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  1. Personally I think Ringer/Uberjumper seems to have an open attitude towards the game since he seems willing to continue following its progress. Sometimes posts don't come across the way we intend...

    Anyway I got a kick out of this:


    Originally posted by UberJumper:

    My wife asked why I was playing a game with such bad music and sound effects (the guy saying "I've got clean scan" sounds like he's saying "I've got clean skin?

    It sounds like something my wife would say.

    While I think the sounds/music are good, everybody is entitled to an opinion.

    I think it makes people here (understandably) defensive when someone says "This sucks", or similar with no clear reason. Knowing BC's history means knowing that it has had to endure possibly more criticism than any other game in history, making it's fans that much more loyal. (I still think more people should be critisizing Daggerfall, but that's neither here nor there...)

  2. A cool thing to try...

    Play scenario 1.

    Stop your cruiser near a jump gate.

    Exit the ship and fly over to the center of the gate.

    Use 'f9' to look around you and then zoom out until you are a speck.('Home' or 'End', I forget which).

    Feel your insignificance.

    Move out of the center of the gate.

    Then go to tacops and order your cruiser to jump through the gate, watch it disappear.

    Then you can order it back by telling it to fly to you.

  3. quote:

    Originally posted by dnoyeB!:

    Marines keep saying their ready for deployment. Makes me want to deploy them. Don't know and cant figure out how...

    4. The jump issue. I have already discovered sometimes its easier to find a Far away object and Jump to it, then recharge, and Jump back the the object you really wanted to reach, thatn just impulse your way there in the first place. Am I misunderstanding what Im doing?


    To assign your marines to certain areas of your ship or to shuttles go to Tactical. After planets are added to the game, you can send them to the surface, etc.

    Depending on the distances involved jumping that way could be faster. It adds an element of strategy I feel.

  4. I found the demo to be lots of fun and I liked it.

    My question about the 5 key was that the ship seemed to move "faster" than doing the same manuvers with other controls. I just wanted to know if the speed difference was normal.

    For the pausing, I didn't really mean the computer screens as such, I actually meant the pop-up menu where you can select them. Sorry I wasn't clear.

    The worm hole thing was just an observation/opinion. I didn't mean it as a criticism.

  5. You're right about FFE. I've mentioned that before in another thread.

    About FFE:

    I'm still not sure whether mine is fixed or not as I believe seeing on the Gametek site (before FFE went bye bye) that the pathes for the UK and US versions were NOT the same.

    I have the US 1.0 CD and subsequently all the patches I've seen to not seem to make a distinction. After applying the 1.06 CD patch, my game still acts weird although I haven't tried it in awhile so I couldn't tell you what it does specifically.

    I wonder if that matters anymore?

  6. That's a decent theory Saige.

    Still, even in this day of easy to get patches, you find many games with major issues persisting long after the patches have stopped flowing. That in my opinion is much worse than a buggy release.

    Early release vs. Early abandonment?

    I'll take early release every time, and in that respect BC3K has been an obvious and stellar success.

  7. I sure it's a big deal to the developers who don't get to see their game come out the way they envisioned. I was merely observing that some people, i.e. some customers act like you cut their legs off or something over a single game.

    Warning the following rambles on a bit:

    That was why I mentioned Daggerfall. It's one of the worst I have seen. Am I mad because of it? Nah, just disappointed.

    I wish Bethesda had done more with it, but can understand that at some point they had to say "Are we making any money off this?"

    I'm sort of a video game collector. I collect anything I can and play as much as I can. Recently I've been going back and looking at some old games and testing them on my new PC's and looking for patches, etc.

    It's sad to see the way some games were simply abandoned, although from a company's financial perspective I can understand why it happens. It's just a little sad to see games forgotten. Take for example a great game like Mechwarrior 2, go to the multiplayer servers and find 0 people there. Searching web-sites reveals a veritable ghost-town of Leagues, tournaments and half-finshed sites with posts like "Big tournament this weekend! Will post the results on Monday!" and seeing the last update occurred sometime in early '98.

    It's like one of those creepy sci-fi movies where everyone disappears overnight...

    Okay I lost any semblence of a point by now I think.

  8. While this isn't related to your post directly, it seems as good a place as any to put it...

    Honestly I can't see why people make such a big deal over the initial version of BC3K being the way it was. I've seen other games from big name companies every bit as buggy.

    Most of them never get patched...

    Anyone ever played Daggerfall?

    Bethesda softworks claimed they playtested it extensively, but you couldn't finish the game until a few patches later. Even then many serious bugs remained and were never fixed as the game was abandoned by the company...They didn't even have the excuse of a rushed delivery either.

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Epsilon 5:

    I expected to pay a maximum of 75$CAN dollars (games are usually sold at 60$), about 50$US, but with the canada shipping it's WAY TOO MUCH for me.

    I saw at Voodooextreme that the SC said not to buy it online in Canada...The price in Canadian EB stores is equivalent to $39.99USD

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  10. One of my favorite parts of Elite and/or Privateer was saving up to buy new equipment. It was always cool to get some new toy.

    I realize BC3K is different and I am new to the game, but I'm surprised to see so many people uninterested in this aspect of it.

    Personally in GCO I'm thinking it would be fun to be either a trader or explorer.

  11. Yes it's patched to 2.09 and I have the mappak.

    I figure I might just be unlucky getting all those empty pods...

    Sure wish I'd looked at what I had the first time before I docked. frown.gif

    Thanks, yes I figured out I should have removed the ATVs and drones from the shuttles on my later attempts. Heck I even put them back in again when I thought that may be related to me not 'catching' anything.

    Hmm, DREADA has me curious.

    Oh well, it's back to the fields...

  12. I've been playing around with cargosweeping debris fields and some odd stuff has been happening...First let me say I understand debris fields are dynamic, but I'm unsure if what I am seeing is normal or not.

    The first time I tried it I did this (as closely as I can remember):

    Started a new game in Free Flight.

    Launched from Galcom HQ.

    Assigned one marine to each shuttle, Marine #1 to shuttle #1, etc.

    Went to tacops and launched shuttles one at a time.

    Ordered them to Fly To debris field.

    Ordered them to cargo sweep.

    They instantly had full holds and returned to my BC. Should it happen that fast? I was stupid and didn't check what I had and docked back at HQ and found illegal items, yipe! There goes my spotless record. smile.gif

    Anyway so I started another game and tried to duplicate this excactly and here is what happens:

    After I order cargosweep, shuttles periodically communicate that they have loaded a cargo pod, but nothing ever shows up in their hold. Are many cargo pods empty normally? Boy I wish I could recreate what I did the first time.

  13. Blades, I don't know if you meant my post or not, but I certainly didn't mean it to sound that way. I can certainly wait patiently if need be. smile.gif

    I was just pointing out there was a comment about the demo release date on this site, as opposed to the Voodoo site which I have never been to. Just trying to be helpful in case people hadn't read it. smile.gif

  14. Hey, I'm kind of new too, but I'll try to help...

    Just some ideas:

    First, did you put the patches in the BC3000AD directory before running them?

    Is it possible you have 2.08 already?

    I believe 2.08 still says 2.0 on the box (not sure).

    What is the date on your executable?

    As for sound what values are you using?

    Are you making sure to use SB-emulation values if your card has them and not the PCI settings?

    Hope some of this helps. smile.gif

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  15. Just thought of another question...

    What happens to your assets when you log out?

    Does your ship/vehicle etc stay where it was or does it 'disappear'? I'm assuming everything stays, considering how complicated this could get when you let people build bases and things: "Hey, where'd that spacestation go?!"

    I don't think any online game has ever attempted to make everything persistent and this would be an incredible first.

    Better be careful where you park that ship...

  16. From the FAQ regarding player killing:

    "...the more lower level players you kill, the worse your reputation gets - and the more likely security NPCs are to shoot you on sight."

    Is this reputation universal, or only with respect to the race/caste of the victims?

    Example: Powerful Gammulan player kills hapless Terran newbies. Does this make him more likely to be killed by all NPC's or only Terran ones? If the negative reaction is only Terran, then might this also increase his reputation with other Gammulans?

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