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  1. Gentlemen, With the SC's decision to close the forum, it is imperative that I get all your email addresses assuming that you are still interested in setting up Intercorp so Malleus, Jigoku, Baloogan, please post your email addresses to me or pm me before Monday. Riga, TRD, Fendi, Guybert, Kenada please email me with your intentions. Jeffery Eu out
  2. Good initiative guys, are independents allowed in the other forums? If we are allowed, I will register now. Anyway contact me vide Primary email: [email protected] Secondary email: [email protected] The other directors and myself will still be going with the setting up of Intercorp. If this board really closes, we will meet some out there. Keep the faith. [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  3. I leave for 10 hours and this happens. How the heck did this happen? Derek, I'm hoping that you will change your decision come Monday.
  4. quote:Masterfeff761 posted on 12-15-2001 I've played alot of starcraft so of course my fav race to pick was terran. I am flying a huge stormcarrier There is no way you can get the Stormcarrier playing as a Terran no matter what caste you are in. I know, cause I tried all of them. So would you like to tell us how you did it? [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  5. Ahem, I'm still around, I can surf the net while waiting for the sysengs to repair my Sunflash. BTW Kenada I have sent you an email, have you read it? Congrats Nova on being appointed the official newbie welcome wagon also known as Newbie Forum Moderator [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  6. Well, good suggestions all, however a suit would not really fit in to the BC period. Anyway can you imagine shouting orders or blasting away a starship in a penguin suit? shudder I would think something more like a body suit or turtle neck sweater would be better, it's cold in space you know?
  7. 1) When you think that your boss darn good at picking annoying times to call you out for a game of golf. 2) When you look up and discover that the sun is on the horizon begin to orientate your ship [body] to get more solar power. 3) When you start swearing at the TO for not warning you when a car cuts in your lane. 4) When you wonder what the heck is Resnig doing when your in laws visit you 5) When you discover that your shuttle (car) mechanic is on the same AI level as your Sysengs.
  8. On a general basis I always give newbies the benefit of the doubt, unless they decide to put their rear anatomy in their mouths, but it seems like these new batch of newbies have either 1) being long time lurkers or 2) darn intelligent as lot of them are not making the same mistakes that we did, not that I consider myself a vet yet I'll wait for MP to prove my graduation. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  9. Captain's log stardate 12-10-2001 After getting enough credits to upgrade my engines, nuclear reactor, shield and armor, I decided to pick a fight to test out my new systems. As my launch base was Pixan, Lennen, I decided to go buzz Spectre. Once in the system, I started my EMD and jumped towards Spectre while putting 6 vagrants on FATAL designation. Once I came out of hyper, I immediately started my patented Malaysian Laser Fire Dance on Spectre. Spectre accidentaly destroyed one of its own Violon, at which time I switched off EMD. 30 secs later Spectre blew . I started chasing the other Violon and managed to disable it. Then I thought what the heck brought down a Violon and a Starbase without even a scratch and made a beeline towards the Pyron ODS. FATAL it with 2 Perseus with EMD up to prevent any lock ons. Sorry Insurgents forgot to switch off my PTA. Just as I was within 100 km from the ODS my systems I lowered EMD, grinning in anticipation. Immediately I started taking damage without warning and there were like at least 10 intruders on board against my 5 marines. Needless to say I started to make a beeline back to base. Unfortunately everything was down to 0%, radiation leaks everywhere, all computer systems down, shuttle 2 was destroyed, together with my flight engineer on board, 3 marines down. Luckily I had launched shuttle 1 for cargosweep before I started attacking and I immediately ordered it to tow me to Pixan. In the tow orders->priority list I noticed that there were 3 stormcarriers out there. And my TO didn't even say anything out about it. That broad will get her upcoming as soon as my transporter comes back online. Anyway my trusty shuttle towed me to Pixan and I managed to repair the nuclear reactor, its core and the cooling systems. Bearing in mind of something I read about not staying in a station for more than 2 minutes. I immediately launched just in time to see Pixan blow up. Again I ordered my trusty shuttle to tow me to Wraith. The bugger couldn't RTB as the shuttle launch bay was 0%. And I arrived near Wraith just in time to see it blow as well. Talk about bad luck or shall i say good luck. Right now I'm repairing all my systems in Velari with the Red Condition: Evacuate sign hanging over my head. Next time I'll get those SOB stormcarriers after I get rid of my TO first. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  10. With a single exception of not being able to use any artifacts, the Sunflash is my ride all the way. Manuverability is good, and enough turrets to feed you live lasers for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!!!
  11. BTW, Baloogan could you pm your email address to me, I have some information that I want to send to you. The same goes for Jigoku, Malleus, Kenada and all other commanders interested in Intercorp except the Directors.
  12. Baloogan, how are things coming along in the Corporation Logo department? Or are you too busy playing BCM, which I'm not surprised.
  13. NEWS FLASH We will not be hearing from any Intercorp members for a while as they are all too engrossed in the new tactical simulation released by BC3000AD Inc. The current fad has struck not only the independents but almost all the fleets members of all the galactic fleets. Any questions, taunts and challenges will be answered if and when the current fad dies down. END NEWS FLASH
  14. Captain's log stardate 12-06-2001. After a collecting my mine drones and selling of the minerals, I have acquired enough credits to purchase a Linear S/IV shield upgrade from Pixan. I had directed my Sunflash starship to park near Lennen's moon orbit and gave the orders to my 5 inexperienced flight engineers to start upgrading my starship's shield. Thinking to save cost I had switch off my starship's engines and ordered my entire crew to take a break with the exception of the Chief Engineer and the flight engineers. 2 minutes into the upgrading, I felt a shockwave impacting my starship. Immediately, I had systems damages throguhout my entire starship all my flight engineers were lost. I rushed to switch my engines on and raise my shields. As my engines powered up I saw a Warmonger on my tacops screen together with 2 FC attacking me. Before I could do anything else. The bloody sobs blew me out of space. The morale of this story never ever park your self in orbit with your engines down. Will try to land on planet instead next time. God darn all those credits wasted!!!!
  15. [RP] Cmdr Jeffery Eu tries to pull all posters back to the topic[/RP] Here's my 2cents 1. Being a Malaysian, I'm glad that no mandatory enlistment is implemented as I think I won't survive the horror of boot camp, but then I'll never know; 2. Without mandatory enlistment, we'll only get recruits that are interested and willing to do their duty to their country; 3. However we might get misfits of all kinds, this is a true story, back in college, during a literary criticism session discussing about Shakespeare, my lecturer asked this "Would anyone what to be in that century where war was prevalent not to mention the plague" Nearly the entire class said no except for this one idiot who was detached from the Malaysian special forces for further studies, who said yes. When asked why he wanted a war, his answer was that so he could test out to see if all the military skills he learned could help him survive. Guess, what my instant response was? "With these kind of soldiers around, I would shoot them first in the event of a war as all their gungho attitude would have started the war in the first place" The morale of the story, even though I don't face it, I would prefer a mandatory enlistment so that a larger population would have a chance to serve in the military instead of getting misfits like the above example. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  16. Well, that article proves that the SC was right all along, so the detractors are gonna feel down right miserable especially with their foot in their mouths
  17. quote:Tyrn posted on 12-06-2001 Oh and quit complaining I download each of the RCs using a 56K modem. I hear you brother, am downloading the patch now, and let me tell you even a downloading from a 56K modem is not bad enough, try downloading a 56K modem from a town in the boonies in a country where the isp is shit [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  18. quote:Fendi posted on 12-06-2001 Oh he'll be back. Especially to pester SC for carriers for Indy commanders. You are so right And being mercenaries, I would like the opportunity to invade and board and take over a better ship type. But with a measly 5 marines, I had to blow them out of space. 5 hours into the ROAM game playing a mercenary on a Sunflash I still haven't struck a problem yet except for a little framerate degradation and my system profile is on the low end of the spectrum. I didn't even install the beta patches yet. I really love this game. Can't wait for MP. Will answer all posts later, now its back to the game. Gotta conserve time to allow me more time to play the game now that RL is really clashing with my game time. Cheers [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  19. hiya, just back to register BCM, will read up on the posts and reply later. Cya [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  20. Well, this was 2 years back when I was in Melbourne, Australia doing my undergraduate. I managed to pick up Syndicate & Syndicate Wars, Sim City 2000, Civilisation 2 and lots of good stuff from the local EB for AUD5.00 or less from the bargain bin. Don't know if it's still available.
  21. quote:Rico Jansen posted on 11-19-2001 Who said that? If Jeffery and his merc gang are going to stick their hands into a beehive, guess who's comming to the rescue. Not us! You want trouble, you lick your wounds yourself. Tip: You're missing a paramedic division. If Rattler and his gang, or some raider bunch decides to pay our territory a visit, they'll know we will be there. But nobody ever said Guns For Hire Inc. is pulling a contract out of that (magician hat ). Nope, we're not missing a paramedics division, is just that there's no one to head it at the moment. If you're talking about the organisational chart at our web site, yeah, Riga missed out a few divisions. Fair enough, on a general basis, mercs will not stick their hands into the proverbial beehive for fun, as there no money to it, but I'm sure you'll agree that we're attacked while on an trader escort mission, you will respond to our SOS, right? I never said that it would be easy, but then you never know when we're needed right? Someday you might end up somewhere without backup, that's when we're there to offer our services.
  22. quote:Rico Jansen posted on 11-19-2001 2/3/10: Sounds like an infringement of their freedom if you ask me. If they like that, fine by me. If they don't, fleets are just as interesting, if not safer. Care to explain otherwise? But I mention this because it is neccessary in relation to the quotes below. 6/7/8: I see no need for this piramid 'scheme' to be of any use to either the members or staff of the division. Apperentice (though I seriously believe "Apprentice" is the right spelling) is crazy if he 'donates' 50% of his deal to his uppers. What's he getting in return. The Executioner won't know what to do with that money. (I'd love to be his bankaccount manager. Half of Shadow Inc.'s revenue is stockpilling there.) And Grandmasters, ... oh well, I already shared my views on this un-transparent money flow scheme. Which goes for all of Intercorps subsidaries. 'Directors' just decide and sign the contracts. Any costs for the corp are payed by the corp itself, by means of the accountancy department. Sure if you say the director holds the division's bank account, then it's ok. But that still makes the intermediate cashflow stages like Masters and Executioners (and all other caste equivalents) obsolete. Just make sure all members deposit their fees into that account. Safer too. No mid-level manager that runs away with it. They can get a daily/monthly allowance and/or run the errands (contracts) themselves, IMO. As I mention in my previous post, this charter was posted by me as submitted by the Shadow Inc. director who wishes to remain incognito. Yes, we realise that there is a direct contradiction to the Intercorp charters. As I have also mentioned amendments are on the way, but I'll leave that to the Shadow Inc.'s director. Appreciate your comments. quote:Rico Jansen posted on 11-19-2001 1: And we (I think I can speek for all the fleets) have no objection incase Intercorp changes her mind on this. IOW, that's your (Intercorp and gang) decision. Not something we have to agree on. 2. Intercorp as a whole? Or any of it's parts? If the latter, then tell me how rules 2/3/10 of the first quote DO NOT contradict to that. Like Shingen, I think your saying one thing and then the opposite, and then that we don't get it. No, we don't. Get it yourself? 3. Seems natural. A charter for Shadow Inc. is not for Guns For Hire Inc. if they have their own set out. 4. I don't think you were slamming him, but see number 2 above. You are just butting heads. 5. Hey, we're in OUR business too. And guess what goes when war/martial law is at hand. The Military Way! And read my remarks at 1 again. Those are Intercorp's personal restrictions, not ours. 6. Gearing up? Don't grind your teeth when changing from neutral into 2nd. 1. Weeeeelll, we're not actually asking for your agreement, we're telling what we're doing which is only polite. Sorry if you don't like it, but you can't have everything. 2. Please see above. 3. Glad you agree, I just mentioned that to inform you guys that all the charters were created from the prespective of the respective castes, so if you have any queries, ask the respective Directors, I'm just helping out by posting them. 4. I agree. 5. Read my previous post. 6. We were on full swing from the get go, so there's no more changing of gears [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  23. Welcome back Riga, as you can see, I've been holding the fort Any news from Director 3? Great update to the site BTW you spelled El Dorado Inc wrongly, its 2 words not 1 and you forgot to include the Raider Division. RL must be busy so take yoru time [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  24. Actually I been having this problems even before the upgrade. I always assumed that it was my isp which is shit and added to the fact that I'm on 56.6k modem
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