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  1. Heh!!

    Thanks for the update. I stopped collecting Spidey comics after the long crossover between Venom & Carnage and Spidey.

    To tell you the truth I only collected them because the artist before the crossover was very good (can't remember the name) after that it all went downhill.

    The same with x-men group of comics the best artist around is still Jim Lee!!!

    [ 01-11-2002: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  2. My design would something in line with this:-

    1. A dreadnaught size starship i.e. something 25% to 50% bigger than a super carrier (if we have cruisers and carriers why not dreadnaughts and superdreadnaughts?);

    2. 25-50 double/quad/octo turrets separated over multiple decks;

    3. Multiple missile launchers or increased missile arming capacity in the order of 50 missiles;

    4. Bow and aft main guns that can fire indenpendently (or alternatively a fixed front main gun and a 360 degree rotating main gun in the middle top or bottom of the ship;

    5. No FCs at all;

    6. Increased marine complement in the order of a battalion/regiment strength;

    7. Increased cargo, weapons stores;

    8. 5 - 10 decks to a starship;

    9. Severely reduced speed and engine recharge rate;

    10. Enchanced shields, cloaking system

    The above starship would require serious tactical considerations if a person wishes to use to engage his/her enemies but once engaged would be like slaughtering pigs!!!

  3. quote:

    Outlaw posted on 01-07-2002

    Wassup indies! Guess each new proposal and offer for Intercorp keeps improving. Keep it up guys, this is sounding more and more like old school privateer back in the DOS days.

    Welcome back Outlaw, haven't heard from you for quite some time now.

    Thanks for your praise and encouragement. And do join us on the link provided by Nova

  4. quote:

    Fendi posted on 12-31-2001

    This time though I want to quit for good. Therefore, I shall quit tommorrow...

    Awwwww!!!! Not again, you having been promising that everyday.

    Anyway, my new year's resolution is simple enough get Intercorp Unlimited up and running by getting more members in whether by hook or by crook before MP is out.

    What you mean in RL? Then I intend to work less for more a higher salary

    [ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  5. quote:

    Kenada posted on 12-28-2001

    Hey... You guys want to get together one night and chat on something... dicuss some things...? Well? I would interest in chatting and picking brains about Intercorp...

    Can do, gentlemen, please post your free times so we can get together at the ISS chat for a meeting

  6. quote:

    spaceadmiralx posted on 12-28-2001

    hi....not really sure how to go about this, i'm a bcm player who enjoys non-combat castes like scientists/explorers, any like-minded fleets i can join out there?

    Welcome to BC universe spaceadmiralx.

    Well it seems like you have set your mind on being a non-military caste.

    As at the moment there are no fleets that cater to non-military castes. So like Riga said, either you go independent or if you want some backup look us (Intercorp Unlimited) up.

    Feel free to read this thread and if you are interested in joing Intercorp we could form a scientist or explorer caste.

    See you around.

    [ 12-28-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

  7. quote:

    Rico Jansen posted on 12-28-2001

    Hey guys, where is that director Mr. Mistery of yours with his amendments. I'd like to see what he has to say. Been a month or so since the charter was posted. Fendi, please yank him away from behind those curtains.

    At the moment Shadow Inc.'s director is busy with RL. Please be patient he/she will try to send to amendments in asap

  8. quote:

    Cmdr P. Laracuente posted on 12-27-2001

    Hey, Guybert.

    Do you have any words on Jeffery, i need my approval with Intercorp.

    Over and Out


    Ask where?... here?

    Anyway, i am here now to sign with Intercorp. I want to be a part of the division "Guns For Hire". I meet all the standards and i promise good reputation for Intercorp (don't take seriously the last line)

    I am waiting for one of the leaders to reply, Jeffery Eu i presume.

    Over and out.

    You're in Mr. Laracuente. Thanks for making the decision to join us (Intercorp)

    I would appreciate it if you could pm you email address so that i can send you some stuff to go over.

    Welcome to THE Corporation!!!!!

  9. quote:

    Rico posted on 12-25-2001

    An official 'miscellaneous fleet' does not exist, Fendi. You know that. And they need to be official to exist. It's either the terrans with (twinkling star)Prime(twinkling star), ISS, Orion, Wraith and Earthcom. The insurgents with their *censored*, *censored*, *censored* and *censored* fleets. And then there are those pathetic Gammies. Indies are indies, independant. Forsaken from any kind of political support. And a corporation is not a fleet. Don't give newbies the wrong impression, please.

    **Cough** Excuse me, while what you say is essentially true, you seem to have forgetten one little detail.

    Riga, myself and a couple of others are in the process of establishing Intercorp Unlimited a corporation catering all UCVs, assuming Tacops or the SC have the chance to read my email and profile.Hint, hint

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