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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Baldor:

    I am not docked Im in space near Mars.

    In Logistix>Crafts>Deck1 I see

    Bridge and Navitron Computer Cyan and 100%

    Looking at the details of the Bridge I see the repair light lit:

    OPR Status is 100%

    Completed is 100%

    Assigned is 5

    Standby is 5

    Status is Scheduled

    For the Navitron Computer it looks the same.

    Repair is expected in a minute...

    After 5 minutes the repairs are suspended.

    What have i missed in the manual. ?????

    Thank you

    What about the fatigue factor? Are your sysengs tired? or is your Chief Engineer tired? They tend to wander around when they are tired.

  2. quote:

    T-WOPR posted on 01-31-2002

    Well, All I get in response is Intercorp telling me I'm wrong about them, so sorry about that, but nobody has expressed any other interest whatsoever. Oh well . . .

    LOL, it's because our goal have been misintepreted so many times, but the fact is that we have a tad bit more experience trying to organise a independent corporation/guild. So take our suggestions as a guide to organising your union.

    Furthermore, you can't expect others to jump on your boat immediately, as I said in my very first post, this things take time. Added to the fact that there are no incentives of being an independent, that is until BCO is out. Whereas, if a person were to join the fleets they have a chance to play MP on the fleet servers.

    Don't be discouraged and try to refine your formulatory statement as suggested by us most especially Gallion.

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  3. quote:

    T-WOPR posted on 01-30-2002

    Second (2): Membership will get you nothing besides helpful information on areas of high raider activity / overzealous police/ or mysteriously agressive militants.
    But, membership will require you to take seriously any embargo enacted by the Union against any region.

    Fifth (5):
    No member is permitted to trade within an embargoed region. A member caught trading in an embargoed region will lose their membership.
    There would have to be some clear confirmation of this violation (ie. Probe data or visual data).

    I think the sentence bolded in your formulatory statement are going against what you first suggested, i.e. no rules and/or regulations

    If you do intend to set up your union with these rules then you would fit the guild/corporation mold.


    First (1): The Union will not be in anyway an entity to assign or OFFER missions to traders and commercialists. If you want that, go see Intercorp. It will be a way for Traders and Commercialists ONLY to help guarantee
    a mutual protection
    so that they may survive as basically free entities once BCO is released.

    How are you going to provide mutual protection?


    Third (3):
    Any member can place a claim with the leadership of the Union against any region or commander that it feels has injustly or excessively caused it or its craft harm or loss of profit.
    The claim will be investigated and other Union members will be alerted to the possible danger. If the claim is determined to be justified, through the use of probes, shuttles, etc. an embargo may be enacted against the system.

    What formula are you using to rate which act is unjust or excessive? How will it work against raiders?

    In your earlier post you have stated you are forming a politically neutral group. How can that be when Insurgents and Aliens will turn up RED in your radar? These are the problems that Intercorp are facing as well. Which why we decided to act as a job shop instead of a guild.

  4. BTW FYI on a general basis, there are no rules and/or regulations pertaining to ordinary members of Intercorp.

    The only rules are pertaining to conduct on starstations, starbases and other facilities which is for the protection of Intercorp itself. Other than that you're free to do as you wish.

    With the single exception of the Shadow Inc.'s charter of course, for which I'm still waiting for an amendment from the relevant Directors.

    Other than that, if you peruse all the charters on the Organisation thread you will see that only office bearers must adhere to the rules and/or regulations set out, again for the protection of Intercorp.

    The reasoning is simple office bearers of the divisions of Intercorp have higher discounts and incentives---which means that they have to bear the reponsibilities of upholding the good name of the Corporation.

    [ 01-30-2002, 01:05: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  5. Firstly, good initiative, Mr. T-WOPR, and good luck on your plans, as you can see from the Organisation thread, we have being going at this since August and till today, Intercorp have yet to be legalised by tacops or the SC.



    So, I suggest there be a "Mutual protection Union" for all those commercialists, traders out there. No official rules I would think, and besides, that would make it a fleet/corporation. . . But simply a way to protect each other from over zealous pirates/ police etc. Simply control the flow of goods from place to place.

    Isn't that contrary to the topic, "Mutual Protection Union"? The emphasis on the word union, means that it will fall in the category of a guild and/or corporation. No matter how you decide to go, a guild and/or corporation will have to have some rules to survive. Or at least a leader as a point of contact.

    Furthermore, if you don't want to be confined by any rules and/or regulations, then there is no need to set up a Union. You can just contact friends and decide to clump together during MP or BCO.



    This would help keep the lone traders from being overwhelmed by big buisness (read INTERCORP) and also protect them from outside enemies as mentioned above. There would just need to be some public way of announcing a sector under embargo.

    BTW in case you have NOT read the Organisation thread, Intercorp is not here to suppress or intimidate the individuals of any castes, my whole intention of setting up Intercorp is to provide a point of contact & employment, reference and legal protection for members or non-members. The only difference is in the fees we charge for services provided for members and non-members.

    I hope this will help you in making your decision. Whatever you decide, best of luck

    [ 01-30-2002, 01:07: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  6. Fleet??? Pah!!!

    Join Intercorp instead.

    Back off you vultures!!!! You have all the sitting ducks you need re: Oban's post. We need him more

    You want to be able to buy and upgrade your own ship or maybe run a starstation with limitless selection of starships to play about come see us!!!

    [ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  7. Gentlemen,

    According to Riga, the server is up with bare minimals as he can only work on it for a limited time a day, due to RL constraints. Anyway he intends to register the url www.intercorp-unlimited.com. Don't ask, www.intercorp.com has been taken.

    Anyway, this server will hold our website and forum for Intercorp members. Directors & members, please email Riga or myself, if you can help out.

    We are also discussing the upgrade or setting up a different server as per the SC's guidelines for MP.

    I can provide the moola but not the facility as all the isps in Malaysia only cater to 56.6k modem access to my hometown. Which means that even if I put up a hot server, the internet speed will be slow, unless the isps decide to set up ADSL connections to my place, which will not happen for the foreseeable future.

    As always any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, please pm or email us.

    [ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  8. Shirley really have got to get a life...maybe he could suicide and reincarnate into a better person.

    As it is, he comes out really shallow and stupid, harping over the same things for what? 5, 6 years now.

    Then again maybe not, considering the frame of mind he is in (not that I really know for sure) he might reincarnate into an ant or something worse.

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Pirate:

    the C.R.S. goes on my problems along with LD and JPD.

    C.R.S Can't Remember Shi_


    Ld Little dum

    JPD Just plain dum

    The story of my life!

    LOL, the reason I asked is because in Malaysia, that's where I am, C.R.S. means Central Refinery for Sugar.

  10. quote:

    I personally find it enjoyable to an extent, but it does get lonely out there.

    WTF???? Then why am I being deluged by Gammulan Assasins and Military on Stormcarriers? And me in my Sunflash as a merc. Which star system was he in, the boonies?

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  11. quote:

    antaren4279 posted on 01-12-2001

    I could be wrong, but I swear most of the people having the "BCM crashes every X minutes" problem are using Windows 98. Does anyone else have some input on this?

    I beg to differ, I haven't had a single crash since the ver 2 patch came out and I'm using Win98SE.

    Anyway this is for all you newbies out there. If your game crashes all the time, then its time to ask yourself this:-

    1. What kind of system specs do you have? Do they actually meet the minimum specs required?

    2. Does your BCM settings suit the kind of system specs you have?

    3. Have you installed the latest legitimate drivers for your audio and graphic cards?

    4. Have you installed the patches properly?

    5. Are you using any hacker utilities? i.e. playmod

    6. Do you have background programs running at the same time?

    7. Do you have DirectX 8.1 installed?

    You will find that most of the time the above problems are the cause of the crash. Don't go blaming the OS or BCM.

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