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  1. Page 9 Charter Commodity Inc. assists in the exchange of goods, safe transport and negotiations concerning price and deliverance on behalf of its members, provides contacts with persons qualified/able to escort trading vessels and providing a base to exchange goods at. Due to the independent nature of the parties involved Commodity Inc. does not resolve disputes and does not pass judgment over events outside of its base. Once a settlement is reached Commodity Inc. and one or both parties leave the base, then the Division is no longer responsible for any actions performed by either party. Disputes are to be settled by the parties involved themselves or by other, higher, authorities if these can be found. Commodity Inc's base provides a safe haven for those that are present, thus enabling trading parties to conduct business in a safe environment. Any misconducting person will be expelled by force. The sphere of influence of Commodity Inc. only encompasses the base itself. All members of Commodity Inc. are only bound by the DivisionÔÇÖs rules and rulings as long as they are at one of the Corporation bases. The Director is always bound to the rules of the division and the rulings of the Corporation. Unlike members he can be judged by the Board of Directors for his actions off base. Commodity Inc. requires a commission of 4% of the involved the transaction, with a minimum of 50,000.00 credits, for every deal that is closed with direct help of the Division. The penalty for noncompliance is to be expelled from Commodity Inc. The fee is to be paid within 2 weeks. Members are acquitted from this free if a party that is introduced by Commodity Inc. does not keep its end of the bargain (of which the member must provide proof). Any earnings made by the Division are to be invested in the DivisionÔÇÖs infrastructure and/or operations. At least 75% of the earnings must be spent in direct support of its members.
  2. Page 8 COMMODITY INC. TraderÔÇÖs Sub-Division, Services Division, Intercorp Unlimited Introduction Commodity Inc. is part of Corporation. The division aims to provide a safe environment for its members to do business as it caters only Traders. It tries to bring together traders and contractors, to provide a cheaper means of protection and to offer specialized knowledge concerning trading such as availability of goods and trade routes. The aim of Commodity Inc. is not to control its members but provide an environment in which the members are aided in getting new contracts. Once these contracts are closed the member is free to carry them out as the member sees fit. A member is also free to carry out contracts that are unrelated to Commodity Inc. or the Corporation. However, a member is responsible for all his actions so that if any action is taken that is against the interests of Commodity Inc. then the Corporation can elect to expel that member from one of its bases or even from the Corporation. Commodity Inc. conducts business from several bases, each having a set of rules. These rules are base specific and any member, when visiting one of these bases, is expected to adhere to these local rules. A member pays a commission for each contract that is made with the help of Commodity Inc in order to support the structure of the Division and the Corporation. At least 75% of these fees are reinvested in Commodity Inc. to support the members. Members are free to take contracts that are not Commodity Inc. related in which case the commission is not paid. Being a part of Commodity Inc. implies that all resources from both Commodity Inc. and the Corporation are at the membersÔÇÖ disposal. For example, a member can request for an escort from Guns For Hire Inc. or the services of Consignee Inc at a reduced price.
  3. Page 7 DIVISIONS Introduction The Divisions of the Corporation are set up with the main intention to cater to the diverse races and castes available in the BC universe. Due to the variety available, the Corporation has decided to organize the Divisions according to castes. Castes of partially similar nature or vocations are organized together. The Divisions are as follows: - Services Division caters to Trader, Commercial and Paramedic castes. Operations Division caters to Mercenary, Assassin and Raider castes. Liaisons Division caters to Diplomat caste. Information Division caters to the Explorers and Scientists castes. Human Resource Division. The Human Resource Division is the only Division set up to cater to all member castes. This Division provides the opportunity for members to familiarize themselves with the BC universe, fellow members, game play, strategies, multi play and so forth. As there is no distinction of castes, the H.R. Division does not have a Director instead it has an elected representative to represent the Division during the CorporationÔÇÖs board meetings. The Divisions are independent of each other and any profits earned are not to be shared among the Divisions. The Divisions will operate under a broad general guideline or policy drawn up by the CorporationÔÇÖs Board of Directors, the interpretation and carrying out of which is dependent on each Division and the resources that it has available. Members of each Division are required to be civil to each other if encountered upon the premises of the Corporation and/or its Divisions under the CorporationÔÇÖs charter. Once outside of the jurisdiction of the Corporation, there are no rules governing the members with the notable exception of office bearers of the Corporation and/or its Divisions. The Corporation does adhere to the strict policy of non-governance of members (who by nature and choice are of independent nature) and retains the right to add, amend and abolish any rules and regulations set up by its Divisions that are contrary to this policy.
  4. Page 6 Table of Corporate Officers Chief Executive Officer Nominated by the Board of Directors by a minimum of 2/3 votes. Perks: Power to override all contracts and also to call on the services of any of the Corporation members; Representative of the Corporation in the purchasing, acquiring, and management of the CorporationÔÇÖs facilities, bases, assets and infrastructure Responsibilities: Must abide by all the rules and regulations of the Corporation at all times; Answerable to the Board of Directors. Director Representative of each Division. Perks: None as all perks are provided by respective Divisions Responsibilities: Must abide by all the rules and regulations of the Corporation at all times; Internal audit of CorporationÔÇÖs finances and holdings; Voting power to elect CEO.
  5. Page 5 Table of Organisation The hierarchy of the Corporation group is as follows:- Services Division Information Division Liaisons Division Operations Division Human Resource Division The divisions are totally separate entities (which is detailed here) from the Corporation just like the real world subsidiaries of a mega corporation. Each division will have its own internal structure and table of hierarchy. The Corporation does not dictate any rules or regulations towards the Divisions and nor has it any power over them. Each Division will have its separate levies and duties to be paid by members and non-members. As per the charter, the Corporation will receive a 4% levy for any transaction brokered by the Corporation and/or its Divisions and in return to Corporation will invest the monies by building better facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of the Corporation members. Furthermore, the Corporation may not obtain and/or coerce any free services from any member of the Corporation. ALL SERVICES utilised or contracted must be paid from the CorporationÔÇÖs treasury.
  6. Page 4 CORPORATION CHARTER The charter for the Corporation set below was created by Cmdr Riga Gerdis, is also available on the CorporationÔÇÖs website at www.stormpages.com/intercorp: - The Corporation assists in the exchange of services and goods, safe transport, negotiations concerning price and deliverance on behalf of its members, provides contacts with personÔÇÖs qualified/able to provide services. The Corporation aims to create well-known locations where said services can be offered and/or purchased safely. The Corporation consists of a board of directors and members. The directors are responsible for outlining its strategy. The members have no obligation and are not bound to rules or orders. Due to the independent nature of the parties involved the Corporation does not resolve disputes and does not pass judgment over events outside of its base. Once a settlement is reached and one or both parties leave the base then The Corporation is no longer responsible for any actions performed by either party. In this situation, disputes are to be settled by the parties themselves or by refering to higher authorities if available or applicable. The Corporation provides bases that function as safe haven for those that are present, thus creating a safe environment in which business can be conducted. Any misconducting person will be removed by force. The sphere of influence of The Corporation only encompasses its bases. The corporation does not and will not deny non-members any services as long as this does not interfere with the interests of the Corporation or one of its members. Costs for non-members are always at least twice as high than for members. The Corporation requires a commission of 4% for each transaction, with a minimum of 50,000.00 credits, for every deal that is closed with direct help of the corporation. The penalty for noncompliance is to be expelled from all the Corporation's divisions. The fee is to be paid within 2 weeks. Members are exempted from pay this fee, if a party that is introduced by the Corporation does not keep its end of the bargain (of which the member must provide proof, sufficiency to judged by the Board of Directors). If the same thing happens to a non-member, then the Corporation only requires a maximum of half the commission as a token of good will towards this person. Any earnings made by the corporation are to be invested in the Corporation's infrastructure and/or operations. 80% of the earnings of a Division are invested back into that Division, which in turn invest at least 75% to support their members. [ 07-04-2003, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  7. Page 2 INTRODUCTION Intercorp Unlimited (hereinafter referred to as ÔÇ£the CorporationÔÇØ) is the brainchild of Cmdr. Jeffery Eu. The whole intention of creating the Corporation is to organize the independent commanders (UCVs) of all races and castes into a more coherent group in order to establish a UCV community that will play a more vital role in the BC universe. The Corporation was set up to do the following: - 1) To provide a newbie friendly organization and environment to introduce and orientate newbies to the BC universe; 2) To provide a fraternity for respective castes to get communicate and get together; 3) To provide insights and support for game play (either single player or multiplayer); 4) To provide a platform and background for role playing sessions; 5) To provide a database on UCV commanders that are available; 6) To provide a hypermarket for specialized skills to be hired from; 7) To allow casual players to still be able join in a fleet type organization without the actual restrictions of an actual fleet. The current members roster are appended in Appendix 1. At the moment weÔÇÖre still trying to bash out the economics and background of the Corporation and furthermore, are trying very hard to contact and convincing any UCV Commander to join in. All information included in this Corporate Profile is subject to change and are the intellectual copyrights of Fendi, Guy Hanson (Guybert), TRD, Peter Kist (Riga) and Jeffery Eu (Jeffery Eu). All other information and references to the Battlecruiser Franchise are the intellectual copyrights of Derek Smart (Supreme Commander).
  8. I will post the corporate profile here for your perusal in case you guys have forgotten the details
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, RL has been intruding into my gaming time, therefore the lack of post. That being said, I really need a show hands (in this case posts ) so that I can rearrange the corporation profile and start reorganising and restructuring Intercorp. Kindly reconfirm your emails by posting here or PM me. I will start removing the existing sub-divisions from the corporation profile within 2 weeks from the date of this post if there is no response. I have posted the corporate profile here for your reference. [ 07-04-2003, 11:47 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  10. Outcast, Have you actually played the game? Hide and seek is one thing, being pursued and refused docking rights in every star system and star base is another. If you play as a raider in the BC universe chances are you will tick of Galcom, the Insurgents and many other factions especially if you are playing solo and being indiscriminate in your poaching.
  11. BTW if you haven't done so, go register yourself at BCC Forum
  12. Heya, Been a while since I posted, as RL has been a madhouse, but I have been checking in occassionally. Haven't placed my order for BCMG yet as I have busted my savings on a month trip to Australia with my family but will do so soon. Anyway good to hear from you. We really must get reorganised soon. Newsletter should be out soon as well. Just need an update on all members's presence on the board and your respective emails.
  13. What not try out the following authors:- 1. Raymond E. Feist; 2. Guy Gavriel Kay; 3. Michael A. Stackpole; 4. David Eddings; 5. David Weber; 6. R. A. Salvatore; 7. Terry Pratchett; The books I would really recommend:- 1. Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Trilogy; 2. Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts's Kelewan Trilogy; 3. Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana, A Song For Arbonne and The Lions of Al-Rassan; 4. Michael A. Stackpole's Talion: Revenant; 4. David Weber's Bahzell Bahnakson series; 5. R. A. Salvatore's Icewind Dale Trilogy, Drow Elf Trilogy and accompanying books.
  14. Ahem, was wondering if anyone can get into the old BCC forum or alternatively the new one? As I have been trying for the last nine days with no luck.
  15. quote:Originally posted by T-WOPR: I'm still here too. I've finally gotten a break from real life again, I was gone from my computer nearly all summer (not necessarily a bad thing) (I can't believe I just said that) and I hadn't really got back up to speed again between school, and college seeking, etc. But I should be somewhat active again, as long as real life doesn't make another calling. Ah, the joys of growing up. NOT!!!! Enjoy your RL while you can T-WOPR, after college and uni, life will be totally different as you will have to manage a lot of resposiblities. Just ask Riga!! Anyway as Riga mentioned we have a lot of things planned but RL really sucks up a lot of our free time unlike a certain someone **cough**fendi**cough**
  16. quote:Originally posted by Kenada: just to let you guys know, im still here.... Glad to know that you're still around Kenada. I hope that you have been practising your BCM.
  17. quote:Originally posted by fendi: Studies? I'm in university, not school. Part of our coursework is to get drunk.How I wish that was true when I was in uni. quote:As for BCM or any other computer game, I've sorta toned it down a bit. Yeah I do play it still sometimes (to see if i;m still good at it). But I haven't bought any new games for a long time now. But I'm still here and waiting for gold to come out. Then its back to square one. Same here. But I make sure that I play BCM at least 4 hours in a week. Gotta be good to be a merc you know
  18. quote:Originally posted by fendi: Well apart from this smoking business, I'm also trying to break the sub 11 second 1/4 mile on the drag strip. And I also *might* start rallying too. It all depends on whether I can get enough money to finance myself. Oh, tommorrow. Errrr!!! what about your studies? or as a matter of fact BCM?
  19. quote: Hi guys, how is everything going? something tells me that we're lacking some practice. I can feel the dark, erm.. the n00b side in all of us. MP wont be coming until BCM:Gold anyways... Isn't there anything that we can do meanwhile? Heya, Cmdr Laracuente, nice to hear from you. About the lack in practice, there is not much we can do at the moment except by playing BCM constantly until BCM Gold comes out. At the moment Riga and I have plans to upgrade Intercorp however we are both really busy with RL. So if you have any suggestions we will be glad to hear it. Of course it would better if you can even help out by donating some of your precious time
  20. quote:Originally posted by fendi: I'm quitting smoking in the new year! Now when have I heard those words before?? So other than quiting smoking, what's up? [ 01-03-2003, 11:09 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR INTERCORPERS !!!!!! It's been exactly one year and a couple days since our birth. [ 12-31-2002, 03:48 AM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  22. quote:Hey, how about me , naturally still around.I have assumed that you would still be around as you are my partner in crime and one of the original founders of this organisation. quote:Unfortunately too much to do and too little time to do it in as well...I hear you brother and I know the feeling If only there were 36 hours a day, I would have enough time to sleep.
  23. Gentlemen, Despite my promises, I have been unable to find the time to do much with BC. However, I am still around and as soon as I can get some time off work, I'll continue with my promises. Anyway, just would like to know if any Intercorpers are still out here? Please post a reply so that I know you're still around and kicking. Except Fendi of course [ 12-23-2002, 07:43 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  24. This is commonly known as "having a death wish"
  25. Heya, I've gotta agree with Mr. Schultz here, RL is the main factor for the lack of posts most especially true for me. For example the last 2 weeks have been a rollercoaster ride, with my company moving to a new premises, first, I lost my net connection and then I lost my modem in the move. Factor in the chaos of moving a law office (and all its files for the last 25 years) and a construction company and all its plans and whatnots, you see the chaos involved. And that's just a slight part of the things that I have had to deal with in the last 5 months. But things are getting better and Intercorp's latest website itieration will be done soon.
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