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  1. I guess there's two sides to this coin. Knowing how you develop your games, I understand the reasoning and don't have a problem with it. I feel like everything that we rightfully deserve as a consumer is in the box. So I say scrap it and concentrate on the next one. Your game builds on itself from one to the next, so I'd rather see a bigger leap and more features in the next one rather than you trying to support two or three separate MP games. That said, there were a lot of promises of multiplayer for BCM, and the manual even references it a few times. A lot of average gamers who don't follow your development and even worse a lot of the press may try to crucify you for not (in their point of view) completing the game. Your call. Your core fans are fine with it, you just have to decide what you think the external fallout will be like.
  2. My personal guess is that all the deployments you've been hearing about for the last few days aren't going east to Iraq but west to North Korea. I think with the new situation developing there we won't hit Iraq until we're sure we can deal with NKor at the same time.
  3. For those who like to screw up their machines with beta drivers... The 42.01 beta drivers are available on www.guru3d.com and have been working well for me for the past couple of days. No more missing menu options. The current release drivers on Nvidia's page don't work for squat with BCM. Either use the older ones or risk the beta. And for the love of god don't anyone tell the SC I recommended you use beta drivers. You can always use the older ones. I don't like airlocks and have managed to stay out of one so far.
  4. Alive and lurking. Sort of. Hey at least I'm keeping track of the game's progress.
  5. Barring a shortage of available ship, I like to protect the homeworlds in a Stormcarrier.
  6. I know no one will believe me, but we all have our fear factors completely backwards on this issue. Brutus is correct, a small bullethole or two has a TINY probability of bringing a plane down. Even if you lose an entire window and have very sudden decompression, people will survive this with the aid of the masks. Heart attacks are a bigger immediate problem. We should all be MUCH MORE AFRAID of the terrorists on the plane killing us than of armed pilots / armed passengers killing us. When you take a deep breath and think about it, it makes sense. I'd take my chances with pilots or passengers trying to do the right thing any day over trusting the terrorists to bring the plane down safely.
  7. Lol! That was a great series. A friend of mine owns the whole thing on DVD and I sat down and watched them all in order in one weekend. Awesome. The shrooms episode was my favorite I think.
  8. Good news, my local GameStop where I preordered it says they'll have it in tomorrow morning! Also, for those of you having trouble with the sniper rifle... the game does seem to intentionally make shooting difficult. The best use of the sniper rifle seems to be to let the crosshairs "settle" for a few seconds before shooting, and always shoot at a STATIONARY target and only in the head if you can help it. Anywhere else in the body does little damage. If you are going to be in a running firefight, the sniper is useless.
  9. For those of you playing this game, the MP patch was just released.
  10. I've been doing good this year in general. Just a couple minor colds. One was a two day sore throat. And right now I'm on the 3rd day of a minor cold. Considering what all my friends and coworkers have been going through this year, I'll cope with the ones I've had with a smile.
  11. (edited for grammar) I won't get the ATI either. The speed is a horrible temptation, but it's easy to fight the temptation since ATI's drivers never work as well as NVIDIA's. It's exactly the same reason why I always used to buy 3DFX. Nvidia was gaining ground on them fast at the end, but 3DFX's drivers and game support was consistently better. I like top performance as much as the next guy, but not if it takes me hours to figure out how to make each game run correctly. Or if I have to wait weeks for a patch for new games to make them work. [ 09-03-2002, 08:18 PM: Message edited by: Advil ]
  12. I've owned my own business for almost 6 years now. I got a year and a half into college, while I worked a part time job at a local computer store. I was miserable. One day my parents looked at me and said "You look really unhappy with where you are going." Do you want to do this for a living? Do you think you can? I said yes and four of us started up Pace Computers, Inc. The rest is history. Some days it's stressed hell and some days it's bliss, but no matter what happens we are the captains of our own corporate ship. Much better than being a lackey of the corporate world. Maybe someday I'll do something else, maybe not. But I've learned a lot in the last few years. Succeed or fail, at the end of my life I'll know I tried to reach all my dreams. And a faith in Jesus is what ties it all together. All the stuff in the world, relationships, family... they all let you down hard at some point. Everything in this world passes away eventually, no matter how secure it looks. God is the only one who won't. He's the rock that all the other dreams in life build off of. That's my perspective.
  13. Checking in. I'm still alive. If only I could retire young and go back to playing games as much as I used to. Looks like development is going slowly but steadily here. Good to see you still around Jag.
  14. Interesting thread, but do any of you really appreciate how much computing power and graphics power would be necessary to produce a perfect simulation of the real world, and any circumstance that could happen? Frankly, I don't. Something on the order of 100 times the CPU power we have today, with god knows how much wider data pipeline. And frankly, I've heard numbers bounced around for number of polys needed per second to make you think "you're there" but really we don't know what it's going to take. The geforce3 is impressive, but it's not even remotely "photo realistic" in it's capabilities. All I'm saying is, there's no end to it. At least no inside our lifetimes, or just to protect myself, not in the next 30 years.
  15. XP is still a bit new for the capture drivers to be mature. I had to go find the version 1.05 WDM capture driver to get it working on my Nvidia card with Svideo in. And there were still one or two quirks I had to work around.
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