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  1. quote:Remo Williams posted on 11-18-2001 I don't think were threating you as much as trying to make our position clear. Some of us want Intercorp to be able to use military stations in the terran quadrant as launch bases. It will be better for your business and ours, but if anything goes. We won't be able to turn our backs on it now will we. I might have interpreted the posts wrongly, if I did I apologize. And seriously, I understand what you are worried about. Due to the nature of UCVs and Intercorp's intention of not binding the common members to rules and regulations, I wish to propose the following compromise:- 1. That Intercorp will not be held responsible to any actions by common members; 2. That Intercorp will be held responsible by any actions of all the Intercorp office bearers. I think this would be fairer.
  2. I would like to get this clear to anyone having an interest Intercorp. 1. We will not discriminate against any race or caste; 2. Members with the exception of office bearers are NOT bound by any of the rules and regulations of Intercorp; 3. The Charters are drawn up by the respective Directors without any additions from the other Directors, which means that the Charters are drawn from the point of view for the specific caste that the Charter addresses to; 4. We really, really would appreciate comments and suggestions from anyone, contrary to Shingen's feeling that we're slamming him; 5. I would really appreciate it if you fleeters could stop threatening the Corporation or its members, we're in business, so anything goes. Don't expect everyone of our members to conform to your rigid wants and needs which would be contrary to rules 1 and 2; 6. Remember the fleeters might be gearing up for just MP but we're gearing up towards GCO.
  3. quote:Shigen posted on 11-17-2001 Well that's sort of an oxymoron then ain't it On one hand it says that a member has to follow UNCONDITIONALLY, then you say NO ONE has to follow ANYTHING... so, which is it? It is not an oxymoron, if you read the Corporation's charter really, really carefully, and the charters for all the other divisions you will see that we adhere to the idea that NO ONE is bound by the rules and regulations of the Corporation with the single exception of office bearers due to the numerous perks they are entitled to. This is what I meant by constructive suggestions and we do take it into account, amendments to the charter will be submitted soon. quote:Shingen posted on 11-17-2001 Again, if you can't take constructive criticism, then move to a private forum... and I WASN'T trying to be negative at all, just CLEAR, so you can remove the chip from your shoulder. and.. yea, I probably wouldn't want to join anywayz.... but I'm still part of this community, so until the SC kicks me off, I'll reply where I want. I can take criticism and you will see this if you have read this thread carefully, what I can not stand is unilateral announcements and statements that have no basis in fact which will not happen if you have read this thread carefully I have always posted that I am willing to listen to any suggestions and comments from anyone, but you are not helping matters by dishing us without any suggestions or recommendations. BTW for your information, we're not trying to stop you from posting, we're trying to get you to tell us what your objection is.....see above Anyway, if you don't like us or the idea of a corporation with rules then ignore us, as Baloogan says "so simple" Seriously I would appreciate any suggestions or comments from anyone to help us improve the Corporation in any way, however just saying you don't like it does not tell us anything, tell us what you like or what you don't like. Remember, we're only human and we make mistakes too, especially the rule that you have so much objection with. [ 11-18-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  4. JJ, Better watch your spelling there, forum does not equal fourm made does not equal mad
  5. quote:TRD posted on 11-16-2001 Sorry I havent posted for a while, Uni is pissing me off at the moment. I got your email Jeff, the new layout looks good. Can you send any new messages to [email protected], its easier for me to check. Also since our numbers are pretty low, do you think we should create a recruitment thread No problemo. BTW we are actively recruiting, as we're not militaristic in nature, there's no point putting up a recruitment thread. IMHO as there's no glamour in joining Intercorp as all we have to offer is discounts and general fellowship, while the military can offer big ships and big guns and exciting assignments, so we should just confine our recruiting to the couple of threads devoted to Intercorp.
  6. quote:Baloogan posted on 11-16-2001 Man can i join intercorp as,,, PR,,, HR or something that ends with R, AR, BR, CR... HR or PR. Baloogan you're already part of Intercorp, the day you first offered to put up our web site, it's just that since there's only a few of us, no one other than the Directors have been given positions of authority, if you really want a position email me and we'll talk ok?
  7. quote:Outlaw posted on 11-16-2001 U know its funny, before I quit Intercorp I was very surprised of why I was member when U knew I was a Gammulan. Think twice if u think about placing a bounty on my head. U wouldn't want to lose a lot of members against a stormcarrier strike fleet. Intercorp DOES NOT AND WILL NOT DISCRIMATE against any race or caste, so if you are Gammulan mercenary and wants to join, we'll accept you, if you are a down and out Vesperion assassin, we will accept you, there are no exceptions. If there's a bounty on your head and some Intercorp member accepts it, its he or her own head on the line....don't take it personal it's a job, a dirty job, but someone has to do it
  8. quote:Shingen posted on 11-16-2001 Unconditonally sounds more like a dictatorship then an organization... why would I want to forsake my own INDEPENDENT status to follow someone UNCONDITIONALLY? Come on man.. get real. As far as I'm concerned NO ONE needs to follow anything, if you don't like it, don't join, or better yet propose a better charter quote:Shingen posted on 11-16-2001 Again I ask you, What's the point of BEING independent if I have to ask someone else which jobs I can or can't take?! If I wanted to lose that much control over my own actions, then I'd just join a fleet and have them micro-manage me... I think a better use of a corporation would be akin to an employment service, where the corporation would go out and FIND the jobs, keep a working list of availialbe mercs, then contract those jobs out for a percentage of the profits. That way indies DON'T lose their independence, (they can take whatever jobs they want), and the corp makes a profit through the indies. I don't know what your problem is, I repeat if you don't like if then don't join That's the beauty of being UCV. As far as I know the response to nearly all the proposed charters were positive. Its seems like you and only you have objections, please be a bit more constructive and give us your suggestions, if not, then keep quiet please.
  9. quote:Badgerius posted on 11-16-2001 I shouldn't be surprised, but you're going to deal with competition by assassinating them? You'll have your hands full, as all of the newbies avoid joining to escape the 50% tithe... But it makes my job easier, since I know who's responsible for any assassination, don't I? I may not know your names, but I know where your stations are... First off the charter was submitted by me as submitted by the unnamed Director as he/she wishes to retain his/her anonymity. Secondly, the main reason we put up the charters here is for comments and suggestions. Thirdly, you may know where their bases are but do you know where they are? That's when you guys pay us (i.e. The Explorers Division) to locate the b*****d that took a pot shot at you...
  10. Shadow Inc. The Assassin Division for Intercorp Unlimited 1. That the members of Shadow Inc. will be separated into four designations, Grandmasters, Masters, Executioner and Apperentices; 2. That all members shall obey the orders unconditionally of their senior in Shadow Inc.; 3. That prior to all assignments undertaken by Apperentice members of Shadow Inc.,members must request permission from a senior member; 4. That an Apperentice member shall be promoted into a Executioner member after the completion of 20 paid missions and the approval of a Master member; 5. That an Executioner member shall only be promoted into a Master by the permision of a Grandmaster; 6. That an Apperentice member shall pay his/her Master 50% of his/her profits; 7. That an Executioner shall pay his/her Master 10% of his/her profits; 8. That a Master member shall pay the Grandmasters 10% of his/her profits; 9. That any unauthorized Assassins/assassinations will be dealt with in a harsh manner; 10. That members of Shadow Inc. must obey the commands of the directors of Intercorp; 11. That assassinations of any members within Intercorp are strictly forbidden and will result in expulsion and ultimately execution; 12. That members of Shadow Inc. must receive a retainer deposit of at least 30% of the contracted amount before undertaking an assignment;
  11. PRESS RELEASE After a long draught of news from the Intercorp corporation, a spokesman just release this:- We have been in deep discussions and we're are proud to release another charter to the public. This charter belongs to the assassins Division, aptly known as SHADOW INC We will not be releasing the names of the directors or the members as it is of confidential nature due to the nature of the profession. The charter may be perused here. END PRESS RELEASE [ 11-16-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]
  12. BTW Baloogan, Jigoku, Malleus, and Kenada could you pm your emails to me so that I can post something for your reference and comments.
  13. quote:Remo Williams posted on 11-15-2001 Will see if you feel that way when a group of raiders are about to put some IOD fire up the tail pipe of your unarmed transport and you spot a GALCOM patrol near by. Ahem, that's why there are mercs for hire right? Anyway having a military is really good, as we get free protection within the respective fleet's jurisdictions and also unlimited firepower and reinforcements The motto of this story is Never ever burn your bridges, you might need it later
  14. quote:Baloogan posted on 11-16-2001 Animated gifs or static jpegs? As you like it I prefer the animated ones and it looks good. It has to be in 74 x 87 pixels
  15. quote:Outlaw posted on 11-10-2001 Hey forget Intercorp man. This proposal of yours is BS. I'm an indie and being member of Intercorp doesn't exactly make me a indie. Count me out. My brothers in the Gammulan fleet will back me up always and no politics involved like in Intercorp will get in my way. Out. Sorry to see you go Outlaw...maybe next time quote:Shigen posted on 11-12-2001 Ok I've been gone for awhile, but you guys aren't STILL hashing over that old "indie alliance" crap are you? The whole POINT of being an INDIE in to REMAIN INDEPENDENT! If I wanted to join an organization, I'd apply to one of the fleets... Seems rather rudundant to be a 'indie' in an 'organization' don't it? Well, thank you very much of your opinion. Kindly close the door on your way out. Look I respect your decision but pouring water over our efforts in not what I expected at all, next time instead of that, could you give some constructive comments instead. Please read up on the discussion first before you put out a unilateral statement like that. Thank you.
  16. Sorry for the long disappearance RL intruded in my pc life. Yes, Baloogan, the two logos aren't that good, forgive me but I'was my first try at gfx drawing. If you have better one, please feel free to put it up of comments. Unfortunately I do not have the time to rectify the two logos that I have put up or finish up the other four work in progress, maybe later.
  17. Thanks for the info. That's what I wanted to know.
  18. Thanks for the answers guys. That's what I like to see, more participation from the indies. What the other indies out there? What are your Q & As? quote:Epsilon posted on 11-01-2001 I have something to ask the traders and other non-combat money-makers here... if everything works and you make profit... what do you do with the cash?? Wander around saying you are the first billionaire? Need you ask? 1. Upgrading ship 2. Purchasing hired thugs i.e. bodyguards 3. Purchasing my very own base 4. Purchasing my very own planet 5. Purchasing Galcom
  19. Make that 8. It's not really what I expected especially the starfighters, damn, ugly as far as I'm concerned, Jar Jar Who? Hey, its Star Wars take or leave it, it will still be there. It's take time for it to sink into your mind and soul. So I'm going for Episode 2. Do you know by my calculation, George Lucas would most probably be dead by the time Episode 8 or 9 comes out. If it does, that is.
  20. Right back on topic. The next question that comes into mind, affects the traders What are pricing guidelines a trader is expected to adhere to if he or she or it is selling commodities directly to a fleet member? Will the fleet allow the trader to gouge the hell out of the the fleeter or will the fleet purchase (based upon a certain guideline) on behalf of the fleeter and appropriate deductions be taken from the fleeter's salary? In other words do traders deal with the fleet or the individual commander directly?
  21. Other than the lack of multiplyer for Civ 3 (of which I don't really care) is it any good? What are major improvements that are discernable? What has been added or taken away from the game? Does the AI cheat or does it play by the rules of the game? Do you like it? Please elaborate. I'm looking forward to purchasing it, but would like you to hear your comments first before I put my money down.
  22. quote:Epsilon 5 posted on 11-01-2001 Hehe good job I thank you for the comment on behalf of the entire Intercorp Directors. But we're still looking, or scavenging for more members
  23. PRESS RELEASE Intercorp is proud to release the following details to the galactic public 1. Charter and hierarchy to El Dorado Inc, the new Commercial Sub-Division and 2. Charter and hierarchy of Consignee Inc, the new Diplomat Sub-Division All details can be read here. Intercorp is as usual open for suggestions and comments from the public with regards to the above in line with their policy of providing services to the public. END PRESS RELEASE
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