleus, you up to it?;

    3) Organise and establish a web site for the CORPORATION by delegating to all volunteers;

    4) Decide on how the CORPORATION will be used for MP and how it will work in MP and CGO;

    5) Establish a presence by creating a new history for the CORPORATION in RP;

    That’s all that I can think of now.

    Anything else guys & gals?

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  9. Thank you finally someone agrees with me.

    That's the whole point that I'm been trying to explain and your clear concise wording would be the gist of this entire thread.

    We need someone of our own to police our actions. Not the SC not the other administrators or what not, but us by ourselves.

  10. Alright, first off, thanks to Nova, Malleus & Jigoku, the all the input.

    Alright let’s clear some matters first.

    Mercenaries are highly paid professional and specialized soldiers that have the ability to pick and choose their own fights. However, in a consistent MP world like CGO, I still feel that the mercs should establish an oversight committee, the hypothetical “Merc Council” and a Merc Association whereby all other guilds/corporations are a subset of.

    Of course, by establishing such said oversight committee, there will be some basic rules & regulations that will be established (eg. Code of Conduct) so that all mercs can and will be held accountable for certain “unwanted” game play. Of course this will run concurrently with the current guidelines set out by the SC, and other legitimate authority. (In fact a good idea is to form the “Merc Council” with the SC and/or his proxy as life councilor or advisor, to ensure that even the Merc Council abide by the rules & regulations of BCM & CGO.

    My main reason of wanting to establish a Merc Council is actually to allow a court of first resort for any actions and style of game play to any player might want to try. (Saying that the administrators would the Court of Appeal and the SC would be the Supreme Court.)

    Secondly by having a Merc Association, mercs can join forces in larger fleet deployments and even combined arms warfare that can be planned by the Merc Association. Of course 2 or more players can get together and do the same thing informally, however by having the said Association all kinds of merc players ie. Newbies, casuals, etc can find out about these actions and join in the fun if they so wish to.

    Thirdly all the suggested rules are just out of the top of my head and I admit really should be altered or adjusted or ignored to suit mercs in entirety. This is where the Merc Association and Merc Council will come in best. To set and enforce guidelines to ensure that the game can be enjoyed by one and all.

    Fourthly, that being said, I do know that some mercs signed up as they can not afford the time to be online all the time that are required “I think” in the established fleets. So having a Merc Association (just like the clan system in the MUDs and other MMOG) will allow them a place where they can touch base and refresh their knowledge of the ever changing universe so that they won’t make a boo-boo. Yes I know that we can always look it up the RP threads or search the archives, but like myself some players just cannot afford the time to search for the information and would like to get the gist in the quickest possible time to allow them to join in the fun immediately.

    Fifthly, I would like to argue that even though the FAQ states “RAIDER, MERCENARY, ASSASSIN can launch from any RAIDER, ASSASSIN or MERCENARY station/base of any race." I feel that there must be distinct separation of spheres of responsibilities and game play. IMHO a raider is actually a rogue commander ie. Bandits, thieves. So while the assassin and the mercenary may have something in common, a raider definitely does not.

    That’s all for now.

  11. Alright, since Nova have decided to move to other pastures and "apparently" no one seems to be interested in organising the indies, I'll start the ball rolling.

    I would like some input on how we indies would like to play this either in MP and/or RP?

    My suggestion is to loosely organise all mercs under a Merc Association following a broad general code of conduct to be governed by a Merc Council (membership, structure of the Association and Council and appointment and permanancy of the members of the council depends on you guys) and to be policed by said combined Merc assets. This is so that we can establish a long standing presence and won't be shot out of the game in singletons.

    a) No wastage of planetary or orbital infrastructure or resources that can be captured;(This is so that we won't bring down any official actions from the established fleets. If you can't follow this then join the raiders)

    B) All mercs are to provide assistance to each other in certain situations unless contrary to their current contracts; (So we won't lose any of our currently registered mercs unnecessarily)

    c) All mercs may dock with any merc outpost for a ceiling fee that may be negotiable depending (of course) on the hostility between the merc assets and/or commanders;

    d) Once docked all mercs will be considered on neutral ground with a safe clearance limit (eg 100,000k) upon undocking;

    e) All merc planetary and/or orbital resources have the absolute right to challenge any merc commander outside the above stated clearance limit;

    f) Ample warning must be given before the shooting starts;

    g) Commanders that breach of the general code of conduct will be given a trial in Council and requires a 3/4 majority before any hostile action will be taken and if action is decided the Merc Council may expedite the ruling by whatsoever force necessary up to the disbarring of membership in the Merc Association and annihilation of said infringer;

    h) Any unprovoked attack by established fleets out of vengeance or sheer orneriness will be retaliated as and when feasible;

    i) All raiders all to be treated as hostile as they are the black sheep of the indies;

    j) No guerilla and/or terrorist actions are to be taken unless with the full sanction of the Merc council.

    These all are just suggestions and is subject to the approval of the SC and various other consideration (ie. how you guys wanna play this game)

    Don't worry, I know that the whole idea of being an indie is so that we can have full control of our own destiny unlike the lemmings in the established fleets (At least that's the reason why I signed up as an indie merc. But IMHO I feel that we should at least organise ourselves so that we can at least play the mp with some continuity and being capable of a large fleet presence if required to retaliate if and when necessary.

    Feel free to comment or mail me.

    Corrected topic title spelling


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  12. How many of you UCV Captains are already playing the game online? Were you guys able to form a standing fleet as per UCV and Fleets thread? If a standing UCV Merc fleet had been formed, how may I join? Other then playing online of course

    The reason I'm asking this question is because EBWorld does not fulfill orders for Malaysia. So I still haven't got my copy of Battlecruiser Millenium and I'm chafing as my unability to play this much waited game online.

    I guess I can understand the EBWorld's perspective as not many Malaysian's purchase original software as pirated software are cheaper. But dang since I came back from my studies in Australia, I've been unable to purchase any legit software.

    The only one that I have is the Interplay Release of BC3000ad.

    Anyway, here's hoping that EBWorld will clear a way for me to purchase BCM soon.

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  13. Hi there, I'm new at this so if I make mistakes please post it here.

    I'm trying to tie in my character to the BC universe by giving him a a history. The RPG would include flashbacks and how Cmdr. Jeffery Eu obtained the UCV Rising Sun and something else which I'm not to sure yet. Anyway, feel free to join in to add or refine this RPG. There' no date or time stamp yet until I figure out or someone tells me where this RPG should fit in. I've not included any other commanders as I'm not too sure what roles they will play in this. Let's hope someone will gimme a clue

    So I'll get on with it...

    [/RP on]

    Somewhere out there...

    A chubby looking man of Asian descendant walks into a room known as the Command Center or Comcen for short and seals the entrance.

    He scrutineses every man & woman in the room seating in from of briefing screen and nods at a Lt. Cmdr. sitting being a console as he walks up to the podium. Even before he reaches the podium the briefing screen begins to light up with information that starting from an orbit view of a planet and it's details including it's inhabitants sentient or not.

    A blinking dot appears on the planet which enlarges into a metropolis view of a city as red dots being to blink showing the city's fixed and mobile defense emplcement and location.

    "Alright boys & girls, settle down, here's the deal!!!" begins Cmdr. Jeffery Eu, "First up, Phoenix Wing, you're will provide suppression fire and then fly CAP for Dragon Wing."

    A chorus of groans resound in the chamber as the Cmdr grins together with a good half portion of the pilots in the chamber and says "The coordinates and your mission plan has been loaded on to your PDA's. Read it, remember it and erase it. You'll have 24 hours to coordinate and sim it." The Cmdr wags his index figure at the pilots and says sternly "Remember no unnecessary killings. We're trying to impress these dirt suckers to employ us not wipe them out!!! Do you read me?"

    "Loud and clear, Sir!!!" was the chorus.

    "You're dismissed!! and a get a good night's sleep" barks the Cmdr.

    There'a a clatter of noise as the pilots of Phoenix Wing clears the Comcen. As soon as it clears the Cmdr faces the remainig pilots.

    "Alright you bright boys and girls of Dragon Wing, will come into the play exactly fifteen minutes after Phoenix Wing starts in on their suppression run." and points at the briefing screen together with zoomed in views of several objectives.

    "You blokes are to isolate your objectives and to ward off all rescuers or reinforcements. No firing except with my express permission. Anyone of you bright boys & girls that fire will have to answer to me and I guarantee that you won't like it." says the Cmdr grimly. "Mission data is now loaded on your PDA's, same deal with Phoenix wing, sim it, sim it hard. Dismiss!!!"

    Another clatter of noise as the remaining pilots procede to the Command Center entrance.

    "Damn it, I hope this works out Bill, 'coz we sure need the extra funds," sayd the Cmdr. as he turns toward the slender youngish looking Lt. Cmdr.

    "Don't worry sir, it'll go like clockwork and we'll secure the job," replies the Lt. Cmdr.

    "I want you to sit in on their sims and make sure that they don't cockup like the Vegan fiasco," says the Cmdr. "I'll be doing some surprise simming and they better be doing as ordered."

    "Yes, Sir!!!!" barks the Lt. Cmdr.

    "You're dismissed." says the Cmdr as he gets up to leave the Command Center.

    [/RP off]

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  14. Thanks for the clarification Tac, will do as you suggest... cwm32.gif Although I really want to join a Fleet and join in with the camaraderie, I guess considering my present capabilities (internet wise) I should join the UCV and try to develop a sub group from there.

    The next logical question would be to whom do I apply to in order to register for the UCV group if it is necessary? the SC? or someone else?



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    UCV Rising Sun

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  15. Thanks for the quick reply and the explanation Akira.

    Let me clarify the situation.

    Now I might be newly registered, that doesn't mean that I'm totally new to this forum, I was originally registered as lsscsce or Jeffery Eu, I can't remember which like 2 years ago back when I was in university in Australia..At that time i wasn't really involved on the RPG nor the discussion boards as that would take up too much of my precious time from BC2kad.

    I've played the game since it's original WWW release, yes, the download in sections and play version. Then the Take Two version and then the Interplay version. Added to the fact that I was doing pretty well on my own so there was no questions posted by me.

    When I graduated, I came back to Malaysia and concentrated mainly on RL until recently when I discovered about the new improved BCM and the slated MP community.

    And BTW I'm desperate enough to want to be truly involved hence the reason for my post.

    The questions that arises from your explanation would be

    1. If and when a country specific server is setup, wouldn't it be a paradox when the fleets are performing manuevers as planned? Especially when let say A is on Japan server and B is on American server. In fact as I see it, there might even be a contradiction of commands and manuevers meaning A attacked Starbase A while viceversa B was protecting Starbase A due to the split in servers especially when A & B are on the same fleet.

    This could be a matter of precise planning and strategy but it could happen. This is especially true if the SC's intention of establish a dynamic online world comes true, the coordination itself is a nightmare...especially on different continent servers..

    2. Fleets are meant to be just a affliation with fellow gamers a "consenses ad idem" kind of thing...I think that it could and would be inconvenient for some players to apply for specific positions in legal fleets, but unable to join in the fun due to internet slowdown.

    Anyway, it's just a thought, the SC might have foreseen it earlier and have planned for it.

    I just performing my end of the task as a great person once said "Ask not what we can do for you, ask yourself what you can do instead."



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    UCV Rising Sun

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  16. Look this is how I see it,

    As far as I know, if your connection is slow (it could be due to your own computer hardware or software, or your ISP,or even the WWW itself, it does not matter which one) then your ping is high, if your ping is high, then all hell would break loose when you play against or together with gamers with relatively low ping connections.

    For example, imagine one person (gamer having low ping) like a superman, reacting faster due to relatively faster flow of information, zipping around, blowing assets away while a large group of persons (gamers having high ping)are plodding around due to slower flow of information or jerky flow of information. cwm36.gif Examples of this happeniing are in the massive Online Worlds currently available, Battlenet especially Diablo, Diablo 2, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and the list goes on.

    Theory would suggest that if you were to implement localised groups of the same ping or internet connection, then this problem would be solved partially as everyone would be having the same problem instead. (If you can't beat them, join them). I might be wrong.

    Therefore, instead of joining established fleets that would usually comprise of a mixture of relatively low ping players and high ping players, one or two fleets should be created to host high ping players which would allow less fortunate or well serviced players to play the game without being victimised by circumstances or connection.

    That's just my take of the situation.

    P.s. As a great person once said "Prevention is better than cure." cwm20.gif



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    UCV Rising Sun

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  17. This is directed to the SC...

    If you should happen to read this post is it possible for me start up a separate Star Fleet as I can foresee that potential players over here in Malaysia having a hard time playing such a complex game online..I can just imagine the headaches that a slow internet connection brings. One moment you're flying happily in space the next flicker you see "Kaboom".

    Just an totally unrelated question but heck i don't know where to put this post...

    Feel free to comment on this guys, gals & aliens cwm32.gif

    This is a repost from Newbie Commanders thread, yes I know that wasn't the right thread to post but as I indicated my connection is slow, slow, slow and it takes forever to refresh cwm22.gif



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    UCV Rising Sun

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  18. Jatto Chimpadak???

    What in the world does that mean? Any way, just had a hard time catching up with games as RL really needs 110% concentration. It sucks but it pays for my extravagant lifestyle...i.e. computer gaming cwm1.gif ...finally DLed the patches and am running smoothly so far.

    All I can say is WOW!!!

    Later fellow Commanders....



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    UCV Rising Sun

  19. Finally,

    It's great to be back in the BC3K universe.

    I just got my sweaty little hands on my copy of the BCM Cd two weeks ago and all I can say is wow!!!

    What a improve since the old DOS version...


    Right now I'm still DLing all the patches, as my modem is only 28.8 and I'm stuck in the boonies which means that my ping is high!!!

    Wait till I really get in the universe, it'll never be the same again. cwm32.gif



    Cmdr Jeffery Eu

    AFS Rising Sun

    Asian Federation

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