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  1. I guess there's two sides to this coin. Knowing how you develop your games, I understand the reasoning and don't have a problem with it. I feel like everything that we rightfully deserve as a consumer is in the box. So I say scrap it and concentrate on the next one. Your game builds on itself from one to the next, so I'd rather see a bigger leap and more features in the next one rather than you trying to support two or three separate MP games. That said, there were a lot of promises of multiplayer for BCM, and the manual even references it a few times. A lot of average gamers who don't follow your development and even worse a lot of the press may try to crucify you for not (in their point of view) completing the game. Your call. Your core fans are fine with it, you just have to decide what you think the external fallout will be like.
  2. Alive and lurking. Sort of. Hey at least I'm keeping track of the game's progress.
  3. I know no one will believe me, but we all have our fear factors completely backwards on this issue. Brutus is correct, a small bullethole or two has a TINY probability of bringing a plane down. Even if you lose an entire window and have very sudden decompression, people will survive this with the aid of the masks. Heart attacks are a bigger immediate problem. We should all be MUCH MORE AFRAID of the terrorists on the plane killing us than of armed pilots / armed passengers killing us. When you take a deep breath and think about it, it makes sense. I'd take my chances with pilots or passengers trying to do the right thing any day over trusting the terrorists to bring the plane down safely.
  4. I've owned my own business for almost 6 years now. I got a year and a half into college, while I worked a part time job at a local computer store. I was miserable. One day my parents looked at me and said "You look really unhappy with where you are going." Do you want to do this for a living? Do you think you can? I said yes and four of us started up Pace Computers, Inc. The rest is history. Some days it's stressed hell and some days it's bliss, but no matter what happens we are the captains of our own corporate ship. Much better than being a lackey of the corporate world. Maybe someday I'll do something else, maybe not. But I've learned a lot in the last few years. Succeed or fail, at the end of my life I'll know I tried to reach all my dreams. And a faith in Jesus is what ties it all together. All the stuff in the world, relationships, family... they all let you down hard at some point. Everything in this world passes away eventually, no matter how secure it looks. God is the only one who won't. He's the rock that all the other dreams in life build off of. That's my perspective.
  5. All I can say is, if they had released all 3 movies at once and the only way you could see it was to sit there for all 8 hours non stop, I'd do it. Then I'd turn right back around (maybe after a snack and pit stop) and do it again. Incredible.
  6. Hey SC, to add my 2 cents... I think it is clear the forum has been a source of stress. Since you want to lead, then LEAD by turning the whole thing over to your moderators and wash your hands of it. Just read the fun stuff you want to read, and skip over the bad knowing that your mods will handle it. Whenever they get too soft, just tell them to be more aggressive, but don't do things for them unless it's really necessary. This way, the only people you have to get really hands on with at all are your moderators and the tech forums. The way you are doing it now, you're feeling personally responsible for every problem and personal attack on the board. You shouldn't have to deal with it. Let it go, let your people handle it. Read what you want to read, respond to the good FUN stuff, and let your people handle the problems. It's not their life's work that's being attacked with words, so they won't feel nearly the stress you do in dealing with it. If the president had to deal with every single person who said something nasty about him or his job, he'd go crazy, even if it's only 10% of the country who doesn't like him. So what does he do? He puts in staff between himself and the people. This way he goes to the engagements he wants to or needs to, but leaves the day to day affairs to others. Do the same with this board. You do actually have the right to pass off the small crap to other people. The benefits of leadership. I think that from a business standpoint your game NEEDS a community center like this. Im not sure the potential customers will understand why it should be shut down. So it would be a good idea to do what it takes so you can enjoy it and not hate it. Well, good or bad, that's my suggestion.
  7. Well, that's the first I heard of the ve3d.com address. Go figure. I just figured they went down for good.
  8. Just applying an update from www.2cpu.com Check this out, In case my links don't work or you can't find it later, the article is called 'ATI: Be Like the Borg and Adapt...' from Tuesday, Nov 27, 2001. [ 11-29-2001: Message edited by: Advil ]
  9. A truly enjoyable movie, even for the older crowd. Somehow, they managed to avoid total stupidity. It had imagination, I still can't believe it. The story was even entertaining. From some of the reviews I read I was NOT expecting much. It was really very good.
  10. Back when I used to sell games, I intentionally picked up a dual pack of Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 for about $2 from my distributor. I knew someday, someone would want it. I had it on the counter for over a year for $15 just for fun. Finally one day this die-hard Ultima fan walks in and says, "OH MY GOD! I WANT THAT!" He then proceded to buy the last few parts he needed to put an old DOS computer together to play it. Some games stand the test of time.
  11. I will usually recommend against the combo drives for one reason. Look at the numbers. If you follow that link you can see the drive is a 12x10x32 with 8x DVD and sells for $170. You can buy a TEAC 24x10x40 drive for about $110 and separate 16x Toshiba DVD for about $70. Roughly the same price, and twice as fast burning CDs and reading DVDs. If you NEED to save the space, then by all means get a combo drive. We make this tiny micro PC that only has one 5 1/4 bay, and for that a combo is perfect.
  12. Advil


    I feel like I'm responsible for this mess. I worked really hard to keep the file sizes down on the ones I did. I thought 30-40k was on the upper end of reasonable. Unfortunately, I think I let the genie out of the bottle. If one is big, someone will do one bigger. I think I'll redo my logo without the animation... just to set a good example. Ah well, I did it for the fun of learning anyway. Also, I didn't see this logo thread at the time. Feel free to delete that other thread I made and leave this one. Sorry for the mess. [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Advil ]
  13. Since I made the few animated sigs for us Gammulans, I've seen them popping up everywhere! There are some really good ones that really add to the atmosphere around here. That said, I want to remind all of you (and myself) to keep track of how big those sigs get. I've checked a few of them by right clicking and getting file size. Some of these things are 120k or larger. And some sigs have multiple animated gifs that are each about that size. Consider a couple of very important points: One is that anyone on a modem is going to be downloading that sig for a very long time. A decent modem connect will pull around 4k a sec, so it takes them 32 seconds to download a 128k gif. The sencond thing to remember is that you are probably hosting that file off your personal web space, or that of someone you know. Remember that when the game goes live thousands of people may download your sig over a few weeks, thereby exceeding your (or your friends) bandwidth limit to the site hosting it. It adds up fast. Suggestions for streamlining: I've been using Ulead to make the few sigs I've done so far. First thing, remember that you can make each individual frame last as long as you want. So if nothing's moving, make that frame stay put longer rather than showing a bunch of frames where nothing happens. Huge savings in size here. Second, when doing effects some frames (like the first, or last couple) don't show much change. Remove them, since when the gif is animating you won't really notice them missing. A gif animation is a little jerky anyway... after all it's not a DVD movie. Along these lines are doing effects like the "screen off" effect I use in my sig. I originally made a 40 frame transition to do it, then I threw out the last 30 frames that are all black anyway, and only used about every other frame of the first 10 that actually had the effect. There's only about 4 or 5 frames of effect before going black this way, which is all that's needed to make it look right. The last thing you can do is PLEASE use the optimization features if your program has it. Ulead is VERY good at this. It condenses the color pallet to a smaller size. You'd be amazed that you can actually pull 20% or more of the color pallet out and barely see a difference in the end product. This isn't a rant at all, just some friendly advice to make those great sigs even better! I have cable and don't care how big your sigs are, I'm just trying to offer ways to make them more efficient. Good luck and keep those sigs coming!
  14. Virtually every AMD motherboard has a BIOS option to monitor the CPU fan RPM, and turn off the system if the fan dies. They also all have a temp alarm or shutdown in the BIOS. The only time these don't work is when you do something STUPID like what TomsHardware did, run the dumb thing with no heatsink/fan on it. Then it burns up before the thermal monitor can catch it. As long as you are a competent builder, this will never be an issue. If you have doubts, have the store you get it from install it for you. Now, just so I don't sound too up on AMD, I actually do not like the way their CPUs can burn up if you screw up, and I REALLY HATE how easy it is to chip the core when installing the heatsink. It's not a good design compared to the way the Intel's self regulate the P4s temperature, and build the metal heat transfer plate which can't be chipped. But you can't deny the price to performance ratio of the AMDs.
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