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  1. LOL, wow! I've visited 3 forums in the past 10 minutes, and that story the SC posted was on the top of every one!
  2. That's nothing, I met my untimely end when the crew decided to land on a moon...with me taking a walk in a vacc suit out on the hull.
  3. Ack!! Sorry I missed this..happy belated birthday!
  4. Yeah, good luck with everything.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Martin Pelletier: Sweet! Is it ready yet? Don't make me pull out the SC's old sig
  6. It ain't workin' EDIT: Whoops, it is now, hehe. Nice. Did you try tractoring that probe, or is that impossible? [ 01-11-2002: Message edited by: R_wilco ]
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    Um..just borrowing it sir.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Fox: I believe it was always one of Resnig's life dreams to find the surface of Saturn...I'll loan him a shuttle and see how far he makes it. Damn Resnig letting intruders shut down my flight operations for minutes on end...*grumble* Heck, beam him to the surface
  9. Visit Obsidia...try to tractor out the probe... I tried it with my EF Pilot, Rick Hunter... Well that went well Patient is in a coma from repeated attempts to rescue a crashed probe in a hostile enviroment. Delusional dream state commences Well, I wrecked both shuttles, but I can rescue that probe with this magic flying bicycle! "Rick Hunter was shot down today while attempting to fly a bicycle" There are no plans to add a "Bicycle" class fighter into BCM But seriously, I'm not even sure you CAN get that probe out of obsidia, my attempts have failed...maybe you'll have better luck. But take something BIG. [ 01-09-2002: Message edited by: R_wilco ]
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    Testing mine...and I'll be away for a while. Sorry
  11. There are 4 characters I play the most as... Commander Roger Wilco So far, after spending days in the Earth region getting insanely rich, took his BCMk3(the GCVEureka) out to Sygan and captured his first station...only to lose all his pilots to a fershlugginer ODS Here's an excerpt from Rog's personal log... I can still hear the Supreme Commander yelling in my face back at the academy... WILCO! Mop up that floor, the Credian ambassador is due any minute! Wilco! That simulator is for OMEGA Testers ONLY! WILCO! If you send me your security code one more time, I'll see you out an airlock! Without a suit! You friggin' idiot! But, through some stroke of luck, I graduated from GalCom academy! Although, I still wonder if a rat climbed into the main grading computer... What wonders await us in the bosom of the cosmos? All we do know is, we will boldy CLEAN where no man has cleaned before! His story may be published in the next issue of "Space Piston" Private Max K0rn, EF Marine A marine with attitude. So far, I've been using enemy supply stations and destroying every single building. I've seen some wierd stuff with this AE. Using the jet pack to get on buildings, I noticed NPCs will just camp you at the bottom, instead of running around randomly. Very cool Ensign Rick Hunter, EF Pilot This character has died a total of 3 times...I guess the pilot career is not my forte. First, I died just after take-off. NEVER go into Tac-Ops with the Autopilot OFF, kids. After the med-techs brought him back(aka, I deleted and SNG ), he flew an X-22 Aurora, and flew all the way to the planet Obsidia. Thinking he could salvage that probe on his own was a BAD idea...first the hull was damaged, so he landed and climbed out of the ship. NOT a good idea, kids. A Vacc suit doesn't protect against a hostile atmosphere. Journalist Cid Maxim As a journalist for Space Piston, Cid has been able to get places Rog and Rick have never dreamed of going. Ironicly, this was not only the most boring scenario I've played, but also the safest. [ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: R_wilco ]
  12. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: SC, can I replace Resnig with Stanley H. Tweedle? LOL!! Only if you have the RANDOM weapon...
  13. LOL, I tried this with a PS pilot scenario, only I fell off the building and couldn't get back to my fighter!
  14. Despite that I doubt anyone will need to contact me, when in Rome... Primary email: [email protected] Secondary email: [email protected] MSN Messenger name: Space_Chief While I'm not exactly sure what happened, I hope things get better soon. EDIT: Ok, now I AM sure what happened. I don't agree that the forums should be shut down permanently, but I have no problem with the SC taking a break. [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: R_wilco ]
  15. www.theproduct.de Download the demo, play it then look at the file's size.
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