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  1. Pioneer

    BCM Episode 2 demo - What I think

    SC, thought you might appreciate these comments from GoneGold, which is the best game preview site out there: Speaking of demos, I gave the latest Battlecruiser Millennium Edition demo a shot. I've mentioned Denny Atkin's excellent preview in the past and that I've really been looking forward to the game. Since the game is close to release, I was interested in seeing the features included in the latest demo. The very first thing that's very apparent about the game... it's not for the casual gamer. To the producer's credit, they've mentioned that right up front. Their target audience is the hard core gamer and I think this game will fit the bill nicely. Unfortunately, you can't mention this game without mentioning the nonsense that has gone on between Derek Smart, the mastermind behind the game, and a handful of gamers that refuse to let arguments die. As a gamer, none of that effects nor interests me. I could care less who hates the man, who loves the man and vice versa. My main concern is what kind of ride am I getting the my dough. Having said that, the first thing I did was click on the "Training" button on the main menu. To my dismay, it's not implemented as of yet, but thankfully, three tutorials are included. They walk you through the major functions of the game and it's here you begin to realize just how detailed and engrossing the game is. The shallow gamer in me was also pleased to see the graphics look good too. This is going to be a game that has a large learning curve, but thankfully, it's set up so you can dig in quickly and feel as if you're making progress. There's nothing worse than going through tutorials and coming away as if you still don't know how to play the game. While the open ended-ness of the game may make it a bit difficult to teach how to play well, once you have the controls down you'll be flying around learning that on your own... adding to the enjoyment. The enormity of the game should even quell the "nay sayers". From commanding a Battlecruiser, you can jump into a fighter, break into a planets atmosphere, land, exit and head into the water for a swim. Taking a refreshing swim on "Corion 12" and then fighting a huge galactic battle a few hours later is beyond what any game has ever brought us. All the attention to detail is stunning and may be overwhelming. Booting up the new offering shows us that the team has learned "refinement" of controls as well. What once was a series of screens is now a simple matter of hovering over a button and selecting from a pop up menu. Very nicely done. If you passed on the demo due to a bad taste in your mouth from the original game released by Take 2, do yourself a favor and "forgive and forget". Haven't you ever needed forgiveness? Besides, you'd only be spiting yourself and missing out on one of the most intense and open ended games ever.
  2. Pioneer

    BCM Episode 2 Release News

    Hey SC... Regarding the two graphical fixes that were needed for E1, namely turning of Video Bios Shadowing, and disabling the Z-buffer, what impact do you think those might have on other games?
  3. Pioneer

    Rantings of Tweety

    Everquest...its a MMORPG.
  4. Pioneer

    BCM Episode 2 Release News

  5. Pioneer

    Rantings of Tweety

    Two days ago she was hired as the new Internet Relations Manager for Mythic Entertainment, creators of Dark Age of Camelot. Hey SC, if I create a rant site about space sims will you hire me? =P
  6. Pioneer

    4-axis Joystick?

    The 6th axis allows you two fast forward through the space/time continuum. Am I the only one that knows that?? =)
  7. 6.50 is still the way to go. The newest drivers have reported issues with Anarchy Online, as well as Tribes 2.
  8. Pioneer

    Freelancer not vaporware?

    Hell I still have Freespace 2 on my computer... ~Pio
  9. Pioneer

    New BCM shots & E2 demo news!!

    The pictures look great...can't wait for Demo Part Deux. ~Pio
  10. Pioneer

    Things that make you go...whoa!!!

    Wow...pics look great SC. ~Pio
  11. Pioneer

    U.S.A. versus P.R.C.

    No I didn't understand it, and if that was your intention then I apologize. ~Pio
  12. Pioneer

    How to give a cat a pill

    Think that's nuts...when my parents' cat got diabetes in its 14th year on this Earth, my mother gave it insulin shots every day for 6 months until it died.
  13. Pioneer

    U.S.A. versus P.R.C.

    You know Jaguar, in one post you say you have Chinese friends in Taiwan, and in the next post you refer to their beady eyes. Am I the only person here who finds that narrow-minded and absurd? Thank god your not in a decision-making position in our government. ~Pioneer
  14. Pioneer

    A Meeting can it be done?

    I'm sure that the SC would be elated and overjoyed to find out that the board community was decending on his house =)
  15. Pioneer

    U.S.A. versus P.R.C.

    I'd be kind of surprised if any sane person would take B over A.