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  1. http://www.canada.com/search/site/story.as...7F-BDA1F1BD328D Simply unbelievable is it not.
  2. Good show and altogether a good try at staying true to the origin of Spiderman with the exception of the web-slinger's web-shooters. And, oh, don't forget about the M.J. part as well. I am such a geek, if I do say so myself!!! [ 05-05-2002, 07:55: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  3. quote:Originally posted by Kenada: Once i get a 512MB or a 256MB, then ill have a another computer that we can use as dedicated server for BCM MP... 128MB and WinXP just does not cut it...Great!!! Can't wait for the patch to come out then
  4. quote:Originally posted by Jigoku San: Never frear for I am still here! Jigoku!!! Great to hear from you too
  5. LOL, I had to read Shakespeare's King Lear & The Tempest, The Bostonians, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and a couple more books which I have forgotten. Needless to say I bored silly, hey, I was only 13 at that time
  6. quote:Originally posted by Outlaw: Let the conquerers b present, where my gammulans at? Nice to hear from you again, Outlaw. BTW the Gammulan Military is that way points to the bottom
  7. I'm a bit tight with time in RL, but if you want to put up a solid review of older games, I can help out. For example X-Com: Enemy Unknown, X-Com: Terror from the Deep, X-Com Apocalypse, all the x-wing & tie fighter games, heroes of might and magic I - III, baldur's gate, Icewind dale & Planescape games, Romance of Three Kingdoms I - VI, Unchartered Waters I & II, and many, many more. On the newer side I have games like Warlords Battlecry II, Europa Universalis II, Wizardry 8, Arcanum most strategic, and RPG games. And even some playstation games. If you need help please drop me an email at [email protected]
  8. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: quote:Originally posted by Dragon Lady: Well, this is one way in which I donÔÇÖt mind being outnumbered Yup, just be careful of Blades though. He's a bit of a shark. AHEM!! AHEM!! This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black [ 04-30-2002, 10:05: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  9. quote:Originally posted by Kenada: me? im still here... most of the time... thought not mentally... but always physically...ROFLMAO, great to hear from you too Kenada
  10. What again!!! Why's everyone popping out kids except me and my dragon lady? Hmmm, note to self, do something about it. Anyway, congratulations Jaguar [ 04-27-2002, 23:19: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: You're not an indie Nova! No he's not, but he has a vested interest in us, though.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: Still here.Ahah!! I was waiting for the Energizer Bunny to respond
  13. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: I tell you what we really need is a show of indies in the Indie RP!! The RP WAS CREATED for us indies... where are you all at?? [back on-topic] I don't know about the rest of the guys, but RL is demanding most of my time, so I can only concentrate on a couple of things like organising Intercorp, setting up it's website and continue on with the fan fiction. Even then, there's not enough time to do it constantly.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr_ Laracuente: I'm hereWelcome back Cmdr Laracuente!!! It's been a while since I saw you posting. At least at the BCC Forums anyway [ 04-27-2002, 22:58: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  15. Ladies & Gentlemen, I need a show of presence of the following persons and anyone else interested in Intercorp Cmdr P. Laracuente TRD Kenada Guybert Malleus Malefictorum Jigoku San Baloogan spaceadmiralx Voyager T-WOPR As far as I know Riga, Fendi and myself are still around, so I need to know, if you guys & gals are still out there [ 04-27-2002, 11:54: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  16. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: My personal thing would be this, go in and destroy every terrorist that I could find, then make EVERY "palestinian" in the territory take an oath AGAINST terrorism, if they are not willing to do that, then they would be deported and permanenetly banned from the country and the territories.[/QB]Sounds very good, Jag. Just a couple of questions:- 1) Who and what defines a person as a terrorist? It's a matter of personal definition as far as I'm concerned. 2) Will you destroy a child just because the family have terrorist leanings (if you can even quantify terrorism in the first place, on the basis that the child might turn into a terrorist later? 3) How will you guard against future terrorism? Or in other words "who will guard the guardians" to ensure that there will be no random or illegal prosecution of the innocent.
  17. BTW did I forget to mention another favourite of mine, R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden series.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Papi: quote:Originally posted by Kartoffel: LOTR wasnt THAT great... Sure, its a good series, but its not something to scream about.I liked LOTR a lot. LOTR is a major book, the benchmark by which fantasy books are judged and mostly found light IMHO. Very true. But you got to admit that LOTR and the rest of the series were very, very descriptive i.e. some parts are pretty boring and drawn out.
  19. 41 at first try and dang!!! I'm hooked although I was never a good putter on the greens.
  20. Well, call me wierd, but I rather like Phantom of the Menace, with the single exception of Jar Jar Binks, of course. The ships were well done especially the underwater bongo and I like the final fight scene. But my heart bleeds (not!!!) for the franchise, as I was never one to buy into any hype so I'm glad that the franchising flopped big time.
  21. Well, I was hung up with the Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms & Star Wars books until I found a home with the following:- 1) The Riftwar and Kelewan Saga by Raymond E. Feist; 2) Battletech especially the ones by Michael Stackpole; 3) Dahak, Bahzell & Honor Harrington series by David Weber; 4) The Belisarius series by David Drake & Eric Flint; 5) The Legacy of Alldenata series by John Ringo and of course my absolute favourites:- 1) Starship Troopers; 2) The Belgariad & Mallorean series; 3) Talion: Revenant; 4) All the books by L. E. Modesitt Jr.; 5) The Lions of Al-Rassan; 6) A Song For Arbonne; 7) Tigana.
  22. My 2 cents!! 1. What about a new ship engine upgrade that provides a faster recharge rate but slower jump transit time or vice versa. 2. A more powerful reactor but if overused or breached will cause a higher radiation. 3. Armor that works better against specific weapons i.e. better laser resistance or better missile resistance. That's all I can think of for now.
  23. Guess what, I have recently placed an order with Chips and Bits Inc., trying to do my part in purchasing legitimate games instead succumbing to the Malaysian culture of purchasing of pirated games. And guess what their answer was:- quote:Dear Sir, I am sorry to report that your order was not accepted at this time. We are having difficulties shipping items to your country due to an extreme overflow of credit card fraud and so we have decided to suspend shipping products to your country. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience. Chips & Bits Customer serviceNow how the heck can I purchase legitimate goods when they won't even sell it to me. I'm really begining to HATE hackers as I feel that they are mainly the cause of credit card frauds i.e. hacking into computer databases to obtain credit card information for their own illegitimate usage.
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