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  1. quote:Cmdr P. Laracuente posted on 12-27-2001 Hey, Guybert. Do you have any words on Jeffery, i need my approval with Intercorp. Over and Out quote:Ask where?... here? Anyway, i am here now to sign with Intercorp. I want to be a part of the division "Guns For Hire". I meet all the standards and i promise good reputation for Intercorp (don't take seriously the last line) I am waiting for one of the leaders to reply, Jeffery Eu i presume. Over and out. You're in Mr. Laracuente. Thanks for making the decision to join us (Intercorp) I would appreciate it if you could pm you email address so that i can send you some stuff to go over. Welcome to THE Corporation!!!!!
  2. quote:Jerold Keenan posted on 12-26-2001 all the while eating my BBQ sauce sandwiches! You are really weird Jerold [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  3. BTW Fendi, are you recruiting for ISS or Intercorp?
  4. quote:Rico posted on 12-25-2001 An official 'miscellaneous fleet' does not exist, Fendi. You know that. And they need to be official to exist. It's either the terrans with (twinkling star)Prime(twinkling star), ISS, Orion, Wraith and Earthcom. The insurgents with their *censored*, *censored*, *censored* and *censored* fleets. And then there are those pathetic Gammies. Indies are indies, independant. Forsaken from any kind of political support. And a corporation is not a fleet. Don't give newbies the wrong impression, please. **Cough** Excuse me, while what you say is essentially true, you seem to have forgetten one little detail. Riga, myself and a couple of others are in the process of establishing Intercorp Unlimited a corporation catering all UCVs, assuming Tacops or the SC have the chance to read my email and profile.Hint, hint
  5. Ahem, I actually did all that I said in the my previous post, sad huh?
  6. Boys & Girls, Our guest Shirley's is on the ISS Chat, feel free to drop in for some laughs
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi and I are camping over at the ISS chat, feel free to join us Still waiting for Shirley Hint. Hint. [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  8. Here's a missile launcher and a lifetime supply of vagrant missiles together with lifetime warranty to get those pesky buggers that will be buzzing around your girls Congrats!!! [ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Fendi & myself are over at the ISS chat, please feel free to join us. Detractors need not apply Watch the adjectives pls TTFN [ 12-22-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  10. quote:Remo Williams posted on 12-19-2001 RP I just had a couple questions before I consider joining.(not) 1. Does Intercorp give out christmas bonuses? 2. What type of retirement Plan does Intercorp offer? 3. If I joined the raider division and attack and intercorp trader, boarded his ship. Shoved the cmdr. out of the airlock. Then made off with his ship an cargo. Would I still be in good standings with Intercorp for a job well done for my division? /RP ROFL [RP] 1. You earn your own Christmas bonuses 2. You set up your own retirement plan 3. You can do that, and someone else can do the same thing to you. You don't get promoted doing your own stuff and if you get heat from doing something personal don't come looking for our help If it's a contract recommended and presided over by Intercorp than it's different story. [/RP] Note: We ain't a charity. [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  11. I wonder what day and time that works out to be over here in Malaysia? Seriously I have no clue and would appreciate some help in figuring it out. I try to log on for the last celebration but there was no one on, so either I was late or early. As at posting this it's 9.00pm Wednesday 12/19/2001. HELP!!!!
  12. To whom it may concerned, I seem to remember a thread talking about restructuring the Webring, as I can't find it, I'm reviving this old thread. I've just tried go to all the websites listed on the Webring but it seems like a large majority of the sites are down or no longer available. With release of BCM and the large influx of newbie commanders, I would recommend that whomever that is in charge of the Webring to update the websites listed. Cheers
  13. Ever wanted to be free of rules and regulations? Ever wanted to make enough money to purchase and maintain your own starstation or starbase? Think you have the imagination and the courage to go independent? If your answer is yes, then being UCV is the way to go. While you are at it, just think about the support you can get from Intercorp Unlimited, the pioneering Corporation catering to all races and castes withour fear or favour. The following are some of the services that we will be providing:- 1. Central database to find jobs and search for services; 2. Apprenticeships to learn tricks of your respective trades from experienced commanders; 3. Ability to rise in ranks to gain discounts and other perks; 4. Legal support in any situation; 5. Estasblished rapport with all the fleets (coming soon); 6. Insurance policies and many others. Membership is free and the Corporation only charges you for any services rendered. Any contracts agreed upon without Intercorp's help will not be charged any service fees. NOTE Rules and regulations will only apply to senior ranking officers of the Corporation. If you are interested, please read this thread for more information or post your questions here and our friendly line up of Directors and members will try and answer your questions. [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  14. We might be argumentative, witty and humourous but when we leave here, we leave with pride knowing that we have been involved in a community that has integrity and commitment.
  15. Derek, I would like to thank you for putting up with us and providing so much support that any sane man would have be admitted into the funny farm a long time ago. I respect your decision and dedication to your vision and hope that someday we will be able to chat with each other. No matter what happens you will have my support all the way. Till then selamat tinggal dan jumpa lagi di masa yang akan datang. That's goodbye and may we meet each other again in the future in Malay. Cmdr Jeffery Eu signing off....
  16. Oban, it ain't over until the fat lady sings. Anyone who wants to maintain in contact get over and register at Orion forums
  17. quote:Aramike posted on 12-16-2001 This board may die, but the community will not. Well said, whatever you intend to do I'm in, even if I am a degenerate mercenary
  18. Hi, just downloaded AW for the first time. Have visited the place yesterday without doing anything. Just wanted to see where I can set up the Intercorp HQ or all the space booked or taken. Nice but when I was there everything seems alright but then what do I know, as it was my very first time.
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