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  1. LOL, wow! I've visited 3 forums in the past 10 minutes, and that story the SC posted was on the top of every one!
  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Try breaking it up into paragraphs next time!
  3. He also could've forgotten to set it as his flight path target,I've had that happen to me before. Hit the "F" key once you've selected a target to jump to. Btw, if you're too lazy to use the keyboard, click on the icon of the CC and select "Command Craft Order/Fly-to/".
  4. That's nothing, I met my untimely end when the crew decided to land on a moon...with me taking a walk in a vacc suit out on the hull.
  5. To fight crime...as a werewolf! Oh, GAME goals...
  6. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: LMAO!!! You folks have waaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands. I better hurry up with that mp patch. What, so we can have people spamming the game with AYB quotes??
  7. Commander : What happen? Kendrick : Somebody set up us the 'Vagrant'! Comm Off. : We get signal Commander : What?! Comm Off. : Main bridgeviewer turn on Commander : It's you! Darien : How are you gentlemen! Darien : All your base are belong to us Darien : You are on the way to destruction! Commander : What you say?? Darien : You have no chance to survive make your time. Darien : HA HA HA HA Commander : Take off every "Interceptor Mk2" Commander : You know what you doing! Commander : Move, "Interceptor Mk2" Commander : For great justice!! Note: Some names and terms have been changed to protect the innocent..
  8. Ack!! Sorry I missed this..happy belated birthday!
  9. quote:Originally posted by Gallion: quote:Next is favorite fighter I believe? Naaaaahhh, don't care for peashooters personally but ye never know Peashooters? I destroyed a whole station with a P-21 Vandal once!
  10. FireStorm and Questar.. Really, if you're using a carrier asset, you'll rely on fighters for cover most of the time. As for the Questar, it's sleek, fast, and packs a punch too.
  11. I would like to see all the skins, or at least the BCMK2 skin at the very least. I'm personaly looking forward to fighter and personell skins, like a whole gammulan crew for instanc.
  12. Yeah, good luck with everything.
  13. First of all, Here's how to put system info in your sig 1) Except for that little trick, onboard ship operations such as guarding an area. 2)Because. 3)Hmm...while it is possible to land on buildings, I wouldn't reccomend it. 4 and 4a)No and no. Wait for XP1. 5) Yes, hit "O" twice, then "k" until the display in the radar reads "HMN", then hit "m". Once you move the display will disapear, so you could use the TTU(I think that's what it's called, hit the "P" key to activate) and then click on the hostile marines/objects. 6) Because you can access these from TacOps, and you can't deploy troops or mining drones without a shuttle. It's puzzled me why they aren't at least accessible from the bridge, however... 7)What? There isn't a question 7? OK, you can stop reading now.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Martin Pelletier: Sweet! Is it ready yet? Don't make me pull out the SC's old sig
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