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  1. Hi Sc Runs like a charm on vista 32 and 64 Just run under admin rights and install directx 9
  2. Hello Will Universal Combat SE run on Vista Ultimate 32 or 64 bit systems?
  3. SC thank you for your prompt reply and sending me my new activation code. You made my day
  4. Hi SC Thanks for answering Well if i'am going to make a statement about weather you are being ripped off or not i have to check out these sites.Yeah i guess you are right about the reason it is not on those sites. I thought the reason being was that some people may not have enongh brains to play the game. Anyway thanks for a great game and i will request more activations
  5. Have no idea where to post this message but anyway i wonder Sc if you are ever going to get rid of the activation requirement?I never see this game at any warez sites.So i think no one is ripping this game off.I have bought every game version since the first. With the last one i ran out of acivations and have not been able to play it since.I have to reformat my machine because of program development that i do.Anyway i miss playing this great game
  6. Hello I just have a question about activation. I noticed after i activated the game it said i had one activation left. On my computer i test a lot of programs and alot of the times i have to format my harddisk. So what happens when i run out of activations? Lathe1
  7. For you folks that think that SC and company are to hard on some people,where else can you get the degree of help that is offered here.And i tell you nowhere else.Look at the amount of work goes that into this game.Not only is Sc and company working on additional features for this game. They are also working out the small bugs that come out.And not only that they also help folks in trying to solve their problems.And if people would just take the time to read the faq you would find most of your solutions there.This game is very complex to play and also to run.So one should have a good working knowledge of their computers. And i don't mean knowing where the power switch is.So count your blessings that they do help when they can.
  8. I have been using fat32 on my hard drive. I was wondering can i still play Battlecrusier Millennium, if i convert my hard drive to ntfs?
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